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An action shooter packed with mutants!
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November 29, 2019
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Xenowerk Mod Apk

Be the final hope in opposition to the mutant infestation. Input the aftermath of a systematic experiment long past horribly incorrect.

Xenowerk Mod Apk mod apk

Xenowerk™ comes from Pixelbite, the creators of House Marshals. This is a top-down motion shooter difficult your fight abilities in an underground science lab. Descend deeper into the abyss and discover the tarnished ranges. Armed with a flashlight as your major steerage, you’ll by no means know what’s lurking at nighttime!

Xenowerk Mod Apk

CHALLENGE Your goal is to damage all of the nests and get rid of all mutants to stop them from spreading.
Xenowerk™ has 70 ranges to discover with expanding problem. As progressing during the recreation you’ll come throughout a rising collection of mutants and increasing spaces to cleanse.

Xenowerk Mod Apk apk

Heavier firepower and thicker armor is important to stick alive to your adventure. Collect pickups from slain mutants to energy up guns and armor.

Xenowerk Mod Apk apk mod new

Xenowerk™ includes a set of particular powers to spice up your offensive when you’re in want. Turn on one or a number of at a time for a more practical approach to wipe out mutants.

Xenowerk Mod Apk apk mod

KEY OPTIONS · Top-down motion shooter
· Twin stick contact controls
· Fantastically rendered lighting fixtures and shadows
· Wide variety of guns and tool · Upgradable guns · Particular Powers to improve your gameplay
· Efficiency primarily based score device · Google Play Achievements & Leaderboards
· Not obligatory in-app credit score applications to buy · English, Deutsch, Français, Español, Italiano, 简体中文, 한국어, 日本語, 繁体中文, русский, Português do Brasil

Xenowerk Mod Apk apk mod 2022

************** Recreation calls for OpenGL ES Three.0 beef up ************** VITAL: Please word that this recreation calls for a display screen answer of a minimum of 800×540 to show GUI parts as it should be. It can be playable at decrease resolutions however it isn’t formally supported.

Xenowerk Mod Apk free up

WORD: Xenowerk options complex graphics. To optimize recreation efficiency chances are you’ll need to shut down another operating packages sooner than launching the sport.

For make stronger enquiries: [email protected]
Practice us on Twitter: @pixelbite Observe us on Fb: https://www.fb.com/pixelbite
For extra epic video games talk over with: http://www.pixelbite.se/


40 comments on "Xenowerk Mod Apk"

  1. Sar Bonnita says:

    Thus far I have been able to play through the game with only what you start with, and I am already at the military base. Alltho you will eventually need to get better weapons and armor with in game currency, which you get at the end of each mission. That said the controls are pretty smooth and easy to get the hang of. There is a great supply of guns and armor to purchase , again with in game currency, which you get better versions of as time goes on. There are plenty of different enemy’s and hazards to overcome, and plenty of different missions to fight them in. Overall this is my favorite top down game I have played yet. Thanks for the great game Pixelbite.

  2. Slade Octavian says:

    It’s somewhat difficult to fire where you want it to fire…by somewhat I mean, you’re facing one way to fire and he, for some reason, turns around and fires in the wrong direction. The levels are pretty repetitive, mostly just adding more complicated maps and more mutants. All of this is fine because the actual gameplay is very good. I have a lot of fun. My only real complaint. For God sakes, move the respawn button away from the restart floor button 🤦🏼‍♂️. It’s so easy to press the wrong one and end up starting all over again.

  3. Prestin Alexande says:

    No other shooter game like it! This is one of the coolest new games I’ve seen. The controls will take you a minute but are easily mastered. Reminds me of my younger days playing Robotron with its left and right right way controls for movement and firing. Quick levels (floors) make this an easy time killer.

  4. Allannah Ronny says:

    Mindless entertainment, but a solid game nonetheless. I like Space Marshals 2 better personally because it involves stealth and ingenuity, but if you’re looking for a more straightforward shoot-’em-up, this is a really good one. The camera management is my biggest complaint, but it’s not so bad, really. The enemies are plentiful and the violence is frenetic. Another great Pixelbite game!

  5. Gorawen King says:

    Its good so far. Fun action, entertaining, engaging, stimulating. I’ll write a review when I finish. My only problem so far is that I don’t have enough control over the camera angle. When I click outside of the shooting circle I thought that would let me move the camera but only the option to move it behind the player works. I almost feel bad about how good I feel blasting these mutants, though. Oops.

