Grow Soldier – Merge Soldiers Premium Apk


Merge 2 Soldiers to create a strong Soldier
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PixelStar Games
November 30, 2022
4.4 And Up
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Grow Soldier – Merge Soldiers Premium Apk

Pixelstar video games idle merge recreation ‘ Develop Soldier’ has arrived!

Develop Soldier – Merge Infantrymen Top rate Apk

Merge + Idle + + Motion RPG + assortment

Develop Soldier – Merge Infantrymen Top class Apk apk mod

We merge the warriors to provide the tremendous squaddies.

Develop Soldier – Merge Squaddies Top class Apk apk mod new

Rescue Squaddies via exploring more than a few spaces!

Develop Soldier – Merge Infantrymen Top class Apk mod apk

■■■■■ Sport Options ■■■■■
– Synthesize your trainees to create extra robust squaddies – Produce a perfect soldier by way of synthesizing Nine ranges of coaching!
– Improve to a extra robust solider gadget – Accumulate more than a few tanks and shells.
– Discover quite a lot of spaces and rescue infantrymen!
– Searching lunatic robots and extraterrestrial beings and successful pieces!
– Show power thru planetary conquest!

Develop Soldier – Merge Infantrymen Top class Apk liberate

# This recreation that dont want wifi and play offline with out web.
# This recreation is pixelstar recreation’s Second unfashionable idle sport.

Develop Soldier – Merge Squaddies Top rate Apk apk mod 2022

[Samsung Galaxy Crash Issue] Android 12
– If an issue happens, use the process under.


40 comments on "Grow Soldier – Merge Soldiers Premium Apk"

  1. Adam Norton says:

    at first I thought it was a good but after countless hours and many purchases. I can say don’t waste your time you will never get more than a 3 star cannon ball. I’m level 43 in the game and it’s just not going to happen I have bought and synced around 1000 cannon balls still nothing I’m done.

  2. Danyale Elwood says:

    I’ve played all the other versions of the grow series and it still satisfies the want to grow bigger and better. only complaint the end of a battle having to shot to open a box is a bit difficult. It doesn’t seem to demonstrate how to actually break open the cage. I’ve only gotten it to do it twice I think by shear luck.

  3. Ernestine Abbagail says:

    A pretty good game. The ad-remover purchase is a must, but I think it’s worth it. It does not seem to progress when the game is closed, so it’s not an idle game.

  4. Stod Jesiah says:

    This game is great, but even when game audio is muted there is still a blip of audio between stages (fraction of a second, almost like a beep) . This also goes for Grow Spaceship. … probably your other Grow games as well. can you please fix this it is starting to bother me.

  5. Asiah Armes says:

    its fun…its also laggy for an offline game but i havent update the game yet soooo…ill reply later when i finally update it also 1 thing what takes 31 mb to update it well ill see EDIT:-MIDDLE FINGER-the hell after i update the game it wouldnt work.End of comment i wont answer to your feedbacks cuz there a waist of time

  6. Joslyn Tanielle says:

    SO MANY RNGs and bugs-_- why would you do that? specially in Saving Soldier.. -chance to encounter a survivor -LOW CHANCE to encounter rare/unique/legend in a cage -and VERY LOW CHANCE to destroy a cage.. EVEN TRAINEE 1-3 Miss a shot 2 times that you can get in a soldier box -_- second is the mine bug that sometimes back to 0 gold

  7. Edgardo Erling says:

    I dont mind the banner ads, or the watch to earn ads, or pay for stuff…but hate when you do all that and it still automatically opens more ads. Then instead of what other games do to earn more this one you have to give more permissions. On top of this it seems the just basically reskin the same game over and over and dont care what people think.

  8. Rhan Aniesa says:

    This is a fun idle game where if you want to idle, you can, but if you want interactive play, it’s also there. It is very difficult to end up not being able to do something. You can always run a mission, or merge more guys, or Return. The best bit though, even though the paid version is not super cheap, it really removes all ads and gives you all the ad bonuses for free.

  9. Britton Shipton says:

    Idle gacha, exact same as “grow merge monsters” except the monsters (both Hero and Minion) are now called “soldiers” and lack skills, which are all replaced by tank’s “cannonball” (and Cannonballs even use the same mechanic as new Trainer types in Grow Merge Monsters). In short, more of the same

  10. Engel Brighton says:

    Great game, I think should let us build a base too! Play this game!!

  11. Kathi Annie says:

    at frist it was overwhelming then boring. its like they tried ti make two games in one and failed at both. the tops side combat looks alright but you never get to watch or see whats happening because your to busy with the bottom because the auto part of it is so bloody slow that there is no point to it at all and upgrading with diamonds is bloody expensive.

