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Dec 20, 2019
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Contents Mod Apk New 2022*

Play against other people on line! Can you grow to be the longest slither?

If your head touches some other player, you’ll explode and then its recreation over. unlock

Io, you have a danger to win even if youre tiny. You can swerve in front of a far large player to defeat them, irrespective of how big you’re!

Download now and begin slithering! Good good fortune!


40 comments on " Mod Apk New 2022*"

  1. Ceceli Arnett says:

    At times the game glitches horribly, which is highly frustrating when you get to the point it’s worth playing then it glitches out then shoots you way across the board, then you die without even being able to control your dude. If it didn’t glitch as often or as bad, I would play this more and recommend it to my friends. But since it has frustrated me enough to actually write a review about it, no. I do not wish to make my friends feel the same frustration.

  2. Gwydion Bristal says:

    The controls changed on me?? Is this an update? Normally right handed but I liked controlling with my left thumb and now the speed boost in right under my left thumb and I suck at the game more than I did before. Please fix. It changes. Without prompt. The game is a lot less enjoyable because I spent all that time getting use to the controls being one way and now that are different. Please. Fix.

  3. Birdy Netti says:

    Too hard to control your speed as it goes faster at different times even though I am controlling it the same way. Also it is much easier to get killed and to kill than before which leads to quick games and loss of intrest. I have the game installed on 2 different devices and my 8 year old plays it as well and we both have the same problems on both devices, frustrating and we tend to play other games more now.

  4. Parker Garrick says:

    Very fun and interesting game. I like the fact that you can play the Slither i.o. on an offline server. Great job, but I was wondering if you could add powerupps? Like, a powerupp randomly spawns and gives for example, 5-10 seconds of “each dot gives you double the amount of food than usual” or something. I HIGHLY recommend this app. It downloaded in about 20 seconds!

  5. Mikhael Annice says:

    The game is fun and good over all. Unfortunately my experience with the online mode has been laggy. The offline mode works great but but gets rather redundant and the “Leaderboard” snakes are nowhere to be found so once you hit 2k size or so you are the biggest snake in game. Would like to see an update where these Leaderboard snakes are actually spawning in game or the size of the ai snakes increase or decrease depending on the size of the player.

  6. Dervin Jerrad says:

    Except when the game is difficult to use, for instance on Windows when connection lag can often be extreme to the point of unplayability, Slither is a fun experience. The learning curve is pretty shallow, but persistence pays off big time! For Android users, I highly recommend the assist program called Octopus which lets you map game controller keys to the touch screen interface.

  7. Damara Caylah says:

    I am addicted to this game ill play it then take a break but i always come back. i like it most because you can always keep trying to beat your highest score i play the computer and have made it as far as 104,000 i tried the on line but it lags and i always die if you could fix that it would be perfect. people complain about the ads but if you know how to use your phone you can click out of almost all adds the min. they start by hitting the back button. Its also a great game for the kids.

  8. Clemento Banjamino says:

    Ok game, but needs some improvements. for example, a lot of the time on wifi its really choppy. and on offline, its too easy to become the biggest player. The CPUs are idiots. It’s really tedious to get to the leaderboard, and it gets boring after a while. Other than that, its a ok game.

  9. Damarcus Skeat says:

    Wonderful game. I really like how there are so many different skins to choose from. A.I. teaches you moves you can use in online mode. However, in A.I. there are what I like to call “suicide snakes”, which are snakes that chase you until they run into you. I mean, free food, but still a little strange. My only issue is that online is a little laggy. I definitely recommend this game for passing time and general fun.

  10. Wilkinson Chasa says:

    I really like this game, but when you lag online, you could easily crash into another player and die. When you’re playing in the AI server, it doesn’t lag, but it’s not very challenging. Maybe you could add three different levels: easy, normal, and hard. For the online server, you could try to have different servers depending on where the player lives in a certain country. Overall, if you’re not a big fan of constant lags and crashes online, it might not be very fun for you.

  11. Lexus Caryn says:

    Running this on a Galaxy A50 and up until today it worked fine, not much lag, no issues. Starting today though the game randomly freezes for 1+ seconds, sometimes over 5 seconds, before racing to catch up with what happened during the freeze. It’s making the game borderline unplayable for me as you need to be able to react at a moment’s notice and you can’t do that when you’re frozen and running in a straight line towards groups of people. Died way too many times to this already.

  12. Keanan Brac says:

    Great game, love it that you don’t need wifi. Good speed and without lag or issues. Super addictive. It’s a good addition that you can customize your snake and it’s kind of hard. I love games that have a challenge and not those super easy games with no point. It’s nice you can play with real people or just computers. I play offline a lot. It’s not in need of updates, it’s already great as is.

  13. Turner Harden says:

    Super fun! Love classic controls with my phone’s S-Pen! The unfortunate thing about it is that the controls have about quarter second of latency on average but sometimes there is so much that there is no reaction time and you have to anticipate what will happen in the next half second which kills me 99% of the time. Maybe due to poor WIFI but I feel like it could be better. Past that it is quite addicting and runs way better than the browser version. Really brings out the competitive side of me!

