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Endless match between Roguelike&raccoon , exploring universes never seen before.
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October 22, 2022
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Unhappy Raccoon Mod Apk

Explore the universe, accumulate partners and construct your spaceship on one mysterious planet after any other. Don’t fear in regards to the threat. In the end, it is a mere recreation for the “Raccoon God”.

Unsatisfied Raccoon Mod Apk

Unsatisfied Raccoon is a Roguelike motion battle sport evolved via XD.Inc On this universe created by means of the Raccoon God, construct, follow, and no enemies can last longer than Three seconds in entrance of you and your raccoon crew!!!

Unsatisfied Raccoon Mod Apk release

That’s proper, this is Roguelike that everybody is aware of! Our characteristic is that we will use the “Virus” of this universe, little raccoons, to our middle’s content material. Raccoons with other skills colliding with Roguelike, what sparks will outcome from it?

Unsatisfied Raccoon Mod Apk apk mod new

[Hero] Hairy partners with their very own distinctive characteristics-_-! Ugh! Yay! Bushy! Exploring this mysterious universe with you

Unsatisfied Raccoon Mod Apk apk

[World] This can be a universe created through the “Raccoon God”. “Explorers” are trapped on this universe by means of an unforeseeable “match”. If you wish to go away this position, you should observe the guideline of the “Raccoon God”, which can create stumbling blocks for you and let you. In finding it and beat the crap out of it! On this universe, you’re going to stumble upon a wide variety of partners and essentially the most nerve-racking “virus” on this universe – little raccoons. Are they actually no longer in league with the “Raccoon God”[email protected]!
Then, discover on your center’s content material, for the sake of saving your self and this huge and mysterious river of stars!

Unsatisfied Raccoon Mod Apk mod apk

& No raccoons have been harm within the making of this sport

Unsatisfied Raccoon Mod Apk apk mod

【Official Links】

Unsatisfied Raccoon Mod Apk apk mod 2022

Twitter: https://twitter.com/raccoon_unhappy
Discord: https://discord.gg/fNZ8CHVJvy
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTRNt4qpJ/ Fb: https://www.fb.com/UnhappyRaccoonOfficial/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/unhappyraccoonofficial/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCm0VsaCi6Hq_LIF40E8tlew


40 comments on "Unhappy Raccoon Mod Apk"

  1. oddBeep says:

    I haven’t played a whole lot yet, but I’ve done about four runs so far- this game is very fun and it reminds me quite a bit of Hades. The only issue I have is that sometimes the game will randomly freeze when I’m trying to enter a new area or pick up certain items- its not a frequent issue, but its happened enough that I see it as an issue none the less. The issue is easily solve able by just closing the game and opening it back up, but that alone can get annoying.

  2. Cabrera, Justin Jade D. (Jade) says:

    New game so i’m not gonna say it’s bad. Just some problems that i’ve encountered so far. One is the controls, it just mostly loses input and i have to click again to move my character. The second is the most problematic one. Most of the time it just freezes on the picking skill screen or end card when you finish a run or the “protect Kitara”mission and when it freezes on the end of “Protect Kitara” I have to close the game and see that it restarted. Also why does it need so much internet to run?

  3. Vajeeh Paracha says:

    Great graphics, responsive controls. Short reload and dash recharge times are great and keep you in the action. Well balanced challenging enemies and bosses. Need to zoom the camera out a bit since you’re mostly dashing away and attacking enemies off the screen. Don’t like the stop-to-shoot mechanic. Too casual because the aim system is fully automatic. This game would have been amazing as a twin stick shooter instead. Not played long enough to see ow good or bad the monitization is.

  4. TuberD says:

    Can’t play it until you have wifi. Said it needs to connect to wifi and refuses to use mobile data. It won’t. I tried my great data. And nothing loads just cancles over and over. Didn’t even get to play the game. However it did work once u get wifi. It plays smoothly and it’s fun so far. Will return with a better review now that I can play.

  5. crazyphantom says:

    It’s a great game, I love it. Great controls but it does have a few bugs like for instance if you go into any store in the lobby you can’t go back to the dungon and I beat the first world boss and it stopped my game so I had to back out and I lost all my gems and diamonds, slightly iratating.But over all it’s an amazing game love that it breaks the fourth wall.

