Shadowgun Legends: Online FPS Premium Apk


Multiplayer online games, RPG shooter with PvP, Co-Op and Epic story campaign
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September 29, 2022
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Shadowgun Legends: Online FPS Premium Apk

Enjoying on-line shooters and multiplayer gun video games? Do you want to find a entire new universe, kill some nasty extraterrestrial beings and drink in a spacebar? Then this on-line sport is the suitable selection!

Shadowgun Legends: On-line FPS Top rate Apk

★ Award-winning Motion First-person Shooter ★
The universe is below assault and the final defensive line are the Shadowguns – mythical warriors, heroes and showmen. Struggle towards the alien invasion within the sci-fi international of Shadowgun Legends. Include your future and sign up for the motion within the epic tale marketing campaign, aggressive PvP or co-op video games! Display the galaxy who’s without equal shooter and turn out to be a Legend!

Shadowgun Legends: On-line FPS Top rate Apk apk mod 2022

★ Immersive On-line Multiplayer ★ Convey your mates to an intense Co-op to be had for each and every challenge, dungeon and area. Sign up for a guild or make one among your individual and play multiplayer capturing video games in combination! Feeling social? Consult with Brno, our fallout the city and meet new buddies within the hub or within the bar! Apex of your adventures watch for!

Shadowgun Legends: On-line FPS Top rate Apk mod apk

★ Exciting Tale Marketing campaign ★
Shoot extraterrestrial beings and combat for the survival of humankind within the epic tale marketing campaign in loads of missions spanning throughout Three various planets. Each challenge is playable in co-op and loaded with heaps of motion adventures and loot!

Shadowgun Legends: On-line FPS Top class Apk liberate

★ PvP Multiplayer Battles ★
Compete in PvP multiplayer sport modes. Problem pals to fashionable fight in a 1v1 duel or sign up for a group in quite a lot of tactical 4vs4 multiplayer video games! Growth in the course of the aggressive leaderboards and succeed in the apex of Legends!

Shadowgun Legends: On-line FPS Top rate Apk apk mod

★ Epic PvE Looter Shooter with Raids and Arenas ★ Sign up for forces with buddies and shoot massive bosses for glory and mythical loot in combination. Battle and defeat the alien risk in Conflict Video games Arenas and Particular Dungeons handiest for your mobiles! True Hardcore Taking pictures PvE FPS Revel in!

Shadowgun Legends: On-line FPS Top rate Apk apk

★ 700+ Distinctive Tremendous Futuristic Guns★ Make a choice from quite a lot of weapons together with Pistols, Attack Rifles, Sub-Machine Weapons, Heavy Gadget Weapons, Shotguns, Sniper Rifles, and Rocket Launchers. Select the best gun and unharness mayhem!

Shadowgun Legends: On-line FPS Top class Apk apk mod new

★ Unending Customization Choices ★ Acquire over One thousand futuristic armour items. Check out other Paint Cans, Skins and Stickers. Construct your personal distinctive having a look armour units! Select your taste – display halo or horns, and feature amusing!

★ Most sensible of the fashionable controller appropriate video games ★ Choose from contact regulate or an enhanced digital joystick! Our distinctive FPS controls gadget is authorized by means of hundreds of thousands of gamers international. Gamepads improve integrated! Simple controls with auto-fire capturing permits you to center of attention only for your survival.

★ Develop into a Legend ★ Development throughout the Status Machine that rewards your each and every motion. The extra you play, the extra well-known you’re – and the extra the arena reacts for your movements! Fulfil your future and turn out to be mythical!

★ Apex of the High-End Cellular Graphics ★
We push the frontiers of what’s conceivable on cellular units! Shadowgun Legends is a breath-taking f2p on-line shooter with nice graphics that blurs the traces between console and cell gaming.

★ Willpower to High quality ★
At MADFINGER Video games, we’ve at all times challenged ourselves to push the frontiers of cellular FPS on-line video games to the console-quality. Hundreds of thousands of avid gamers had been blown away by means of our leading edge manner, leading edge graphics and exact FPS controls. We have now been growing the most efficient FPS taking pictures video games since 2010. The authors of Lifeless Cause, Useless Cause 2, Unkilled and Shadowgun Battle Video games, first-person motion shooters downloaded by way of greater than 200M avid gamers, we convey you this final multiplayer free-to-play shooter!

