LEGO® Jurassic World™ Apk Download New 2022 Version*

Four Jurassic adventures!
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July 6, 2022
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LEGO® Jurassic World™ Apk Download New 2022 Version*

Following the epic storylines of Jurassic Park, The Misplaced Global: Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park III, in addition to the worldwide break hit Jurassic Global, LEGO Jurassic World™ is the primary videogame the place you’ll relive and enjoy all 4 colossal motion pictures. Reimagined in LEGO shape and instructed in TT Games’ signature vintage LEGO humor, this exciting journey recreates unforgettable scenes and motion sequences from the flicks, permitting fanatics international to play via key moments and giving them the chance to completely discover the expansive grounds of Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna.

LEGO® Jurassic World™ Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* mod apk

OPTIONS -Relive key moments from all 4 Jurassic movies: An journey Sixty five million years within the making – now in vintage LEGO brick a laugh!
-Wreak havoc as LEGO dinosaurs: Make a choice from Sixteen dinosaurs, together with the pleasant Triceratops, fatal Raptor, vicious Compy or even the mighty T. rex.
-Customize your personal dinosaur assortment: Gather LEGO amber and experiment with DNA to create totally authentic dinosaurs, just like the Dilophosaurus rex.
-Populate and discover Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna: Put your distinctive dinosaur creations in to paddocks as you whole particular Loose Play missions.


40 comments on "LEGO® Jurassic World™ Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Eallard Delene says:

    I have a OnePlus 6T and started the game right after downloading it. After the first cut-scene I was presented with a black screen. The game was unplayable. I decided to get a refund from the Play Store within 5 minutes of downloading it. I guess I’ll stick to playing Lego games on my PS4. I had high hopes for this one, but unfortunately it did not run properly on my 2 month old device.

  2. Fairly Erline says:

    It’s amazing! Graphics are great, controls are great, and you can make your own dinos!! But…one problem! Can y’all add more dinosaurs, more missions, and maybe ypu can play as baby dinosaurs? Examples: Stegosaurus, Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, Pterodactyl, Mosasaurus, Colossal Squid, and a Megalodon? For the water animals, you can make an Atlantis map? Thanks! I’d love to see more dinosaurs you can play as and create!

  3. Gerrald Jannis says:

    Would be five stars but it appears that there is an issue with text in the game not appearing if the tablet has a google kids account on it. I’ve installed on two other devices and all text is correct but on my sons new tablet none of the text appears. This is, obviously, quite a pain as we cannot read any of the dna hint’s/tips windows or anything else. Would be good to see this fixed if possible but I’m assuming that’s unlikely.

  4. Wilkinson Brayton says:

    This game was working great until an update for my Google pixel 3 made it ugly. Now i can’t even see what’s happening in the screen after selecting to play from the menu. I’ve tried clearing the cache, and no luck. What next?

  5. Berenice Bradley says:

    Knowing the PC version, this one is sure to be fun. Alas, it disagrees with some phones, like my G7 ThinQ (and other good ones – @ 2019), presenting a black screen when the actual gameplay starts. Sadly the team have failed to reply within an opportunity window and by waiting a reply I lost the option for a refund.. nothing big, yet one would expect more agility to address issues or at least reply since it is a paid game (instead of F2P). For that it will get only 2 stars untill solved/replyed.

  6. Myrick Erlene says:

    This game is amazing. Love the game play and graphics but the control is sometimes glichy but it’s not that bad. One thing I love is how you can customize your own dinosaur and plays as those dinosaur in the paddocks. You can play as medium dinosaur on mission’s but not the large ones like the t rex or i rex.This game did make it in my top 5 favorite games. It would’ve been 5 star if control didn’t glich, more mission’s and dinos, and can play large dinos on mission’s. JW Fallen Kingdom Update?

  7. Eleyn Faine says:

    Great game definitely worth the time to play. Has controller support (big plus in my books) and captures all the good parts from the movies but overall not as good as Lego Starwars which is definitely the benchmark Lego game. Jurrassic World just doesn’t feel as polished and unfortunately has a lot less variety of level achievements making it a bit monotonous to 100%.

  8. Gijs Kitt says:

    The game itself is really good it has all the moment from the film and its good designed. The reason i gave it a 4 star its beacuse it kinda depresses me i habe watched the hole ps4 campaign after i played it, i could see alot of parts of cutscenes that pc and ps4 has are missing u can see the big graphics difference i mean that not a big problem but i think u should update the game add more dinosaurs or fix bugs add new levels from jurassic world fallen kingdom.On the other hand its awesome.

