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October 20, 2022
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Cyber Hunter Mod Apk

Cyber Hunter is a next-generation, aggressive sandbox cellular recreation. It’s full of a bunch of various parts, together with survival, capturing, exploration, talents and a lot more, even together with parkour! In brief, it’s a brand spanking new gaming revel in.
【New Model Features】

Cyber Hunter Mod Apk apk mod

New Gameplay Mode [Loot Lord] Unencumber!
[Loot Lord] is a brand spanking new gameplay mode in first-person view which calls for a 4-Player Squad. A solo participant too can fit.This can be the hardest mode in Cyber Hunter. Enjoying the function of gold diggers, Wanderers will input a brand new map, gather a wide variety of precious pieces, problem tricky warring parties in [Silent Corps], defeat different gold diggers, and evacuate throughout the given cut-off date. They may be able to then change their loot for the unique forex of the Three-star Peninsula, TSP, to extend their web value and acquire extra tough guns. Wanderers who fail to evacuate will lose the entire provides that aren’t insured or positioned of their Cryptboxes.
New Season—S12: Knight’s Glory is coming!
[Knight of Honor] and [Knight’s Glory] themed outfits is coming!
【Game Features】: 
— Brilliant characters with verisimilar faces –
With next-generation face shaping artwork and over 100 beauty designs, distinct and bright heroes may also be created
— Particular talents and ways – A variety of tactical talents, akin to optical camouflage, quantum obstacles, invisible drive fields, fireplace enhance. You’ll be able to formulate your individual tactical gadget — Take to the skies to seek for what you wish to have. Develop into a parkour professional and knock your enemies out in taste – Float within the sky, dive right into a deep sea, climb and roll, there are many parkour strikes to be had to make use of throughout fast paced loose fight.
— Discover and battle in a sandbox global –
All terrain is open to discover freely, together with 100-meter-high water falls, wilderness temples, and swampy relics. You’ll in finding a whole lot of guns on this global.
About us: 
– Legit website online: http://www.cyberhunter.recreation – Fb Web page:
– Fb Staff:
– Discord:
– Twitter:
– YouTube:
– Instagram:


40 comments on "Cyber Hunter Mod Apk"

  1. Mikaela Win says:

    Well i had the great opportunity to try the game during its early access and while it still needed work, it was a good experience. Great controls, gameplay, and the way the rewarding system works is great. This also brings some that isnt seen often in battle royal, the ability to actually create your character how you choose, and the ability to climb.

  2. Mirta Kristiane says:

    Played 3 matches on the SEA server, which was in Eng, I could get into this game casually. So far you can only pick 1:2 char but can customize on how he/she looks to your liking. This is optimize for gaming phones/tablets but can manage with 2 GB ram (latest model/ 2018 and up) with fps drop here and there. The static jump and not able to turn is what I don’t like as I’m used to turning while jumping at the same time and the controls are what you know. Pick and play what floats your boat.

  3. Cee Radmund says:

    The game is good you can tell that time was put into it, but there are some problems concerning the gameplay that I feel like need mentioned and patched. For instance the HUD, the HUD is good and allows you to see your enemies clearly but weapon select can get a bit weird and not respond. The lack of response also goes on to be problematic when it comes to looting auto looting after killing someone doesn’t respond at times making it hard to grab loot and go when under fire. pls fix these issues.

  4. Fraze Jenavieve says:

    Game is great but its very uh hard to play. In my experience its very hard to move and shoot with the controls. Gameplay is slow and camera malfunctions. Players randomly glitch through walls on the screen. About the camera, it does not move when i move it, it stays in position for a few seconds. The pickup system, its hard to pick up things with the gameplay slowing me down, its like a massive delay but problem is, it wont pick it up.

  5. Christof Birdie says:

    The game itself is ok. The map is a good size, controls feel good, and gameplay is fairly solid. The problems come from 3 things. 1) Too few heroes. This game is setup like Apex with heroes. The problem is this game only has 2 heroes as of now, and that is way too few. 2) Cosmetics are absurdly priced and not really rewarded for gameplay. There is an earned currency but 90% of what I’ve seen is cash exclusive, so it’s worthless. 3) Lack of heroes and cosmetics make it feel flat and boring.

  6. Geri Wittatun says:

    I like it a whole lot. unique compared to other battle royals I have played on mobile. I do hope for alot of different weapons to be added. Different skills, and maps or at least changes to the map. I’ll be patient for that though. Only things I see wrong, very minor problems though, is getting crates and variaty of stuff for your character. Also there are some bugs with climbing some buildings and the bridge, sometimes you just drop off randomly or bug into the wall.

