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Enjoy your love life with attractive Androids, and find your true emotions!
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Genius Inc
May 21, 2021
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Electronic Emotions! Anime Oto Apk Download New 2022 Version*

✦Synopsis✦ You may have liked running with electronics ever because you have been a tender lady, and discovering paintings at an electronics production corporate appeared like the herbal selection. Alternatively, your gross sales start to fall and also you fear in regards to the balance of your occupation… till your boss invitations you to sign up for a brand new undertaking. The mission is secretive and calls for you to close up your property and transfer to a brand new cope with. You’re suspicious in the beginning however excited at the potential for a promotion. While you open the door to the home, you’re greeted by means of 3 good-looking males! In the beginning you might be distracted by means of their impossibly excellent seems to be, however quickly notice that their movements are some distance from normal…

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Your corporate is engaging in experiments at the talent of androids to conform to human feelings, particularly in romantic relationships. Assigned to the venture and urged to transport into a brand new space, it’s your task to are living and have interaction with the 3 male androids, all whilst treating them as though they have been your boyfriends.

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The androids best understand how to behave consistent with their techniques and they generally tend to take the whole thing just a little too actually. Will you be capable of train them the delicate nuances and not unusual sense of a human? And what occurs when the exams are over…?

Digital Feelings! Anime Oto Apk Obtain New 2022 Version*

♠ Kai Regardless of his flashy look and assured character, Kai is open-minded and made up our minds to be told new issues. After a failed strive at cooking dinner, he comes to a decision to soak up cooking to make you satisfied.

Digital Feelings! Anime Oto Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod new

♠ Shane
Shane is good-natured and at all times able to check out one thing new. Younger and naive, he turns into within the thrilling nature of rock track and appears as much as musicians. Will you assist him practice his desires?

Digital Feelings! Anime Oto Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk

♠ Jake Against this to the opposite androids, Jake is quiet and calm. With a strong body, he’s athletic and alternatives up judo. As you get to grasp him, you discover a new aspect to him that thinks about issues deeply and is cautious to not harm your emotions.


40 comments on "Electronic Emotions! Anime Oto Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Alvena Danni says:

    One day I will be the first one who will download your app😐 I’m so happy to see new story from yours😍 U R D best😍😍😍 I’m a big fan of your products! ! Always amazing always adorable! ! I’m surprised by your new story it’s difficult and that makes it more beautiful and enjoyable! I’m Waiting every weekend to see new stories!!!

  2. Epiphany Irisa says:

    You can play through the entire app without paying. There are also videos and “minigames ” you can play to earn diamonds. Each of the guys have unique personalities. Some of the gem options are not necessary but do add some fun moments. I would’ve liked to see character art for other characters though. I would recommend this app and you’ll finish it in less than a week.

  3. Barbie Ashleigh says:

    I really like the game and the story. Though it is a very tedious thing to play only one mini game and not even get points everytime. I think there should be more mini games. Overall it’s a nice game.

  4. Abergavenny Storm says:

    I have been playing this company’s games for a wile and have not been disapointed the characters are always loveable and the storylines are sometimes heartbreaking experienced no glitches or anything with this game and am pleased with the art and endings also like how in some games you can’t get a good ending without buying dimonds or something like that however genius Inc games you can always get a good ending no matter if you pay or not you did an amazing job good luck in the future ❤

  5. Leeanne Malorie says:

    Beautiful storyline, and I love robots anyways so it was awesome. I loved all the choices and stuff, and even though I used premium choices, I feel that it should be removed because there are people who can’t use them, as well. But apart from that the game rocks. Keep up the good work!

  6. Gregg Holden says:

    this app is amazing you can play it for free!!!! amazing storyline i legit cried when the three mushkitears got taken away and the end was amazing just cant get over this game. in love seriously.. it deserves more than five stars!!! the characters are amazingly beautiful and sweet. basically love this game and i am sure uou will love it to when you get to play it and make sure to rate it five stars!!!!!!

  7. Rickie Christion says:

    Very very beautiful. I like the personalities of the three androids. I would like the story to be larger and with more romantic moments. The music are perfect for each scene. There are many and beautiful backgrounds. Thank you so much for your hard work! Please continue making romantic stories, and if it’s possible, like Deceitful Devotions. ( Without superpowers, spirits nor non-human characters.)

  8. Lonny Aphton says:

    Its was….. So…… Amazing!!!! Especially the ending song.. It made my heart melt!! You guys did an outstanding job! Keep it up!! You got my vote from head to toe!!

