Robot Crash Fight Premium Apk


Design and operate your remote-controlled robots to fight in the combat arena!
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October 19, 2022
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Robot Crash Fight Premium Apk

Design, assemble and function your remote-controlled armed and armored robots to combat in an area fight removing event now!

Robotic Crash Combat Top class Apk apk mod new

Robotic Crash Combat is the No.1 3-D robotic struggle festival sport on Google Play. Construct the epic roster of tough, combat hungry robots and crash your enemies! Equip your gadget with improbable guns and improve them to get rid of your fighters!

Robotic Crash Struggle Top rate Apk apk mod 2022

Sport Options:
– Be a grasp engineer: design, assemble, improve, and beef up without equal struggle robotic – Uncover dozens of loopy guns together with saws, hearth thrower, hammer, shocker, magnets, and a lot more – Surprising top of the range Three-D graphics and lifelike animations


40 comments on "Robot Crash Fight Premium Apk"

  1. Jearldine Christena says:

    Great game, however sooo not balanced, beat the entire thing in a couple hours. But I do like the direction of this, couple thoughts weapons need major balancing, premium currency past tier 1 easy to get, quick match “bots” as I know they are, are dumb need better AI, weapons need more variety and harder to get legendary, epics etc (can’t believe I’m saying that lol), and most of all TOO many ads like really every battle… Make it like 1 in 10 or something seriously. But keep going and this could really be a top notch game.

  2. Amye Buck says:

    Cash has no value or reason right now. And after stage 3 there is no point. (Btw you need to play quick match to 2 or 300 to get to stage two. 5 or 600 to stage 3) Needs at least a prestige level. Balancing weapons as well, because spear wins in every match. So much potential from a 3-d CATS games. Please update and let us know when these bugs are fixed.

  3. Edmond Cartwright says:

    I love this game except for one major factor, the building menu is trash. You need a way to recycle items as well as a way to remove chassis from build slot. I played for about a half hour but everything else had me hooked until I went to massively modify my robot and hit a brick wall of annoyance

  4. Perth Merilyn says:

    Absolutely love it. Ads aren’t S intrusive, sure a lot but nothing is stopping you from pressing back. The game play is fun, constantly ramming into enough like A DAMN PAIN TRAIN! I would recommend this to anyone and everyone!

  5. Dimiterios Dereke says:

    Fun Game, could do with a more effective sorting method for the spare parts though. Could also benefit from a way to sell the spare parts you dont want and buy new upgrades as well as a wider variety of upgrades. Last but certainly not least, a multiplayer would be super fun. Other than that great fun game/time killer.

  6. Maci Burnidine says:

    good game but very limited in all aspects. I comppeted the three challenge stages in a couple hours, and they are all there is. There are no instructions but I figured out finally how to upgrade. Its actually easy to do once you figure it out. There is about a dozen different weapon types but only three or four actually do any damage even after upgrading them. All in all its a fun game but with no advancement or future body, weapon, or extras upgrades there really isn’t any reason to continue.

  7. Acca Wynfrid says:

    Great game, good graphics, easy controls, the customization of bots is great. A place to buy parts would be nice, and being able to zoom out in the custom menu. Other than this it’s a great game.

  8. Brittney Elmira says:

    Actually interesting game, but needs improvements. first of all, an explanation to all items. second, ability to sell stuff. third, balancing of items: 1star item with 2 power consumption makes 30 damage, but a 3 star item with 4 power consumption makes 30 damage as well. overall good game.

  9. Costa Evania says:

    one of the best new games I played! its free to play, has nice graphics, and its mechanism is easy to understand . if developed well, im sure it will be great. the bots (enemies) needs buff though. i said that because i literally beat all 20 levels under 3 hours. also, it needs more levels. other than that, its perfect. if you need a beta tester for future development, please contact me because i want to register to be one

  10. Iahn Amandia says:

    i was so happy playing this game. it is worth your time and it is very rewarding. currently the only game which is not a pay to play and allows you to use rare currency only to get more rare currency. gameplay is awesome, controls good and overall experience is a blast. i cleared the whole game and really recommend it to those who want a game that is fair and that stops at a certain point.

  11. Maryann Calvert says:

    OMG! This game is perfect! Easy to understand how it works! And graphics are really good! The systems of the weapons like the ‘overturner’ is exactly how they would work in the real world! But you may have to add levels and buffs to bots. Other than that I recommend you install it!