  6. TheInvisible0ne Gamer says:

    Good game, congrats on having a functional game to release 🙂. Obviously there is bugs. It just came out, people who come to download beware of them. I’ve played about 2 hours. And the only bug I’ve had is as Doug I walked into a room. Immediately went and smashed a barrel thing and the enemies in the room wouldn’t spawn. I restarted the game and it went back to normal. Do not throw the game down because of bugs. Report em.

  7. Ordinary Levels says:

    Gameplay, graphics, mechanics and other game related criteria are good. The only problem I have is the game keeps on hanging after the game or starting the game, I reset the game when that happens and after that my racoons are not with me on the game and Im not sure if my rewards are with me after. It keeps on hanging, sometimes I leave behind coins and after I finish a secret or any room, I can’t pick up the coin or heal. A little bit more descriptionon items, skills and stuffs.

  8. Zander Thompson says:

    The games ok if I’m being honest, it reminds me a lot of soul knight but 3d, I did encounter a glitch where the previous frames would overlap but it fixed itself and the aiming system is a little off sometimes and seeing how hard it is to get health back, shots sort of need to be on point. Which leds me to my complaints about the game. 1 the game recently came out and there’s already over $30 dlc and 2 HEALTH IS sO HArD To FiND. But it’s not a bad game 🙂

  9. Kato Huang says:

    I like it so far. I am a sucker for roguelike games and the character design is great. A small problem that needs to be fixed is the rewards. I believe they are the daily login rewards. I clicked on it and tried to claim and not only did the image not show up, but I was also not able to click ‘claim.’ I also was not able to click the exit button. This game is pretty good so far despite this bug.

  10. Skyethunder says:

    I haven’t played much yet, but the tutorial has been pretty fun so far. I have noticed two bugs. The first one is that, when tutorial prompts come up, if you are moving when it pops up sometimes you can skip the dialogue. The second one was during the talent skill tree, where you unlock Douglas. I clicked a little bit to left when it told me to click on him and instead of selecting him, it selected the space next to him, and it kept going without it selected would have added more info word count

  11. Macaroni and Cheese says:

    A good mobile game minus the unique skills locked behind characters, weapons, and skins. Despite this, I’d still be willing to pay to unlock a few of the characters at $10.00 each because the game is fun. There’s four locked, so $40.00. That’s above my limit for spending on a mobile game. Hopefully future updates will expand on the enemies and biomes to help keep the replayability fresh.

  12. Gedhe Wicaksono says:

    Its a great great game, but its too short, the map and enemy not generated randomly, thats make the game feel to repetitif quickly. And the character are too over power even at the start off the game, too easy, beat it at first try, there not many challenging enemy, all die quickly. And the daily challenge freeze so often. Add more level, add randomizer on map and enemy, more boss (i’m playing the beta ver. and remember the map is a lot longer and more boss?)

  13. Xivir says:

    The game looks promising but it is currently in a pretty broken state. Constant freezes and connection issues prevent uninterrupted game play. Character designs and combat from what I have seen are good. Once the bugs get addressed this could be a nice game to play.

  14. Jamie Vie says:

    Really fun game, but a little buggy (not to mention unpolished in some areas). Translation is also pretty off. In-game descriptions of attributes & items are often confusing, inconsistent, or simply incorrect. Upgrade system could use more detail, reworking it to use a tech tree might be better. Thankfully, most of this doesn’t hinder gameplay much. Hope to see improvements in the future. This is only their 2nd time attempting free-to-play from what I’ve seen.

  15. Park Riuny says:

    As for a mobile game, it is an okay game. You can have some decent enough hack&slash/bullet-hell experience from this game. But clunky network connection and sync issue is really crippling the potential of this game right now. If the Devs can iron out the problem it would be in finer state. One personal qualm is about the lack of stage variation. If they add some more interesting stages and bosses that would be great.

  16. Shannon says:

    This game is good! Some thing i think need to improve. First is responsible button, it’s kinda hard if not really response enough when i press it. Second is friends features kinda useless if it’s only just for pm only. It will be good if friends features can be used for multiplayer coop mode. Third is lack of character. I know this is new game but it will be good if more character added.