  9. Chirly Twilight says:

    I have played some of Genius Incs. stories and although I love them they have a tons of wasted potential. For one, I would have liked it if there was a scene where the androids ‘Father’ had come in the beginning and interacted with the robots instead of him coming towards the end of the story when MC tries to get them back. This could have shown the extent of their relationship. MC’s reports were atrocious. She is a scientist hired to analyse the behaviors of the androids. She is clearly told to give detailed reports about them but she doesn’t. Personally, I would have liked it if the MC had a recorder that she used continually and sent in the reports as well as creating videos. I would also have liked it if Eve was more involved in the plot. I felt like her character was another wasted potential. It would have been cool if she interacted with the MC and they became friends, while under the guise that Eve was spying on her. Also, could the female characters be given different sprites? It’s infuriating to see that they have same-face syndrome and they kind of look like teenagers. But they also look like they don’t belong to the story. Question, what happened to the failed androids, did they get disassembled or something? It’s a great concept and I do enjoy it but it has a very underdeveloped execution..

  10. Addison Artie says:

    It was amazing I have played alot of geniuses games before they are absolutly amazing and this game is also great it deserves ten stars.Continue making games like these ,you guys are very talented but theres a simularity to all of the games I have played made by genius.inc is that you must choose from 3 guys can you change it up a bit maybe you fall inlove with one guy and you then you fall in love for his friends and you dont know who to choose from

  11. Aud Rogue says:

    I loved this story. It made me think I wouldn’t mind a robot boyfriend if they had personalities like these androids. 😆 I saw reviews that said at the end you can choose to date all three. But the choice is actually “An independent life”. You continue to live with them as friends. But no romance.

  12. Andonis Latonya says:

    Interesting story line, fun characters and the way you can get gems for free is fantastic. I do wish there was more date scenarios, more group fun and maybe a friendship option.

  13. Jesse Dakeitha says:

    OMG! I just finnished the game and it’s amazing! I can’t describe in words how much i loved it and how many emotions this game got out of me! I would happily recommend this game to everyone i know! I would like to give it 10 stars not only 5!

  14. Millen Sherwood says:

    I cannot possibly describe the amount of mixed feelings I have after finishing this story. Not only the animation is great, but the plot and the characters really got my heart. I loved the drama that came with every single new episode. I just loved this game! I truly hope more users can get access to this, because it’s AWESOME! 🙂

  15. Gracey INSERT says:

    Ok, I really loved the ending. I was really sad Eve didn’t make it to experience a real life maybe she could get a boyfriend from the three musketeers. If there would have been a choice where I could take the parts from one of the old proto types I would, but I guess it wouldn’t turn out the way it did huh? I’m really happy,. This story made my night happy 00:12 AM. Chose my second favorite story after Doctor’s Orders. Please make more stories like these. Good luck!

  16. Norberto Michalene says:

    It was the best experience I ever had in my life but the fact the premium choice comes with rubies and you can’t afford it then you have to skip the choice but, over all I love it

  17. Tom Chan says:

    I decided not to play on. You have to pay 20 or 30 rubies for premium choices so far and over 6 dollars for 60 rubies. I rather not continue playing, it will be super expensive. I believe you can exchange or earn small amounts of rubies but i don’t have patience for that. Characters are cute though.

  18. Bakura Shirosaki says:

    I totally totally totally loved this game. It’s so cool and emotional. I loved the end. Every word during that was so special. The sacrifices, tears fortunately end up in a beautiful love. This otome game has a special ending and a wonderful morale. I really suggest it to everyone!!! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ GOOD JOB!

  19. boomboom ishere says:

    It costs wayyyyy to much to just do one thing with the Androids… Plus when I tried to earn points by doing serveys and downloading games, I did everything it said but!! I didnt get my points. Waste of time game

  20. Gabi Kalcheva says:

    I think that this story is really good.There were a few times that I almost cried but this story made me feel like I was in there.I also like that there is a minigame that you can play to get coins and trade them for gems.I also like that at the end you can choose if you want an independent life or one woth the androids.Thanks for making the game it’s really good and keep up the good work.

  21. Tina Savage says:

    The story is amazing! I really enjoyed playing this one many times I almost cried! I love that all of the androids have they’re own set of personalities. I wish there was a bit more jealousy but it was a really amazing story to read! The path I chose take at the ending was Kai’s I know for certain that I’ll go and look at the two other one’s. It deserves a second season! ENJOYED IT ❤❤❤

  22. 22_Soumili Biswas says:

    Well this game is soo emotional. At the first I was like I don wanna play .. but after downloading this game I understood I was wrong. This game is ful of love , friendship , sacrifice and also it teachs us the importance of freedom And if in future scientist make this types of robot, I will sure gonna think them as person . Thanks genius inc . for this game.

  23. water says:

    After finishing the series, I will give this a definite 5! This is one of the best stories I’ve read. There’s an advertisement after every chapter, but you’ll be able to handle it. The chapters are sort of long, but they’re worth in (imo). I really enjoyed this. By the way, I cried a bit.