  12. Nanci Levy says:

    This game is very different to the other games but its sort of nice Btw some of the other games are very good

  13. Tristan Sanford says:

    Fun game and I like it.. Just not able to get the Log-in bonuses…

  14. Rang Joye says:

    This game is great but I cant find anything telling me what each Soldier skill does

  15. Franky Paprika says:

    I enjoyed the game a lot but I broke my old phone and after reinstalling its not loading my last data upload, purchases included. I’ll keep my rating pending a developer response because there is no in game option. The game is overall pretty good. I’m willing to spend money on it for certain things (but not twice 🤡) but there are some control issues resulting from the UI and theres no way to sort regular dudes by tier so youve got a small amount of homework. Overall worth your time IMHO.

  16. Lorenia Darryn says:

    FOR IDLE GAME LOVERS: This game do not get resources while outside or off the game. “Repeat” trophies does not give diamonds.

  17. Edith Jerick says:

    This game is fun but I downloaded a game to play for 11500 gems in grow soldier idle but it did not give it to me plz give me the gem and I’ll give u 5 stars becouse the game is sooooo fun

  18. Hern Philberta says:

    it’s alright. it needs a lot of work in some areas but ill drop a 5 star bc this game seems to be getting some h8 m8

  19. Ballad Branda says:

    Never boring awesome game. There is always something to do. Timers are short and the income for all currencies in game is well designed. Progression is fast at the beginning then slows right down (which make it more rewarding for the grind). Really awesome game!!! Only 2 things I would change. 1. Spelling mistakes. 2. Add a multiplayer aspect like PvP or guilds.

  20. Lawson Lyzbeth says:

    The game concept is great, but the layout is extremely unorganized, making the game near impossible to play.

  21. Gent Devinia says:

    The game is cool. But I hope dev fix the save option cuz I can’t save my progress 🙁

  22. Patrina Kassie says:

    Great game but the game is too boring!!! It needs more thing in it you need some online multiplayer like 1v1 in five rounds you need to make the most high level soldier and some rank like broze,silver,gold and other higher ranked ups

  23. Yesica Shandley says:

    I only hate the rescue part. I miss always other then that great game would have got 5 stars

  24. Andi Tomasina says:

    I dont know how to save a soldier,because the normal canon ball is always missed when it appear to the target?how redicueles..

  25. Sutcliff Camille says:

    I found this game so addicting and i could play this for hours on end. I highly recommend installing this

  26. Diannie Milford says:

    This game has an unnecessary amount of complexity that would best be left out as far as mobile games go. The merge (or grow) part of the game is not even 1/3 of the game, even though it takes up most of the screen. The soldier part of the game is fun to watch but leaves it as a tycoon experience, witch is how you progress anything that isn’t automatically done by merging. But of course, there isn’t many games quite like it and it has some value of novelty.

  27. Amlawdd Davion says:

    Unlocking hero’s from rescues most times doesn’t work waste of time

  28. Andrian Shantelle says:

    Hi I would definitely give you guys 5 stars, but there is seem to be a problem with your ads in the game. I click on it but it never play an ad. Seems like nothing happened. Plz help

  29. Karol Willsn says:

    Ridiculous amount of ads and even when you do the side quests to get bonus soldiers it’s basically a roulette that is not in your favor especially when trying to rescue an epic. The auto merge and auto production is so slow it may as well not be in the game unless you’re willing to spend money. Terrible cash grab and completely pay to win.

  30. v x says:

    for the most part the game is fine however there is two issue that I have with it. First, when choosing what ammo to use there should be more information listed. For example max dps and projectile count are a two that I can think of. Second, the game doesn’t always notify you when you can buy upgrades. I think it should be changed to check every upgrade and notify you when there is something purchasable and not just some upgrades.

  31. vendetta flooper says:

    well this is a pretty good game but i have lost legend and a epic i tryed to free them but it kept hiting it but the hit boxs are broken you can down load but yea i not i big fan of this trash game

  32. sam spence says:

    Only giving it 4 stars, because i wish there was a way to level up coin value. But other than that the game is pretty good.

  33. Gabe Sisneros says:

    Would be better one main issue i cant merge past lvl 9 it says i can but it just turn into a soldier box

  34. Sergio Costa says:

    A game that makes you watch a ad right after you watch a ad. Disgustingly greedy!

  35. Fanny G says:

    I’d give it higher by it’s not not letting me login but telling me a login ID is required to get some of the rewards particularly the daily rewards. 🎁

  36. Patrice Sam says:

    This game has a bug i merged two 9 stars and my game crash and it keeps on doing that and the game is boring like VERY BORING

  37. Richard McKinnon says:

    This game sucks now because you can only have the super solders but none of the common or normal solders in the battlefield and that’s why this game pretty much sucks (unless that add that feature back)

  38. EMIL SALIM says:

    This game is so good i have to win wave but plss update more soldiers can place on Battlefield

  39. the nerd says:

    So uuh, it’s a game about growing soldiers, but the soldiers never get sent out anymore, is it a glitch?

  40. Alex says:

    The cloud save function does work now, thank you for the fix!

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