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December 7, 2022
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Manor Matters Mod Apk

Welcome to Castlewood — an outdated manor filled with mysteries! Why is it deserted? What’s hidden at the back of the tapestry? Is the manor in reality haunted?

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Check out and renovate rooms, to find curious artifacts from everywhere the arena, and get to the bottom of the secrets and techniques of this exciting location along side Carl, your fascinating assistant! Are you in a position to step inside of? They left the door open for you… come on in!

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SPORT OPTIONS: Discover shocking scenes to search out hidden gadgets and earn stars Take a look at your detective abilities with quite a few modes and pieces Repair the manor to make its interiors strikingly gorgeous Seek for historic treasure, unlocking rooms to get extra clues
Delve into an intriguing storyline with a large forged of characters

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We’re repeatedly trying out new sport mechanics and occasions, so the illusion of ranges and recreation options might range from participant to participant.

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Taking part in Manor Issues? Be informed extra concerning the recreation! Fb:

Manor Issues Mod Apk apk mod

Questions? Take a look at our Internet Fortify Portal: or touch our Make stronger Staff via filling on this shape:

Manor Issues Mod Apk

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40 comments on "Manor Matters Mod Apk"

  1. Sandra Miller says:

    Was my favorite game Until the new update! Horrible. It put me back to easy levels and I’m at level 4213! It is cheesy and too easy. The match three is stupid. Please fix! Very enjoyable. Some levels easy, some levels super hard. I love all the different modes and the fact that if I wait a bit I can try again:) Some people complain and say it is too hard but I say it would be boring if it was different. I do wish there were fewer things to do in each room. But hey, it adds to the challenge!

  2. Melissa Engle says:

    This game was awesome when it was only find the objects in the picture. Once the match 3 levels were added it just isn’t fun anymore. The match levels are ridiculously difficult to pass and not enough moves are given. You end up stuck on a level for unnecessarily long periods of time. This game needs to go back to ONLY find the objects.

  3. K Macdonald says:

    I started playing this game a long time ago and absolutely loved it because there were no stupid match 3 type levels what so ever. This most recent update added them though and the event have gotten way out of hand. It’s not enjoyable anymore, full of event pop ups, and I get stuck on levels for far too long now thanks to the match 3. The hard hidden picture levels were a fun challenge that could always be done eventually and boosts were easy to get. I’m may as well slog through homescapes now.

  4. Shelbie says:

    I loved this game! The mini games are far and few but very fun if you ever get them. I spent money for the extras to make it a little easier in some instances. Then I hit level 184 and I can’t pass it, so they created levels that are actually so hard you only pass if you buy more and I have spent enough. Sadly uninstalling and not finishing the manor

  5. Christina Metal says:

    Stopped playing after match 3. On level 1638. The match 3 levels are getting harder to the point where it’s not fun. The find an object is rare and it’s always the same pictures. It only rotates between a few, unlike before where more and more scenes use to unlock the further you got, in levels. I’m done with this game.

  6. -Ms.Clousid - says:

    Before the update that brought the match 3 style way, it was fun I enjoyed every level and every scene to the game. Now it’s just very difficult and getting boring to play. Almost every match 3 style way is impossible to the point I get stuck for a while with or without boosters. Please bring back the old version of the game, it’s better to find objects than doing match 3 style way.

  7. Joe Patterson says:

    I really want to enjoy this game. I’m trying, but one of the most frustrating things about trying to beat some of the more difficult levels (such as level 112) that have multiple screens, Is that you can create chains that generate powerups, only to have the game move to the next screen, and you lose every boost you’ve created. When they’re already working on an incredibly limited number of moves, the most cheating, money-grabbing thing you could do is take away a player’s powerups. FIX THIS.

  8. Claudia Rakestraw says:

    I would given a 5* stars if the energy wasn’t wasted by playing the hard levels that are hard but end up being easy and some easy or harder than hard and then when you get enough Stars it cost more stars just to put a room together. My grandson and I enjoyed playing it together and challenging each other to see who can get ahead,it’s really fun and enjoyable when you aren’t stuck..

