Colorblind – An Eye For An Eye Mod Apk


A platformer like you've never seen before!
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April 18, 2018
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Colorblind – An Eye For An Eye Mod Apk

Meet Proper Eye, He’s in love with Left Eye and the 2 of them reside luckily in combination, ignorant of the perils that lay simply outdoor of peripheral imaginative and prescient. In the future the dusty Pirates kidnap Left Eye leaving you to endure retinal detachment and a little bit dilated. With out her, your international is with out color….actually! It seems that you’re colour blind and lots of issues aren’t visual to you any longer!
Don’t be a lazy eye! Raise the lid at the Pirate’s plot and save Left Eye within the final eye take a look at!

Colorblind – A Watch For A Watch Mod Apk free up


Colorblind – An Eye Fixed For A Watch Mod Apk apk mod 2022

• A platformer such as you’ve by no means observed ahead of • Move sight-seeing via Three distinctive worlds
• Use paint to patch the whole spectrum of colours on the earth • Use blue eye, crimson eye and of-course…purple eye
• Gather all of the cash to release “Awesume Glasses”
• Don’t get go eyed watching puzzles
• Rescue Left Eye and produce colour again into the arena
• A lot of eye based totally puns….significantly may this get any ‘cornea’?

Colorblind – An Eye Fixed For An Eye Fixed Mod Apk apk mod new

-Important information-
This sport accommodates 3rd birthday party promoting and pass promotion for different nitrome video games, each which may also be got rid of by means of a one time In App Acquire.


40 comments on "Colorblind – An Eye For An Eye Mod Apk"

  1. Brittny Daril says:

    Bad controls ruin a cute and fun game. Colorblind is a fun platformer with puzzle elements, has very good and cute visuals, nice music, and fun pick-up-and-play gameplay. Sadly the non-customizable touch-screen controls are inconsistent and buggy, often getting stuck or unresponsive causing the character to charge full-steam into a hazard or an enemy, causing enough frustration to render the game not enjoyable. This is a shame, because with more robust controls the game would be a definite A+ with it’s extremely cute graphics & audio and interesting and varied gameplay.

  2. Traci Burt says:

    Tbh…I would rate -1 if it would let me….for some reason during any point in the game the buttons just stop working, and they either move by themselves, or they stop working when i hold them. This makes it impossible to jump, and I couldn’t even get to the 2nd world. Therefore, I will be glad to keep my rating as one star, unless you can fix this issue…

  3. Timmy Parrish says:

    This is a beautifully made game! The music is bright, and the game is intense. It is a puzzle game that tests your reaction time and puzzle solving skills. There are skipable ads every three deaths, which (to me) is really not invasive at all considering this is free.

  4. Bonie Gerrick says:

    Great platformer. Smooth controls. It’s a shame they felt they had to make you watch an ad for checkpoints and if you die you go to the beginning and watch and ad.

  5. Hervie Nia says:

    fun platformer with a unique twist, but too many problems. levels are too short (30seconds to 2 minutes), ads play too often (every few deaths, which happen a lot in later levels), and you have to pay to use checkpoints (either buy a premium upgrade to remove ads, in-game coins, or watch an ad), which are, if you have any experience with platformers, pretty frequent and core to gameplay. would be five stars but theres too many major issues

  6. Violette Coralie says:

    It would be better if you gave it lives, let’s say three lives, so you respawn to the beginning once you’ve died three times. It’s a bit annoying if you keep on going back to the start because of one mistake. Let it respawn back to its original place until the third time, back to the top.

  7. Ainsley Alon says:

    OOOOKAY. so. The game in concept is great. Key Wors: concept. There’s a bug/lazy coding that makes the game nearly unplayable. It’s just the button to go right just randomly forgets your pressing it! Ill jump and my character will just freese and fall to their death. It’s not just me who has this problem. and idk why the game has this problem. Why put SOOO much time into levels and cool graphics and be lazy on controls? You devs are better than that. At least reply to SOME of the reviews.

  8. Randel Skyrah says:

    Great game. Love the tight controls. It was a great experience because most of the platformers feel sloppy due to the touch controls. Platformers are meant to be played with physical buttons, but this game made me think otherwise. BUT THERE WAS ONE MAJOR PROBLEM. The bonus stage after defeating the boss was literally unplayable. The game lagged, fps dropped, screen jitter. Maybe its because everything was loaded at once. Need to optimize the bonus stage, coz other stages played really smooth.