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40 comments on "Shadowgun Legends: Online FPS Premium Apk"

  1. Erryl Edelmarr says:

    PROS: DESTINY FANS MUST HAVE. This game is amazing. The graphics are above and beyond it’s time in mobile games, and the gameplay is very smooth and easy. The controls are completely customizable to your liking which is great. No visible pay-to-win, with tons of ways to customize your character. CONS: There is not very many options when it comes to combat. You can run, shoot, and reload, all of which are very fast paced and fun. However, this game will be much, and I mean MUCH improved if you add a function to jump, crouch, etc. Specifically a jump button will make this game perfect. Thank you for the amazing line of Shadowgun games, Madfinger!

  2. Devinia Adrenalijna says:

    Basically Destiny for mobile, but WAY better. Visuals are vibrant and beautiful. The touch controls are very intuitive, and way better than I thought they’d be. Progression seems legit, and I don’t feel forced to shell out tons of cash to enjoy the game. The gameplay is pretty average and tame as far as FPS games go…very Destiny, “by-the-numbers,” but, for a mobile game.. that’s quite the achievement. Overall, 9/10. If you like action, and have a decent android device…definitely give it a go.

  3. Abagael Kamelia says:

    After I actually sat down to play this game for a bit I became really invested! The graphics are great. The gameplay is a blast, especially when you get the hang of the controls. The fame and loot system is very rewarding and keeps me clicking on the next mission again and again. Grinding missions are quick and have enough variety to keep me from getting bored when grinding out levels. I highly recommended this game.

  4. Sherri Faune says:

    It’s an all around fun mobile game for sure. My only grievances are 1) the skill points stop after you make level 20. How are we supposed to be content with just 20 skill points? Especially when its impossible to unlock the little side skills because of the requirements needed to unlock them are limited to 20. Fix that part alone and it will be a five star game. 2) some of the skills could be improved. The rocket launcher skill, for example, was a huge let down, even when upgraded to max level. You should be able to launch more than one or more frequently in between charge up times. 3) you should be allowed to jump. Kind of like that infinity ops game. Same concept. 4) You guys need to complete the main HUB already. Offer more missions. Outside of those four things I love it.

  5. Christopho Adkins says:

    Fun, silly, mobile shooter with personality. The only thing that’s keeping it from the final two stars is the fact that those boxes that require keys take up precious inventory space. Either give us the ability to get rid of them, or give them their own separate space. Constant reminder to spend money is not something I want to see when I’m trying to make space for some equipment. Other than that, fun game to play and pass the time. I can see myself casually sticking with it.

  6. Annaline Aelita says:

    Not bad. Pretty awesome graphics and controls are simple. I like the skill tree a lot. The only things I think would make this better is if there are harder difficulties with bosses or something that makes it so that really awesome gear drops. Or maybe make it an event of some sort. Also would be cool to find more hidden gear chests. Maybe make it so that you have to search the map a bit more. Maps are a bit simplistic as of yet. Also, why not make it so that we can buy bag space with credits?

  7. Garaden Avrel says:

    Easily the most elaborate and engaging FPS in the mobile platform. There is a multiplayer aspect, but the side missions and campaign are a heavy focus. The “menu” in the game is actually a small town square where you pick your missions and trade loot! It’s a unique and pleasurable experience, for sure, but my main pull is the 100% compatibility with my mobile controller! You can even map all the buttons, and there’s never a reason to touch the screen. Beautifully done.

  8. Barkley Milt says:

    This game is pretty fantastic. Great gameplay, easy controls, balanced PvP, lots of gear, weapon options, a fair cost of items system. My only complaint is the shortness of raids, and lack of diversity in the layout and visuals. It felt like there were quite a few maps that are frequently replayed. Otherwise I’m stunned that this game is so smooth and perfect for being on a phone. One of my favorites.