  12. Indiana Ashton says:

    I really love this game, hope the devs. would include more stages and rebuff the Ai used for the enemies since the Ai’s are kinda so-so. Also, maybe make the tutorial more informative not just focusing about the controls but also about customization such as the different parts and their respective power. Lastly, how about adding a shop to spend the money that we get after every fight ? It’s just sitting there doing nothing. Really love this game…keep uo the good work

  13. Lynn Poll says:

    When you look thru the list to make or change a robot it takes items and uses them for upgrades, that needs fixed. Little too touchy on controls as well, but pretty fun game so its worth checking out. 😊

  14. Edrik Mindi says:

    Every ads in the app is skipable by pressing the back button on your phone which is great, graphics are Okay, easy to learn and progress. In fact, you get more diamonds from opening chests than it cost to skip the waiting time on chests, rendering the act of buying diamonds using real money a complete waste, unless you’re gunning for the 99 diamonds chest in the shop but then again you can just grind free diamonds using the method above.. Great game!

  15. Sydney Clyford says:

    Pretty good fun, but is the first stage of 20 arena challenge matches it? How do I play the next 2 stages? Also, I realise the gold coin things are the only apparent useful in-game currency, but what is the in-game paper money do? Does it just keep piling up? I can’t seem to find anything to spend it on, but yet there is still an option to buy more of this seemingly useless money! Am I missing something? All up I played on & off for about 4hrs, is there nothing more to strive for?

  16. Shermon Tamerlane says:

    Awesome game. Lots of fun. Keeps me entertained when nothing else will. Play it for hours. It does have some minor bug issues. Thats the only part of the game thst is frusterating. I have to keep going back & forth with installing & uninstalling.

  17. Matthias Caryn says:

    Could be alot better. And everyone that cant figure out how to unlock the other stages, you have to play quick match until you get so many trophies. I think stage 2 unlocks around like 300-500 and stage 3 around 750? Probably wromg but just play until you unlock. This game would be much better with a shop and more stages. Im pretty sure they stopped doing anything with the game. Dont spend money on it either its pointless.

  18. Rumour Eton says:

    Some bug made me lose my first track and had to fight with just a pair of wheels until I got another track. other than that, really fun but small and easy game. I’d love to see more of this. and some multiplayer maybe. even if its not realtime

  19. Lizz Hare says:

    Found a very effective setup to quick and there should be more to do plus the chests are over powered because they can give you more than twice the amount of gold you spend on it same with the missions they need to give little less gold. Also the robots get to easy with the set up i have. I have 2 spears on the front with a graber. That is my best solution. But the same thing with the money to upgrade the parts. You get it very fast so i suggest that you tune the earning of the gold and money.

  20. Jenai Eldrid says:

    Fun for about a day or 2. No online opponents. If ya find the right body fast, an figure out the item grind like I did to stay ahead of the pack, you’ll get to challenge stage 3, second day playing this app if your lax. Get in on the corners of your “bot” opponents an you’ll win like 99.9 % of the time. The Ai is lax, bots dont even triger their trigerable devices, and the challenges seem intimidating; yet aren’t even that challenging if your a good driver!😋

  21. Rickey Patton says:

    Its cool but not much to it. You’re either using a projectile weapon, running away and turning around to shoot from a somewhat distance, or you are using a smasher and just pressing up against the opponent hoping your saw or smasher kills them before their smasher kills you. That’s about it. I don’t know how I’d fix it but it feels like more could surely be done here. Decent though.

  22. Ranjana Sarkar says:

    I never leave reviews, but i thought it was necessary for this one.. I absolutely loved it, There are glitches and all but if you like BATTLEBOTS(the actual competition)this is really great choice. The thing is you can really win it with ease and at the end, it really is’nt all that great. But mind it, at the start , it really gives you a adrenaline punch as it can be rigged at times. The designs are all great choices but there is no tutorial so it took me time to know how everything works.

