Modern War Choppers: Shooter Mod Apk


Immersive air combat PvP shooter. Play with friends in epic warfare.
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April 16, 2020
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Modern War Choppers: Shooter Mod Apk

🚁Modern Struggle Choppers🚁: PvP shooter on the earth of conflict helicopters. Avia conflict from the builders of jet planes – Trendy Warplanes, will assist you to really feel your self as a fight pilot of battle copter. Sign up for dynamic heliborne PvP battles with gamers from everywhere the arena and pilot the world’s most powerful army jet helicopters, like Crocodile, Comanche, Havoc, Apache, Black Hawk, Sabre. Accumulate choppers for your hangar and pilot any fighter copter in number of on-line and offline sport modes.

Trendy Struggle Choppers: Shooter Mod Apk mod apk

🚁Stunning Graphics
– Magnificent graphics, as in COMPUTER video games on steam and fully-featured Three-d life like fashions, like Apache, Comanche, Black Hawk or Black Shark

Fashionable Struggle Choppers: Shooter Mod Apk apk mod

🚁Air struggle as you favor – Each On-line and Offline avia recreation modes: PvP, Solo Marketing campaign, HQ raid, Survival. Motion with enemies at the flooring, within the water and within the sky

Fashionable Conflict Choppers: Shooter Mod Apk

🚁PvP wargame
– On-line conflict in opposition to Apache aces from all over the international

Trendy Conflict Choppers: Shooter Mod Apk apk mod new

🚁Tons of copters
– Greater than 12 varieties of helicopters: real-world aircrafts utilized in actual pressure operations: Crocodile, Comanche, Havoc, Apache, Black Hawk, Sabre, Black Shark and lots of extra

Fashionable Conflict Choppers: Shooter Mod Apk apk

🚁Military sky war – Every fighter with distinctive traits and features has its personal heliborn secondary weapon

Fashionable Conflict Choppers: Shooter Mod Apk liberate

🚁Equip your warfare device – Greater than 38 more than a few heliborne arsenal, from rockets, missiles, to system weapons and warmth flares to equip to your Apache, Balck Hawk, Black Shark or different choppers

Fashionable Conflict Choppers: Shooter Mod Apk apk mod 2022

🚁Upgrade your army choppers
– Toughen your armor, pace, harm, reload time and different options with epic improve device. Get the most efficient battle chopper, like Apache, Comanche, Black Hawk, Black Shark and different, higher than jet aircraft warring parties!

🚁Amazing battlefields
– Shocking places: mountains, sizzling deserts and ice wastelands full of ace pilots, battle helicopters and crossfire of missiles and bullets

🚁Daily bonuses, achievements and continuous play
Shoot jet choppers so long as you want, as sport doesn’t have power! Login day-to-day to obtain epic bonuses to amplify and fortify your heliborne hangar. Number of achievements with cool struggle rewards.

🚁Easy controls
– Complete battle keep watch over: you’ll be able to regulate the velocity, missiles, weapons, warmth flares. Turn out to be a struggle ace!

🚁PvP score – Warfare ranks: from a rookie pilot to a normal of army Air Pressure. Suppose strategically and equip your copter with the most efficient battle weapon: tactical atomic missiles, swarm missiles, guiding rockets and a lot more
🚁Full Customization
– Customise as you prefer: greater than 18 camo appropriate for any mode and map: snow, pixel or vivid as explosion

🚁Action with buddies – Continuous motion: choose a deathmatch or workforce deathmatch, opt for a solo operation or create your personal recreation to best friend and struggle with buddies! An excellent heliborne war in the event you like shooters, simulators or wargames!
You are going to combat on the entire absolute best helicopters of recent technology, like Crocodile, Comanche, Havoc, Apache, Black Hawk, Sabre, Black Shark. The most productive flying wargame gifts you a copter avia simulator full of lit motion. Take-off from airplane service to satisfy your pressure squadron and interact in dogfights workforce and solo battle. Our sport options PvP modes, solo marketing campaign with other missions, HQ raid and survival. A struggle thunder is roaring, unfold your wings, commander!
Uninterested in supersonic velocity of recent warplanes jet planes? Get extra regulate with avia simulator. Next-level plane shooter. Common updates and new parts are looking ahead to you in on-line wargame of 2022.
Now not positive what wargame to play? Check out 🚁Modern Struggle Choppers 🚁
Need to ask concerning the wargame or to find buddies and allies? Fb: Reinforce: [email protected]


