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Have you ever wanted to feel like Alice in Wonderland?
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April 5, 2022
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Mirrors of Albion Apk Download New 2022 Version*

Get able for a Lewis Carroll impressed hidden object sport that takes you to a magical Victorian-era London referred to as Albion, fraught with intrigue, crime, and risk. Similar to Alice in her quest of Wonderland, you’ll have to resolve difficult puzzles and come across unexplained mysteries. Revel in the sport’s distinctive tale via tackling numerous quests to your challenge to foil the evil schemes of the Queen of Hearts. Obtain Alice within the Mirrors of Albion and start your journey on this actually peculiar magical global at the moment!

Mirrors of Albion Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* unencumber

✔ DISCOVER HIDDEN ITEMS Observe down all kinds of pieces in different thrilling recreation modes and discover heaps of puts, from the damaging outskirts of Albion to chic Victorian-era research and comfy confectioneries.
Get over excited through the mystical global at the back of the reflect, stuffed with heroes you’ve identified since youth in addition to distinctive new characters, all of whom have one thing to cover.
✔ EXPOSE INTRIGUES AND BATTLE CRIME Interact in thrilling battles with Albion crime lords and turn out that you’re the person who can convey order the town and be informed all its secrets and techniques.
✔ IMMERSE YOUR SELF WITHIN THE MYSTERIOUS DETECTIVE TALE Move on a quest thru Foggy Albion, a town filled with thieves, puzzles, and sweetness. Uncover issues no person else has noticed!
✔ DISCOVER NEW PUTS EACH DAY Earn revel in issues to achieve get admission to to fantastic new puts and constructions! If you’re hungry for extra, you’ll be able to all the time acquire keys to new places and different pieces inside the recreation for actual cash.
✔ THIS SPORT WORKS IN OFFLINE MODE WITH OUT WEB — experience it on a aircraft, at the subway, at the highway!

Mirrors of Albion Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk

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40 comments on "Mirrors of Albion Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Maertisa Rolfe says:

    This is much more fun than I initially thought it would be. There is so much to do, it never gets boring!! I’m not computer game savvy, AT ALL!! I found some of the other HAGs that had puzzles in them too, were over my head & I always ended up deleting them for that reason. This game is fun without needing a degree in Geometry!! Controls are easy to use. Love the graphics as well. I’m enjoying it very much!!

  2. Alon Laci says:

    The game is really pretty and honestly fun at first, BUT. If youre going to download, be prepared to either spend upwards of $40 or to spend half the time you play it watching ads. I really don’t mind watching ads, but typically after watching one for one action you’d be done until the next action. Not so with this game. As you get farther along, you find you have to watch 3 or more ads just to do one action (or pay for in game purchases). I also don’t mind spending a little money, but it’s going to ask you to spend money multiple times, every time you play. Whatever purchase you make won’t prevent it either. It will keep, literally, begging for your money. There’s a lot of stuff you can do in the game. Its practically a clutter mess of random missions and stuff. Also be aware that you literally can NOT play the game past level 10 without adding friends. I tried. It’s not possible to complete sets or bosses without them.

  3. Louella Hall says:

    I was enjoying this game until the graphics were upgraded. I can no longer navigate Alice’s room without my relatively new phone screen freezing. I’m obviously not the user you have in mind. No longer playing. Too frustrating. Yes, this is a technical issue and not strictly gameplay but I’m sure I’m not the only one who can’t upgrade phones every few months.

  4. Glorie Shyann says:

    I was enjoying this game until I got a new phone and the game updated. I was reset to level 1, which I could have been ok with, if I hadn’t reached a point where I was unable to pass one “quest” no matter how many times I cleared the level, and another that was locked for a few levels above where I had been reset to. There was nothing else to do. So I’ve quit.

  5. Jae Warren says:

    Yes the game is beautiful but for people with larger screens and it tends to get boring after being back at the same places to look for items over and over. I could barely find the items hidden not because it is too challenging for me, but because the items are too dark and very small on my mobile device.

  6. Zander Cyd says:

    The game is fun for a while. However, there are so many sidetasks, one loses easy the overview and the main story gets lost under all the different tasks. To find objects and exchange them with dealers in the game is sometimes incredibly hard, playing a scene more than 10 times without finding the relevant object is super annoying. the graphics are great. But especially for beginners, there is much to read with every task and that can be overwhelming.

  7. Brieann Giffard says:

    UI blew up in 48 hours, unplayable. Sizing and windows are all over the place. Game play is ok, nothing new or special, and way too much going on in the game. Beginning levels too repetitive. Way too many pop up windows and loading screens, spend more time reading, closing stuff and looking at loading screens than actually playing. Typical f2p time sucker.