  14. Farrah Kelson says:

    So the good thing is that the game works again now and is no longer missing 3/4 of it’s screen. It’s a pretty fun game, plus I like to mess around with the AI in it. I also came up with a challenge to reach the edge of the map without getting your “slither” any higher than 10 and without touching any dots. Of course the AI are programmed to help you start by giving you a boost I guess by intentionally losing, so it gets hard to do the challenge. 5/5 stars! 😄

  15. Hamnet Buster says:

    It’s an okay game, it helps pass time by, but I just get frustrated with the glitches. Also, the fact that its basically a free for all is annoying. I do like to play the computer mode one, & if I die its fine it’s not personal but on live game mode, you got people following you to the point where it takes the fun out of it. If you cant get past 500-1000 in length then why keep trying. Maybe create some new categories or something to bring in a newer audience. One that’s more mature hopefully.

  16. Daryl Dayne says:

    when you play the game it’s really fun at first but then at one point your snake gets small and freezes and you can’t move. I’ve uninstalled the game and reinstalled it to see if it went away but it keeps coming back. also, the ads are super annoying. it’s not necessary to put an add between every single death. and also the ads are the same ones over and over again and some of them are super annoying. this game isnt fun because of the ads. I’m deleting it.

  17. Spyro 2413 says:

    Works well over all. Just please make it so in the settings I can steer with my right thumb instead of always having to use my left. I’m right handed so that would be great. It would also be nice if the on phones the joystick control circle was bigger so turning would be better/more accurate/easier. I really do love this game, but to get 5 stars from me at least, these changes would be needed.

  18. Noah Collins says:

    Great and addicting game but the ads get annoying after EVERY game. Especially an ad that constantly comes up for apartments. The X to close it out hardly ever appears, and the only way to get rid of it is to close and reopen the app. Its annoying and frustrating. Dont waste your time or space with this, play on a chromebook or laptop for free, without any ads, just look it up and play online.

  19. Laura Moggio says:

    I really like this game. The game is fun, and unique. You have to defeat other snakes and collect the beads, simple and fun! You can build your own snake, and set the Controls to how you like them. Though it does have quite a few ads. One after each round, and if your new to the game (like me) you get a lot of ads because. You get defeated alot 🙂

  20. Valeria Ruiz says:

    I can spend hours playing this on my phone! It’s so addicting and competitive. However, the only thing that holds me back from joining another game is the amount of lag there is at times. I have excellent network and sometimes even switch to wife, that’s how I know it’s not my phone. It frustrates me especially when I die out of nowhere form bumping into another snake without it being my fault. Really cool game, just need to work on it a bit more.

  21. Myra Goscinski says:

    This game is good and all but every time I play, it always freezes and I have to keep on exiting the app and its so annoying! Also, when I try and make my own snake, it will always only work when I click the first two colors then it will stop working. Also when there are ads, there is never an x at the end of it so I have to keep closing and reopening the app. That is all.

  22. Michael Gannon says:

    For as simple as it is, its very addictive and fun. Other games should take notes as far as ads go as well. The directional gets me sometimes (I think its too small or something?) But I love that its free to play and the ads are either only 0 of 5 seconds long. I do think it would be REALLY SUPER COOL if the top 3 players actually appeared on the map though. It would be a fun dynamic to the game in my own opinion.

  23. Rowan Parnes says:

    It’s a so-so. The game itself is great, but there are ads almost every time I die, plus it’s very glitchy. I have lost to a glitch a lot of times, and it gets very annoying. However, they do have an option for AI, which makes the game run a lot smoother. Just be careful while playing online, as it may glitch you and make you run into someone else.

  24. 7AgentM7 says:

    It is a classic io game, and a good one at that, but the game feels somewhat empty because there is no sound. The least you can do is add background music or add a small sound effect when you are in first place (or when you die). Also in the customization menu, a thing you could do is add a quick select instead of constantly pressing the arrow (and the abilaty to change eye color). It is a great game, but this could also help. P.S In the game you are a snake because worms don’t slither🐍

  25. Panhia Vue says:

    This is a perfect game! But there are problems of when people get killed, there should be a button that says “get lucky” where it saves yourself, your in the same place, same legenth, and the player that killed you takes your turn of the death. Please add some more options to choose from this game. I still support the game just because it has not alot of options, and I extra love love the ability where every player can create their own slither. Great game, I love it!

  26. Luis Alcocer says:

    Before downloading make sure you have good wifi since multiplayer games like these lag a bit, overall good game, good controls, graphics, and concept. Also helps that it’s multiplayer. I don’t have a problem with ads since they’re no more than 2-3 seconds, at least it’s not like other games that take forever to get into another game. To top it off it doesn’t matter what your initial skill is, I was pretty bad 3 days ago but I’m much better now😄

  27. Jacob Randall says:

    Very good game!! I like how you can create your own snake/slither, pretty cool! But I do have a few problems. When you die, you always get an advertisement, but after a few deaths it goes away. I also don’t know how to get those accessories on some slithers (Like glasses). The last problem is that there’s ALWAYS that one person who puts political stuff about presidency and trump. Anyway it’s reallllllllly cool and never gets boring!

