Night Agent: I’m the Savior Mod Apk New 2022*


Great ARPG mobile game! One vs thousands! Funny adventure awaits!
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October 27, 2021
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Night Agent: I’m the Savior Mod Apk New 2022*

The global is disordered, time so that you can be the savior! ARPG cell sport 【Night Agent】is coming! Some disguised scholars in a highschool are the tremendous heroes of balancing Yin and Yang? Hello, switch scholar! I will see the prospective inside you. Why don’t you sign up for us and save the arena?

Evening Agent: I’m the Savior Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod new

【Game Features】
One vs 1000’s. Wipe out devils with cool strikes! Tremendous cool combat revel in, remarkable design of abilities and incessant enemies. Simply set loose your true self!

Evening Agent: I’m the Savior Mod Apk New 2022* liberate

Brokers Compile! They’re all of the talented. Beautiful Three-D fashions, characters are alive. Lengthy vary or melee, bodily assault or magical harm. Select the best way you play! Goddess, lolita and domineering girl, you’ll be able to select whoever you prefer. Prepare your best possible squad!

Night time Agent: I’m the Savior Mod Apk New 2022* apk

Humorous tales! Are living a supernatural day by day existence. Filled with dramatic performances and plots. It is a playable animation for your hand. Let’s seek out devils and save the arena!

Night time Agent: I’m the Savior Mod Apk New 2022*

Gather and domesticate, historical holy beasts might be nice helpers! To find out holy beasts and signal contracts. You’ll be able to wield the traditional energy in the event that they settle for you.

Evening Agent: I’m the Savior Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod 2022

Co-op mode. Heroes won’t ever be by myself!
Can’t deal with an enormous satan? Don’t concern, simply summon your highest pals to seek it in combination! Wipe out your enemies and feature a laugh in combination!

Evening Agent: I’m the Savior Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod

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40 comments on "Night Agent: I’m the Savior Mod Apk New 2022*"

  1. Ginna Cyanne says:

    Overall, the gameplay is similar to Honkai Impact, though a lot less interesting mechanics. Nevertheless, I like the gameplay. The one star is left for improvement, as the cover and characters art are well-designed, but not the manga/cutscenes. The proportions are out of place, and sometimes, the proportions don’t even match the characters at all. The characters clearly have voice actors, but they never speak during cutscenes. I would love to see that happening in the future improvements.

  2. Lester Darleen says:

    It’s really great!! It’s like a combination of the games I’ve played. I love the visuals, I love how it’s not laggy despite all the effects and entities. Overall, a great game!! One thing though, if you can, in the future, please add more characters. Maybe S or SS characters. So that we have more choices to pick.

  3. Raoul Ginny says:

    Great alternative for Hi3; a lighter and smoother version. There are a lot of translation errors, but they’re still understandable. A few bugs here and there. Game runs surprisingly well even with tons of enemies on screen, graphics are nice, skill effects look cool and the voice acting is pretty great. Game has potential. Needs more male characters, Yee is such a dork

  4. Anamaria Teressa says:

    The game is great, animation is great, with a the effects and animations going around, the game is running smoothly on my device. Microtransaction is affordable and will not break the game that much. A few suggestion to improve – 1) tutorial rewards time period is too short to reach level 100 with the energy cap 2) growth reward need to be clearer for buyers to purchase. 3) some guides will be much appreciated for materials Thank you for developing the game

  5. Posh Isalie says:

    The game is great and I am very much enjoying it. As with all these games, there is a lot of options to spend real money, but none of these feel to forced. One thing is though, the in game money used for upgrading equipment and skills seem greatly unbalanced. There is just too little given out in stages compared to what must needs be spent. If this could be fixed it would be a great asset to the game. 🙂 Thanks for the great game!

  6. Atteworthe Camie says:

    I was promised 1 vs 1000 action and got maybe 1 vs 50 at most. Would like to see an endless mode where you can just zone out to killing baddies. Would be sweet. No heals, just one vs a ton of enemies with rewards based on how many you kill. So far fun, though. 4 stars because of the forced tutorials though, sorry. I like playing at my pace. Not being forced into battles when I merely want to explore the menues. Good game. Get rid of the forced tutorials or ad a skip feature and I’ll 5 star.

  7. Evaleen Prue says:

    Game’s great! Love the artwork, character designs and the whole anime theme. Its a gacha game and it’s not right to compare it with huge games like Honkai. With so many unique agents I’m sure the game will stay fresh as long as we keep getting new ones. However, if I stick to one for even a few stages, it feels kinda repetitive. I’m still rooting for its success, and if we get more technical combat mechanics, then I’ll have no other demands and give it a solid 5 star rating!!!

