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Aug 19, 2022
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Shadow Fight 3 – RPG fighting Apk Download New*

Legend has it that a hero will come to stop the combat for shadow electricity. He will have to analyze 3 fighting styles, acquire the great guns and undertaking the strongest warriors.

The world is on the brink of an epic struggle. The potent force unleashed by way of the Gates of Shadows many years ago has turned into a weapon, and now 3 warfare clans are combating to decide the destiny of this force.

The Legion warriors need to destroy the dangerous power. The human beings of the Dynasty need to apply it for their personal advantage. While the mysterious ninjas of the Heralds clan discover the darkest secrets of the shadow energy.

Three clans, three global perspectives, and three combating patterns. Which facet will you join? Fight lower back with rage and courage in case you need to win!

Shadow Fight three is a cool preventing recreation that offers you a first rate danger to reveal your competencies to the world of players. Become a hero and shop the universe from fall.

It is a web RPG fighting recreation that keeps the tale of the Shadow Fight universe with new characters in 3-D. Get equipped for movement, cool brawls with powerful opponents, and an interesting adventure around the arena, wherein mystical forces reign.

Ready for a loopy fighting game? Black ninja, honorable knight, or professional samurai? Only you can pick out who your hero will be. Win specific skins in battles and customise your device hues to create a completely unique appearance.

Explore the fighting sorts of each of the three clans on this combating game. Create your personal combat style. Your hero can fight like a cunning ninja or a powerful knight. Harness shadow strength to supply powerful and magnificent blows which could change the course of the warfare.

Shadow Fight 3 – RPG fighting apk mod new

Influence the storyline via deciding on your extended family. Defeat effective bosses to assignment your nemesis, and then explore different worlds and tour back in time to learn new details of the tale.

Even while the principle tale war is over, the motion of a hero combating game maintains. Win duels by combating different gamers heroes controlled through AI. Brawl with the strongest warriors to take a place at the TOP-100 leaderboard and become a legend of your place!

Collect your non-public arsenal of guns and armor to test in battles and look cool in duels. After gathering a full set of gadget, you get unique talents to make it easier to win in a brawl. Plan your strategy and lead the attacking recreation till the quit.

Fight in regular themed events for RPG heroes wherein you could win uncommon skins, colours, guns, and armor. In those battles, you’ll face new heroes and research a variety of exciting details about the sector of Shadow Fight.

Colorful scenery and practical fight animations can rival console games.

Shadow Fight 3 is an thrilling RPG combat recreation that mixes the elements of a knight combating recreation, ninja adventures and avenue fights. Customize it the way you want and enjoy the attack. Be a hero and preserve fighting until the final battle comes!

Follow us on social media to analyze the hints and secrets and techniques of the sport from fellow players! Share the stories of your adventure, get updates and take part in competitions to win exquisite prizes!
Facebook: https://www.Fb.Com/shadowfightgames
Twitter: https://twitter.Com/ShadowFight_3
Youtube: https://www.Youtube.Com/c/ShadowFightGames

* Shadow Fight three is a web game and requires a strong net connection


40 comments on "Shadow Fight 3 – RPG fighting Apk Download New*"

  1. ShmittLuvin says:

    If I could rate this zero stars I would. Ever since that stupid update a few months back I’m not able to sign in. It keeps saying unable to connect to server. I know that my connection is very stable I’ve tried countless wifi networks, resetting my phone, uninstalling and reinstalling the app and yet nothing has worked. I was a pretty high level too and I had some of the best weapons. Just a bummer that the game doesn’t want to work..

  2. dark knight says:

    Originally I thought this game was.. horrible to say the least. However, now that I have a decent phone it doesn’t lag(most times) or crash, it isn’t nearly as bad as I thought. There are some iffy aspects about the game, like the insane combos on some weapons, the amount of keys needed to get a shadow chest, the hitboxes in some cases. If you put those out of the picture, there is a pretty good game. Keep up the good work, NEKKI.

  3. Raymond Skally says:

    Your game is very well developed, however, you are terrible at good game design. Instead of creating new and inventive fights, or simply improving the AI of established fights, you go with the easy and lazy route of making fights incredibly unfair, and simply reducing the damage the player can deal, and increase the enemies damage. You do not do anything fun or interesting, it is just the same battles over and over, with a new skin or boring non-important mechanic, that doesn’t effect the fight

  4. Hriday Kaushal says:

    I love this game, it is a good gaming experience. The graphics and the fights are good, and despite what others say, I have never experienced any lags or crashes or signouts on my chromebook. It is not pay to win, I have never spent a cent on it, but it can get infuriating sometimes with bosses as you have to wait to level up as you are stuck on an impossible rating.

