Grim Facade: The Artist Mod Apk


A tyrant has taken over Florence, destroying priceless art!
4/5 Votes: 975
Big Fish Games
March 15, 2017
4.4 And Up
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Grim Facade: The Artist Mod Apk

Play the trial at no cost! Pay as soon as & whole the journey!

Grim Facade: The Artist Mod Apk apk mod new

You obtain a relating to message from the mythical inventor Leonardo da Vinci. His cherished the city is underneath assault and also you should assist the combat in opposition to evil sooner than the humanities and sciences are misplaced eternally!

Grim Facade: The Artist Mod Apk

You group up with a small team of bizarre voters who’ve determined to rise up and battle. Overthrow the mysterious guy who has taken over Florence!

Grim Facade: The Artist Mod Apk apk

• BATTLE IN OPPOSITION TO AN IMPRESSIVE MAGE AND HIS FANS Accumulate the gear and guns you wish to have by way of looking thru interactive hidden object scenes.

Grim Facade: The Artist Mod Apk mod apk

• OFFER PROTECTION TO LEONARDO DA VINCI’S INNOVATIONS AND ARTWORKS Challenge during the town and gather Da Vinci originals through taking part in thrilling mini-games and fixing tough puzzles.

Grim Facade: The Artist Mod Apk release

• ASSIST THE MAYOR REPAIR FLORENCE WITHIN THE BONUS RECREATION Proceed your journey within the bonus bankruptcy and experience Collector’s Version exclusives together with collectible pieces and a technique information.

Grim Facade: The Artist Mod Apk apk mod 2022

• To find 1000’s of hidden items, plus remedy heaps of mini video games and puzzles!
• Release this unbelievable Collector’s Version to achieve get admission to to all the wonderful bonuses and further gameplay!

Grim Facade: The Artist Mod Apk apk mod

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40 comments on "Grim Facade: The Artist Mod Apk"

  1. Daffeney Susie says:

    Too many problems. Some items require ultra exact click. Hint button occasionally leads in circles. Lots of dialogue. Disappointing ending. Bonus story has a weak premise. To say I’m dissatisfied is an under statement. Can’t change name. Items found in HOG not clearly marked off. First big fish offering I’ve not been happy with.

  2. Barris Avia says:

    Having a hard time getting into this game. So much dialogue, simplistic graphics and barely interesting storyline. No trouble downloading and game seems to be running smoothly so far. If it wasn’t on sale I would not have bought it. UPDATE: Map shows all things to do instead of next step or two. Found myself using the hint button to navigate instead of the map. Very tedious.

  3. Micaela Ailene says:

    Not the best ERS game. Sufficient length, detailed graphics, fun puzzles. Down one star due to illogical game play, very hard to figure out to do next. Bonus chapter was a weird gobbledygook. However, the sheep helper was adorable and Lisa the Aprentice – a beautiful homage to Da Vinci’s work. There is already a new Big Fish/ERS game and I will focus on that one.

  4. Trevan Alsa says:

    This would have been a 3-4 before I played the bonus scene, but the hint button led me in circle after circle after circle, which was pretty much the final nail in an already shaky coffin. Basically I can sum up this game with one sentence: One of the mini games was putting numbers in order. That’s literally all it was. Very disappointing.

  5. Quianna Vareck says:

    Not bad. It’s a little different style than other BF games, but, like many BF games, I might buy the full version IF it was on sale.

  6. Alfrid Jessyca says:

    Installed but will not open???

  7. Bede Austyn says:

    Good story. I enjoyed the interaction with the characters & how responsive it was. I gave it 4 stars because, first, I couldn’t add my name as a player. During the bonus game the hint got into some kind of loop where I was sent to a location and THAT location’s hint sends me back to the previous location. This happened in different places. Luckily, the guide helped to get me thru the game. The display of the items in the hidden object games cut off the names on the left and right sides.