  8. Sian Caldre says:

    I love this game! The main city view could be larger and less busy on a phone (i have a 6″ screen), some things are difficult to see… this also holds true for the ghost anomaly, it’s ok that it’s black and white, but its very blurry and unclear on my phone. I also play mystery manor, and although i love the graphics in both games, mystery manor has clearer visuals. anyway, both games rock! thanks!

  9. Fenwick Godwin says:

    Too complicated. Too many levels. To move ahead you have to pay tp play. Beautiful graphics though. Spends too much time opening & closing screens, trying to sell you stuff, and pushing add watching. Has potential to be a really fun game but tied you up in rules to follow. Turn in amulets but you don’t have enough so buy or find, etc., just to play a find object game.

  10. Quera Rogue says:

    So Frustrated. I can no longer watch videos to gain additional hits on enemies on patrol, gain energy, spin the wheel, or attack the bosses. I used to play every day, but now I’m just frustrated constantly because I can’t do anything or gain any bonuses. The graphics are wonderful and the game is challenging which is why i enjoyed it so much. But now I’m more irritated than anything else

  11. Ede Julieonna says:

    Once it got to the backwards letters when you search for items it became impossible to play. it told me to use a mirror and when I did the words were still scrambled. This game is unplayable at a certain level and too difficult for people with dyslexia…Ugh. The more you play the less fun it becomes. seriously? Have a thought for less fortunate people.

  12. Hattie Gearldine says:

    At first I was addicted to the first few games and I love the graphics but after the first few levels it’s almost impossible to keep playing without paying. Also a lot of ads to watch if you want those “extra” bonus points. It’s very frustrating that you can’t gain energy as you spend ridiculous amount of energy per game. I highly recommend Mystery Manor. Similar game concept but so much better. Almost no ads and more opportunity to gain back the energy you play per game. DOWNLOAD MYSTERY MANOR

  13. Awen Corianne says:

    I absolutely love this game!! i always have and been playing for over a year. However, the new update has a lot of glitches and issues. I can no longer add anything to my wish list, can’t access my gifts/friends list, I can no longer ask my friends for key pieces to be able to create the keys for places such as the Tower or Endless Station, and can no longer invite friends to help in fights. please please please fix these issues. besides all that, i absolutely love the game!!

  14. Embry Annia says:

    Used to like it a lot. Got a new phone, the game forces you to play through a tutorial even though I’ve played it before a lot. Syncing with facebook does not restore progress. You have to start at level 1 again. The option to login to facebook is nowhere to find simply, it only appears when attempting to add a friend. Atrocious attention to user experience.

  15. Lianna Morton says:

    definitely a pay to win game. use to love this game redownload and am super disappointed. have collections can’t turn in cause pieces no longer available. can’t complete things in time frames as you will never get what you need in time. if you want to play and not worry about completing things or being able to turn things in. it is a good find things game. but if you want to complete quests or play tournaments and get decent rewards it will cost you a mint.

  16. Zach Alexsis says:

    This beautiful and charming game is a pleasure to play. But the necessity of using real money for power-ups, crystals and other items occurs far too often can be a problem. Without purchasing items, the play often must come to a halt as the player cannot continue without them. This is an unfair burden on what is otherwise an enjoyable blend of fantasy, mystery and fun.

  17. Dyllan Fitzhugh says:

    Beautiful game initially but now an error screen continues to pop up and won’t allow me to go any further. It wants me to download to go further which I’m willing to do but every few seconds into the download it says i have to exit or try again. Im thinking it has something to do with the update. I will uninstall and then reinstall to see if it fixes. If not… Then i must leave. Update: i installed the game this did not fix it. What makes it worse is no one is bothering to comment to help.

  18. Payne Edwina says:

    I really liked the game and wanted to play it, but once you really start getting into it it becomes almost impossible to progress in the game without spending a bunch of money. I’m level 17 and can’t progress in the main story line anymore without spending a bunch of money to buy a ton of things that I need just to unlock 1 location. They’ve made it pretty impossible to get them any other way because the person you trade with to get any of those items has now completely disappeared off the board.