  9. Tristan Nickole says:

    I remember playing this back when it first came out for PC. It was awesome and it still is! I love the story and gameplay. The ads arent obtrusive if you know how to manage them. Either way i bought the full version just to support the game and give myself a leg up. Awesome game, Awesome concept. I just wish there was a level builder! That would be an amazing feature!

  10. Avia Gwynette says:

    Man, this is great. I played tons of the old Nitrome Flash games as a kid, and I still play them quite a bit. I never played too much of Colorblind before this, but it is an extremely cute and fun platformer that deserves every bit of the love it gets in this well-made Mobile port. Since the original game only used the arrow keys, the adaption here works out quite well. I’d love to see games like Ditto and Super Treadmill get ported, and a Steam excursion with some of this content would be nice.

  11. Edena Skipton says:

    This game desperately needs a redo button. You get past color nodes and hit a checkpoint and can’t get back to those color nodes to get all the coins in the level. Annoying. You either have to finish the level without collecting those coins or have to go back to the main menu and restart the whole level that way which is tedious. Fix and this is definitely a 5 star game with a good concept and worth the full price for no ads.

  12. Wyatt Bartolomeo says:

    Okay so, the idea behind the game is good, but the controls…. So bad. The jump is the worst thing. I couldnt play more than 2 level because of how bad it is. Would love to have it fix so i could play.

  13. Chelby Wade says:

    Okay, I admit, I’m used to the controlls for roblox, so I couldn’t get past level 2. Other than that, it’s an amazing game! The design is pixelated, (and I love things like that). It might help if the controlls were a little bit bigger though.

  14. Crespin Beorhthilde says:

    For everyone saying level 2 is bugged. Just push the block, but there should be some explanation that we can push blocks. — Anyway, nice game, I like puzzles. Will amend the rating after I play it some more.

  15. Banjiman Cimberleigh says:

    It’s a pretty good platform game that’s nice and challenging. It’s fun how you have to do certain things to get certain coins and stuff. I like the small story line that is connected to it and it’s just got nice graphics

  16. fruits says:

    I rated the controls a 1-star. I don’t know what’s going on but the buttons aren’t appearing onscreen for me. I tried connecting my mobile keyboard (which does work because I tested it before) and that didn’t work either. This looks like a really interesting game and I really want to play it. Please help.

  17. claris says:

    The first two worlds were awesome, but, when I got to the 3rd world,i can’t pass the second level because the game always brings me back to my home screen after I completed half of my journey to the end line. And when I reopen the game, I have to restart the level but before I finish it, it closes again.

  18. Tonie PTRP says:

    It often crash after completion of 2 levels and in the bonus game (eyeglasses) the controls is hard. I hope the developer will improve this because its a cool and challenging game and I bet this will be in the trend. Ill give it 5 stars if only the controls in the bonus game is fixed and it doesnt crash anymore.

  19. Maxim Vais says:

    They should have kept this game in his web version. The controls are too close, you will try to press the right button but it will for some reason press the left one. Also, who’s the employe of the month that decided that a PLATFORMING game should monetize check points? Overall, the game itself isn’t bad, you should play the web version if you want to have fun

  20. Bailese Pau Shoulize says:

    A really good game but the jump button is a huge pain. The character doesn’t jump very far. I had to wait like two minutes of jumping just to get up a platform that was a block up. Besides the jumping it’s a pretty catching game (even though I got too fustrated to even finish level two because of the jumping).

  21. Maks Morsey says:

    I really like this game. I like the music too. It was great wearing headphones…😌 And I am getting the story. I think the story is when that little eye’s friend got captured by cloud pirates and you need to save your friend. Is that the story? There should’ve been a cutscene to the game. So, cool game nitrome.👍

  22. Lil Pee pee says:

    Ive got a pretty big problem with the game and that big problem is that on each and evey level they give you only enough coins for the first checkpoint other than that you are always off by one or two coins even if you get EVERY coin on the screen so you either have to go on without a checkpoint or watch an ad also there’s just a lot of ads in the game in general so yeah. I’d ask the dev or devs to fix it but I think it’s obvious they don’t read these

  23. Mitch says:

    Fun at first, but see too many ads to finish later levels. Plus checkpoints are a sham–you lose all abilities so you have to start from beginning anyway…and watch more ads. I understand the need to earn revenue, but setting levels to kill you every 2 seconds just to trigger ads ruins the flow of the game

  24. Peter Kennedy says:

    The game is great. Filled with ads, totally ruins the experience. Every time you die: Ad. Every time you don’t die and complete a level: Ad.