  6. Emeline Aerlene says:

    i love top down shooters and this one is quality for a mobile game. using your thumbs on a screen for a twin stick shooter takes some getting used to but the game seems like its designed with the lack of accuracy of screen sticks in mind so it works pretty damn good. its also pretty atmospheric too for a mobile game, cool lighting effects, good alien shooter music and has good sound design. It has leveling and upgrades of weapons and armor, the kind that keeps you playing for that next levelup

  7. Haesel Libby says:

    Great top down shooter. Good weapon progression. One of very few games I played thru. Looking forward to the #2. 5 stars for sure. Maybe add 3 times the weapons, a couple skill trees, a test level for gear, more diverse level look, more diverse monsters, a lot more places and levels, and a short story. Let me know if you have a game engine i could download or if I can create a story line and skill tree for you guys. I’d love to help develop #2 or an expansion.

  8. Lauriano Baily says:

    The game looks great but the controls are awkward and you can’t back step and shoot at the same time. The camera follows you in a very awkward and dizzying you way. when you’re low on the whole the whole screen turns a little too harsh of a red. Could not play this past 2 minutes

  9. Esthefani Yamilex says:

    The game is broken and it’s been abandoned by the developer. It hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. The option to earn credits by watching ads so you can buy things in the game is broken. Every time I try it, the game just gets stuck with an ad that won’t load and I can’t get out of it. I have to restart the game. You need those credits to get anywhere in the game. Also the camera rotation constantly rotating the screen makes it impossible to aim half the time. Fix the game Pixelbite!

  10. Annette Robb says:

    Lots of fun. No purchases necessary. Pretty good replay value. 3D roamer through interconnected rooms and chambers. 3rd person elevated view (whatever it’s called) shooter with fun weapons. Last series of levels to descend through ridiculously difficult due to timer being added, which, indeed, makes the whole of it useless. Falls short of five stars for that reason. Nevertheless, every series up to last enjoyable, and replayable.

  11. Darious Anastassia says:

    I’m surprised by how much fun this is. I love how it doesn’t interrupt the experience, I don’t get pop up ads every single time I die, the graphics look good and run smooth for mobile, and the controls are surprisingly usable too. i didn’t feel like I was at a major disadvantage by playing on my phone. One issue I have is that there doesn’t seem to be much point to the secondary weapons if the primary is generally better and has unlimited ammo with no need to reload. overall, it’s a good time.

  12. Delvin Smythe says:

    Delving ever deeper into a mutant infested subterranean military facility, one begins to wonder if they will see the sun light again. Your only super power is the ability to carry nearly limitless amounts of ammunition. Fire your gun until the barrel is white hot. Then switch to the other. Familiarise yourself with retrograde maneuvering while firing, or die alot. It’s a simple yet fun waste of time.

  13. Robynne Destinee says:

    Game looks good, takes a minute to get use to the aiming and not being able to see but so far in front of you My biggest problem with the game is it’s just so repetitive. All the areas look the same. The levels are dark, creepy and good detail but they don’t utilize that at all. There’s no real reason to explore. So what if you can shoot the door off the bathroom stall, there’s nothing behind it. I think with some side missions or different levels it would be a really fun game

  14. Mikeya Coulter says:

    Really love the controls! My only gripe is that there’s no touch option to Expand the map on the upper right corner of the screen. But this game really is good, though! I’d give the 5 stars… BUT! IF y’all can do me a solid and make that function real,’tap to expand map’ to full screen and move (and shoot) at the same time, I’ll reconsider! But to anyone reading this! Great visuals! A realistic lighting and you’ll see when you play the game and everything else is 😩👌

  15. Angle Stanberry says:

    Absolutely love it! This game delivers. Love how the ads for money works. Some ads are just 5 seconds! The progression with weapons and armor a is spot on. Almost no hindrances. The graphics are amazing for the virtual size of the game. I been searching the app store high and low and found this. Every now and then a blind squirrel finds a nut! Maybe more different types of gear would be a good addition? Things do seem pricey, but money is easily acquired through light grinding. 😀

  16. Gracie Derrik says:

    I give it an E for effort. I mean it’s not bad, but its repetitive. I figured I’d give this one a shot after downloading their second addition tactics, but its plain and simple. No skill required, just fight, level, and next level. I dont like games where, I level just to keep the same pace as the game continues. I like being able to level without repetitions, and then choosing to advance. Being generous. Glad the sequel was a bit better. This is something I’ll play while drinking alone for 5min