  8. Brine Levina says:

    The game is well built, and has some incredibly graphics and original but familiar character design. It’s pretty straight forward in it’s approach Which is nice as it makes it easy to pick up and put down. But it does fall a little short on making you feel like what you are doing has any urgency. The translation is a little rough but mostly sparse minor issues.

  9. Sam Bailey says:

    Amazing gameplay all around. Controls are incredible and responsive. I’m so glad I came across this gem of a game. There are some poor translations and spelling errors in English but I can overlook those because the game is so enjoyable. It would be nice if they would put a little more effort into a better translation team, though. It would help with the immersion factor of the game. My only complaint would be that I wish had deeper customization options to highlight it’s RPG aspects.

  10. Nutmag says:

    Perfect game, graphics, gameplay, characters design. The only problem is even if i raised to one chapter higher, the difficulty or the enemies power is too high and there’s no way i can get my powee higher in short time. So if you can fix the difficulties development, i can assure you that i will add 1 more stars in rating because i love this game so much. Thankyou

  11. KGOD says:

    One of the best games I’ve ever played on phone. I’m not into the anime genre or little girls being portrayed as sexy. It makes me uncomfortable frankly. But the game play controls graphics story and humor are all on point. The screen is not covered in ads and so many clicky things that you cant see the screen. Great game if you are on the fence download it.

  12. Egan says:

    This game is a lot like Honkai but a lot less grindy and time consuming. I just started the game and I already have THREE S RANKS that’s amazing! The controls are a bit janky and clunky and the graphics are far from perfect, but you’ll get used to it. I’m absolutely loving the game right now! If you don’t have enough storage for Hi3, Night Agent is perfect for you! Just fix the clunky/janky controls and polish the game and graphics!

  13. Brian Gleichman says:

    Just started, so far it’s a blast with great graphics and interesting story. Lost 1 star because the main character in the story is not customizable in any respect, not even the name. After playing for over a week, still enjoying the game. The use of English voice actors is a vast improvement over most games of this type. Combat is engaging for a phone app and the story is classic anime in style. So best phone game I’ve played so far. There is one exception- Brawl. This mode is by far the longest (3 minutes required per attempt) and greatly hindered by poor match making that results in few wins no matter how low my score goes, getting more victories from opponents timing out than anything else. I’ve give up on this play mode.

  14. Hexia Grey says:

    Game is amazing, ALTHOUGH it’s too hard for beginners. Even on the lowest difficulty it requires a certain amount of power to clear it. Uninstalling this for it is only stressing me out. It was fun, but yeah. Too hard. My heroes are lame and weak. You can’t even do those quick clear ticket things on the stages you’ve completed. So disappointing that you’ll have to clear it over and over and over just to get EXP. Goodbye. It was fun while it lasted.

  15. InspireGames says:

    It’s a pretty fun game with an interesting story. It has English options that I also appreciate. The only problem “I” have is that the frame tends to drop and sometimes the game freezes all together. This could just problem with my phone, but besides that I love It. (Although I wouldn’t mind a little more variety in Agents dialog.)

  16. Raikou A says:

    Reminds me of Honkai Impact 3 which was amazing. Only annoyance is that the camera isn’t fixed during combat so you need to constantly adjust it or you’ll end up attacking blind behind you. The monsters can spawn in any direction so while you’re facing forward fighting a different monster another group will appear somewhere else. So you have to drag the camera to see them which is annoying as that is difficult to do while moving dodging and attacking and also trying to shift the camera angle.🤔

  17. Nicholas Strahl says:

    The game’s style and graphics are fantastic. But I’m left wanting too many things. Literally and figuratively. Too many things like Events and Special Quests to click on that detract from the main game. Too many things to click in to get rewards. Too many things to collect to level up characters and their equipment. The gameplay is decent enough, but the levels are way too short. But the most grating thing is the spelling and grammar of the Japanese to English translation.

  18. Bball says:

    I really like the game, it has great graphics, nice 3D models of the agents and the animation looks fantastic when they use special attacks, it’s really entertaining to play, the best thing for me it’s that it’s free to play. The only thing i don’t like it’s the matchmaking in Brawl, sometimes takes too long, and when finds someone, it’s a player with double or triple the stats of me. And in Raid Boss the matchmaking also takes long. Asides from that, the experience it’s incredible.