  19. Jennifur Symon says:

    I think the game has tons of potential and there are many awesome things about it, but there are problems and glitches as well. So far as the actual creativity and concept of the game, it is my favorite phone app I’ve ever used. The world of Albion is extremely engaging and very lovely. There is an incredible amount to do game play wise, with far more options for how to play than I’ve seen in any other hidden object game. It definitely outshines them all in my opinion for its wealth of plots and opportunities for entertainment. There are problems that at times really hamper game play. The most minor is that the plots have an incredible amount of typos, to the point sometimes they are not entirely cohesive, and, in multiple subplots, the illustrated character does not match the character who would actually be saying the dialogue. A more serious problem is that there is very little explanation in-game for how things work. I have scoured the help sections in the game and on the game’s official website many times and very rarely find what I need to know. For example, I recently had spent money on vouchers and played a Halloween patrol. The patrol suddenly ended, telling me I’d run out of moves. I had no idea the Halloween patrol had a limited number of moves, and apparently the customer support person I contacted didn’t either, because it took him/her a few days of research to find this out. It’s things like that, especially when the lack of explanations cost game resources including money spent, that are very frustrating. That being said, customer support is very helpful and unusually caring (with the exception, unfortunately, of a facebook representative I encountered once early on who was brusque and uninformed in what he told me; I don’t ever use their facebook site since then). The support team really seems to want to help gameplay run smoothly. Once, due to an update problem with my phone or the game or both (not sure), I lost a huge chunk of the game progress I’d made, but a customer support representative helped me restore it in only a few days, which I found very impressive. I’ve had many other positive encounters with customer support as well. Though there do seem to be an unusual amount of glitches in the game, customer support will fix them, and that’s important. I do really wish that, like on other games, there was a confirmation of when you want to spend crystals (the main money currency), because it is super easy to accidentally spend them. I look forward to updating my review one day in the future, hopefully to a 5-star review, when the game runs more smoothly and there is a comprehensive guide, so that players have a better understanding of what to do in certain situations (like how I would have never used so many moves on that Halloween patrol if I’d known I was going to lose like $5 in real money or so by running out of moves).

  20. Aymer Arwen says:

    I’ve been playing for years and have quite enjoyed it. However, it takes forever to level up with the energy regeneration being so slow. I think the difficulty level down is too high. Without spending actual $, the game can become boring because of the slow rate of progression.

  21. Snare Heanleah says:

    The game is addicting. And a great game over all. But….. The cost of things are priced way higher than most games on the market. Free play is almost scarce! After u reach level 30. It takes almost 48 hours to build full energy. Only to get to play three games. Before it’s gone. Between the chest trade ins. That u must collect 6 items. And then u must collect 20 misc items just to be able to turn in. For only one energy. And 20 experience points. U spend more to turn in. Then the outcome.

  22. Dynna Farron says:

    Could have been a great game, except for several things. UI is confusing, especially with multiple story lines going on at the same time. Some anomalies pop up too often they’re just irritating instead of being a challenge. Event items for banishing aren’t guaranteed drops from banishing even though they’re already rare to begin with. Energy regen is sooo slow, I’m new and barely got anywhere playing for a week. I think simpler is better than needless complexity.

  23. Jonell Kasia says:

    I enjoy the game for the graphics & storyline. A couple of things that are frustrating, though, is not having easier access to gaining gems & not being guaranteed items that are needed to complete a task. I know spending money is partially how the game gets paid for, but I also watch ads so I don’t have to spend actual money. If the only way to guarantee certain items is by using gems, then I think there needs to more options in gaining them (i.e. using coins, trading items, etc.)

  24. Davianna Loree says:

    The game is amazing, love everything in it. Only problem though, after I reached level 20 the whole game started glitching. The was big black space in the middle of the world, the places were mixed up, The Scout was literally going through all the other buildings, many of the things got smaller, and so many other issues. I had to uninstall it and install it again a few times to try and fix the issues, and it worked for a bit, but then it glitched again. Please fix this…

  25. Rayder Darnell says:

    The artwork and graphics are excellent. But the gameplay is very poor and frustrating. Even after repeatedly playing a level (up to fifteen times) the target object is not achieved. Perhaps, the developers spent all initiative in making the game look nice and forgot about advancing the gameplay. Another major drawback of this game is the energy level. Very little energy is granted at the beginning and it is enhanced meagerly. Each level takes a lot of energy to complete.

  26. Mariette Kyle says:

    This became my favorite. Love the animation. Not anymore! It’s impossible to turn in a collection. Wasted so much energy and resources with no luck, EVER. Too Frustrating!! Playing scenes are ridiculously expensive. Unless you buy w real money… Guess the game is only about making $$$, not fun for us. Leveled up quicky then suddenly it stops and takes forever. You need things to do things and it’s impossible to get them. You run out quicky then it starts all over. Using amulets doesn’t work.

  27. Jenna Filas says:

    Love this game, have been playing for a long time. There is so much to do, & it even holds focus for my son with ADHD & anxiety issues. There are some timing issues, like things disappear when I am close to finishing. I have over an hour left, freezes on me, I restart & I’ve lost a bunch of things. I have uninstalled & reinstalled many times. Support has been in contact & very helpful through it all, mostly replacing things I lose, but making it tough to lose some of what was actually purchased.