  9. Lawley Coty says:

    great experience, but do have a few minor complaints. 1. when someone shoot an enemy, i would want them press down or double tap. 2. i want you to expand the map. it seems too small and there are only a few cpu’s to talk to. please add more cpu’s and expand the main map. 3.when you start, you have only one character to customize. you could add a tiny selection of characters to play the game

  10. Calvin Rodwell says:

    This is my all time favorite mobile game. I’m not one to live on mobile games or to stay sucked into them but this one has me hooked. Everyone is friendly and helpful. I’ve had issues with disconnects from other players and it messing up dungeons and arena. If possible in a new update..I think if someone is disconnected and is kicked out, the other players should still be able to continue. I’m waiting on chat and messaging options more campaign missions and the tattoo parlor. Still amazing game!

  11. Derrik Britton says:

    I absolutely love this game and i’ve only been playing for about 15 min. Definitely one of the best first person shooters with amazing graphics from the play store. Although, it would help if the control settings were more diverse. For example, the controls are set to xbox controls, it’d be nice for there to be keyboard and mouse controls, it would definitely make the game a lot easier to control and play. Overall, GREAT GAME, good job. I hope to see more updates in the future.👌👌👍👍

  12. Demey Sexton says:

    This game is incedibly dazzling! I like the gameplay, but it could really use some updating. When you shoot a lot of the time it doesn’t even register, and no this is NOT an internet issue, I play at 20-30 ms, and I really want this to be fixed. The graphics are great, but I wish you could be able to adjust them more freely such as having a textures option, anti aliasing option, shadow option, and effects option. Lastly, the controls. The controls are great.

  13. Liz Margurite says:

    Its honestly a fantastic game, and you guys should pat yourselves on the back…After fixing a few bugs. I leveled up at least 8 times, and none of them have given me any of those tokens to level up my skill tree. Do they just stop after a certain level and you’re stuck with what you’ve got? Sometimes I go to pause my game on a mission, and after about 20 seconds the mission ends and sends me back to the hub without any of the collected loot.

  14. Gerrald Talaith says:

    One of the best mobile MMORPG’s I have ever played! Beautiful design and I mean console worthy beautiful, countless missions, and so much weaponry! I did encounter a problem with the watch an ad for free gold option, I watched an add and didn’t receive your end of the deal. I didnt waste too much time trying but, something to look at. 10/10 Absolutely Recommend!!

  15. Beamer Aekerman says:

    Great first person shooter for mobile. This game may be one of the best. However, dont think you’re going to complete one of the offers for free gold and receive what was promised. Gold offers are a total waste of time, you may find yourself with tons of useless apps and pointless spam in your email from trying to complete them. This game fun to play but really just a never ending commercial. Props to the marketing department!

  16. Raychell Tramaine says:

    The gameplay is great, storyline is okay (it touches on a lot of things but fails to truely deliver on one thing… No real story build up). The game itself could use some optimizations though, like more graphic settings for people who don’t have the newest phones. The game also has frequent connection problems (high ping) which make things like PvP especially annoying.

  17. Freeman Colonel says:

    Great game! Awesome graphics and controls, lots of customization, and fun game play. But, the game has become stagnant. There is a need for new content and the loot you gain from the hardest parts of the game suck. Opening the red planet and having at least one guaranteed legendary in Hive mind and Gold Arena would go a long way towards fixing the only issues in the game.

  18. Jaida Jackelaine says:

    Just finished playing it; played for a few hours, on the NVIDIA Shield with a wired XBOX 360 controller with no issues. Bit of lag here and there, but nothing that would make it unplayable. I’m not a huge FPS player, but this one was cool. Doesn’t have a steep learning curve and it doesn’t force you to buy things like other games do, it gives you the option. I’ll be playing more of it.

  19. Charlet Norman says:

    It’s a good game but after I re-downloaded it the game won’t hook up to my Google play. Can you please work this out? I have a ton of saved progress. Update: all I had to do was click back a few times and it logged me in! Thanks for the help Madfinger! Not at all! The games great! Maybe add in a joystick and a Sprint button to make the controls easier?