  28. Bryce Gallentine says:

    Overall good game. But when I switched to joystick mode, the speed boost button would change sides. Which would be very inconvenient, and would even cause me to lose sometimes when I would accidentally press it. And I can not change it back when I go into the settings, because there is not even an option for which side you want the speed boost button. If you encounter this problem, then just Uninstall and reinstall.

  29. Galaxyfires says:

    I LOVE IT!! It’s so fun and the controls are extremely easy to get used to… Two problems, though… The game lags if you don’t have a really good connection on multiplayer, and me, being a person who mostly plays offline, asks you that the offline snakes be a BIT bigger? When you’re playing offline and you get really big, all you can find is tiny snakes. The ones on the leader board aren’t actually on the map. All I ask is that there be some bigger snakes on offline mode. Otherwise, perfect!

  30. Lyndsey Beahan says:

    This game is so much fun!!! 😃😃 I love killing all the snakes and eating the orbs/dots (what are those called??!!). But there are a few problems w the game. 1. Sometimes after I get an ad I can’t leave it and so I have to close out the tab and join again. 2. If you bump into someone or they bump into you it’s a mainly bc they are unable to dodge you bc you’re too slow. So make it faster pls. 3. if you go to settings you can’t do anything but privacy policy and changing modes. Pls fix thos. Thx!

  31. Flerida Vaughan says:

    The game is great. The concept is simple, but engaging; and the graphics are great , but there is so much lag. And there are like two ads after every time you lose, and the ads are each like 1:30 minutes long; it’s so annoying. I know free games need ads, but this is just too many. Other than that, absolutely love this game.🙂

  32. May MAFLAHI says:

    This game is really fun! Sometimes it gets boring after a bit while playing, but that’s with a lot of games. My only critic is whenever I try playing with REAL people, my game just lags and sometimes crashes. It gets really annoying since playing with bots is really easy and sometimes I feel like I’m just throwing my day away. Could be my internet, but I’m not completely sure. But overall, I would recommend it, and also the PC version of it! (Since it doesn’t crash :3)

  33. Kaura Workman says:

    I LOVE THIS!!! I would give it a ten if I could. it is a little frustrating when your playing online and someone kills you, but I definitely recommend this to those people way in the back who haven’t installed it. And I love all the skins! There’s even an FGTeeV one! I also like how you can make your own slither that’s really fun. But could you add more colors? ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  34. Tessa Mesenger says:

    This game is great. My only reason for a 4 star rating is that there are so many adds! The worst part about the adds is that they are all the same! I wouldn’t mind the adds if they were different every time. Also to get a speed boost or longer snake you have to watch an add . Now I can press a button to take away the adds, but I would suggest this option to be free. If you can’t make this option free, please make it cheaper.

  35. Nightflyer Jen says:

    The game is fun, but the app has been buggy for years. Offline mode has never worked for me, not even once. Changing the snake’s appearance worked exactly once, and never again, not even with codes. There’s no zooming in or out, the app lags horribly on slower wifi networks, and there have been no updates in over two years. If you’re not expecting much, the game is fine, but this isn’t a fully functioning app.

  36. E B. says:

    Very fun and addicting, and true multiplayer so it’s a real challenge. It takes a lot of patience and practice to become skilled. The snake skins are cute. The negatives: The leaderboard isn’t visible from the main menu. Controls are a bit stiff and less than responsive. The game usually goes to the player with the best internet connection. There’s a lot of lag, and frequent crashes so it doesn’t matter how good you are, you can die often just because of that.

  37. Camilla Evans says:

    This isa very simple and fun game! It’s a real time killer. however, whenever I try to play online when I have wifi it always freezes or kicks me out the app. And yes I’m sure I have connection. I dont understand why this happens so that removes the star so maybe check if theres a bug? But what I really like about this game is because you can customize your own skin! I love how you made it that you can switch the joystick controls because on other games I have installed they dont do that love it

  38. Laura Anderson says:

    The game is really fun. I have been playing it for years now, and something weird happened. I uninstalled the game and reinstalled because the game was insanely laggy, and I opened the game, went to change skins, and I was another person’s snake. All the cosmetics were unlocked for an odd reason. And now whenever I install the game, hoping it would fix that, it keeps showing the same snake with all the cosmetics unlocked. I hope you guys would fix this. I want to start all over fresh again.

  39. Leyla Lotion says:

    A very pleasing offline experience that i can play anywhere. There are custom skins and an online mode. Very pleased. The leaderboard system is very efficient. Online mode is slightly laggy on mobile, but not a big problem. Unfortunately when you play against ai’s, there’s no pause function. But overall it’s very fun and addictive. It does not get boring easily. I recommend.

  40. Brad Warburton says:

    Love at first play. I don’t like the way that I have a hard time controlling the character without obscuring my screen with my thumb, but I think that there’s other options which I haven’t explored yet. I love the chill of the offline AI; it’s a very casual pace in that mode, and I’m looking forward to exploring all the options in this game. Will likely purchase after a trial time.

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