Legend of the Skyfish Premium Apk


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Crescent Moon Games
July 8, 2020
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Legend of the Skyfish Premium Apk

** Contact Arcade – Four.5/5 ‘Get hooked in this’

Legend of the Skyfish Top rate Apk apk

** Pocket Gamer – 9/10 Gold Award! ‘Go away the sword. We’re going fishing.’

Legend of the Skyfish Top rate Apk mod apk

Legend of the Skyfish is a gorgeous motion journey puzzle sport with a singular weapon and power – a fishing pole!

Legend of the Skyfish Top class Apk apk mod

Observe the intrepid Little Purple Hook on her adventure with the Moonwhale to defeat the monstrous Skyfish.

Legend of the Skyfish Top class Apk unencumber

Use your fishing pole as a weapon or a grappling hook, and improve it as you cross.

Legend of the Skyfish Top rate Apk apk mod new

Legend of the Skyfish is stuffed with gorgeous hand-painted artwork, intricate motion puzzles and distinctive enemies. Discover an enormous international of Forty five hand made ranges and defeat massive bosses.

Legend of the Skyfish Top rate Apk apk mod 2022


Legend of the Skyfish Top rate Apk

– Distinctive fishing/grappling hook mechanics
– Stunning hand-painted environments and creatures
– Unique track ranking via Sean Beeson
– Forty five hand made ranges – Epic boss fights
– Many pieces to seek out and use
– Quite a lot of puzzles to unravel – Nice for every age!
– Gamepad support


40 comments on "Legend of the Skyfish Premium Apk"

  1. Chester Laurel says:

    Having played through the first ten levels, I can honestly say this game presents itself extremely well, and each level is a joy to explore and solve. However, as many have said, the controls are clunky and it is difficult to pull off what you want to do with ease. With how the levels are laid out, a little targeting forgiveness with the hook would be very welcome, as well as an indicator for where enemies will land once hooked. Not only that, but the option for a static analog pad (as opposed to one which centers itself where your thumb is planted) is something I personally prefer. I’ve taken damage several times because Red Hook wasn’t moving the way I expected her to. Speaking of movement, Red Hook does not need to be allowed to slide so freely while pushing statues; a temporary dead zone perpendicular to the push direction would ameliorate this. Though I complain about the controls, don’t let them deter you from purchasing this game. I got it for free, and I wish I had paid money.

  2. Leigh Waldo says:

    The controls were not great. I had trouble aiming the fishing pole. It could also use a difficulty setting so casual gamers could get further.

  3. Cadawg Gustaf says:

    Not sure how the controls were before (seen everyone’s complaints), but now they’re good. Had not issues with it. The puzzle game is well crafted and fun, it could have had some more unlockables or secrets though.

  4. Jerrika Snape says:

    Started the game and title screen tells me to press a button to continue, game starts and the options menu says press ‘Y’ to access them. Go into them and couldn’t get out without selecting Cinematics or Credits. Start the first level and nothing. No amount of tapping, dragging my fingers or pressing the screen would move my character.

  5. Katheryn Carri says:

    The game is great played it before but for some reason it’s showing that I have a controller connected to my phone to play it with and I don’t. So no touch functions work not sure how to fix it but I’ll change my ratting if you can help me play the game I bought

  6. Shawn Tifanny says:

    Could be a good game. Graphics are good and there appears to be a storyline but can’t get past the controls. The movement pad is floating: whereas this can be good in other games, this pad floats around the screen as your finger moves on it; so staying in a consistent direction becomes hard. The rod control is also far too sensitive but requires pinpoint accuracy for some enemies. Finally, movable obstacles, due to the floating pad partially but also because of programming,are too unsteady. Pushing one direction often leads to the item veering off to one side making it very difficult to continue.

  7. Lindel Maggy says:

    No controls at all after the intro story. I clicked the whale. Then the first level starter and no controls. I tabbed pretty much everywhere. Flipped my screen a few time. If I hit the back button it does give me a menu but not in game controls.

  8. Reigh Norbert says:

    As others have posted, the game has beautiful artwork. Beyond that I can’t really tell you anything since the controls simply don’t exist. My guess is the controls were not designed for a phone and there’s a “minor” bug where the game thinks the phone has an external controller 😆

  9. Brown Aruthur says:

    Seemed fun at first, despite the on-screen controls feeling like such a poor fit. Then the game started getting tedious, then frustrating, then I uninstalled it.

