Cursed Fables 1: White as Snow Mod Apk


Queen returns home and sees only her stepdaughter Snow White there.
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Elephant Games AR LLC
May 20, 2022
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Cursed Fables 1: White as Snow Mod Apk

Will you set up to discover the thriller of Cursed Fables: White as Snow? Check your self in fixing enticing puzzles, discover odd places and be told all secrets and techniques of the abandoned citadel and its grounds. You might have a good chance to be told what marvel your stepdaughter has ready for you.
Queen Margaret returns house to search out the citadel virtually abandoned – most effective her stepdaughter Snow White greets her. Quickly Margaret realizes there’s a monster within the fort. She must be sure that Snow White is protected. TO FIND OUT WHY THE FORTRESS IS ABANDONED The place is everybody, particularly the King, your husband?

Cursed Fables 1: White as Snow Mod Apk apk mod new

HOW COME THE LIFELESS OUR BODIES SEEMED ALL OVER THE PLACE THE CITADEL? Resolve attractive puzzles and whole a laugh mini-games to determine what monster haunts the fortress. BE TOLD IF SNOW WHITE IS SECURE Whole attractive HO scenes and really feel the fun brought about via the surprising plot twists. TO FIND OUT WHAT CAME ABOUT TO THE ROYAL BALL OF DWARVES WITHIN THE BONUS BANKRUPTCY!
Play because the dwarf detective to determine who abducted the orchestra conductor proper sooner than the royal ball and benefit from the bonuses of Collector’s Version! Earn quite a few distinctive achievements! Heaps of collectibles and puzzle items to search out! Revel in replayable HOPs and mini-games, unique wallpapers, soundtrack, idea artwork, and extra!

Cursed Fables 1: White as Snow Mod Apk apk mod 2022

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Cursed Fables 1: White as Snow Mod Apk apk

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34 comments on "Cursed Fables 1: White as Snow Mod Apk"

  1. Heather Trompeter says:

    I loved playing but then it glitches and won’t let me play the bird mini game in the dungeon. I paid for the full story and now it won’t let me continue!!! Its super upsetting!!!

  2. Sharlene Korzeniewski says:

    Excellent work creating a new series! Engaging and fun to play. Thank you ♡

  3. Yvonne Mcnaney says:

    Enjoyed the game only downfall too short.

  4. Jenny Sanders says:

    Love it as usual! Thank you for more awesomeness!

  5. L S says:

    Great game, but incredibly short!

  6. Liz Donnelly says:

    Great game

  7. Tammi Parra says:

    Good story really like who the heroine is😜.

  8. Arlea Otte says:

    Loved the story! It was a little short though

  9. Carolyn Hayes says:

    Loved this game. Keep them coming!

  10. Rachel M says:

    Enjoyed it. Welcome back Elephant games.

  11. Shuffling the Quad Squad says:

    Super cool game with a twist on a classic fairytale. I hope Cursed 2 will continue the story. It is longer then recent Elephant games which I appreciate. The price was perfect for length of game. Great mini-games and alot of HOPs. Helpful, teleportation map. Collectible puzzle pieces and dolls in some scenes. I hope Cursed 2 can deliver. Great job on this one.

  12. Cynthia Johnson says:

    Great game.

  13. Susan Matthews says:

    I love these games. I typically rate them 5-stars, however, this knocked it down a peg. No issues with other similar games and developer. The storyline, graphics, controls and gameplay are well done, per usual. Has a fast travel map. The length is adequate, as is the bonus chapter. The issue: during the cut scenes and hidden object story scenes, there’s no sound. When the characters should speak, they don’t. Silence. Not good. And, no “silent mode” wasn’t the issue.

  14. Jackie Figueroa says:

    The game was okay! It was a short game!

  15. Sarah Hansley says:

    So happy finally a new game wonderful as always

  16. Esther Hammer says:

    I Like It

  17. Katie Carter says:

    Its okay..

  18. priyambada khadiratna says:

    Fraud game after 2-3 level it asks for money to continue

  19. Wanda Andrade says:

    I just purchased this game an it is frozen on the mines where you have to make the key to get in…please fix this or REFUND MY DAM money!

  20. Hollie Lipscomb says:

    Another great game!

  21. Jennifer Rose Escobar says:

    This is an interesting take on an old story, and the bonus game has a cute plot also. The games are a good balance of challenge and simplicity, and the graphics are pretty.

  22. kel moonbeam says:

    This was okay. Not as good as Grim tales, Haunted Hotels or Detectives United series. It did pass the time for now.

  23. Kris Lowe says:

    Won’t give me the screen to pay (yes, a glitch in this, as I have paid for many games in the past). After uninstalling, it won’t fully reinstall… hangs up at 70% installed, even after restart of my tablet. 24 hours later it loaded. Hint button on opposite side (atypical)-keep mistakenly hitting it. Overall game dark, w/fluctuating moonlight, makes difficulty seeing/focusing on objects & hidden objects. Story ended too fast, caused missed puzzle pieces. Improvements needed!

  24. Kayla MacMullen says:

    15 minutes of game play maybe and then money or you cannot continue

  25. M Sinzi says:

    Great game, long enough, plenty of interesting puzzles

  26. MISS EVE Love says:

    Just another DEM0 game the real game cost $$$$

  27. Tammi Tibbetts says:

    One of the best!!!

  28. marie perti says:

    Too complicated and it kept freezing

  29. Olga Bjork says:

    I really love this one! A bit short but well made!

  30. Heather Hamilton says:


  31. JD R says:

    Was a great game up till i got to the castle, when i got to the Skeleton in the cage, i sorted birds heads on then it wont go bigger iv tryed everything.

  32. Jamie Cockshott says:

    Unfortunately I uninstalled because I am currently short on money. The gameplay is good & the game itself seems good. But the developers forget to mention in their write-up about the game that you can only play for a very short time for free but then you have to pay to continue.

  33. jeanette Bodycott says:

    Enjoyed this game, graphics brill and colour. Nice relaxing game. Tyx

  34. Karch Steve says:

    I got so happy when I saw this game!These type of twisted fairytales are my favorite! I bought it w/out hesitation.Started playing, get completely sucked in,then get to the parrots…that’s a wrap-can’t get past it.Such disappointment but I’m no quitter-try to un/reinstall…play again-same place same problem. Now I’m super irritated but still hopeful maybe support can help.Contacted dev…ignored.I’m kinda furious that after all the$ I’ve given this co and they can’t bother to respond.It’s BS!

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