  20. Kadienne Bax says:

    I’m giving this game an honest review. After getting quite some hours in the game and a little bit of money. This game is really good for a first person shooter RPG. However the biggest problem with this game is monotony. Every level feels like the same level. Every enemy feels like the last enemy. As a game designer myself I feel like the very important to change up your background and scenery to break up the monotony. This game has great potential but it needs a lot more.

  21. Cally Jennifermay says:

    I had a great time with the campaign; this game feels very much like a mobile Destiny. It’s not terribly varied, but that’s forgivable. My problem, is the fact it’s undeniable to say it’s a Pay to Win. Of course it is, it’s free and the devs need to eat. If that’s the case though, balance the multiplayer matches, and maybe look into adding a join in progress feature, because the dungeons are riddled with disconnects that make this game bland, and boring by endgame. I wish I could say I love it.

  22. Waverly Fae says:

    It’s one of the best games I’ve played with good graphics and gameplay with wonderful controls. There is good customization for your character and good guns, and also multiplayer. I would rate this a 5 star if It didn’t have too much bugs/glitches. for example, in the multiplayer, some missions stop for no reason, if that happens you can’t finish the multiplayer. would rate 5 if you guys fix some bugs. thx

  23. Dallin Daley says:

    This is a fun game. Reminds me of Destiny, Borderlands and other shoot & loot games. The controls are also very mobile friendly. A lot of mobile shooters I’ve played it’s hard to aim and hit targets. But in this game there’s an autoshoot feature that causes your character to automatically shoot once you are aiming at a target. This allows you to focus more on dodging attacks and aiming instead of contorting your fingers to aim, shoot, and move at the same time. Fun game! Definitely worth a try

  24. Oxley Atkinson says:

    This game is dangerously close to the oasis. I absolutely adore it and play it using an xbox controller on the lgg8x, it runs flawless. Lacking a jump or crouch control, but there hasn’t been anything in the story(that I have seen so far) that requires such things. Really, just beautiful gameplay. Can be pay to win from what I have seen, although I have stuck to the storyline. Doesn’t follow any plot that I can see, but definately a must have for a first person shooter.

  25. Dimple Carlis says:

    So a year later I decide to reinstall the game and after a couple weeks of play it will get stuck in an endless boot to the hub. Frustrating after completing a mission that was difficult to pass… Okay, 3rd review of the game. Getting past the start up issues, I admit I enjoy playing the game more than I expected. Gameplay varies for the most part, stays challenging, and I will support the devs by spending money on this game. Thanks and see ya at the next major update!

  26. Ian Adams says:

    Enjoying this game so far. Still a low level. Haven’t felt compelled to spend any money which is good. Couple things this game could use is melee and a grenade option. Also the heavy weapon fire button is right where the joystick is, I hit it accidentally almost every time. Would be nice to be able to customize the layout a little. Looking forward to progressing in this game. Perfect mix of FPS and RPG especially on a phone.

  27. Resistance- says:

    This game is absolutely amazing. The graphics are great, and it’s packed with non-stop action. The only things I want you guys to fix/add are: Raise max level cap, and add a crouch/jump button where you should be able to wall run/wall jump and maybe be able to double jump since this game is really futuristic and those features will really give more life and competition to the game. Other than that, this game is amazing and I recommend it.

  28. Peter Otavsky says:

    I enjoy this game, but it gets repetitive and I don’t play it as much anymore. More storyline would be nice too, are we ever going to unlock the 4th planet? I have been enjoying the events, but several of the missions are glitching bad right now. The torment don’t move or get stuck when the drop down from above. If you can’t shoot or even see them you can’t complete the mission and have to return to the Hub.

  29. Hex Omega says:

    I’d still have to say its the best FPS on mobile due to the fact it is both multiplayer and has a single player campaign, but I have just returned after about a year or so to find there has hardly been any major updates. An option to block invitations is a must. I recieve and invite to something literally every few seconds and I cannot express how annoying that is. It would be great to be able to customize guns with different scopes and stuff to keep up with some of the other FPS games like CoD.

  30. Eric Mendoza says:

    This an amazing game. Highly customizable characters, tons of game modes, first person point of view action, a quick to the point storyline. What else could you ask for? Although this game may seem a perfect time killer it could use a few more things to make it a bit better. Like maybe a storage system in the game, a better chat system or item trading between players.

