You are a solar powered craft. The sun is your death timer.
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Flippfly LLC
November 17, 2022
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You are a solar-powered craft. The solar is your loss of life timer. Hurtle in opposition to the sundown at breakneck velocity in a futile race in opposition to time. Prolong the inevitable through catching velocity boosts which opposite the atmosphere solar – if just for a second. Race The Solar: Day by day Problem Version is encouraged via arcade video games of the previous with a focal point on top ratings, brief sport classes, and natural amusing mingled with nerve-wracking pressure. The foundations are easy: don’t crash, keep within the mild, and don’t decelerate!


This re-creation of the sport comprises a number of new options together with new change ships, colourful new trails, and a brand new “day by day problem” machine that can take a look at the abilities of even probably the most skilled avid gamers.


Christmas has come early! We’re nonetheless running to take away the lives machine by way of finish of the yr, however within the interim, take a look at what your lives are refilling to…



  1. Edlynn Jenella says:

    This is a really fun game. However, a bug surfaced yesterday which has made the game unplayable. Everytime you crash, the game locks up, and has to be force closed. Before this started happening, the game is a solid 5 stars. Until the bug is fixed, has to be 1 as it has become entirely unplayable.

  2. Adam Du Puis says:

    After 3 crashes, you have to wait 5 minutes for another life. I own it and play it on the regular on PS4 with a maxed 25 Level ship. The experience is much better on PS4. Unlimited lives and no ads. Can play for hours uninterrupted and that’s nice. The trails on the mobile version should be implemented into the PS4 version.

  3. Daniel says:

    To preface: I’ve been playing RtS since it first came out, so my standards are high. This is a solid mobile version of an amazing game and worth the $5 purchase. Only the default mode is in the game, but there are exclusive ships not found in the PC/console versions, which is nice. My only knock is that on the touch controls, pressing jump will nudge your ship slightly right or left if you don’t push it dead center, which can cause crashes. If this is ever fixed, consider my review five stars.

  4. armyofwin says:

    Great game for flow state and just wasting time. The Barrel Roll mechanic is super clunky and inconsistent, a double-tap on one side of the screen would work better. Ads are reasonable, relatively short, and let you play the game without excessive interruption. Recharge times for lives are short enough you can walk away, make a snack, and have lives refilled by the time you are done eating. Good game, just some mechanics are a little underdeveloped.

  5. r winters says:

    I paid to remove ads because if a person wants to play this for more than 5 minutes the ads do get pretty annoying. I enjoy the physics of this game & controls. Easy to learn but hard to master, it would help would to not requiring ridiculous accomplishments to advance. Unfortunately, your paying to get rid of ads does not eliminate all other potential purchases, & the backgrounds are monotonous after a while, more diversity in scenes needed. ETA: Jump storage, solar battery don’t work! Fix pls!

  6. MongoFifty says:

    This game is pretty dang cool. You fly your solar powered ship through different regions collecting tris and power-ups. All while trying to avoid obstacles and stay out of the shadows. There are also portals to other regions that are kinda easier than the regular regions. You can add up to three attachments to your ship(s) at max level. There are also challenges to help you earn tris to level up faster.

  7. PhantomRaptor1 says:

    Amazing game! It’s one of those “easy to pick up, hard to master” type of app. I enjoy the simplistic designs, the customization (limited as it is), and the challenge. My only complaint is that I can’t find the “Apocalypse” gamemode, but the normal game is more than enough to keep me occupied. The levels also randomly generate every day, which keeps things fresh and interesting. I highly recommend this game if you want a good time waster πŸ™‚

  8. Shadow Gaming says:

    The game itself is peaceful. I love the mechanics of the game and how it’s based on the title. What I would love to see is a game mode called: Race the Moon. The game would have the same mechanics but the field will start off darker and get darker over time. The zones of light will be slightly harder to tell from the obstacles due to the lack of light and the game mode would automatically take place at around 8pm depending on time zones. Appreciate the game entirely.

  9. Nostalgia! 533 says:

    It’s a good game good visual effects and is generally fun, however I wish you could see further and had better control over the barrel roll, it would mess things up for me because I still don’t exactly know how to do it and seems random for me, but I want to say for people to try, the music in Star Trek the motion picture when the Enterprise is leaving spacedock fit the games atmosphere and felling so much better than the music that is already in it! It’s peaceful!