  17. Susy Griffith says:

    Pro – Amazing graphics – Engaging gameplay for a while – Not pay to win Cons – Controls are a bit sloppy, especially in hectic situations – It gets very repetitive. All the levels are basically the same. There are maybe 5 basic kinds of enemies and 5 kinds of guns. As you progress enemies just get more powerful as do your guns. – Difficulty increases exponentially. About two thirds of the way through most enemies can kill you in one or two hits. Fortunately there isn’t a real penalty for dying

  18. Dylan Malo says:

    AWESOME!. This game has tons of levels and areas keeping everything fresh so nothing feels repetitive. It also has tons of unique guns with abilities , powers and upgrades and it keeps the game interesting. The best part is its completely free and skill based just like a normal game should be so nothing takes forever to unlock and all weapons , suits, powers and levels are unlocked by simply progressing and killing enemies. This game is refreshing and done RIGHT. Thank you!

  19. Epic Gamer says:

    Very awesome game! I enjoy all the armors and weapons to unlock and upgrade. The difficulty is amazing and challenging. I love all the levels you can finish and the storyline is really great too! The graphics are amazing and the controller support as well. Its very responsive. The mutants are really fun to kill! The game is very fun and addicting. Good job guys on this game and keep making awesome games!

  20. Samantha Williams says:

    I have been trying many top-down shooters, and this one gives the feel of an over-the-shoulder shooter with top-down controls. I love it! The graphics are beautiful (I ran it with 50 percent res and max graphics, so it runs smoothly)! My only criticism would be that there isn’t an endless or a roguelike mode, because I don’t want to stop playing yet. Thanks for the reset option though.

  21. Olo Edelman says:

    Really good game you can actually enjoy without incessant prompts for microtransactions and pay to wins. HOW REFRESHING. HOW NOVEL. Other creators should take note of this! Also great that it works offline! My only gripe is that it took some time to adapt to the control scheme and the 3/4 top-down style. All in all, a lot of fun. Good work.

  22. ChaoticInfinityX says:

    Great game, gives my mobile a console (or at least handheld console) like experience. Works great with my controller and looks great when I plug my phone into a monitor. Woukd be 5 stars if we could be able to remap buttons though… Not a fan of the camera rotating with the player, wish it was more twin sticks to move and aim with the shoulder buttons to rotate the camera instead.

  23. William Syldor-Severino says:

    This game is incredible and it only gets better the stronger your weapons get and the higher the number of monsters are. Kill streaks are super satisfying with high pay off. a few bucks gets you a solid amount of credits and credits in general aren’t super hard to come by. Either way, weapons upgrade with use and a lot of the lower tier ones still pack a punch. At first the camera angle was weird but once I got used to it, I realized it actually benefits the game’s atmosphere.

  24. Marcus Castle says:

    An excellent game. Well designed and balanced to keep the game challenging as you press through the levels. I love that the ads are completely optional, and that the ad bonus scales with the game to keep it enticing. I enjoyed this game so much, I immediately purchased your space cowboy shooter and am looking forward to playing it next.

  25. christopher Jackson says:

    This is a really great game, it’s fun and unique the only thing I have to say bad about it is that the levels look and feel the same, but no biggie, you could do alot of things to make the levels feel different. I recommend that you render the lighting differently and uniquely, that would really set a creepy feeling to the levels.

  26. Robert Hyatt says:

    Should have been an awesome game, 1 fatal flaw… the graphics and presentation are top notch. The huge problem with this game is that the screen doesn’t scroll far enough when you walk!! Your character is almost always too close to the edge of the screen which gives you no time to spot enemies and start shooting them. You’re just walking right into enemies before you have any time to react. Too bad.

  27. Kel Brake says:

    Overall: 6 – Colorful variety of weapons and armour, sound design and the visuals are great, it’s a very action packed game that rewards you for being fast and efficient, but none of that matter if the environments is nearly identical or if the enemies are the same 7 designs for 100+ levels, it’s too repetitive for me but it’s a nice game to play when I’m out and about. If the devs could add a few more enemy types and level designs I think my review would go up greatly. – by Death-Spider

  28. Kyle B says:

    Fun and addicting. Very fun to grind for upgrades. No invasive ads. Ads are optional to view, and very rewarding when you do. The rewards grow with each level you pass. So if you can’t progress and need a better weapon, watch a couple short ads or replay a couple previous missions for a better score, and in no time you are buying a bigger weapon and squashing the next level! It’s like if you mixed the games, “Smash the Office,” with “Doom!” I’m loving it! Thanks!

