Yong Heroes Apk Download New 2022 Version*

In 2022, Wu kong comes and creates uproar in Yong Heroes
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October 20, 2022
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Yong Heroes Apk Download New 2022 Version*

[Added playable personality: Nine-tailed Fox]
Legend has it that a nine-tailed fox that cries like babies and feeds on people. Any individual fed on its meat is claimed to change into proof against all vile issues. It’s time to take a look at the nine-tailed fox out!

Yong Heroes Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk

[Double Mounts, Double Happiness]
Wander within the martial global with your folks or fans. Take her or him in your double mount now!

Yong Heroes Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* release

[God Gears Spice up Your Power]
New tools gadget will release a brand new measurement to your energy. Acquire, improve, and refine the God gears to be the highest hero.

Yong Heroes Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* mod apk

[Win Wealthy Boss Drop together with your Buddies] Looking bosses within the huge international and compete to kill international bosses to assemble the wealthy loots. The extra Bosses you hunt, the extra tough you’re going to be. Will you be the NO.1 hunter?

Yong Heroes Apk Obtain New 2022 Version*

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40 comments on "Yong Heroes Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. death from strangulation says:

    I’ve only been playing for… 30 mins tops? I’m already level 27. It’s very obvious to see that you can level up really easily, gou can’t change your gender either, and there’s no customization other than changing your hair style and It’s color. It’s also basically always on autopilot, but, I do like that It’s diagonal, and the games graphics are good for what It is

  2. Logical Solutions says:

    It’s a pretty decent game.. Just not what I was looking for. Kinda gives you the world of warcraft feel which I like.. I dislike how fast paced the game is.. combining that with the fact that the tutorial doesn’t explain much.. makes it an all around confusing experience. Graphics are excellent but that isn’t enough to hold you. Everything is auto which sucks. I got to level 15 in about 5 minutes of playing and didn’t even know. Would like to see this type of game but better or improvements

  3. yeE Thot says:

    This isnt a game. It’s an auto-run movie on par with neil green. There is NO customization options for your character except avatar items. There is no option to turn off auto-run, the buttons for your “skills” are insanely small (no option to change that either) and “class change” is a one way street where you cant at all choose which class to ascend to. Don’t download this.

  4. Fahad Al Menhali says:

    Been playing for awhile, lvl320 did a purchase to VIP, and let me say that this game is the worst game I ever played. 1st: Literally every 2 days a new event to buy stuff to exchange, and costs alot. And the tokens are just usless after the event finishes. 2nd: drop rate is HORRIBLE. U fight 100 times to get 1 item 3rd: no explanation at all! 4th not user friendly,plenty of stuff, cramped and lots of items, crystals to get to upgrade and lvl.. it just one of the WORST games I ever played.

  5. Thunder Pop says:

    The gameplay is boring and the story doesn’t make sense. The dialogue is timed and I don’t know if you can turn that feature off, but either way it’s annoying. The game deals with 0 skills or strategy on the users side, it’s just me watching my character play the game. Hey game devs, It doesn’t matter if I level up quickly if I’m not the one playing. Overall, not a fun game.

  6. Rhema Joy says:

    It’s an idle game. You get xp by being offline. It’s a crazy learning curve to figure out how to gear and level up. I gave it a 2 star because I purchased a promotion and they did not follow through with their end. I was supposed to buy a chest and weapon appearance and a pal. They were supposed to reimburse me after the promotion ended. The promotion was advertised as these three items free. But they did not reimburse me and it was sooooooo not free! This really ticked me off.

  7. Axel Jorgensen says:

    First of all the narrator in your ad pronounced bow like a ships bow when referring to a bow and arrow. Second, I know idle games have their audience, but why dress it up like an mmorpg? Those are two very different types of gameplay and don’t really work together. The vertical screen feels bad. The announcements of other players progress is intrusive. The whole thing feels like a gimmicky cash grab. No thanks.

  8. Jules Schoenmaeckes says:

    Game is rather boring and you have no time to read all the dialogue because they skip it all in just 5 seconds, also it makes you caracter run around automaticaly without me having the slightest clue about what is going on. I also looked in the settings to look if I could stop the automatic functions but I couldn’t, so to the devs stop the auto stuff and I might reconsider playing the game again.

  9. Zaiden Lauron says:

    So lag even if I have 20gb storage space and my RAM has big space, and also beware the game is auto run and nothing like how it is advertised.

  10. Joel Jiju says:

    Please don’t make everything based out of ingot it is very hard to play the game its basically pay to win. I know I cant change the way you operate.

  11. Caleb Temple says:

    Stuck on loading screen after you launch game. And it stays there. Existed out 4 times, came back and still it would freeze right there. Glad I didnt spend a dime on it.

  12. Joshua Balana says:

    Merging new server to old server is wrong idea, very wrong. Time to quit, not even good anymore. 801-809 is good but merging to 7*** kinda disappointed. Thanks.

  13. A. Jones says:

    If you like auto fighting and guided games and don’t mind p2p games (thou b t I will say this one does not force the issue as faras I could see), by that I mean it does not out right add after add after add force them on you. But certain stuff you can’t do with out p2p. It is a buitiful game graphics wise, interesting story. And y I u vcan have several chars. I’m not interesting in autopsy so dint continue playing.But I do wantto be fair. My 3 starts is mostly for the auto play and p2p.

  14. daniel surell says:

    the app itself keeps on getting crashed. its gonna hang after the character selection screen.

  15. Panthera W says:

    P2W game. Servers die fast since there is no real challenge. P2w players geting so much more that game losing it meaning. Very unbalanced and that making even players who was pay just leave because its gets very boring. “Get vip4,5,6,etc and you will get a lot more gear,skills,lvl,etc” when f2p or smaller pay players kind of losing…its not acceptable for so many players. And i not talking about fact that for f2p players gear drop is so way down and no chances to get better one. People leaving.