  19. Matt L says:

    After playing for a while, I find that the stat balance in the game is just poor. Mechanics are ok. Heavily p2w style game. Almost every other mode than story is competitive, and you won’t be able to place anywhere without dropping at least a penny. Using pure strategy as f2p gaming can only go so far before getting obliterated by a player dripping in gold. Story mode is very dry. Adding some cutscenes may help, but even so, it just lacks intensity the way it is now. Review may change in future.

  20. Samuel Moss says:

    somewhere someone referred to this game as a “janky honkai impact” and they’re not totally wrong. Couple similarities, but enough difference to set them apart. The dodging feels a little off, but everything else about combat feels smooth and has fun animations. Major kudos for the English dub, it wasn’t necessary but I very much appreciate it. Gameplay I can see will start to get repetitive and grindy, but that’s literally all mobile games. Graphically – it’s my favorite game of this kind.

  21. Dan Thornley says:

    Relatively mindless fun. Story and translation is a bit off the wall, can’t take it too seriously. Combat and animations are real smooth, but gameplay is not too deep. Really don’t need to get bogged down in systems and strategy, it’s just a fun brawler. Playing casually for about a month, spent a small amount for support, but not planning on going all-in. There are options to pay for things everywhere, and it feels a little greedy, but drop rates feel in line with other gatchas I play.

  22. Tony says:

    10/10 memes. UPDATE: Game is indeed fun. The combat is simple the graphics and skill moves are visually appealing. Downside – I’ve played through over 4 events and they are all formatted the same… Is repetitive and boring. And WOW is it near impossible to get skins or recolors unless you spend money like a mad man. Huge disappoint with that one. Overall…game play really is great and fun. But it’s really Pay 2 win for things that shouldn’t be. Hard to keep free to play players for long.

  23. KBE says:

    Been playing a few days and I absolutely love the characters and combos you can do whilst tagging your other characters. Love the black ops mission too. Gives you something to work for and there’s a lot to unlock so plenty things to do. I do think it would be nice to aim skills in the direction you’re moving when locked on to bosses to attack other enemies. Other than that pretty good experience. Amazing fun and relaxing to play. Would recommend any to at least try a few hours!

  24. Datheny Chanel says:

    Geez. Probably one of the best games I’ve played. Sweet graphics and awesome attacks, also unique in it’s genre. The only downside is the use of Guardians. I feel like its suppose to distract from the fact that the drop rates are not supposed to get you what you want. I wish there was a seperate gacha for Guardiams and Agents, please!

  25. Ohmeiikharr Wareeradtanaalongkhorn says:

    Played once before sevetal months back then the level was stuck, the was so difficult to possibly pass so I went away for a while. So I hope it would have changed the impossibilities to be a bit more achievable in general for all. The graphics, effects and story line were outstanding from the last time I was there though. Like this game but will love or not lets see how it goes for the 2nd time round!!! Won’t deny that I really have a high hope for it!!!

  26. Melanie chen says:

    This game is great!! I’ve been playing this for a while now and it’s quite addicting after a while 🙈. The agent and guardian designs are fabulous. I look forward to each event but one thing I don’t like is how it’s so hard to gain a agent from the event (or maybe I’m just bad at it). Don’t let that ruin the fun though ☺️. Overall this game has been amazing and hope u download it too.

  27. E C says:

    Great graphics. Nice animations. Fun characters. Really nice art. Too bad it is so gated. Energy drains fast, can’t autoskip unless you buy something, you bottleneck every now and then unable to progress through story unless you meet level requirements. Fortunately, game has many game modes to keep you busy… Till the awful energy runs out

  28. Jordan says:

    Well so far I’m lvl 38 and haven’t had to spend a dime yet so that’s cool. There’s lots of IAPs but the rewards have been very generous so far that I haven’t needed to pay for IAPs yet. I went into this game a couple days ago to just casually play and see if I like it. The animations and combat is very fluid and fun. Plus it’s very easy too so it’s not stressful. Which I prefer. And it doesn’t take forever to level up either. It doesn’t require a ton of exp which ruins some games for me.

  29. Mark Lawrence Hutalla says:

    This game is really cool, I don’t get why it gets critical reviews, it has a nice graphics and also it has cool agents, the only issue I’ve discovered so far after playing is the screen sensitivity is too low (Idk if it can be fixed in the settings since I haven’t checked yet) but it doesnt bother me that much since when you press skills it would directly change to the right camera angle anyways, I know this game would be getting better as time goes by and I’ll be looking forward until then!