  7. Mable Chistopher says:

    Love the game mechanics and the theme. The character customization is also something that I really enjoyed having. Not many mobile games let alone battle royale games have this level of customization. With a large variety of different weapons and skills, theres so many different strategies and tactics to use and develope. On top of all that, this game runs by far the best on the phone than other games in the genre. Amazing game, keep up the awsome work!

  8. Hide Regenweald says:

    It’s a very great game. However, there are a few things I think should be changed/fixed to improve the game. There’s a delay with the movement joystick after exiting a vehicle. Plus, I think that autofire should be limited to low levels. Also, the game spazzes when you are gliding and make contact with a structure. Finally, I would like to see more/better items added to the next battle pass, to make it more enticing for purchase.

  9. Cotton Blondelle says:

    This game has the best and most unique take on the general gameplay! The deploying is superb, you can climb walls, glide from jumps, the maps have several distinct regions, the weapons are plentiful yet not oversaturated, and the character customization is insanely in-depth. This is by far the most fun I’ve had playing on a mobile device; I highly recommend it!

  10. Edlynn Nerys says:

    Honestly, this game is so refreshing and fun and futuristic, and so many things at once. It borrows a lot from different games but presents it in such a unique away, my whole family literally loves it. we’ve played every day since release. our only complaint is the lack of buildings and structures in the main areas. At least in future maps we’d like to see many more structures! the animations are amazing. climbing looks a little unnatural but it works so well. you just can’t climb under things…

  11. Davian Benji says:

    The game is great. Honestly, this is the closest I can get to Apex while EA is probably developing Apex Mobile. There is this slight problem and I had to quit a Solo match twice because of this bug. When someone freezes me in the lobby, I can’t sprint. Not even when I’m off the ship. everytime I sprint lock or sprint, it completely stops me. If there is an answer to this or a patch in the future, I will be grateful and thankful. This game is great, but there is a few bugs that are a bother. TY.

  12. Townsend Stephney says:

    So my 4 stars means that it’s a good game but something in there isn’t as great. The movement and the weapon pick ups works very well, and so does the animations it displays. But what does concern me is the costumes. Like, you buy the elite package to get cloths for your style but you can’t keep them. 3 days to wear the cloths then disappears. I believe it should be changed that you should keep it like Rules of Survival. But overall it’s a good game. Won my first game with 16 kills. Keep it up!

  13. Cammy Reggie says:

    I am enjoying the game quite a lot so far. Smooth game play, great graphics, and I love that you can customize your character. I haven’t played a lot of these types of games, but I can still compete and have fun. They are generous with the after games rewards which is truly appreciated. The safety zone does seem to shrink quickly which can make you feel all you are doing during some games is free running to get into the safety circle, but overall a very enjoyable game. Great job!

  14. Rye Bearrocscir says:

    I love it. it is such a good game and has so much potential. I think that a lot of people should check it out. It does have a couple of bugs, but i expect them to be fixed. I think that it should have an Fpp and also smoother controls because right now the controls are very bad and that sensitivity is messed up. There is a glitch where if you scope in you cannot move your scope. So i think that this game would be better with smoother controls qnd bug fixes. I am hoping that the devs wil listen.

  15. Leea Rhianna says:

    Shooting Is Important. If everytime i shoot my screen freezes where i shot, then unfreezes when i stop and I’m facing the opposite direction, then this shooting game is unplayable. It’s not my device as i am running this on a galaxy note 8. Fun game concept, beautiful graphics and slick UI. Customization is awesome as well. I’ll install again once the shooting issue is resolved!

  16. Meridel Thayne says:

    very good overall for a game that’s just starting out, however the audio has many issues. using headphones without an integrated microphone causes the audio to stop working. if you mute mic the audio will not work. when you do get sound it has bad static in the background and is not clear. maybe its my headphones being of a much higher frequency response range and sensitivity than most. the other thing is that you can not go prone. the weapons have no attachments except mags and scopes.

  17. Tarina Crist says:

    Skill based and truly free to play. Microtransactions, loot boxes, and rewards are all cosmetic. Sure someone could pay to jump to level 25, but all they get are more options for their 3 drone abilities. None of the abilities are game breaking, they just add flavor to your chosen play style. Skilled players with 3 options will still beat bad players with 30 options. The controls are great, and customizable. Matches are the perfect length and each one is as enjoyable as the last.

  18. Cassaundra Ascot says:

    I love every this game has to offer but I wish that you can change certain things on controller customization. like being able to move the analog stick. my biggest concern and problem is with the loot system algorithm. I’ve already spent a few less than $100 and have never been satisfied with the costume outfits that I’ve received. also I’m on the monthly subscription and almost see no benefit to it. I know you’re still working on this game but don’t be like the rest of the Battle Royale.