  9. Deanna Happoldt says:

    LOVE the new platform! It is great to not lose life when you win a level. The addition of match 3 games makes the game more exciting too. Would like to see more side games like the tennis match & ball drop. 10/5/22 Dropping a star because there are TOO MANY Match 3 games. I play this because I like the Hidden Object Games. The Match 3’s are nice occasionally, but not primarily.

  10. Miranda Sanders says:

    This WAS once my favorite game. Loved the hidden objects, the storyline, characters, all of it. Sometimes progress was a little too slow but still great game. Now it’s more match 3 than it is hidden objects and the hidden object scenes have been dumbed down so much it’s all but unplayable. If I wanted to play match 3 I would have kept playing Homescapes. I hate match 3 and have now been stuck on level 2139 for about a month on stupid match 3 bs that I NEVER wanted to play to begin with! Yuck! 🤮

  11. lu thompson says:

    I really enjoy this game, but it feels unfair when there is no way you can see the object. At the end, when the location is revealed by being highlighted, but then goes back to the normal color, it CANNOT be seen. It’s also somewhat annoying that each task becomes so much more expensive as the game progresses. More useful tools need to be awarded to your loyal players. Hope this input is useful. EDIT: The answer you provided is the answer to someone’s question, but not mine.

  12. Ada Harris says:

    I’ve been playing since Feb 2021! Loved the game…one of the few games I’ve actually kept and played for an extended period.. but since you changed the game to add the match 3 it’s not as great . And while I didn’t mind the match 3 at first. It seems you play 4 or 5 levels of match 3 before you get to play a round of hidden scene. That sucks . Because the main purpose of me playing the game so long was because of the hidden scenes . Was 5 stars but now I’ll rate lower ..

  13. Jennifer Hodge says:

    I am having fun playing Manor Matters. Though I do wish it just had hidden object levels, or puzzles. I LOTHE, DESPISE, and DESTEST match 3 games! There are already a million of them. I don’t think I am wrong in saying that the match 3 era has long past now. A game with only the puzzle games where you have to figure out whether to use a hammer or light a match are really fun! Those plus decorating would be a really great game!

  14. Kristalynne Walker says:

    This game does whatever it takes to make you spend money on it. At first it was good with the hidden objects, then it started with those match three games. I made it to a high level ,851, that took awhile to finally beat. Then got screwed out of my points and stuck on the same level I had just beat. Minus the points. Don’t bother with this game, cut you can’t reach customer service in the game. Tech support a heaping pile. I Uninstalled game

  15. Rita Bogulski says:

    No longer a great hidden object game, now it is a sucky common old match 3 game. If you want a hidden object game then don’t waste your time or money on this game. BTW, a great programmer can create a Restore or roll back point. Once you quit and delete the game you are constantly bombarded with insidious nonstop ads to come back. I wish I’d never gotten involved with this game, as it seems impossible to get rid of them completely.

  16. Kimberly Skidmore says:

    I used to love this game. That is until they added the match three games. If I’d have wanted another match three game, I would have downloaded one. I downloaded this app, because it was different and only had the find the hidden object aspect. What a let down as of late, because the match three aspects are more difficult than the search. Thinking about deleting it.

  17. Jodie Frederick says:

    This game was great before the match 3 was added and the number of lives you have went down. I have been stuck on the same match 3 level for the entire month of October. I considered buying the golden ticket to play the Halloween challenge but was worried I would get stuck and waste my money like last time. Good thing I saved my money but sucks that I miss the enitre event. I’ll start playing again when/if this is changed.

  18. J Angle says:

    Plays a lot like an early version of Homescapes which I played for a long time till I ran out of space. BUT I haven’t gotten very far with this one and I’m already hitting games that are practically impossible to beat without using aids which do run out. A little disappointing as I was able to play Homescapes without paying for anything but that looks a lot harder to do with this one. I’m not giving up yet but I’m already scoping out replacements.

  19. Marsha Sensel says:

    Just to let you know I originally gave you a 5 star review but that was when the game was a fun game different from all the match 3 games available. You changed it to “diversify” it and now it’s just like all the others except impossible to play. I have been on one of your new match 3 levels for weeks and unless I break down and spend money (which I don’t have) I don’t think it’s possible to beat this one. I loved the search for items puzzles and you apparently aren’t capable of keeping them.