  29. Ryan F says:

    It is so mundane and easy. All the levels are the same. All the enemies are the same. Once 2 good weapons were leveled it was even easier. I played the first 60-75 floors with no armor getting 3*. Skill wheel is very irritating. You tap a skill and it closes. You open it back and tap again but it closes again. You do this 3 or 4 times before it registers or you die. Controls are so goddamn bad. Even with a controller, which it supports, controls are still garbage. Camera angle is so bad.

  30. Reynold Hunte says:

    Quality is great, controls are great and the monsters design are cool. Only problem is that it feels like I’m chasing my tail around, i keep doing these level over and over and it feels like the same thing just different areas. Maybe adding something new can change that, maybe a arena with boss battle (lmao) a man/woman can dream right the game is good in all seriousness.

  31. m k says:

    I enjoy this game. Graphics, game play, items/weapons leveling by experience gained from defeated aliens all well done. Only area I would immediately improve is what I can see while I’m playing. For example, the camera is close down to the level, which I like especially the destructible environment and details like writing on walls, desks, etc. However, sometimes when moving backwards away from the enemies, shooting at them, they’ll be off the screen, can’t see what I’m aiming at.

  32. Butterkin 3000 says:

    The first time a free game wasn’t shooting ads in my face every 10 seconds. Gameplay is reminiscent of Alien Swarm. It doesn’t hold your hand, you might actually have to use your brain to pathfind through a level. The difficulty is fair, all around, looks like the kind of game that’s worth someone’s time. Makes me want to actually support the dev.

  33. David M. Schreck II says:

    Ok so I normally never rate or review, I have tried a lot of mobile shooter games and if you want a quick session game able to be paused between moment to moments through your day this game is for you. No pop ups, no ads, no incentives to spend money but a good all around top down shooter to play on your break or on a bus or taking a walk. By far one of the best mobile shooters I’ve ever played, so much to write up a review. Small but decent weapon list with armor upgrades and weapon upgrades.

  34. jacob mcwhorter says:

    It’s a great game, well it has potential to be great, 1. Missions need to be more hands, longer, and have better adjectives. 2. You should be able to buy (or earn) teammates to aid you. 3. It’s currently boring how easy the enemies are to kill plus there’s not many of them. 4. Just add some stuff like sas 3 did, well good luck with the game and keep at it.

  35. Bradley Torrison says:

    Pretty awesome. A twin stick shooter with equipment upgrades. It works out of the box with my USB-C controller, and I couldn’t be happier. It feels like a proper top-down action RPG, bit you can literally pick it up and clear a level with only five minutes to spare. Easy to pick up, have a minute of fun, and quit. Haven’t even seen a single ad. This is not your usual Android store garbage.

  36. Anthony Maccabee says:

    Quite fun and can be played entirely legit, however there is technically pay-to-win features scattered about. The combat, while simple, feels satisfying and the weapons just as much so. It get’s quite difficult the further you get in the game, so get gud, grind, or pay for better weapons. The graphics and animations are nice, and the attention to detail on the models + levels is great. *4.6 stars*

  37. Jake Meyer says:

    This game is old by now, but still totally worth it. It has micro-transactions (which I despise) but they were done correctly and not at all a nuisance. The gameplay loop is a solid, pick up and play for a few minutes one. The only reason I give it 4 stars is that all the levels are essentially visually the same. They’re detailed and look good though, so it’s only a minor complaint, frankly.

  38. Brandon Mann says:

    Good shooter gameplay. Controls are hard to get used to and I always end up switching guns inadvertently, and camera movement makes gameplay and hitting the mutants difficult. In light of all this, there’s no interruptions from ads, except by choice and you can skip thru some of them and still get the reward. I would recommend it!

  39. Robby W says:

    Super fun but not super hard to figure out either. You only watch ads if you want in game credit to upgrade weapons and armor. And they reward nicely for watching ads that it doesnt take much to get the upgrades required to progress through the levels. Entertaining with plenty of destruction on aliens!

  40. Gabriel Tejada says:

    I think its a good made especially for mobile. Graphic arent too bad, neither is the gameplay or even the atmosphere of the levels which is awesome. If give it a five if there was more that happened with the story like when you first install it, maybe have the scientist pop up. Maybe the main character has a pop up in game from time to time to give personality. The concept art in the loading screen makes me wanting more and I’d feel more immersed if there was

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