  16. Angelo Vega says:

    I don’t know why but it always say no internet connection and i try restarting it always say the same thing when i switch games the connection seems just fine then i go back to the game again and it says the same thing again so please fix it maybe its a glitch or something but I’m sure that my connection is fine i really tried liking the game but it won’t let me play

  17. Fawaz Mansoor says:

    This is a game that I like very much, but unfortunately a lot of dollars are spent on it. Act, you may not spend luck in the game, there is no luck only if you are from the country of Vietnam. The Vietnamese people are the only ones who give advantages such as falling wings, colored stones, and stones for developing weapons. They are the only ones who get them for free. We are Arabs, so we buy gold and then buy stones and wings from them. I play 8 months Now, continue to IP 9, soon reach 10. Onl

  18. Zulhilmi Morad says:

    Just start playing for 4 hour, got freeze login and when can choose our character then freeze again and then auto out, happen again and again, also try to client Fx but how could i click on it when the sceeen freeze, i saw the comment wipe cache and etc, already done all that but still freeze..what the heckkk..this suck..i wamt to give no star..but min is 1 star..dont deserve any star at all..

  19. Robert Garret Miaco says:

    Great job, just add more interesting events that can catch players attention so much

  20. Skyler Quiray says:

    its really good to play, but the problem, its stuck on your screen, after a few minutes of playing. You must FIX it, i also played MU Rufian but its differ from this game its automatically logging in to your character and entering it doesnt stuck like this game… please Fix it….

  21. ogenerukevwe esiso says:

    Love the game everything is just moving smootly. But it would have been nice being capable of players entering into random shops/stores and not just greating ppl outside. And the side missions are too few. It makes levelin alittle bit slow and the NPC dialogue are too shrt. But apart from this. The game is completly awesome. And to ppl saying its easy to level up try gettin to150 thats were the real fun resides, auto rotates when fighting boss, avatar control if u know ur way round the map. Etc

  22. Lourillen Magallanes says:

    Down to 1 star !! After the last updates ,I cannot play it anymore ,it keep disconnecting me ,can’t play anymore , secondly I realize this game is just a money game , vip have expiration ,unless you reach vip 4, the vip items are so expensive ,spent more cash but the chances of item you can win is 0.1% really ? Too many servers what the purpose ? Un install it now..

  23. Jonathan Shay says:

    Edited…How is this even called a game? It’s not even an idle game. Its totally auto pilot. 30 minutes of my life I’m never getting back….Due to the automated reply for negative reviews generated by the dev’s I change my rating to ZERO stars. My suggestion for improving your game is to make it a game. Not an auto piloted money grab. Instead of trying to jump on the trend of Idle Gaming, put all the hard work into something new, unique, and enjoyable.

  24. Haise Sasaki says:

    No free vip, no free gems .. like what the ads promise .. drop rates are bad and it will take you forever in leveling up .. lacks of quest and mission .. gave it 1star and uninstall the game .. just a waste of time ..

  25. Bobby Carlo Bacal says:

    I love the game.. Since i update the game every time i enter yhr dungeon there is no enemy i cant proceed to next quest.its been two days i also feedback in the game but no response

  26. Fritzgerald Villadolid says:

    Nice graphics u have in this game so cool maybe I’ll play this for little long time depends if I will really like this

  27. fernan colina says:

    needs to improve the game connection.. it always disconnected even my connection is good and it makes the game boring..hope to fix the issue..

  28. mark van hoevelaak says:

    It’s really an idle rpg. You have to do nothing. It’s completely auto play

  29. Winter Knightly says:

    This game and display is nothing like promo, this is false advertisement.

  30. OMG says:

    I download this game through ads but all the codes are expired. So disappointing😮‍💨

  31. Dhan Dhan says:

    The game was so cool, but my problem is can you rotate the game to suitable in the phone user. This game is not suitable for phone user. Beacuse its no rotate screen, i hope you fixed it, your game has some potential

  32. karl jones lagrada says:

    It really is a good game nice graphics and easy to understand but i hope you can report a player that are very toxic just like in your server there is pk(player killer) you can report him so that his account can be ban for just an hour or a day they abusing the other low level player for example in world bosses or in center boss it really unfair us low level player that never top up and just an active player lost our spirit to play the game because of some pk player that abuses their power….

  33. Nor Faridah says:

    Why I stuck at loading screen can you fix it. That why I give 3star. Until you fix it..sometime I have to wait 30 to 120 minute.. please help..

  34. Mobile Apk says:

    The portrait mode superb, this is what im looking for an MMORPG in portrait mode. Keep up the updates frequently. Very good game

  35. Jay-r Aynaga says:

    good games amazing and enjoying easy to control

  36. Robzzy Bello says:

    My game has been stuck in the lunch game area for a while now it’s doesn’t want to load I don’t know why please fix it other than that the game is pretty sweet

  37. Salve Buenaobra says:

    This game sucks it keeps like reconnect and character will be stuck in your screeen

  38. Bernard Arriesgado Jr. says:

    the gift code doesnt work (it says it was claimed by a specific amount of player which was not included in the advertisement. I WOULD CALL THIS A CLICK ADS BAIT AND FALSE ADVERTISING, unless I received the gift award this review shall remain 1 star

  39. Syeedpathan MD. Syeed Pathan says:

    This Game Lures players by the ads that show we can get very powerful plus the gameplay is not even like the ads.

  40. Omega Weapon says:

    Game is fun auto game. Need more time to see if it has people who talk actually in world chat. Lol

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