  19. Justeene Goldie says:

    It’s quite unique in some of its mechanics and yet keeps that classic, battle royale feel to it. The only true downsides are the custom cosmetics and the battle pass. They’re both quite bland and boring to be honest. The only somewhat cool items in the battle pass where the skins you get for buying it. Even those were sub-par. There’s nothing motivating me to level up the pass.

  20. West Sabrina says:

    The game is really good. I love the graphics and the controls. I would recommend this game to alot of people. But when I go to change my apperence, even though I have more than enough coins to do so, my screen goes to the loading page and it’ll say reconnect. And when it’s done reconnecting, it still remains on the loading page, loading on 99% for hours on end and it doesn’t finish loading. (This happened after this after this apps recent update). But overall it’s a really good game.

  21. Winn Antonina says:

    I don’t make this claim often, but I LOVE this game. It hands down crushes the competition. Smooth textures, fantastic audio experience, huge selection of items in game. Match play is even more stunning with defensive maneuvers like back flipping through a window, gliding like a ferocious pterodactyl looking for its next prey. Driving is super easy and pleasant. Amazing job Devs, please keep this pushing ahead of the rest. It actually feels like a game, not some watered down concept like others

  22. Ajah Treva says:

    Still has a lot of quirks to fix. First big issue is the follow mechanic. If you are following someone in a 4 person squad and the other 2 jump before you it will automatically switch for you to jump with them, which is highly annoying. Second issue I’ve found is it won’t fire if you are currently picking up items. Basically challenge anyone while they are picking gear up and you automatically win. Otherwise great game so far.

  23. Earvin Zackery says:

    The game is has amazing cartoon style graphics. The gameplay is fun and simple. It goes all the way with character customizations. The only problem though is that when you spend coins on a item, beware that some of the clothes are more like a sampler having a time limit while others are permanent/ you can keep. That is my only complaint. Other wise the game is a master piece.

  24. Haylee Jaguar says:

    I tried putting the graphics and everything on its lowest setting with slightly better results, the only problem I have is the controls and the Auto pickup button isn’t working, I would hover over the item, open it, and it won’t pickup the highlighted items, I even tried manually which btw I have to press profusely to even pick up 1 item. please fix i love the concept of a futuristic but not too goofy battle royal, also it reminds me of sonic riders for the GameCube

  25. Earnest Adriann says:

    I mean it looks good and i do like the idea that you can change your character’s look but thats not the issue. It takes a lot of memory of course even though it has different graphic settings, the game still runs slow. I couldn’t get through the tutorial. Second is because i thought this game would be similar to LifeAfter but its not. Its just a normal shooter. The idea of it being like LifeAfter made me want to try it but unfortunately im not going to play more because i cant take the memory.

  26. Donnika Dax says:

    Used to have no problems, but now whenever an enemy shows up, I lag so badly I can’t shoot or run away. I just end up dying and it’s really irritating. Also, the game frequently freezes after matching and gets stuck when I follow someone to land. These 3 issues seem to get worse the longer I play. I’ve already adjusted the settings to the lowest possible to no effect. If this keeps up, I’m gonna quit. It was fun while it lasted.

  27. Bert Rawson says:

    good overall game. really fun battle royal experience. But It crashes randomly on my galaxy s8. which shouldn’t happen as often as it does. had it crash 5 times upon approaching enemy’s (where they would load into view, the game would freeze frame sometimes, then crash and pop up an error as I’m still controlling my character) I believe it’s a ram issue with the app itself. But those have been my issues. still love this game over Creative Destruction!

  28. Severne Deman says:

    absolutely love so far. 5 stars competely but would like to see the option to be able to put both guns away and run/squat/etc. freehand even with weapons in your inventory. P.S. one way you’ll get a ton of my money is w more cosmetics but ONLY IF the rest of the game is updated and taken care of frequently as in no constant, unfixed bug issues and whatnot. Those are definitely top priority. Second though, those customization options! In my opinion, makes the game just that bit more enjoyable 🙂

  29. Brooklyn Baxter says:

    Game lags every time you get into close range combat to the point it’s unplayable. I have tried every combination of graphics settings. Cleared cache. Made more space available. I have a stable internet connection. I give up until they fix the issue. All it would take is another graphics option to lower the particles from muzzle flash. There are a lot of players complaining about this issue. Uninstalled.