  10. Stanwyk Darla says:

    Fun game, but it requires a controller. Really. There are no touchscreen controls at all. Works great with my Bluetooth controller in game mode.

  11. Melody Domenic says:

    This game has an interesting concept and great art. But tge controlls are just killing it for me. I stopped playing after level 3 because of it. Gonna download it again in a month or so to see it has had any improvements. I hope there will be an option to lock the joysticks since I personally swipe quite far away from the joypad to have better accuracy however since the joystick follows my finger it is really hard to move accurate.

  12. Glad Kaycee says:

    Game is okay. Camera movement is a bit fast as well as the control is too sensitive. It has potential but needs improvement

  13. Crosby Clyfton says:

    The controls take a bit to get used to, way too easy to over control. Other than that, it’s a great game so far. Nice storyline, and good graphics.

  14. Kandace Embry says:

    Sound design and visuals are beautiful. The controls to cast the line are super touchy which can make the game a little difficult at times.

  15. Aalleeyaa Roddy says:

    The controller and the game is quite fluid, you just need patience and have a bit of dexterity to time your movements to get through a door while arrows are shooting right through it. Maybe I expect to much but it get repetitive after the forth stage lol. The story of this game is kinda counter-productive because I believe the Sky fish is actually a symbol of good by telling us not to over fish. Destroying the wooden statue is symbolized abolishing regulations? Maybe I overthink things lol. I should take my time and play one stage a day to keep the challenge fresh. Cheerios

  16. Cynric Jade says:

    Got it for free on sale. Absolutely loved the game. It’s not too hard, but not too easy as well, with interesting mechanics. The controls are a bit wanky, but nothing unbearable.

  17. Briggs Kit says:

    Developer quickly responded to fixing an issue with the pixel 2 XL. Really enjoyable game and has me hooked… pun intended. The controls are good but could be better, especially with the characters physics. Such as allowing the character to continue moving alongside the edge instead of just stopping – this is quite frustrating when your trying to navigate through a narrow area where timing is key.

  18. Keva Willow says:

    Lovely presentation, decent gameplay and nice sound. I personally had few issues with the controls and found the game quite playable.

  19. Cliffton Wynfield says:

    Good game, but I think I found a bug. I’m at Western level 10, and the heart meter sometimes looks like it’s been refilled but its not.

  20. Ivey Gracia says:

    Funny gameplay, simple but effective, with perfect balance within combat and easy puzzles. Nice visuals and art style. Control feels a bit weird but game is perfectly enjoyable despite that.

  21. Chapel Jenai says:

    I wasn’t able to play at all as there were NO controls. No option to change controls, and no gestures, tapping, clicking, or anything would cause any reaction. Would love to see what this game has to offer though… — edit: after the controls were fixed, it’s a nice little puzzler

  22. Amarra Britney says:

    What can I say; I beat it today, and the puzzles triggered me ’till the end. Had a blast. I was pushing for the end and I was not disappointed. Thanks guys, I hope a 2nd Skyfish or maybe a different game from you guys that’s similar would definitely earn my business. Thanks for this gem!

  23. Leeland Arleene says:

    The game itself seems promising at first and is even enjoyable, but you quickly realize that you are in for a long, tedious ride. The progression of the game lacks depth, and upon reaching the second world, I was already sick of doing the same thing over and over… only to realize that the levels in world 2 are twice as long and tedious. Still in world 2, don’t know if I’ll ever make it out…

  24. Domingos Sherae says:

    This is a very beautiful game (reminiscent of Song of the Sea) that is unfortunately let down by feeling sluggish (it’s for an older version of Android but the loading, animations, and walk screen all conspire to make it feel extra ‘slow’) as well as feeling patronizing easy. I recognize that this might be to allow young players to play without feeling frustrated but the difficulty level and repetitivenes makes for a dull game for non-children.

  25. Delmont Benson says:

    I’m playing this on my Nvidia Shield TV and while the controller works for the base movements I’m unable to select the settings cog or change any of my items. I’m not sure if this is by design or a bug. I can’t even continue past the first few levels because as soon as I get the better pole, every time I try to start a new level, it asks me to select what gear I want to use. I can only give this thing 2 stars until this is fixed.

  26. Selda Rush says:

    A monkey could solve these puzzles. I expected something more like a 2d Zelda with exploration and dungeons. Instead it’s a bunch of linear levels that have puzzles so pathetically easy I’m not even sure “puzzles” is a fitting word to describe them.