  5. DeGanje G says:

    Love the game, it’s fun to play, can be challenging but its not necessary to pay to play with a bit of patience. Would have given 5 stars, but the one issue I do have is that it gets frustrating to have that patience, and when you spend gold to play, the game crashes and you lose the round, as well as what you spent to play it. It’s been crashing since the last big update mid-fight.

  6. Pranav Rajan says:

    This game is so fun! I love it because of how much detail they put in. The animations are so amazing and fits well with the graphics, the fighting is smooth. It’s less of the person with better stuff wins, and more of who can use their loadout in a better way. I was in a match with somebody that had the same weapon as me, but way better armor, yet I was still able to beat him because I knew the perfect way to incorporate a winning strategy with the weapon. I highly recommend this game!

  7. Nikolas Blood says:

    I believe I made a review before but I’m making a new one, at this point the “special offers” getting thrown in my face is annoying, the subscription to get some daily missions is downright evil, and the freezing problem has gotten worse. The game is good but the problems with it are just awful, the drop rates aren’t that great either. The leveling system is alright it makes it easier to keep you preferred weapon but it still has the weapon power creep that shadow fight 2 had

  8. Ruffuls says:

    I’ve always loved your games up until this point. There’s so much harm being done to this franchise and it’s all because of greed. I first noticed it in shadow fight 2, the reward system was done in a way where it forces you to either spend money, watch ads, or grind until you get lucky. This formula is being implamented into shadow fight 3 now. Right now, the rewards aren’t horrible but not admirable either. Unskippible ads while not even giving a reward? That’s an extreme warning sign.

  9. xProffesionalChrisx says:

    The game is pretty good, I’ve played it since it popped up on the app store. My biggest gripe is when it randomly freezes up during the loading pauses between fights. What I mean is after you win or lose a round, the game will stop loading and you’ll just be looking at the stage background. This is especially annoying after winning tough fights and having to forfeit because it freezes. This has been a problem for a year now.

  10. Gideon Cruz says:

    Look, this game would be very if it wasn’t for all the things wrong with it. First of all, the game is loaded with pop-ups wanting you to buy stuff(the game get progressively harder to where you can’t play it without buying new gear). Second, it freezes on loading screens and in battles in which you have to restart the app and you lose progress. Until these things are fixed don’t waste your time.

  11. MIKE says:

    Whenever the game crashes, it SHOULD NOT be counted as a loss, especially during a special token fight!!! This is still an issue even months later. Update: still crashes mid match every day. Especially frustrating if you’re on a winning streak and the entire match is a loss due to the game crashing at the final round.

  12. Chris Hodges says:

    I’m a developer as well as a gamer. SF3 is a really good game. The gating feels lagging for someone that likes to play through as opposed to buying one’s way to leveling up. Unarmed movesets should be separate from Armor sets mostly. Attacks seem delayed switching between moves. (Could be user error button spamming) Installed SFArena, so it shouldn’t pop up when attempting to interface with other UI. Be nice to cash in unused gear. Still a good fight em up.

  13. Jessie says:

    I’ve been playing this game for a few days now and it’s been great. I like the variety of weapons and armors to choose from and I don’t feel like it’s p2p. Rewards are plenty. It’s skill dependent, even if the enemy is stronger it’s not impossible to win. Only gripe is that the game crashes A LOT esp. if your internet connection isn’t strong. If you lose connection for a second the game doesn’t reconnect and you’re forced to restart the app. This has caused me to lose winning streaks/matches.

  14. passiveflyer28 says:

    This game is good at the start but gets worse overtime. Certain weapons are basically meta and can stun lock you. Pop ups are thrown into your face to get you to buy items that might be op then but later are already weak. Asides from story missions, there is no xp gain, which means you either need to get the subscription for additional missions or buy better gear to defeat bosses. It is a waste of money in the long run. Dear god, do not pay to play. Its gaming structure is near unstable as is.

  15. WarsawEagle says:

    Loads of ads. It’s strayed so far from being a casual and enjoyable game with beautiful graphics and art style, to a overmonitized hyper-realisitc fighting sim. And it sucks because the game itself isn’t bad, it’s fairly good, but the pressure to spend money on it is insane.

  16. Dubious X says:

    The game is okay with the exception of a big problem. The campaign gets hard FAST, I was only able to do a few fights before winning became unrealistic with the gear I had. But honestly the duels are nice because they seem to progress around the same pace as you so that is nice. Overall the game is decent.