  8. Harlen Trudy says:

    loved this game. great graphics, not too short

  9. Lawford Nechten says:

    Great so far will probably purchase the full game

  10. Evert Rick says:

    Not my kind of game sorry

  11. Kinsley Vickey says:

    Installed but would not run

  12. Roswell Ellene says:

    would not work

  13. Jearldine Orelia says:

    Grim facede: the Artist Rate this app

  14. Granville Wilton says:

    Nice game although the map doesn’t seem to be accurate. Bonus game was kinda lame.

  15. Gay Bellamy says:

    Very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very good game but don’t last long.

  16. Carol Miller says:

    This game makes no sense. Constantly using hint button to know where to go and why. Terrible, stupid, boring and waste of money. I want a refund.

  17. Melody Mcgovern says:

    Very interesting demo,definitely wants me to play more and find out what happens. Enjoy the storyline so far as well as the graphics, the searches and puzzles are pretty cool also.

  18. Amy B says:

    The game play is too weak to be worth 4.99

  19. Yvonne Jarvis says:

    I paid to gain access after the trial. Loved the graphics and puzzles but wish there was more.

  20. Nitendra Singh says:

    i thought it was free

  21. Michelle Amoore says:

    Great game!! Hours of fun🤩

  22. Monica Rossos says:

    have since finished the game and am interested to see exactly the same issues as another reviewer. I too was disappointed with not being able to play using my name. I also was stuck in the same ineverending hint loop that in the end Caused me to uninstall the game unfinished. That is really frustrating and annoying … my 4 stars should 3.5 even Though the graphics and storyline are very cool! It was too bad to end on a bad note.

  23. Beth Cavenar says:

    The writing is too small to read on my phone and you can’t zoom in . I uninstalled. I went ahead and gave it 4 stars because most of your other games are pretty entertaining so I’m giving this one the benefit of doubt.

  24. NicolA Phénïx Borgonon says:

    Not always evident to find the solutions, too often have I needed the guide to find out what next was to be done. That’s why 4 stars. Otherwise good story line, inventive games, beautiful designs and lots of fun plus not over expensive. Cool!

  25. Belinda Stone says:

    Got stuck on this one could not get the heart

  26. Randal Harris says:

    Just started , so far so good.

  27. buzzy boo says:

    This game was very cool. It was creative, educational and entertaining.

  28. May Gl says:

    nice one but too much dialogue for me.

  29. Nicole Pletcher says:

    Great story line and graphics. History lesson with a lot of fun.

  30. Melissa says:

    If I could give more stars I would! Not only was this game great but, the length was long. It was so well put together. I liked how you could buy the items you needed with the gold coins you collected along the way. VERY GOOD JOB!!

  31. Haytham Salman says:

    Nice to play

  32. Lynn Quinones says:

    I haven’t played this imaginative and wonderfully graphic game for three years. I finished 10/21 and probably enjoyed it more. This game is very creative and the art work sooo detailed!

  33. Lourdes Torres says:

    Outstanding! It played beautifully on my Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8inch tablet. The history lesson on DaVinci was awesome. No lagging, no pausing, no skipping, and no double tapping. It played smoothly 👌. My daughter loved the mechanical lion. Now she wants a kitty cat! Well worth the modest price. I highly recommend this game. Thank you for entertaining me all these years.

  34. Dee J says:

    I purchased Grim Facade the Artist yesterday. Today the game has frozen on the screen where you have to trust the apprentice or not. I have cleared my cache as well as restarted my device. I am playing on Samsung Galaxy Tablet. Please refund my purchase and I will uninstall this game.

  35. Melissa Corcoran says:

    Great game! I thought the story was easy to follow and puzzles were fun!

  36. Nicki Welch says:

    Entertaining and educational ☺️ so fun

  37. Barbara Horn says:

    Fun so far! I do wish Leonardo’s lips moved, but I’m enjoying it anyway!

  38. judith urbanic says:

    will not open on chrome

  39. Anton “Sincere” Mr Cloud says:

    like this best game i reaily reaily like game a lot

  40. Lins Howell says:

    So very dated looking!

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