  17. Tyler Holloman says:

    I’m having trouble starting the game. Hit start, the game tries to connect to the internet but fails and makes me login again. For kicks and giggles I tried 3 different accounts and still can’t get in. [Edit] I just noticed I’m not the only one with this problem. It’s definitely a bummer but I think I can wait it out

  18. Mr. D says:

    Good game, good design, good animation, just quite boring when you always play the same after the same map with same enemy, in different difficulty. And then loading screen, yes taking quite a while to load a game which is making me inpatient as i wanted to play more. Bug and game froze, yes a common error from each game, can’t press the raccoon skill result in a losing, sometimes pressing “Go to shop” got froze in-game, welp i can say the game great, but need more fixing. 3 out of 5

  19. Jack Stanley says:

    I really want to see this game succeed! I hope that the Dev team keeps this project up! However, there are a few things lacking. I really wish that all characters were able to be unlocked through gameplay, rather than having to spend real-life money. Second, why are raccoon coins so hard to get? It takes ABSOLUTELY FOREVER to upgrade anything with these coins. Maybe implement an ad system so that we could have an option to watch ads and get coins in return? Future prospects are so exciting!

  20. Aaron Smith says:

    For some reason, the previous review was deleted, so that deleted a star from this current one. So tl;dr version: when it works, it is surprisingly responsive and feels pretty good. Oddities are when you try to pick health pickups when not at 100% and it says that your character is at full hp. Also, the game has a tendency to randomly freeze when transitioning from various screens, like from the hub to character select screen and back.

  21. Face Glue says:

    Fun and well made but still very clearly needs more work. The game doesnt feel finished. Not a huge fan of the auto aim and how zoomed in the screen is. The raccoons’ animations are jittery and personally is kinda off putting. I love the characters and the game has potential so I will continue to play regardless of these. The game deserves to be tried despite these

  22. AzunoToni says:

    By far it’s really good. No freezing(like everyone says for some reason) and a few bugs like loosing controlls after a skill or charged attack, getting stuck at the loading screen and also at the dispatch or Set Out function. Solution was just close and opened the game again and it didn’t repeat the issue after a few runs. Need some work on the Talents. I would suggest skill trees to unlock different skill styles and animation to look more dynamic. Overall, 5/5 really fun!!

  23. Chosen One says:

    Great game no pressure to buy things no ads. Actual effort put. My only issue with the game is it can not run off cellular data and needs a wi-fi connection. If it had a cellylar only mode i would rate it 5 stars no questions asked. I know its a newly released game (globally), but I want to play on the go when I don’t have wifi but I can’t. After this issue is fixed i will rate 5 stars as my only issue is that it needs wifi. I hope you see this if so thank you for your time P.S love it ❤️

  24. Kasey Sandman says:

    Okay some glaring problems, the X button on some screens is nigh impossible to click. I had to use samsung dex to put in my nickname, because the on screen keyboard didn’t show up. So have to close and reopen app to exit screen i was stuckon. That’s just in the first 5 minutes of the game and already problems, frankly it should have been your most polished part. UPDATE: able to leave character select now without relaunching, one star given back

  25. Vincent Bebis says:

    I love the art style of this game, controls are responsive, the game runs pretty well. There are some areas you can get stuck but, they’re rare. Overall it’s a fun game with a fun loop. Although it’s not fun if it’s always required to be online. A bunch of it doesn’t even require internet to function.

  26. Teryn Grim says:

    So far after my first two runs: surprisingly polished. Smooth and satisfying game play and sound design. The tutorial is much too brief and would likely leave a lot of players confused, if they’ve never played rogue-likes before, but otherwise easy enough to figure out. There are certainly some bugs and translation errors, but they’re minimal and have not affected gameplay for me. The vibe is similar to ‘risk of rain’, but cute. So far, so good!

  27. D Hal says:

    Has potential but at the moment you just grind the same levels over and over to unlock more skills so you can continue to grind the same levels more easily, then repeat with all characters. Once you unlock everything there’s nothing else to do and nothing unique or different about the stages that you constantly have to re-grind. It gets very repetitive very quick. Cute art style but the game isn’t fun enough to play through over and over again like this

  28. Gi Orial (Gi) says:

    Unique gameplay and characters. One of the best rougelike rpgs out there. Reason for 3 stars tho, it frequenty crashes in between gameplays, wherein you will have to restart the game and sometimes lose your progress, and the dash/charge is kind of buggy, where you’ll have a bit of delay moving after using it, which is really critical specially for boss fights.

  29. Tiffani says:

    Solid three; very few characters to play with some of them locked behind a paywall. Not the most balanced, ability and skill descriptions aren’t good, somehow still fun. Character designs are nice. Can’t turn off VA. Don’t recommend, there are much better PvE games out there. I enjoy it, but replayability isn’t the greatest.