  30. High Everyday says:

    I wish there was a game exactly like this design, the smooth slick textures, the smooth fighting style, but with character design, more options to choose in names, open world, huge world map, not something mandatory to fight off mobs all the time, I could be wrong but so far all I see in the trailer is exactly what I’m seeing in the tutorial, and all I’m seeing in the comments is exactly what I see in the game, it’s not my type😟the design is tempting though, it could trick people who don’t care

  31. Sabrina Tennyson says:

    I’ll give this a 9 our of 10 so far. First, the 3d graphics are pretty good. To be honest my stuff is on the lower end graphics wise so I expected a little lag, but in reality barely any lag hit me. The characters are also interesting, as well as the battles. I personally like more types of fights like survival battle or something, but the game isn’t worse for not having it. The gacha looks decent and not bad. for a 3d beat em up game with limited space just enough to fight, its really good.

  32. Uncle Ruckkus says:

    Very crisp and polished experience, the only major problem I have with it is that the majority of the characters are timegated where only one of them is added to the 2nd of the 2 gatchas and is swapped every week. So if you want a certain character you have to way several weeks to even be able to roll it in the gatcha, let alone get more pieces of it to upgrade. Very demoralizing and makes you want to just find a different game. Not to mention almost all the costumes are locked n unobtainable

  33. Denomote says:

    Just. Awesome. I’m so glad that this game exists, the combat system is top notch, a wide variety of “agents” (heroes) to choose from and every single one significantly differs from the others! The graphics are really enjoyable and the game is optimized incredibly well, you can run this game on most low-end devices smoothly. The progression system is fine, you get alot of gems from quests and energy doesn’t get in the way much. Very cool game overall, you should try it!

  34. Akashita Nikki Pravin says:

    Changing my review from 5 to 3 now that I’ve played for a few months. I think it’s mostly the fact that there is nowhere to go after the 9 chapters in the main story. Even though there are such promising characters, the devs are not giving new storylines in either main story or in Affinity. I don’t mind the paywall; even devs have to eat! But I wish I got a little more reward f2p because it takes too long to upgrade characters and I lose interest. Overall, good game to play for the first month.

  35. Janine Ramos says:

    Excellent graphics and UI. They give massive rewards for beginners so you can start the game easily while learning tactics on how you will handle your resources. HOWEVER, dialogues are poorly written to the point that I don’t even want to read it. Characters are a bit overreacting and it is so cringey. I feel like the story is rushed every chapter. I don’t find the story engaging.

  36. Gamer Player#2 says:

    Read the bottom for a short response. Very awesome, it has great fighting and I can get aot of stuff. The only drawback is that the fighting isn’t really what I thought. I thought that you would make combos and stuff. But it’s just plain easy. All you do is attack and use moves. I thought there would be like a jump button to do air attack combos but I guess not. [The fighting isn’t that cool all you do is normal attack and use moves there’s no other combo to do its not fun because it’s so easy.]

  37. finley says:

    the graphics and UI are beautifully done but the problem is that I can’t do anything once my energy is low, I hope they would add more “modes” that don’t require energy for us to play. what I’m saying is that, I recommend a trial mode or practice mode to use the characters. I was very interested in the attack animations but I couldn’t observe them properly without getting absolutely beaten up by enemies

  38. Maria says:

    Tbh I didn’t expect this game to be so darn good, the graphics and animation aren’t the best but they’re really pretty, character designs are amazing and the gameplay is fun. Just a suggestion, but please consider letting players customize the placement of the buttons (atk skill dodge etc) their current placement makes it hard to rotate the camera because the skill buttons would activate on their own. Overall, it’s a very fun game and with a bit more improvements, I’m sure it’ll continue to grow

  39. Dave Vincenty says:

    If you’re reading this to see if you should give this game a shot: Play it if you like, but DO NOT EVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES CHANGE SERVER!! Especially if you’ve been playing for years and grinded for a lot of stuff. (Oh, and the game is really grindy, by the way.) It happened to me and I lost everything. The technical support person thought I could get it back if I find my original server, but after spending hours trying all of them, I can confirm: nope! Don’t make my mistake!

  40. AJ 93 says:

    Seems like a good game but I can’t get past the tutorial without the app crashing during loading. I have a good phone, plenty of storage and memory, a game booster, and no problem with other games. I tried reinstalling the app, same, the game keeps crashing. It doesn’t seem like support is existent or aware.

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