  9. Jonatha Boyce says:

    I love lego games and always have growing up, so I purchased this with excitement to relive my experience. Only issue is the game doesnt start and it made me buy it twice. If I can get a response on how to fix this, I’ve already deleted and reinstalled and force stopped, I would give it 5 stars.

  10. Romilly Maertisa says:

    i love it. the animation is kinda bad, but i dont care.the characters are so funny. but can you add more dinosaurs and levels to the game and mainstreet. Many people would love it if it had that 3 person view on the console versions

  11. Malandra Lass says:

    As soon as I started the game, after the first cutscene the screen went dark and all I could see was the control buttons and the character icon on the top left of the screen. When I paused the game everything would show up. I had to keep pausing the game to be able to see what was going on. This is disappointing. I returned the game.

  12. Jacelyn Kayley says:

    It is a really nice game no glitches, but I tried downloading it for the third time and it was really confusing and annoying first it would say 5 hours left and I can understand but 2 minutes later it will say 53 hours left. But I had great memories 10/10 game.

  13. Sumernor Reece says:

    This game is great and one of the best lego games out there however I feel that it does not give the full jurassic park/world feeling like it does on console and computer and its down to the fact that there arent as many missions as there are in console and computer and these missing missions are important to the storyline. If these can be added along with jurassic world fallen kingdom that would be great. Keep up the great work.

  14. Emilio Picón says:

    I read comments about the black screen bug still I was confident about downloading it because of my Galaxy A70 processor and head straight to buy it and download the 1.16 G game; restarted my phone just as a procedure, and when I first tried, everything would come up in the beginning but as soon as the gameplay starts, the black screen bug comes up covering the entire screen. Closed the application, tried again a couple times and nothing would run properly as soon as the gameplay starts.

  15. Danzilla Helsel says:

    This game is great but the words don’t show. Also I really want more dinosaurs in the enclosure and also more people not just to one level so I can see them all. But I really really really want a free place where you can roam around in the gyrosphere. But what I really want more than that is more dinosaurs please.

  16. Marcos Sanchez says:

    The game is amazing. Although the graphics have been lowered from the console version, the gameplay makes up for it. The price it fair. And the game is almost exactly the same as the console version. The one thing i would like is if Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom was added.

  17. Veronica Ramirez says:

    This game is absolutely amazing, and I think all jpark fans would love it! But if it’s not too much to ask, here are some things I would like to see further into the future: a jurassic world fallen kingdom level, maybe add Pteranodon and Dimorphodon as unlockable dinos, maybe a dino arena, a reset button to start over, maybe a small paddock or a carnivorous and herbivores paddock, and last but definetly not least, please, INDORAPTOR. ( Also I left one thing out, CARNOTAURUS. Thank you )

  18. Ryan Gord says:

    This game is awesome but by the way can you update it please I want it to have more levels and a well I can’t really explain this but in the one for a PS3 there is a map that is land and you can walk around it just try looking it up and update it just like that and make it more realistic like the one for the PS3 work as hard as you can because I would love it if you did that it will take alot of work but just try doing it ok bye

  19. Chad Long says:

    Terrible game. Screen immediately goes black after intro movie. Cannot see characters, cannot see environment, etc. If I pause, the screen turns light and can see everything behind the menus… Try to play and it all goes dark again. Unplayable, refunded.

  20. Tammy says:

    Good game perfect I wish we could dive vehicles like on the Xbox version of the game. And actually see the maps. I do recommend a graphic update. It’s your choice. It’s awesome and people worked hard to make it. I hope just one of my suggestions gets added please thank you.

  21. Michael Roe says:

    Does not work at all. Once I get past the title screen and into the main game, everything turns black. Literally the entire screen turns black with only audio. I figured if I paid for the game it would work,but alas, it’s a broken mess. Installed on a One+ 8 so I got plenty of horse power to run it. Thanks for stealing my money, Warner Bros.

  22. Arvid Klaar says:

    I think the overall game is pretty good, however there’s one big problem; the controls, they’re absolutely terrible, it feels so awkward and its difficult walking around and doing things. I wish there would just be a normal joystick and buttons control set, that would be much better, in my opinion.