  25. Ekin Deniz Usalan says:

    I’ve read many comments saying buttons are problematic. It must be nice to actually have them. Mine didn’t even show up . I was really excited about the it because of the idea of gameplay but couldn’t even play. My short term experience ended quickly, to be honest it couldn’t even start…

  26. Austin me says:

    The game hit boxes so inconsistent you can do the exact same thing twice and get opposite results. Also the game actively punishes you for not playing each level perfectly or using checkpoints by making some coins or necessary blocks only usable if you have certain colors that are only available at the start of the game (you lose your colors when you die even if you had them at the check point.

  27. Andrey Fomchenko says:

    First time leaving 5 stars for a game with so many ads. Gameplay is unique, and when you play lots of games, finding one with new and unique mechanics is rare. The game is polished, controls never malfunction for me for me as other players have complained.

  28. ED Supay says:

    No buttons. First Level: Tutorial screen tells you to press the buttons to walk and jump. Which buttons, though? Nothing. Nothing works. No gestures, no invisible buttons. I touched everywhere in the screen, even the tutorial buttons on the sign and nothing works. Unplayable. I was kind of hopeful for this game 🙁

  29. Syp Pie says:

    The game and art style are so beautiful, puzzles and obstacles are really put into it intelligently. The end level was really REALLY HARD!! and if u died without saving u had to do it all again! That scked, but overall a great game.

  30. christopher campbell says:

    It’s a great game with good visuals and fun platforming. The only criticism I have is that the waterfall is hard to see and I always run into it and kill myself because i always think it’s a part of the background since the greys blend together.

  31. Jim O says:

    Very nice platformer, solid controls, a bit frustrating at times but not too bad. Main complaint is that it’s very short given the price for ad free (and you basically do need to pay to remove ads given how long and often they are), otherwise it would be 5 stars.

  32. Playing Mantis Gaming says:

    One of the crappiest games I’ve ever played, it’s even behind half life source it’s that bad. You have to PAY for checkpoints, not get them for skill or profession, no you need to PAY. The tiny controll buttons make the character just stop entirely and don’t get me started on the terrible inconsistencies this ‘game’ has, the level profession is awful, you go from the basics straight to the Devs believing that because you played a tutorial, you can complete the hardest levels.

  33. Rebeca Mallo says:

    This game It’s really good, the sprite animation it’s good, the gimick of the colors and how they affect what plataforms you can stand on It’s creative and the character desing it’s cute. The controls are a lil off but that’s normal when you play platform games on Android, fidgeting around to see in what parts of the screen the controls are more responsive fixes the problem and honestly the controls could be worse. So I’m satisfy and happy with this game

  34. Jackson Lee says:

    I’m not super far into the game yet, but the fact that I have to pay to use checkpoints is just really annoying, and ads play way too much for a game where you die a lot. But other than that, its a really cool concept.

  35. Shea Chiang says:

    Awesome and fun. However, need a little help. Started the game offline and didnt get the achievement for all the coins in one level later after playing it in the internet

  36. isa says:

    I love this game but it’s still unplayable!!! the controls do not appear on the screen. It’s a shame because I really wanted to play it 😭 I cant give it just one star because i know the game is good, I’ve played it before on a computer, but please i would love u guys if you fix this

  37. Akira Starr says:

    It was super fun. I really like this type of game and I thought the design was cute and the levels were just the right amount of challenging to keep u playing. My one problem with the game was whenever I tryed to play the bonus level it would glitch out and be so slow that it was imposible to play the game. Other than that the standard levels are very engaging and it was fun to play.

  38. Sameer Gangat says:

    I really enjoyed the whole game and collected all coins, but worthelss because I’m unable to complete bonus level due to excess lag and frame drops. I think there are some bugs in bonus level. Please fix it so I can complete the game. I’ll change my review to 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  39. Nathanial Ehlig (NurdAlert) says:

    Honestly, overall, it’s great. Design is really nice and gameplay isn’t too hard. HOWEVER, there is one problem I have. It doesn’t save my progress. If I want to take a break from it, and close the app, it doesn’t save the last level I was on. Every time I go to open the game again, it starts me back at the first level, and I don’t know why.

  40. lewis prescott says:

    Horrible, no buttons show up on the screen so I can’t run at all. I saw that it was supported in the razer app so I tried my razer kishi v2 gamepad and was able to jump but not move. There are other comments about the same issue with no response so I don’t see anyone caring enough to fix it. Also a lot of comments about paying for checkpoints. Seems like it’s just thrown out here to collect money from the people it does work for with no intention on updating. Way to ruin a game with potential.

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