Wild West Hero: Cowboy RPG Premium Apk


Be gunfighter in western wild west game. Hunt on frontier of old west RPG
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February 14, 2022
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Wild West Hero: Cowboy RPG Premium Apk

Survive the demanding situations of the Wild West journey international and develop into a hero! Keep at the proper facet of the frontier of justice – frontier of regulation – and be the residing legend. Or are you a rogue with pastime for theft and crime? Murderer is your 2d identify? Select to be lawmen or outlaw. Kill-or-be-killed! There is not any different possibility – turn into the final survival in westland. Uncover the thriller of previous west – shoot waves of enemies and degree up due to limitless upgrades which is helping you live on! Watch your again – enemies reside useless! Seek for extra powerfull weapons, pistols, revolvers and rifles – that is the best way find out how to live on on this capturing sport.

Wild West Hero: Cowboy RPG Top rate Apk apk mod 2022

Settle for demanding situations and get rewards for killing enemies as roguelike shooter. That is hunt for gold, extra enemies you kill, more cash you get. Duel the large boss, duel old-fashioned outlaws. Are you able to listen it? It’s name for justice! The West is getting wilder. Take hold of all weapons and struggle mythical monsters. Convey the justice again to the city the place cowboys, cowgirls and settlers reside in peace on a path to Oregon in The usa.

Wild West Hero: Cowboy RPG Top class Apk mod apk

Are you able to defeat all enemeies, dungeon bosses, heroes and mighty creatures? If that is so, declare bounties! Wild West Hero is easiest fit for all gamers of roguelike video games. Your weapons leads you to glory. The western journey begins right here and now!

Wild West Hero: Cowboy RPG Top class Apk free up

🔥 Embark at the most threatening quests.
🔥 Improve your gunfighter and develop into more potent.
🔥 Easy tap-to-move keep an eye on.
🔥 Fast moving battle with particular results.
🔥 Acquire mighty power-ups.
🔥 Be a gunslinger.
🔥 Unfastened the entire worlds from unhealthy enemies and turn out to be their hero.
🔥 Heroic mode.

Wild West Hero: Cowboy RPG Top class Apk apk

Enjoy the Outdated West! Lead your Wild West Hero throughout the worlds infested with bad creatures and enemies. Accumulate apparatus and upgrades at the manner and turn into extra tough to stand the mighty bosses and live on.

Wild West Hero: Cowboy RPG Top rate Apk

Sounds too simple for you? No worries, there may be a difficult mode, the place you are going to want the entire abilities and enjoy you’ve learnt all through the sport to even stand an opportunity.

Wild West Hero: Cowboy RPG Top class Apk apk mod new

🤠Wild West Hero:
👉 Roguelike archer capturing RPG
👉 Struggle and Run motion 👉 Western hero journey 👉 Pistols, weapons, upgrades, apparatus and talents 👉 More than a few creatures and managers

Wild West Hero: Cowboy RPG Top rate Apk apk mod

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40 comments on "Wild West Hero: Cowboy RPG Premium Apk"

  1. David Vykopal says:

    Best Wild West gunfighter hero rogue-like on the market. Become gunslinger and start your RPG adventure with guns and cowboys.

  2. Jan Ševčík says:

    Amazing game! I love wild west and fighting monsters with a cowboy hero is super cool. Must play if you like westworld, guns and adventures.

  3. Garrett Shockey says:

    Pretty good Archero clone.

  4. Hamidah Assan says:

    Tons of fun

  5. GROUND ZERO says:

    Crashes no matter how many time I troubleshoot my phone…

  6. Fire Dragon says:

    This game needs to be fixed is crush a lot

  7. Christian Cote says:

    It’s just crashes I can’t even play it and I really want to cuz these are my favorite types of games

  8. Love R Kids says:

    Love this game only problem is everytime an ad pop up it crashes

  9. Vontrase Dunbar says:

    I love the company and I’ve been here since the first game mage legends. But i give one star because you don’t remake the game you just add new skins. This is not what a game developer is about. I can’t keep supporting this remakes and redos. Bring something new and fresh or you will lose alot of player’s alot including me.

  10. A Idayatov says:

    Love the game but many many issues Enemies are badly designed: When pirates use their hooks even if you kill them they can pull you to an inescapable part of the map Enemy placement is bad You cant place 2 types of enemies eith different abilities needed to kill together at the start of a level

  11. sandhya gupta says:

    Not good game is not what they show on pictures

  12. Joxavier Hilary says:

    A very good game that has less ads than other games.

  13. Mark Tremonthy Tumanguil says:

    Can you make a video trailer in this game?and gameplay? It’s really look like image only but when you play it the game like bad i’m not really sure this game is not scam because lot of games have bad graphic when you play it you can just see there image look realistic.

  14. BALAGURU says:

    Worst game. Their photos are insane but inside the game it’s like archero. Waste of mb

  15. Alec Guevara says:

    Surprisingly addictive. Fun.

  16. ARBAAZ says:

    This game don’t deserve an single star. because first ofall it takes 15min to start and im my phone it didn’t started also it came back. and the main problem is this game is strait screen game it dont portrait. plz dont download and waste ur mb . 😠

  17. Kriss says:

    I thought it was an rpg game but it’s a lvl game this is such a clickbait

  18. Bruh Bruh says:

    Game isn’t what it’s in the photos

  19. Camden Woody says:

    This game is awful it’s trash I literally downloaded it pressed play it loaded and I deleted it nothing like the screenshots it’s just straight bad I hate it it’s just plain trash just trash

  20. ken latchman says:

    This game is a waste of time don’t waste your mb’s plzzz

  21. Chynna Bozeman says:

    Worst game ever

  22. Red 888 says:

    Not the same as the image.

  23. LoneWolf BikerGear says:

    Very enjoyable and addicting.

  24. Jhon Paolo Densing says:

    The one who made this game can go to hell

  25. 0second says:

    On your images you make it seem it’s a on-the-ground third person shooter kind of view, but it’s really a top down point of view. Also your ads don’t give the option to close them even after the timer has passed.

  26. Dylan Pere says:

    Playing with my friends and when I died I accidentally said the n word because I was so mad but this game is awesome

  27. Sahanaz Pervin says:

    The ultimate best game

  28. Nathan Hinsperger says:

    Trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash. Game does not load. Crashes all the time

  29. Dominic Nolan says:

    Nothing like the thumbnails

  30. Zee Creations says:

    Total fake 110% fake just like tycoons games

  31. filipineboi says:

    This is Archero but with guns. 2 stars because my data reset overnight and I have to grind all over again

  32. EliteDiscovery says:

    the game is keep crashing

  33. brandy smith says:

    I love the game its so fun to play without internet

  34. Ishmael Conteh says:

    Bro This game suck, it keeps kicking me off don’t waste your time deleteing other app’s.

  35. Geraldine Van deventer says:

    Not how it looks or is explained at all!!!! Ur always from an uptop angle and there are no different guns or horses. These pictures are taken from another game!!

  36. Tre Shoobert says:

    Game is not at all like pictures, it is just a copy of the typical stop to shoot level type games that are going around

  37. Nate Moreno says:

    Jus downloaded first time and game force closes before i can even try to play

  38. Toni Taylor says:

    When you first login you see that picture it’s from Roblox

  39. John Denver Domalanta says:

    This is trash

  40. W B says:

    Keeps me busy

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