Onraid – Online PVP Brawl Premium Apk


Onraid is free 2D brawl game with online PVP battles.
3/5 Votes: 1,448
Pragmatix Ltd
March 16, 2018
4.4 And Up
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Onraid – Online PVP Brawl Premium Apk

Onraid is mmorpg, unfastened multiplayer 2Nd shooter with on-line PVP struggle. The place you might be unfastened to broaden your individual play taste and ways to smash your enemies.

Onraid – On-line PVP Brawl Top rate Apk apk mod

Onraid gives intense fight modes, a various set of personality categories and cosmic visuals. Crew up with pals or strangers to beef up your possibilities as you fight unknown enemies, abnormal bots. Use the pieces amassed on raids to craft tough guns, devices and skins and customise your quirky persona. Play without cost, time to shooter Onraid!

Onraid – On-line PVP Brawl Top class Apk apk

10 PERSONALITY CATEGORIES, every of which has its personal strengths and weaknesses, guns and units. Tweak your personality in your most well-liked recreation taste.

Onraid – On-line PVP Brawl Top rate Apk apk mod new

Four DISTINCTIVE FIGHT MODES, every with other settings and targets.

Onraid – On-line PVP Brawl Top rate Apk release

CRAFTABLE APPARATUS. Acquire pieces from raid bins to craft other guns, units and skins, each and every of which has their very own strengths and weaknesses. Construct over 70 guns, 90+ devices, and 70 skins. Customise your personality in techniques that may at once impact your techniques, and broaden your individual play taste.

Onraid – On-line PVP Brawl Top rate Apk apk mod 2022

PVP LEAGUES. Get to the highest of the scores as a person or as a group!


40 comments on "Onraid – Online PVP Brawl Premium Apk"

  1. Kimberlie Jerelyn says:

    Когда в Стиме играл в её PC версию. Игра понравилась. Как и раньше. Лишнего в интерфейсе ничего нет. Научиться играть – легко. Игра подвижная. Скиллов разновидностей много. Костюмы тоже есть и различаются не только внешне, но и плюшками. Оружия тоже есть и точно самое почти, только баффов нет, в целом это различия внешне, редко там чем-то различаются, во всяком случае по описаниям как я увидел. Есть несколько режимов. Как пример – это сбор кристаллов и относ их в приёмные пункты, а кто первее/больше соберёт – тот и победил (знаю, я прямо капитан очевидность). Персонажей тоже много. В целом есть 3 класса. Я бы так их описал: ближники с оружием ближнего боя, дальники с уроном по одной цели и дальники по массе. Из-за того, что приходится часто в игре скакать по “этажам” на карте, придётся пару игр привыкать к управлению. Прицеливание – самонаводящиеся. Что приятно, помимо хп есть и щит. Он регенирируется со временем, по сути он как второй жир, но тонкий. По этому порой и с минимум хп можно выживать при удачливых/опытных руках) Ой и да… Я не могу без шуточки, которая глупо читается. Здесь есть сундуки! КСГО’шникам самое то ^_^ Ладно, шутка такая себе, ибо никакая)

  2. Lorenna Gabriell says:


  3. Emmalene Alvena says:

    Game is not even booting up on asus zenfone 2

  4. Basil Natalene says:


  5. Jo Davella says:

    Not skill based which is why other people rated it as boring and trash.

  6. Fitzsimmons Traci says:

    I played it on my pc through steam and that experience was good but now on
    mobile the controls aren’t too handy and one major problem is that the
    ‘English’ language is missing.

  7. Richendra Elly says:

    Awesome game ever

  8. Wilber Rhawn says:

    Great game but all you do is vrs bots and for thoes who cant find english
    its in the settings.

  9. Dawnielle Scarlet says:

    expand the fighting arena thats all

  10. Annette Prue says:

    I have this game on steam and I love it!

  11. Waverly Kassie says:

    From Pc To The Android

  12. Christos Elease says:

    normal game

  13. Awel Adrin says:

    It was fun, but just sad your greedy about hero, we cant even own one which
    is sad its like borrowing it

  14. Teagan Nataline says:

    It’s in russian.

  15. Kingsley Amedeus says:

    Been looking everywhere for a game like this and this one is by far the

  16. Anamaria Darwin says:

    Boring and you play with bots not with players…

  17. Dack Rhearn says:

    Russian? Really? I fail to see where did you inform us that the game is in Russian and ofcourse i dont know how to change it to english cause I cant read Russian and idk of its even possible to do so…too bad the game looked like fun.

  18. Hastings Aston says:

    Russian really? No English. Uninstalled

  19. Katheryn Nan says:

    This game is so good. I do not know russian only english,justc changed the settings.

  20. Bronsen Avianna says:

    It says online PvP battles but so far it seems that all the matches and raids I have gone into are all with NPCs. I can tell because of the names and the AI. How do I actually fight with other players? I also do not see any way I can change my name. I was giving it 3 stars but now I am giving it 2 becuase I see that you don’t even get to keep your characters. I don’t wanna play it anymore now.

  21. Lanna Lanna says:


  22. Tennyson Nikky says:

    not bad add more heros and can you add a hero that uses his fist but it does 40 hit ponts but can you a alt fires to all heros like daves singal shot just tap 2 to shoote 5 shots 5 star

  23. Berk Claribel says:

    its a good game but i fell like im playing against bots like every game i drop 30+ kills and 0 deaths

  24. John Brandyn says:

    im having fun with this game

  25. Woodman Amberly says:

    Don’t play unless you speak Russian

  26. Antuan Ernestino says:

    The graphics are nice and everything but plss add english i mean cmon only russian if this game doesn’t have english then its disappointing!!!!

  27. Grayson Leonato says:

    Very nice game, with no updates. IDK why? Edit: The Google Play Games main screen game iconography is wrong.

  28. Sterling Timotheus says:

    Doesn’t work

  29. Katlin Jordi says:

    Really it is a game that we must play at least once

  30. Lexus Sasha says:

    For a english language just hit the gear logo on top(option)then just randomly tap all option and if you found an english option(there is two english option one for voice and one for language)and there you go.By the way this is a fun game i recommend it😉😉

  31. Spark Hero says:

    Still no update, but update will bring ads. But still the same iconography error in Play Games.

  32. Ryder Spark says:

    I played this game on my older phone, works fine. But on Android 10 it seems to stuck on the Loading Screen forever. Pls fix this. And also fix the App Icon and Play Games Iconography. Pls update and don’t add ads. Note: This game didn’t run on Android 10 as well as not on this account.

  33. Sergey B says:

    it’s doesn’t LOADING the Game !! why it is HERE for Downloading ???

  34. Anil Rawat says:

    doesn’t even start

  35. Dalvok De Sudden says:

    Stays stuck on loadin screen not even workin

  36. JoJo Goodmen says:

    Games not bad but I wish you could have added like a sniper class or something at least at a different class maybe a few more maps maybe a few more skins and you would completely sell me on this but overall good game keep it up

  37. Tariq W2 says:

    Bad game

  38. MARCUS MAXWELL says:

    Good game love it

  39. Ricky Patterson says:

    I haven’t been able to play this bad boy! I downloaded it and when I go to play it it gets about 3 quarters of the way and freezes. I’ve tried re downloading it several times,always the same. Help me out baby.

  40. Kash UkAcc says:

    The game is stuck on the loading screen please fix

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