  30. Deryk Austen says:

    The game is well made, fluent movement but seems to lag at times. Seeing the enemy rubberband forward at times is irritating but doesn’t always happen. One thing they may want to add is some more sound effects, the game seems quite dry in the sound department making the environment a bit dull and lackluster. Still, no pay to win, you can buy some cosmetic things which was a good point.

  31. Jennay Aylmer says:

    It’s okay in my opinion, the gameplay and the mechanics is great. However, problem is the frame rate. The frames are great at first when there’s no enemies near your character. Until, another or multiple people are near you and begins attacking you, causes the frame rate to drop drastically. Even when you’re trying to defend yourself. I came across that issue throughout all the matches I have played and it’s not good for the game. Please fix the issue. Device: Android phone (2 GB) Moto e5 play.

  32. Ackerman Carolyne says:

    It’s a great game, and I really do enjoy playing it. But the lag spikes I get. It’s so irritating, especially when I’m in a match within being the top 10. I have to “repair” the game every time I wanna play a match. The game even made my phone crash several times. It only works sometimes when “repairing” it, I even tried smooth HD or whatever and medium frames. It doesn’t make a difference. I also tried deleting a few apps. Still didn’t work. They seriously need to fix this.

  33. Lew Randolph says:

    It has a few issues like miss clicking some buttons, but all in all i love the graphics and game. I never thought I’d love a shooter game as much as I do this one! It’s honestly one of the best games I’ve played on a phone, not bombarded by ad’s, not a pay to play, amazing graphics, and nice physics with outfits and hair. I enjoy the controls but have truble shooting when I just want to turn the camera sometimes but it’s still AMAZING! I really wish I could play this on my PC though xD

  34. Parker Nolene says:

    Very pretty graphics, and the most interesting map in the genre that I’ve seen. Unfortunately, the costumes are mostly very boring, and there’s only one map. Also, every time there is even a tiny patch, the graphics settings default to battery-saver. It’s the perfect storm of things to make me lose interest until the next big update. I really hope that when I come back, I can set my graphics to the maximum my S9+ can handle and leave them that way until the game is discontinued.

  35. Chadwick Tolan says:

    Good game. Seems to be lacking in a few areas. I am using a galaxy s9+. 1. Sound seems to be lacking in direction. Very difficult to pinpoint players. 2. Sound also seems to be lacking in player distances. You should be able to hear a player from much further distances. 3. Using sniper rifles and high powered scopes. With my sensitivity settings set to a high range like i preferred, the frame rate is very lacking. Cant pinpoint on players at far distances. Skips way to many pixels.

  36. Taylor Bishop says:

    I love everything about the game, except one issue, whenever I edit the controls, for some reason the controls I edit, aren’t an exact match, like, let’s say I want to move my shoot button a little to the left, when I click save, and exit, the shoot button is completely off to where I set it. Same goes for all the other buttons. I have to guess where the controls will be positioned to, makes it difficult to play, This has been an occuring issue, and it hasn’t been fixed. Fix this bug.

  37. Lillburt Lonk says:

    servers are open and I’m having fun, really cool game with nice graphics and character customization to go along with it. You can do cool flips and climbs, and actually do parkour! Easy to play and I can do so almost anywhere. One problem Though is that every time I open a elite box I never get permanent items, also in the battle pass I dont get permanent items all the time either which is kinda dumb. Also the map doesn’t have enough places to loot so I always drop the same place.

  38. Angela XO says:

    I love the game, but the problem about it is the graphics, i like the old graphics. Everything was bright and colourful. But now the graphics are kinda cartoony and everything looks dark which i really don’t like. I really love this game, and I’m addicted to it actually 😂. But also everytime i install to update, it takes Way too much space in my phone….sometimes the updates are way too much, hope you can fix it 😊. I love Cyber hunter!!! Thank you so much!!!!

  39. Dema Noel says:

    This game is amazing I love the climbing and the flying with the droid and the auto path, its amazing good gameplay. There are some problems first everyone looks like a Chinese person if you could make variety of characters and no prone mode where you can lay down and hide in the grass. The weapon selection is limited need more thing for weapons attachments. Ya fix those things and the game will be the best out there.

  40. CaMo BeAtZ says:

    This really needs work. Tremendous amount of downloads & restart just to play! Controls are laggy, it’s a little laggy at times and sometimes the buttons don’t work. Driving is crazy. The graphics and game are pretty good but the character’s slow as hell. Especially running. You barely jog, and the toxic zone moves faster than the cars! That’s ridiculous. No catching up! & Get rid of sniper rifles. Players just hide, dragging their crosshair waiting for auto shoot to kill someone! It’s aimbot!

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