  17. Ivan Christen says:

    To sum up, the game is very fun until you get to chapter 2. After that you are practically forced to use gear that honestly looks terrible and without paying money it is very hard to make progress. As someone who doesn’t pay for free games, this becomes really annoying. I suggest you stop playing after beating chapter 1.

  18. KrAbbY TunA says:

    Garbage new event with unbalanced gameplay, and game is always unbalanced, all the time, either its too easy or it’s way too hard, and pvp is obvious bot fights, would love to see a duel version where it’s against an actual player, but it’s just boring when it’s all pve, because you easily master the bot gameplay. Also literally constantly gives you pop-ups, with no option to turn them off, pissing me off constantly and really doing the opposite of what the pop-ups are meant to do.

  19. Ali's Treasuries! says:

    Not only does SF3 have a long and great storyline, it also has the best graphics I’ve ever seen in a mobile game. Personally, I don’t have much problems with freezing, I think it depends on the type of device you play on. I’ve seen that Samsung players have less lag and freezing FYI. The pop ups i don’t mind bc i can easily close them. This game does take some grind to progress if you don’t pay, but I don’t mind. The variety of armor and weapons is crazy, and I love the story line.

  20. C. E. B. says:

    It’s fun, when it isn’t crashing. A bit better than your typical mobile fighting game, weapons and armor are well designed and look cool. Story is meh, but people don’t play this kind of game for a riveting story. My only real complaint is that the game keeps crashing/locking up. It’s not my phone either, I’m on a Samsung S21. Every time it happens, no matter if I won the fight just before the lock up my win streak resets.

  21. Ivan says:

    The game is rather fun with an interesting plot and amazing graphics. I also like that is being constantly updated with new additions. Yet, the pop-up ads are extremely annoying, especially when you are lagging a bit and press on something else the very moment an ad pops up. This causes the game to close down bringing you to the page of the advertised app, which is not good mid-raid. And secondary, waiting time is not too pleasant.There is just nothing to do once if everything is on wait time.

  22. Ben Ellis says:

    3 starts for one infuriating reason. On a brand new Galaxy S22, the game freezes, requiring a restart. It used to be maybe once a day, now it’s doing it up to 3 times in a row. Phone restart, all sorts of trys, nothing has fixed it. It is infuriating to the point of me almost uninstalling a game I’ve got alot of time in, but I chose to take a break until it is fixed. Having it freeze multiple times on round 5 of a boss fight isn’t going to work for me guys…

  23. Shaheed Nazir says:

    I’ve played the game for quite a while now and from my experience, the game is very well made, controls ain’t hard at all, game is incredibly challenging, which is something I love in fighting games, though it can get super hard at times but that’s not a considerable problem, and as a lot of reviews talk about their laggy experience, fortunately, I didn’t experience any lag in the last few months and no crashes either, even high quality graphics doesn’t heat up my device so I really recommend it

  24. Anthony Sanfratello says:

    looks great, plays great, no ads.. quite difficult but not impossible. Kinda sucks the only way to level up is through story mode.. upside is that there is no energy use per battle which is nice. “Grind it out” UPDATED: Been playing consistently for the last few weeks, the game doesn’t get easier as I said before but YOU get stronger. It was totally worth the grind!

  25. Rajiv Basumatary says:

    The game has become slow and keeps freezing after fox hunt update. Need to fix. I had to restart after each match. Sometimes the booster packs woun’t open. Keeps freezing all the time. Has improved now. But I lost my win streaks because of the issue. Earlier I managed to accumulate a win streak of over 800+ and now it has been reset. Edit: working better now

  26. Toasted Carpenter says:

    This game is a pretty decent continuing after the second. My problem here is that sometimes the AI in this game is either intentionally too hard or ironically too easy to beat and the game can crash after a round. Still, the combat system is different from any ordinary fighter game, as it focuses on three different factions with tons of weapons and shadow combos to choose from. A fair 3/5 star, though I would not attempt the event/duels due to the increasing rarity of the fight.

  27. Sheheryar Shakeel says:

    This used to be one of my favorite games. The in game ad experience is so bad that I decided to uninstall it. The ads pop up and that’s ok, but the ads are never responsive, parts of it don’t fit the screen and you can’t close the ads. I got tired of closing the game everytime an ads pops up, and then restarting it hoping that I wouldn’t see another ad I can’t close. Too bad so sad that I have to uninstall it.

  28. Sulaiman Aumeer says:

    The game is not the best but not the worst. One of the most frustrating things in this game is, when you are actually doing well in duels, it gives you an extremely, highly, unfairly strong opponent who obviously would wipe you out after a few good hits. It continues to do so until you’ve lost a lot of ranks. AI opponents can be a bit hard too. But there are no ads which is great and has many different fighting techniques and weapons and armour which is also cool!