  23. Samuel Lanigan says:

    I’m rating 5 star not only because its a pretty cool game but it brought back memories of watching robot wars! All this game needs is a remaster better graphics and more damage I.e removal of armour and weapons and this is will be perfect, I wish this would be brought out onto the consoles I believe loads of people will buy this just as they did maneater a simple game with all the potential to be special…

  24. Apollyon says:

    Has potential. Can’t remove body from one of your 3 available spots, you can only replace with another one…which sucks. Can’t sync with Facebook or Google, sucks again. Also, stage 1 has 20 levels, beating each level rewards you with a chest which has different parts for building/adding to your bot/s. However, once you beat level 20 of stage 1, stage 2 doesn’t open nor does it give any hint as to how to open it…and a third sucks. UNINSTALLED!

  25. Who Cares says:

    Has some potential but it’s rather poorly made, feels quite hacked and thrown together in a rush without much thought. Controls are somewhat finicky to use. Doesn’t look like a finished product, seems it was released before the development has been finished.

  26. MAYOLA, Jave R. says:

    Lemme tell ya what you need to improve and add: 1. Multiplayer, endless and online battles. 2. Merchants (where you can buy and sell items) 3. Graphics (of course) 4. More challenge stages. 5. Medium, hardcore, expert and nightmare difficulties. 6. 5 star items bought by real money. 7. Seasonal rankings, tournaments and worldwide championship (that needs an internet connection of course) 8. Balanced offline and online gameplay 9. Ad-free version 10. restart and replay buttons Maybe this help

  27. Andyou says:

    I love the game the graphics are great the controls are fine but there is one problem the levels add some more levels because it is to finish the game like you can finish the game by just spending some few hours so please on the next update add some more level add more 7 stages and add some mode like boss mode survival mode and etc. That’s it keep it up good game

  28. Romano Jantjies says:

    The idea of the game is good but it needs more in-game settings as well as better controls and graphics. The gameplay and controls are too simple and when it comes to designing our own bots, it would be cool if better designs can be made by the players including changing its statistics of each body part of the robot.

  29. Ross J says:

    I watched Battle Bots, and got sad cause I miss Robo Games, so I wanted a game where I can destroy robots like on the show and I found it. With the money system, I’m not going to stop upgrading even when it’s not necessary since that’s all it’s good for, and I can see myself curing moments of rage by destroying my robotic enemies. (Taste my flames of disaster!!!) 10/10, will most likely tell my best friend about this

  30. Ying Yang says:

    The robot stays as default settings regardless of the upgraded parts you have available. It has a hammer and a blowtorch but it won’t let you change that to a saw or a railgun etc. Controls are terrible and the screen just spins around when you “slide” left and right. It could have a “3 robots remaining” title during matches. Nowhere to spend game cash like a shop or anything and no option to sell the items you don’t need. Updates needed.

  31. neil metcalfe says:

    There’s the foundation of a reasonable game here. Unfortunately many bugs mar the experience, and the game doesn’t feel fully finished. I’m sure there’s more features to come, and it’s a mostly solid start. Yes it’s offline, but there’s too many ads. At the end of EVERY fight there’s an ad, this could be done better with a get more rewards for winning watch this ad type of thing

  32. Chenaniah Feliciano says:

    Great game. A few problems though. After defeating all 20 fights in stage one of challenges I thought I would move on to stage 2. However I’m still locked out. Everytime I click on the bonus box it says network error. I love this game but unfortunately can’t get very far due to glitches I think.

  33. Rasul Alkurdi says:

    No multiplayer or tournaments, only 3 stages of challenges which done in less than 4 hours, and there should be the minimum power needed to equip weapons, the idea of the game is great but the application is not

  34. Adam White says:

    The challenge stages are pretty fun. After that the game loop becomes extremely boring as you’ll have enough power to win quick matches in under 4 seconds and spend more time watching ads and loading screens than playing the game. For the 3-4 hours it takes to beat the stages it was a good time though.

  35. Nilltex Overfall says:

    Very great game but i finished this game below 13 hr which there must be more stages in challenges and better rewards but the ad my man

  36. Nissan Thomas says:

    This game won’t let me drag a single body on to number 3,so this game is horrible.

  37. Brandon “Henrykissmyassinger” Decker says:

    Good so far. Only played one round. Will expand when I play longer.

  38. Fully Loaded Removals Lowestoft says:

    Completed all stage one but stage 2 remains closed. Just pointless

  39. Dayanand Govekar says:

    Smooth controls, balanced enemies, perfection.

  40. Shade Raven says:

    Horrible graphics. Why can’t we have 1 good battle bot game that everyone plays…. not just a bunch of ps2 graphic trash games.

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