  10. Heywood Jaexcuseme says:

    Was an excellent idea, but the steering didn’t seem to work very well for me. The scene-work was just fine & art style was a nice change; nice mood, nice perpetual view to the horizon. I’d definitely play it a bit more if I just didn’t crash so much. If the steering cannot be fixed, I’d try difrnt coloured small health powerups, & maybe stunts to get them to drop from sky ahead of player(very small in the distance.) Good idea, just needs a little fixing. Ramps were gr8 –> go higher see more!

  11. Gonato, Karl Irvin Seth says:

    A fun difficult game with great graphics, gameplay and experience are on a level even 99% of all mobile games couldn’t reach, the ads aren’t shoved into your face and are actually optional, and the dev’s attitude towards pointless cosmetics are spot on. But: It could do better without the “Challenge Edition” part of its name, the hearts system should be removed as it is a handicap during commutes, needs more content like ships and stuff, and the game needs to start out slower. Over all; 10/10

  12. Kutastha says:

    Simple yet elegant graphics with smooth animation but gameplay feels unfinished. A few things that could make this game really shine: 1) An option to use the phone’s gyroscope for steering. 2) A better way to do barrel rolls. 3) Some kind of collision warning system such as highlighting the tip of a wing in red when an obstacle is approaching. 4) More engaging missions, maybe some involving other craft and weapons. 5) A button to exit the game.

  13. Jack Stuart-Sutherland says:

    Really neat concept, very addictive! I would like to express some concerns though: 1. If only going to give us 5 lives at a time at least give us the option to revive after crashing by watching an ad or something. 5 lives runs out in 2 minutes. 2. The upgrades are way to expensive, and are basically just cosmetic πŸ™ 3. Please let us save our progress each region, instead of starting all the way back at level 1 every time you crash. Thanks πŸ™‚

  14. Chris O'Neill says:

    Great game, love the way it introduces new elements as you progress through the levels. It would be nice if it kept giving random challenges after you reach max. level, but the arcade high-score style of gameplay makes you want to keep going and keep improving!

  15. Ethan Rasberry says:

    This game is as challenging as it is exciting. Edited: For some reason, the run was the exact same for like, 3 days in a row, so I updated immediately when I saw that it was available. Only now, there’s an ad after every death. Most annoying thing ever.

  16. Abi says:

    Nice game just lack of motion effect , you should added “handheld shake” like effect not too intense tho…Love the game and keep going! And make the game saturated a bit cause I like colourful games

  17. Himayan Singha says:

    Dear Developers, Thanks for the quick resolution. This is an absolute delight! Beautiful… Engaging… Feels like lowkey Star Trek πŸ˜› But for some reason my achievements are not unlocking… I’m on level 23 and I haven’t got the achievement for completing level 15 and 20! Developers please look into it! I absolutely love this game… This minor glitches should be polished! ❀️

  18. aniket shelar says:

    please add an “on screen back button”, because for some phones the game opens in full screen mode, so the back button hides automatically, hence we have to always put in extra effort to get the back button on screen, makes it a bit irritating if i have to do it 4-5 times while playing, apart from this the gaming experience is very good

  19. Joseph Pellegrino says:

    Really great game awesome graphics fun and challenging and thank you to the developer for responding I have very much appreciated this is a very awesome game and to see a poor rating of a 3.8 it’s just wrong this game is worth five stars the controls are very smooth gameplay is very good and the graphics are excellent

  20. Arif Haque says:

    Very fun, no ads AND challenging. U can play it anywhere when u have like 5 minitues or so.

  21. Null Gamer says:

    i was gonna report the crash at the beginning but the time i was the update button and “Fixed mysterious crash at the beginning of the level” i got excited so much, thank y’all

  22. Zenitsu says:

    This game is best racing game available for Android!! I love playing Race The Sun!!! The game’s graphics are amazing and gameplay is also good!! Please remove the lives from this game, it is like hell and make it like PC version of the game!!! It is the best game!!! This game has few trails and ships to choose from but, they are very costly and good!! I have truly fantastic experience!!! Thanks to developers for such an amazing game available for Android and iOS devices!!!