  23. Gideon Abraham says:

    This game is excellent and everything about it is amazing, there is just one thing I would like to see in the game, a graphics changing mode. Default mode, (the graphics that are already in the game), medium, (better quality and not as fuzzy), high (which would have shadows and the better qualityy), and then super high (which would have better quality, shadows, and better water). This probably won’t be added but it is worth a shot to ask.

  24. Erin Aye says:

    Great graphics overall, but we are stuck on an early level with no idea how to pass it. We’ve watched the run through on YouTube and a lot of what we saw on there hasn’t even come up on our game. These ridiculous portals that take you to different things have taken us back to levels we have completed dozens of times. It isn’t a straight and narrow game, which frustrates my kids. Very frustrating and lot of stress and wasted time.

  25. Ciro Faienza says:

    Game seems to load fine, but the starting level immediately glitches out to all black except for what I’m guessing are lights in the scene? Nothing else—characters, plants, vehicles, buildings, environment—is visible. All Black. And the phone is a new OnePlus 9 Pro. Looked everywhere for a fix, nothing (yeah, I know, Android gaming). Unplayable.

  26. Warren Lipke (Warren1484) says:

    Such a fun game! I thoroughly enjoyed it! It had puzzle solving, boss battles, easy-to-use controls, and FREEPLAY!!! I admit, the game isn’t as big as the same game on Xbox or PlayStation, but it was still good. I recommend this app! Also, it’s offline! Yay!

  27. Chase Lachat says:

    App not compatible with all Android devices. Once past the cinematic the screen goes black except where your finger tip presses and your health / lives in the top left, completely unplayable! Very disappointing as I had high hopes of enjoying the game.

  28. just George says:

    Just so you all know, if you’re looking for the console experience you won’t exactly find it here. This game has been cut massively to fit it on the phone. But saying that all of the levels are pretty much here. I think one or two where cut down. What’s missing is the hub worlds from the comsole. Because of this the story seems very choppy and it doesn’t help alot of cut scenes form the console are missing or cut down. Alot of enemies are missing as well.

  29. Triston Collins says:

    Ok everything reminds me of the old Indiana Jones experience but in a new form with of course voice acting. My only issue with the game is the audio because of all the things happening in the background including the music it lags my game. I suppose my ram is low or I have a weak device but you know what I still love the game!

  30. Tio Andrés says:

    Can’t play at all, I download it and right as I start the first mission the whole screen is black except hearts.. please fix!

  31. Charlotte Conklin says:

    This game is amazing. But th graphics are kinda grainy but other than that it’s fun but I wish in the game they added a carnotuarus

  32. Rebecca Williamson says:

    Paid over 5euro and it keeps putting some sort of pause screen over the game when playing, not good. Do not recommend, would like a refund

  33. mario and Luigi super Mario bros smash says:

    I really was excited when I got the game while it was loading it took me all last night and ten minutes to finish today. When I started to play it there was some black screen over it so I could not see anything . I would not buy this game and I would like a refund if I can have one .

  34. Jeff Brooks says:

    Every time I go to play Jurassic World..the game crashes..and I can’t get any further…and I have to Uninstall it and reinstall stall it and it still does it.

  35. Lesley Potts says:

    What’s not to like. I love leggo games and it’s based on my favourite films jurrasic Park and jurrasic world. Just wished it had the second jurrasic world film in it. Other wise a great game.

  36. The epik xFixn2Winx says:

    When ever i start the game my screen turns black i can move and use the buttons and everything but my screen is black….. Please see this post and help me

  37. Kassandra Castillo says:

    The game is still showing up black on the first level. Nothing I do will fix it. Probably ask for a refund.

  38. Tammara Morrall says:

    It’s good it just seems to go black over certain parts of the screen what’s up with that

  39. Terrie Voorhis says:

    The game is perfect they changed everything from the Xbox virson to fitobile devices I just with they added the other Jurassic world movies In there like Jurassic world fallen kingdom and dominion it would make the game better then I would play it more often I personally wish the game added the cheat codes like x box one did then for people they can get Theo’s special characters. Overall good game I loved the Jurassic park franchise and nothing will change my mind

  40. I-Forgot says:

    It’s a fun game however I’ve experienced alot of issues, like getting stuck when trying to sneak past Raptors, and please add more to the game like jurrasic world dominion and jurrasic world fallen kingdom

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