  30. ScarletYeen says:

    This game definitely needs some optimization on the graphics, there’s always lag when there’s too much effect on screen especially in Atlantis map or the daily challenge. speaking of that, it’s kinda excessive to put like 100+ enemies after like 10 boss defeated without little to no delay it’s inevitable to lag with that many enemies spawning. overall gameplay is great but need some ironing on other stuff

  31. Hatayumi Nakano says:

    The game will not log in and start if you are on mobile network. Only works on Wi-Fi. Even tho my phone internet is like 50x better. And I’ve made sure it has unrestricted access, allowed background data and so on. No matter how many times I try it will never log in unless I’m on WiFi. It get stuck on the “Connecting to the internet” screen and then give me a message that it couldn’t login. To return to login screen and try again. Pity, cause I loved the game specially the art.

  32. Ravel Lidan says:

    Oh my god yes! A furry style game with ZERO NEKOMIMI in it! The female character is also a well made anthro! Finally! Anyway, I love everything about the game. The graphic is amazing, cool characters, cool enemy design, fun gameplay, good music, and nice voice acting! I think it’s still a new game, right? But I hope there’s more! New character or maybe multiplayer mode, I can’t wait!!

  33. Average Game Enjoyer says:

    Pretty good in my opinion. Excellent graphics even in low settings, fast progress and excellent combat mechanics and fighting styles. I wouldn’t say it’s P2W, though it has IAPs that doesn’t really pose as a way to progress. It’s a play to win to be exact. No story going on, just a pure hack and slash roguelike. Haven’t encountered any bugs like the other mentioned, maybe it has to do with the performance of your phone. Honestly, this is great, I wish more content could be added sooner.

  34. Nic Reynolds says:

    So, after a week or two of not being able to log into the game. Then After two days of game play. I have two pressing issues. 1.Character turns away from enemy and normal attack get stuck and continues firing until weapon reloads. 2. Daily challenge appears to not be working any more. The image that I am supposed to press has kanji in the lower bottom right when it supposed to be in English.

  35. Jesus Holguin says:

    Overall the Game is ok. Really well done with the Characters as well as the combat. Music is fantastic! Where it does start to go down is the gameplay. Not really any sense of direction. Currency is difficult to get to upgrade characters, weapons and talents. It’s very Grindy. All the levels are the same regardless if you beat the planets. Basically if you beat the first planet you beat the game. Overall, it’s a game that I recommend to try, it’s definitely not a game for everyone.

  36. Baalf Games says:

    One thing that really needs fixing is the padding. There’s some pretty good game play here, and the level design is short and sweet, but there needs to be more level variety. Right now, you’re just going through the same three levels over and over. Still, I do like the character designs and I put some money into the game. I hope that helps with future updates. 🙂

  37. Rod Jordan Monocay says:

    All in all the game was good. But certain things must be checked. 1. If selecting a perk that will override the ongoing perk, then you have a choice to be included (at all times, because only in defense kitana it allows to choose from the old or new perk) 2. I have this flare that 5% may drop diamond 1-5 by destroying boxes. And so while I was going through the stage the diamonds I accumulated got to 100+ but as I ended the handsome boss. It goes back to 30+ i dont know why. Fix it please.

  38. Pwnage Block says:

    The game itself is quite fun! It’s as well executed as a mobile action game can be, although the rougelike elements are underwhelming. Stages are not procedural, so you’ll see the same stuff A LOT. I’m not really into the furry theme, but it doesn’t bother me. There’s some serious problems holding the game back; no controller support, a less than stellar translation (important in a game with lots of stats), many bugs, and surprisingly expensive IAPs put me off from playing it more often.

  39. Nitro Games says:

    The game is very fun and very fast paced, which I honestly really like and the designs to, are really good. Although I only have few complaints about it. (1) The tutorial at the beginning of the game is somewhat confusing (2) I don’t if it my phone or the game but there’s a lot of lag from time to time. (3) I kinda feel sad that some of the characters are paid, but I understand it’s for funding. And that’s about it, oh I would like to suggest to make the game playable offline if possible.

  40. Kumiho-Daoko Kijiji says:

    The stages get quite repetitive after awhile, especially after it took me days to beat the first planet just to find out that every one is the same level but little harder. The skins looks nice but when I bought one of the tiger dude’s one’s, it didn’t give me the skin and I couldn’t equip it. And the new layout for the ship is odd to say the least.

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