  24. Hammy says:

    It is a nice plot but would have been better if it was a little bit smoother. Even it jumps too much from one situation to another, the boys are really endearing, and the ending of the story is quite emotional and surprising !

  25. Sofia Lee says:

    this story is super great,i can’t believe that the girl tried everything to save the androids,who would have though in the end they can be happy with people not knowing the three androids true identities.thank you so much for this.i love this so much

  26. Liza R says:

    I have never been into the whole falling in love with a robot-kinda scenario but, Genius Inc is indeed genius! I was hooked from the start to the end. No complaints at all. Only wished the story was longer 😅

  27. GWEN says:

    Edge of the seat exciting story! I believe there should be a more realistic ending. They don’t sleep, eat, bathe, etc. They don’t age either. What happens if their circuits wear out? That’s why there should be a more realistic ending. Also, Eve, should have remained in the story as a love interest of one of the androids.

  28. Green Orchids says:

    This game was amazing because its totally mind breaking and totally I Have lots of fun then im so happy because it could touch the heart of a person who loves electronics then i have nothing to say anymore……

  29. Sisi Pierce says:

    Played like 7 games from this company. This one kind of dragged on for me. Maybe because I wasnt as interested. I did like how the male characters were all different from eachother. Also love Fritz! Haha. Im going to download another story. My favorite one so far is Nocturne of Nightmares and the one with the demi gods.

  30. Priya Dutta says:

    It’s my another story with a beautiful experience,sometimes I really cried,sometimes I laughed so hard and sometimes I thought that may be I can’t save my “Musketeer boys” anymore…..well I really cried a lot . But I should say one thing that,diamonds really matter.So for this story too,when I downloaded it I first waited many days for collecting diamonds,per day I used to make 120 points at least and make at least 500 diamonds so that I can enjoy it….keep going,work harder guys👍🏻👍🏻💗💖

  31. Atsumus_bish says:

    I really loved this story. I read a lot of visual novels from this company and theyre all good. One thing about this is that I hate how all the endings end the same no matrer who you choose. Besides that I love the story 🙂

  32. Jessica Joseph says:

    It has a good story line but not as exciting as the other genius.inc’s story. In the end if you have to choose between the androids who I think it’s better to choose is an independent life

  33. Ysiek Unknown says:

    The plot is pretty good and the art style is also but the only thing that bothers a bit are gems, you need to use gems for some options, and at the end you can always choose with who you would like to see the ending

  34. Shrimpo says:

    I loved this game! It’s very detailed, the characters kinda move, the highlights, and how you can hide the text and the home button, I loved everything! I know that when you leave it automatically saves to where you left but I would’ve loved if there was an option to save slots (I wasn’t born english so I’m sorry if you’re getting confused of what I’m saying) but other than that I love the game!

  35. Kara Ka says:

    You guys have to put the speaker and name to the right place. Some lines r not my saying but it puts my name in it. Better fix it guys and one more thing this game haven’t have much romance like other. If I wanna romance I have to spend my gem😑. Good game but not my type I think.

  36. Yu M says:

    Well… This game is surely interesting..charcater design is a 3.5/5, nothing special, and I hate how these characters act. I get that they’re robots but it’s weird, I know I should’ve paid attention to the title but I’m not a fan of androids x people

  37. Hani Irdina says:

    I love the game, its interesting and exciting BUT I would prefer if the ending has some sort of epilogue to what MC and the android that you chose do after a period of time. Unlike in another Genius Inc games, the ending with the man that you chose in this story is too short….like TOO SHORT. Other than that everything was great!

  38. Thalia Pineda Pedraza says:

    Please do Season 2 for this otome, @Genius Inc. This is my first otome in genius around april 2021 and this is where my genius inc otome life started, so I’d really appreciate it if you could do this a season 2. You also considered the rubies to lower down to 20+ to 15 rubies per special choices. Maybe you can consider too, to increase the points we get in the roulette and + points too in the ads for 4 hours. All in all, I want to thank you for your dedication to make this otome and the others.

  39. Taylor says:

    I love the story with all of them! The way that all the boys act in this story is something I’d like to see in real life! And the fact that they’re androids and that they’re somewhat programed a real human… It’s amazing! I would give this 5,000,000 star but the highest is 5! XD Keep up the good work Genius Inc!

  40. Forever Young says:

    Is it just me or the main character lacks practicality, I get it that she’s in love with the robot and the robot in this story can have feelings blah blah blah that they deserve love so she end up with one of them, but regardless the feels, or creativity of the Robot, it doesn’t change the fact that they’re still a ROBOT. I don’t know but for some reason I’m waiting for the mc to really think about it, not just the feels all the single time. Other than that the story is great.

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