  20. Selina Conley says:

    This use to be a really good game, one of my favorites, until the creators decided to start making levels that you are not able to beat without spending money for extra items to beat the level. Then if you do spend money to beat the level and it goes back to the home screen, the game will freeze up and you will have to repeat that same level again. It has done this same thing to me 3 different times.

  21. Kailen Roop says:

    No one wanted you to “diversify the game”. No one asked you to add match 3 levels and no one likes them. We liked the hidden object game as it was. It was unique, there arent many other hidden object games and tons of matching games so youre actually opening yourself up to more competition. If you really wanted to improve the game: new locations, new objects, new modes about finding. Not change the game completely. I hate when app developers ruin a previously successful game.

  22. Lisa Duncan says:

    If I wanted to play match 3 I would play Homescapes. Plus match 3 is too easy for me since I’ve mastered that format because there are a plethora of those games. Not only that, but it seems like for every one level that’s hidden object there are 5 match 3. I liked the hidden object format. It’s something different. No one asked you to diversify the game. Wish you would just put it back the way it was. I may delete the game.

  23. MyLastDuchess says:

    I loved this game in its original form but must EVERY game be one of these match items to make rockets, bombs, etc? Now it just feel like an empty cash grab. I stopped playing when it changed but decided to look again. If anything it’s worse. Why the switch? This is no longer about finding hidden images and I’m not willing to drag myself through a bunch of levels I hate in hopes I might find one or two that are what this game started out as.

  24. Gaelle Lespinasse-Llambi says:

    EDIT: the new update candy crush style sucks! The search scenes are rare and too easy. It’s always the same ones. Bring back the old version! **** Great game! I really like that you can play just for a few minutes otherwise I would have a hard time to stop. My kids (10 and 7) now join me to play. They help me get through the scenes! It’s a great team work and when we do not clear the scenes (even after 8 or 10 tries ) we keep pushing. It’s a good exercise of perseverance. I total recommend!

  25. Mary Berning says:

    This is impossible to beat. You aren’t given near enough time or the right tools for the match 3 game. When you live on disability or tight budget, who can afford to buy anything from games? I was looking for a fun and relaxing game to play and it’s turning into a stressful one. How about letting us watch extra ads for more time or tools? There are several games that do that and it’s a great option since the ads are so important to the company. Time for me to opt out of game maybe, probably???

  26. Lillicana Moon-Storm says:

    Amazing game! Its fun and challenging!!!! (Edit) I downloaded the game a few years ago and I liked it. I got a new phone and had to redownload the game. I do like the new format, but I wish there were more hidden object levels. Plus for people who are not skilled at match 3, the match 3 levels become a little too challenging a little too fast.

  27. Garry Noble says:

    I have been playingthis fo some time and really enjoy it. My issue is that the new treasure hunt add on locks the game up. If I go to the treasure map I played right up till I had to use the dynamite and then the map locked. I had to exit and restart the app to be able to go back to the main game. Now a reminder to continue my progress had popped up and locked the whole game up. Im kind of sad that I cant play now.

  28. Mary Thompson says:

    I want to go back to finding items. I do not like the part of the game that is matching or like candy crush. If I wanted to play candy crush I would. I do however like it when you add the challenge of the ball drop spiral game where the ball has to get to the bottom of the pole. That one is a nice break in manor matters & a good challenge.

  29. Amy D says:

    Used to play this game a ton. Came back after months off, it’s totally changed. They added in match 3 levels, & half of the scenes & search types for the item finding levels are gone. I keep getting the same 3 to 4 scenes over & over. I miss the variety. There are a million match 3 games but this game was unique before & I loved it. I’ve seen their responses saying the Match 3 is here to stay, & that’s there choice. I may keep playing but I won’t be paying & I was paying a good amount before.

  30. Tara “Aunt T” says:

    I was enjoying this game until the Treasure Hunt event began. Now every time I try to play a screen for the event pops up and then text saying tap here to continue loads behind it. App won’t let me tap on anything to close the event promo screen. I have to shut down the game and reopen it, and then can only play 2-3 levels before it happens again.