  23. Abubakr Bardien says:

    I have a suggestion, instead of the “turning jets” attachment, there could be sensitivity slider in settings so the player can choose how fast or slow they want the controls

  24. Emil Pulickal says:

    The game was fun. Can get used to the mechanisms and physics easily. Got hooked for a few days and then left once i reached level 24 which is the highest. Recently logged back on to pass time when i noticed after every round i get an advertisement. Its getting really annoying now plus there’s no new content. If there’s anything changed in the last months its just addition of ads.

  25. Nightmare Awakens says:

    Very fun, map is different everyday, ship is semi-customizable. Pretty fun game, and doesn’t get repetitive

  26. Timothy Crowther says:

    Great game. There’s a bug that has muted the audio permanently, can’t seem to fix it. Seems good otherwise.

  27. ace ofsulls says:

    but there is a bug when you unlock something and it does not apear and i still have one “!” notifacation on my ship icon please fix.

  28. Mohd Shuaib ilyas says:

    Amazing game best for time pass when internet goes off this will be my favourite timepass game however Dev’s must get 2 mode 1st mode will be verses mode where 2 people will race till there death if one dies then the other one wins and 2nd mode will be just multiplayer where 2people will play in one mode also in 1st mode Dev’s must give players items so the player can use them to use on eachother it will be a amazing game just need some new mode items🀩.

  29. LSG UK says:

    Really great game at its core. What’s a shame is the developer’s greed ruining the experience. Intrusive loud ads get played right after you ‘die’ is absolutely jarring. Not to mention unsocialble to have stupid obnoxious noises blasting out your phone. That coupled with the ‘lives’ that already limit your play (that you have the option to either wait x amount of time for more or ‘buy’ by watching more ads is simply double dipping exposure greed. Such a shame. The Xbox version was great.

  30. Raphael Nwuba says:

    Enjoyed it alot. Was difficult and frustrating at first, but I’m glad I kept at it. Now done with all the levels and I feel almost as good as Horizon made me feel

  31. Allyssa George says:

    I don’t usually give feedback on games but I’m totally in love with RTS. It’s intense. There’s always a little mystery as to what obstacles lay in the next region. You have goals to work toward and can customize your ship. I’m very happy with this game.

  32. Markz Gaming says:

    It’s quite good though, this game is a real challenge, its like hardcore mode in a battle. Deserve 5stars

  33. Alexander Kunar says:

    I only have one chance to hear the soundtrack. After that dead silence, can’t even use my Spotify.

  34. Athul Nair says:

    excellent game, it will be super awesome if multiplayer mode is implemented.. like play with friends option.

  35. Ganendra Danadyaksa says:

    This game is very good. I sometime play it when I have no internet connection. But sometimes I play online because most of the game I have is mostly kinda boring πŸ˜„

  36. FFM Michael says:

    Race the sun definitely has a good concept. It is unique in its own fashion however there are some fatal flaws such as the addition of “lives” which ruins the general experience coupled with the fact that you have to wait for it to reload by watching an ad which constantly fills up screen whenever I play. The graphics gives me 80s vibes which is totally a good thing but lacks substance.The game would be a killer if it had a diverse soundtrack. Really wish you can improve more on the game.

  37. Ryan Lashway says:

    Great way to kill some time, just needs to have the ability to control the screen as allowing notifications to display over the app makes it impossible to play.

  38. Philasande Future scientist (2022_Unleashed_2022) says:

    This game is so much fun and I never say that to games but it needs checkpoints or something. I have gone way too far to keep on restarting every time I press retry . The addition of ‘lives’ run out way too quickly so please consider this review.

  39. Kyle Sullivan says:

    So addicting! I absolutely love this game and even more that the course changes every day! These devs know what’s up! Seriously though, amazing game devs! Any plans for a VR adaptation? It would be pretty sick to be sitting in a cockpit going that fast! Oh and try playing this game with the song “Formula Of Fear” By Hybrid in the background, whole new experience 😁

  40. Caleb Tecson says:

    At first I was not really hooked, there was only 5 lives, and the ads you have to watch after your 5 lives was 30 second long. But after the update, they made it from 5 to 15. There was also new maps and mechanics. I can see you guys are really listening to your community. Keep up the great work!

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