  28. Karine Li says:

    Used to love the game but not anymore, am level 98 but very discouraged to continue. Bad graphics quality, too tiny / faint objects, progress is so slow, takes an eternity to collect needed keys and items, never can finish a competition without real money, same competition prizes year in year out, no possibility to store gifts of free hours play (have to play 3hrs when offered, or else it’s lost), developers do not listen to suggestions, moderators on FB arrogant, and the list goes on and on.

  29. thegrinningcrow n says:

    Incredibly busy interface, and more noises than the Vegas strip but just as many Skinner boxes barely trying to pass for a game. The microtransactions are very in your face, and relentless in their offerings from the very beginning. The dialogue is full of awkward grammar and very odd parentheticals like stage directions standing for the places where they couldn’t be bothered drawing more pictures of the character speaking. Overall, looks and feels like a soulless cash grab. You can do better.

  30. Tonna Kovacs says:

    I am completely hooked on this game! Fun, challenging, great graphics, definately keeps you busy! Some of the items you need to open a new location or to finish a quest are a little pricy! Some items are only available for a certain amount of time. There’s a few that even after clicking ” FIND ” you still dont get a specific answer on how to get that item. Other than that, I would recommend this game!

  31. Selena Barton says:

    Do like it contains various puzzle styles, but several items are just too small even on a 10 inch screen to tell what they are. At times it provides the item name, but there are multiple versions of the item so have to try each one until you figure out which it wants. Response from dev asks for my experience with it stated. Dropped rating 1 ☆ for not accepting the already stated answer.

  32. Celestica Demonix says:

    The actual game is great and I consider it my favourite, however, I am upset with losing my progress time and time again. I keep using the same emails and also logging from my Facebook to make sure, yet whenever I had to change devices the newly installed game never restores my previous game process. It’s really frustrating to start from scratch so many times.

  33. Katherine Durham says:

    Love this game but have one suggestion…is there a way to know if you have enough keys to explore a location without having to click on the locations or checking your inventory? It’s hard to keep track of everything when there are so many locations unlocked. If this isnt already a feature that I’m just missing I think this would be extremely helpful.

  34. fiona shepherd (Technofifi) says:

    My friends thought I was on drugs. This game is so addictive and offers you so many “bargain packs” that are actually essential if you want to keep playing that I spent LITERALLY HUNDREDS OF POUNDS some days (and I mean literally!). You can’t progress at a satisfactory pace without spending more than the average person can afford. It’s basically just a hidden object game with a few little twists. The story gets confusing cos new characters appear before you’ve finished the last guy’s challenges.

  35. Tiffany Shariece says:

    Game is great for the most part. But idk if it’s my phone (which is an essentially new S21 purchased in August), or what, but the app will crash even before it opens fully. Like, it’ll get to the loading page and then crash. I’ve also experienced intermittent issues with where I’ll finish a board, and then it goes to the loading screen afterwards and then get stuck at 99% and doesn’t go any further. At that point I have to force quit the app and go back in.

  36. MerX SER says:

    I love the art, the idea and the mini games, gorgeous locations but the story is difficult to get into, and keep track of, and I simply lose interest, it doesn’t keep my interest and requirements for unlocking nee locations are very unclear. Like I’m at a level to unlock library but game tells me I have to finish some quest. What quest? Characters I don’t get attached to pop up all of a sudden, it’s just so all over the place, I can’t keep up with it.

  37. David Mueller says:

    What a waste of a game! All it does is waste your time and energy … just to get you to spend $$$$ to get clues. I am super visual, and the constant changing of content is extremely annoying … from changing the text, to the visual representation, to only allowing you to solve a particular screen in a specific mode (which took me days watching commercials to achive) … not to mention the OFERLOAD of floating things to purchase … DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME ON THIS TRAVISTY OF A GAME!!!!

  38. Just Games says:

    Beautiful graphics and has many kind of puzzles. In other side, its too complicated for me, hidden objects with time limit, 3 match games with different effects of boosters than other games, jump from building to another building, etc. Basically I just played by orders, and don’t feel hooked into it. Sorry, uninstalling.

  39. Lizbeth Berry says:

    Ive installed & been playing this game since learning of its existence a few years ago, and have installed to every device ive owned thru this time. Definitely REALLY LOVE IT, and am an avid player that plays on 3 different devices right now. Playing each account usually few times daily on all phones, but ALWAYS AT VERY LEAST I PLAY NO LESS THAN A COUPLE TIMES EACH DEVICE EACH DAY. ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND TO EVERYBODY

  40. Mrs Me says:

    I have played this game before in 2018 and it was nice visiting it again. However, as someone already said u lose focus because of the many side quests, missions and dialogs. Back in 2018 I asked myself at some point: what is this even for? And lost track until I decided to just delete the game. Graphics and story are great! Character (design) is also nice. So if yall could just work thru the game and delete all unnecessary quests that would b a better gaming experience for everyone 🦔

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