  31. Sctop Zhang (sctop) says:

    I surely love this game. It’s definitely worth playing and everyone should try it out. First of all, the graphics. The graphics itself for eyes is like a feast; with that said, it can still run smoothly on some old device. Sweet. Second, the shooting and the mission difficulty are just right to me. For me, I can’t aim the enemies well so it got auto-shooting stuff, and even I could only have accuracy around 40%-60% after that, it’s still fun and challenging. PS Madfinger please don’t give it up!

  32. Robert Manning says:

    This is an awesome mobile game. Great graphics, smooth play, and easy controls. Even the pvp seems to be balanced. It however gets four stars for two reasons. 1) It doesn’t take long to reach the low level cap. 2) I’m ok with having to pay gold to unlock certain boxes. I’ve bought gold because I felt the devs deserve it. But to unlock a gold box with rl money only to get paint or a sticker is a slap in the face. Take those out and you would get 5 stars easy!

  33. Joshua Shytle says:

    It would be a really fun game, except for the constant network disconnect. It really sucks during a mission to have the game reboot randomly, and have you start over. Repeatedly. Otherwise it’s very good, even if currently unplayable due to server issues. This happens even with full bars at 5G or on WiFi. Maybe too many people on at once? Regardless, I’ll take a break for a while and see if it gets better in a few months.

  34. Michael McNally says:

    The game glitches out when in the middle of a match at times. In wargames on the waves of enemies, it glitched out and reset right at the end of the game and I didnt get any loot from it that I acquired during the game. It is an awesome game overall but that glitch needs fixed. I would like for there to be more level content also, it seems like 20 is easy to reach and would be better if we can continue raising our levels. I will change my review when the glitch is fixed or items obtained stay.

  35. Ryan Fenters says:

    I’ve enjoyed almost every aspect of the game. The customization options for your charater and guns are endless. The missions and pvp are good as well. The one drawback I’m having an issue with is when you max out your character at lvl 27 there is really nothing left to play for. Or at least that I’ve seen anyway. You just do the same side missions over and over and over again. Which is starting to become repetitive. There’s also a 4th planet shown and no access to it. What gives?

  36. Joel Miller says:

    Absolutely love the game. Story lines are good and well thought out. Good for multiple play styles and great for social playing. Could have a better chat system just to open world chat without a microphone system. Main problem I have is lag when microphone is on or general load glitch. Other then that I have had no other major issues and have played off and on for about 3 years.

  37. Rocket :P The Racoon says:

    Great game, I like the fame system, graphics are not too realistic but also aren’t too simple hitting a nice middle ground. The only real problems I have are the excessive amount of things on your screen when you go to the hub, like ads and players and screens etc. The other main problem I have is the auto fire and reload for primaries and pistols. On the pistols it’s not too bad, but with the primaries it makes assault rifles hard to hit and shotguns pretty much worthless. Great game otherwise.

  38. Christopher Collins says:

    As an old school Doom fan, and a fan of other first person shooters, I’m mildly impressed with Shadowgun. Most free Android fps games are not that interactive or enjoyable. It’s a little dumbed down with autofire, limited enemy types, and one-way-trail, not open world, but it’s free and fun. Could use more boss encounters, grenades, and freedom of movement, like crouch and jumping. Not much sniper opportunities either. Still exploring and getting to know the menus…

  39. Travis Taylor says:

    I love this game! The game play is super smooth, rarely lags, great user interface and weapon arsenal, like the game really is freaking awesome. I give 4 stars only bc I have one single complaint through the whole game: You can’t drop items out of your inventory. You can sell the vast majority of it to clear the space. But there are these special “item boxes” you pick up and they sit in your inventory until you get a key to open them. I have 8 slots taken up bc I can’t get rid of them.

  40. CommadantX says:

    wish more stuff came out and more issues were fixed faster- eg the weapon grade lack of differentiation, new campaigns, new activities in hub, new game modes, etc. It feels like such a utopian world, pretty immersive, but at the same time slightly incomoplete. Gameplay wise the campaign is awesome and the special modes are pretty good but id want a longer campaign (again, better updates)

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