Chronicles of Magic: Divided K Apk Download New*


Reconcile the twin kingdoms!
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Artifex Mundi
January 25, 2019
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Chronicles of Magic: Divided K Apk Download New*


Chronicles of Magic: Divided Okay Apk Obtain New* apk

The peace within the White Kingdom is marred through the illusion of the mysterious Black Knight. His id and intentions are unknown, but if he kidnaps your simplest son Nevin, you practice him in pursuit. As Gillian, discover two worlds and use the Magic Scrolls to find the reality a few forgotten royal lineage.

Chronicles of Magic: Divided Okay Apk Obtain New* apk mod new


Chronicles of Magic: Divided Okay Apk Obtain New* free up

Way back, the dual kingdoms destroyed each and every different in warfare. The White Kingdom was once rebuilt with magic, however the Black Kingdom remains to be cursed – darkish clouds envelop the sky, and perilous vines wreck fields and homes. The noble Queen Mariette within the White Fort takes care of her personal topics, but additionally helps the struggling population of the darkish land. All over your unhealthy adventure you are going to meet the population of each the White and Black Kingdoms. It gained’t be instantly transparent who’s actually devoted. The limits between excellent and evil, magic and generation, and black and white will start to blur, and the destiny of the 2 kingdoms – and your son’s existence – will likely be for your arms. Will you’re employed with essentially the most surprising allies? Will you forestall the evil and remedy the thriller of the royal blood?

Chronicles of Magic: Divided Ok Apk Obtain New* mod apk

• Seek advice from 30 enchanted places from each kingdoms!
• Uncover the spell sequences hidden in Magic Scrolls!
• Remedy 33 interesting Minigames and magical sequences!
• Accumulate Forty six unusual Chess Figures and Crow Statues!
• Delve into 17 marvellous Hidden Object Puzzles!

Chronicles of Magic: Divided Ok Apk Obtain New*



40 comments on "Chronicles of Magic: Divided K Apk Download New*"

  1. Destiny Gold says:

    Love artifex mind I games!!

  2. Ellys Sunngifu says:

    Loved it. Wish there was a bonus chapter.

  3. Dakatia Dayne says:

    Great games as always

  4. Jett Cherise says:

    good story and characters travel a little slow and no bonus chapter

  5. Alisea Rena says:

    love this one! very interactive! love artifex mundi games!

  6. Selwin Diann says:

    Just love your games! They have a great replay value. 😍

  7. Casper Makeyla says:

    enjoying very much thanku

  8. Jadeline Rayce says:

    Enjoyable game good graphics

  9. Sonny Mikey says:

    Good game but too expensive especially since no bonus game

  10. Lenny Areal says:

    Very nice game loved it !

  11. Berry Domanic says:

    It’s a very good game plot/storyline. Kinda hops around a bit making it confusing. Had to use hint and barrage clicking more than I like. Graphics made it difficult to find the hidden/morphing objects throughout AND NO BONUS & NO STRATEGY GUIDE. With those things it’d be worth more stars…

  12. Cheril Antiochus says:

    You guys suck. You make out that you’re free, drain people’s data, only to inform them after playing 1% of the game they need to pay to play the rest of the game that’s already been paid just to download. You really need to get a little class.

  13. Demelza Edward says:

    Very good content and graphics.

  14. Constantine Teddy says:

    It was good but no bonus chapter. Uggg

  15. Dorit Jacee says:

    No bonus chapter, but so much fun!

  16. Melody Mcgovern says:

    Same story…Waaaaay to short!!!

  17. Melissa Weaver says:

    No bonus game

  18. Marta Louro says:

    Only played 2 minutes and I have to pay to proceed, 2 minutes really???

  19. Ralph Borysiak says:

    Good. Played 2x.

  20. Donna Jean Smith says:

    Very cool game! Love it!

  21. Belinda Stone says:

    I like this game real good graphic

  22. Billie Jo Beyer says:

    Fun game, good graphics, map, and mini games

  23. Emily Crimmins says:

    Collections, good mini games, interactive map, decent story and graphics.

  24. Nikki Dodd says:

    Fun game

  25. Annette Wade says:

    Rather a bit disappointing. No bonus game! Plus it was shorter game. It’s ok.

  26. L Hemming says:

    The free part of the game was extremely short but I decided to take a chance on it since I enjoy most games by this developer. So far it’s good. I got to the end of the game and found there was no bonus chapter. I’m very disappointed. Not the best value.

  27. Ryan Sasaki says:

    Another great game. I knew there was a reason that I play your games over all others. Thanks again job well done again and again.

  28. Amy Bassett says:

    I really enjoy playing all the games from this app site. The graphics n story lines are great. I would definitely recommend ppl to try these out n play them.

  29. Maggie Madden says:

    It was good. Some of the HOS were harder and I almost felt like MacGiver when locating the object to use to pick up another object. Lol

  30. Sandra Madsen says:

    The game was ok. Why isnt the extra chapter offered in this game?

  31. Angela Paddock says:

    Lousy.All the artifex mundi games go great,for awhile,then won’t download. Very frustrating,I’m glad I didn’t pay for continuing on in this game. Unsolved” did the same. Big Fish games don’t do this. I’m done with this artifex bunch!

  32. Larry D Zook says:

    Great game !

  33. Art Allen says:

    Really fun just make sure you find all the crows.

  34. Vivian Govender says:

    Enjoyed the game, beautiful artwork with simple but nice story which kept you going. Well worth time and money spent, only gripe, no bonus chapter. Loved the different locations and how the mini games and use of magic was balanced. CGI clip scenes were nice. Had fun ! Thanks guys.

  35. Brenda Smith says:

    I really like this game !!!!! I’m playing it again in 2021!!!!

  36. Bella Countessa says:

    Fantastic Game !!! Really Enjoyable !!!

  37. Lins Howell says:

    Demo only…. Extremely short and uninteresting

  38. Cindy Louisa says:

    Good game

  39. Josephine Blanco says:

    Enjoyed the story line, realistic characters, beautiful design and graphics, no glitches!😁

  40. Maizatul Faziah says:

    Free but after that need to pay.. No thanks

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