  31. K.H. says:

    This is a very addictive game. Love the variety of game play in it. Great graphics. Story is cool so far. One thing wish we could have; a choice either to pay coins for 5 extra moves or watch an ad to receive 5 extra moves. Give us an option. I had only 2 grass spots to fill on the board an ran out of moves. I couldn’t use the 5 extra moves because I didn’t have 900 coins. Had to start all over again. Wish I had a choice to watch an ad. And that’s unusually said. Other than that… Great game.

  32. Melanie Maltby says:

    I updated the last version & was happily playing religiously. Loved the new additions & finally getting through obstacles that I had been stuck on for a long time after having to restart from the beginning several times before.Then suddenly it was telling me to update again. I tried updating again several times over the last several days. Even getting rid of apps I really didn’t want to thinking there might not be enough space. I’ve tried all the troubleshooting options. Please help!!

  33. Tiffany F says:

    I love the game, after doing the recent update.. it gets to the loading screen then crashes!! My tablet alerted me that there is a bug..PLEASE fix it!! Also, when will the game go back to hidden objects instead of Bejeweled/Candy Crush? I spend A LOT of money on this game because it was a hidden objects game..and now, lucky to play 2 rounds of that over 50 Bejeweled levels. SMH if I wanted to play that I would install it. I don’t mind to play a few rounds in between levels. Go back to original

  34. xXwi11your3m3mb3rm3Xx (Sage Larrabee) says:

    I’m really frustrated. I’ve really enjoyed this game thus far, I’ve always been a fan of renovation games, but I cannot progress on the side quest. I’ve put so much time and energy points into it, however I’m stalled at one part and cannot figure out how to progess. I’ve gotten to the statue outside the entrance to the maze, above which I get a prompt showing a pair of binoculars. When I click on it, Carl goes to observe the statue for a second and then the prompt immediately reappears.

  35. Robyn Brownley says:

    This game is fun, it doesn’t have many ads, graphics are great, and the level completion awards are adequate to be able to fix the minor house, unlike Gardenscape and Housescape. Edit: This was my favorite game until I got a point where there was nothing I could do to past a level. My husband even tried and he’s is amazing at these games. Once the game takes the fun out it, I’m done. Looks like another one bites the dust!

  36. Paula Ashworth says:

    Gone from a hidden object to match 3. Have tried to stick with it but most of the levels are far too difficult and I am often stuck on a level for a few day, yet the seek levels are far too few and too easy although they try and say its a mix, the seek levels are not thought through and often swapping pieces around in a scene. I used to spend quite a bit of money on this game, I wont spend it on a match 3 game where there are so many others out there. It used to be worth it, not now.

  37. Mya Hannan says:

    My kids and I really enjoy this game. Unfortunately the only problem I’m facing is the expedition games, which is very frustrating because it consumes alot of energy when you knock out an obstacle. I make too many purchases on the expedition games. It’s very difficult to earn more energy passing levels because it takes time, and we sometimes get stuck on a level. If possible can you make more options to earn more energy during levels? That would be great.

  38. Sharika W says:

    Would be fine if it kept being a hidden object game but nope, turned into some version of candy crush with levels that are literally impossible to complete (even with the given power ups) unless you spend real money to still not complete the level. Level 1083 is a literal joke. I’ve been patient with the game and wanted to keep playing but I no longer care to excel in it.

  39. Sarah Cheeseman says:

    It’s fun, a great way to spend your extra time. My big complaint is that it’s cheap on payouts, especially coin awards. They charge you so much for extra moves, but pay you so little when you complete a level with moves left over. Sort of a passive aggressive way to try to force you to buy more coins, etc. I hate that.

  40. Leslie Tregear says:

    12/22 – more of a match 3 game now instead of a hidden object game. 😫. This was a great hidden object game. I liked that it’s timed and that things are not always in the same place. I also like that there’s variation to how you find the hidden objects: 1 at a time, spot the differences, 1 of 3, etc. But I don’t like that you can only play 6 times (12 minutes) before you run out of life/energy EVEN if you beat the level. I want my energy back when I pass the level.

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