  27. Terrie Daja says:

    Nice little adventure game with puzzles. The controls can be a little loosy goosey tricky but I havent felt cheated by a death yet. You basically have a grappling hook for getting places and for pulling things (including enemies) and then you have a sword for hitting them. Zelda-Lite almost. Recommend but only to people who have played games before.

  28. Wyclyf Cleme says:

    I wanna rate this 5 I can’t. There’s a severe fps drop in the swampland levels that almost makes the game unplayable and leads to undue difficulty. A solid game with Bluetooth controller support otherwise.

  29. Heywood Zina says:

    When you can’t assess whether something’s a feature or a bug, it’s a bug. There are enough here to test your patience. There was no question to me that the random number of remaining life force hearts displayed were unintended — and frustrating! Controls can be iffy, inexact, and sometimes “slippery”. Gameplay can become repetitive/tedious after not too long. It’s nice to look at though.

  30. Amlawdd Jayne says:

    Overall game is fun but don’t expect to do challenging puzzles. Most of time I was relaxed playing this game. However there are two glitches that I encountered. Well I will be calling them like that. First glitch is about health display – if player had got damage on them and when cutscene is played it disappears. When cutscene ends health appears with different info what was before – showing that player have full health. For exaple if player have only one heart and then cutscens is played, after it like I before it shows full health but actually player only have one heart. Other glitch is Arid Seabed Level 13 – After completing one segment of level and reach first checkpoint but happens you die after reaching first checkpoint then you need to redo all level. It’s because you need to backtrack to previous segment but when after dying and had reach first chekpoint previous segments what player did there all is reseted, if you unlocked doors they now locked and you can’t pass that level. Unless you redo all level and not die after reaching first checkpoint.

  31. Bird Chaon says:

    Its an amazing game so far. It honestly reminds me of the Legend of Zelda game. The puzzles are well done the only thing i would fix is the walking speed. It’s a bit slow for my liking but other than that its an amazing game. Keep up the great work Crescent Moon Games.

  32. Lacherry Elvinia says:

    Original, The gameplay is so much fun, the special ability to fish any enemies and for go through stages is so challenging, graphic is beautiful, the story is good enough, but if you more like RPG games maybe this is not for you, the gameplay is more like puzzle game.

  33. Loony Syndicate says:

    Consider making it on steam pls. Awesome game. Good graphics, music and gameplay. The controls aren’t that bad but they need some improvements. I recommend this game.

  34. Anonymous ManPerson says:

    The levels are fairly short, but well drawn and amusing… UNFORTUNATELY, controls are NOT EVEN CLOSE to being calibrated probably…had to spam the fishing pole on a couple levels where the “pushable idols” get stuck or go the wrong direction to make them “hop” out of the way or back where they belong… fishing pole moves so fast that I find myself having to stop every time I jump islands…. overall, the biggest downfall is the sloppy controls

  35. S H (Soylencer) says:

    I rarely review apps. Others have said it, I’ll say it: the controls are jank. You’ve got a really solid gameplay loop here, reminiscent of the overworld puzzles in Link’s Awakening, with some neat aha! moments. Then the whole thing becomes a frustrating slog w/the mushy-pudding-controls. Add sensitivity options to the the Fishing Line and make it snap-to priority objects within a few degrees, and work out d-pad scaling that doesn’t cause me to drag my finger off the screen when taking corners.

  36. Torden Alderson says:

    I just love this game. I’m a massive fan of old school game but the modern “retro” games just aren’t until Skyfish. If you ever played zeldas awakening on ninetendo ds and couldn’t get enough try this. I only been playing a week but I can’t stop nipping online and doing another level. Just try it. Tell its not good. Developer you have restored my faith in mobile gaming, many thanks 😃

  37. Kelli Harris says:

    Though not for me, I still recommend this game for kids! The gameplay is uniquely unconventional & the graphics are beautifully conceived. Still, it feels half baked, but has potential.

  38. Aaron Howard says:

    I played for 10 minutes and that was enough. Controlling the fishing line and hook is absurd and way too frustrating. I don’t want to play a game that feels like a panic attack. Nice graphics. What a shame!

  39. Chef Rude says:

    Playing in my phone without a controller, I can’t interact with the game at all. There’s no control tutorials or schemas, and I can’t even get the character to move in the very first zone. Forget it.

  40. Mace Taylor says:

    Really cool graphics, sound fx are high quality (and satisfying), gameplay is fun with high replay value because the levels are laid out for quick play. Has a surprisingly arcade feel to it that lets anyone at any skill level can pick up and play. Hope you enjoy the game as much as I do.

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