  29. Seow Leng Chua says:

    Reducing my rating to 1 star for the constantly unfair matchmaking in duels. There are more than enough players at my level, no need to make players lose to opponents they can’t beat! Game is INFESTED with ads to the point of them being annoying. Literally every minute an ad is randomly popping up, some of which can’t be skipped. Game often runs very slow even with settings on low. Sometimes smooth, then suddenly like a slideshow. Ads pop up wrong moment and you leave the game having to restart.

  30. Lalawmpuia Chawngthu says:

    The Game of Ads. Seriously, there are way too many ads in this game and they can’t be skipped. It’s a total turn off even though the graphics and movements of the fights are great. Also, if we win some rounds in a row (in duels), we get paired with opponents who can KO us with just one or two kicks/punches. It’s impossible to enjoy the game. It’s ridiculous. Definitely not a game you’d want to play when you have limited time (in between classes/work etc).

  31. BOCO, Robbie D. says:

    If you are a free to play then the grind will be the most infuriating thing in this game. You can’t do some daily challenges, you have to pay first. You can’t do some missions, you have to pay first. To upgrade weapons or armors it costs from hundreds to thousands real quick but the repeatable quests only give 5. That’s right, only FIVE. So I guess to progress you have to pay first ….or grind for hours for one upgrade. This is such a shame, the gameplay itself is fun, but it is too pay to win.

  32. Olivia Inko-Tariah says:

    The gameplay is good and all, total upgrade from shadow fight 2, but the one thing that drives me crazy is the no internet connection problem. I’m quite sure that I’m not the only one who has complained about this problem. My internet connection is as stable as it could ever be, yet it still says my connection may be unstable. This problem has gotten to bad to the extent that I can’t even play it anymore. Secondly, if I manage to get into the game, it just freezes and closes, even mid battle

  33. Alexis Gassan says:

    The game is excellent, I love it. The problem here is that the game crashes all the time and if it crashes in the middle of a fight, you lost it… and sometimes all you have is an only chance to win and you lost all the effort. Crashes doesn’t have anything to do with the Wifi connection because in my house I have 1GB speed connection and it chashes anyways.

  34. Allen Dickeson says:

    Post edit. After a couple of days of playing I have enjoyed the gameplay. But there are more negatives than positives. First constant crashing Ive probably spent about 10 minutes so far watching the adds for bonus equipment only for the game to crash before I can get the items or when I’m in a event crash. Getting my daylies crash. I will not spend one penny with the game in it’s current state. Don’t get me wrong I like the game but I will not spend money in thos state.

  35. Jesse Diaz says:

    The Shadow Fight 3 is a amazing game. Cool weapon and armor. Have amazing background graphic. But there’s one problem in the game. It always froze when I’m in a battle online, story events and special events on my phone. It make me furious mad because it will make me lose on battle and the only way to unfroze is to remove the tab and that makes me lose my trophy from a battle.

  36. Will says:

    This game looks fantastic, smooth animations,nice graphics, solid combat from what I’ve played (Not very much). In my short experience with the game it is essentially unplayable without buying something and watching 15million ads a minute. I have played 100s of mobile games and have never been hit by a pay wall so quickly. They give you a 5 minute tutorial and make the first level out of it impossible without buying something from there real money store. I mean really first fight after tutorial

  37. michael Yates says:

    Great game, very realistic but, if you play good, game will never let you fight people at your level. It will always place you at a disadvantage, making it harder & harder for you to win. Ads discourage you with freeze ups. Not worth purchasing subscription, knowing you will always be place at a disadvantage, no matter what gear you purchase. Game not design for equal play!

  38. Shaiyan Ahmed Khan says:

    Personally this game is very much good, plus the amount of content available (providing you sacrificed your phone’s storage) is way too much. But the fact that there are no other fights after you select a plane other then main quests and such and to get other fights you have to get their subscription isn’t the best. But I would still recommend this to anyone. And it has some of the best music I have heard.


    Huge bugs, ads and suddenly stopped when you are going into round 2. I want to request that they kindly fix this issues. Graphics quality mind blowing and action also too great. I want to give 5 stars but bugs and ads and also lagging too much in the game. That’s why i give it 2 stars feedback. And literally my gaming experience is awesome from 2 years. But suddenly…….

  40. chad l says:

    Probably one of my favorite games I’ve ever played. But the only hitch I have is the freezing of the game randomly and it happens very often. You are losing the things and status you have earned and getting set back. Especially when I’ve actually made purchases and then lose progress. Play at your own risk And I’m sick and tired of losing my place in ranking and wasting resources because of the glitches and freezing of the app.

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