40 comments on "Modern War Choppers: Shooter Mod Apk"

  1. Cicero Lar says:

    please increase quality of graphics more and more like play station4,if possible.Improve visuals and effects to high degrees.Make game fast and smooth all time.Improve encounters,conflicts,actions,damage,battles,risks,skills,explosions,crash,hit,strategy of attacking and defending,levels,blood mode,weapons,events and accuracy,I want these all to be real,exciting and attractive.Add scope mode with clear vision.Give me new versions monthly with all improvements of game performance.Give me new maps

  2. Roseann Eldrick says:

    very impressive graphics and gameplay but need to improve aiming function… add move able joystics.. make seperate button for speed up/down.. make user friendly control.. Love the game concept👌

  3. Tresha Lari says:

    AMAZING game! Controls are excellent, gameplay and graphics are absolutely phonaminal, and the ability to customize your copter!?!?! Amazing!

  4. Gwrddywal Blyde says:

    It’s like a mix between “Battle Copters & World of gunships!” I’ve been waiting for a new PVP combat gunship game! Over all pretty decent, but if only someone could replicate the gyroscope flight controls, like in C.H.A.O.S.

  5. Jeovanna Haylee says:

    this game has great gameplay but not for its graphics. i hope in the future update this game support 60fps and more graphic settings, such anti aliasing for better details and smoother. keep update! 👍

  6. Marlyn Aynsley says:

    It’s along the lines very much similar 2 the other games from this franchise very well done with good graphics and excellence online battles it has the usual in game purchases for upgrades but they can all be earned with a little hard work and time

  7. Joyanne Kimbrielle says:

    I like the game but I suggest that you add a friend mode so you can have friends or a clan also if they had Co-op raids also the ability to change your profile picture also I would love to have the opportunity to put titles above your username or something around those lines also can you add more achievements that unlock better stuff one more thing can you add the metals I earn inside the gameplay I want to see also at the end of Team Deathmatch can you put the winning team.

  8. Kolleen Kindra says:

    Very poor controls specially when you try to lift up. Disappointed with aiming controls. Overall waste of time.

  9. Milton Easton says:

    This game is very cool, helicopters shooting for me, but the graphics is something to adjust the smooth to choose a graphics quality to settings to high not lug but I give five star, please understand my review.

  10. Abbeygail Jodi says:

    Controls are garbage, settings are half assed and the graphics are ok. Feels more like a waste of time than a fun game.

  11. Vern Lyzbeth says:

    Graphics are great, game play is solid, but no controller support means this is a no go for me. Maybe I’ll reinstall this game if controller support is added in the future. But for now, I’m uninstalling it.

  12. Shiloh Jar says:

    Awesome stuff so far, looking forward to more Time with it . EDIT: 1st , where’s my league rewards! Now I still like it alot, but it needs a team Recruiting or Friend add system, Matching is a bit unbalanced, but not awful, Edit: Thnx for the reply, keep up the good work! PS. All the reviews about game being P2W are untrue, I’m 100% F2P and I shoot down many P2W’s (^^) …Good Hunting All!

  13. Pany Aliezah says:

    Couldn’t get it to work tried joystick and gyro it wouldn’t go forwards or sideways,you can move the screen around but that doesn’t get you behind the big rocks where tatgets were hiding tried 3 times goes up or down

  14. Cater Viviana says:

    This game you cant even control. The chopper just want to go into reverse. Not responding to any other direction. Did even have it for 10 minutes.

  15. Russ Chloe says:

    This game is good. I had so much fun playing this game the graphics is nice. Maybe in your next update add 1st/ 3rd person pov add more locations add more missions that would be great. Keep up the good work

  16. Jerold Montoya says:

    I wanted to see how this game was so I downloaded it. Turns out it was cool, but now I have a little trouble with the app, because when I go to play the game it only gives me a little action and than it crashes. my only wish is that that wound happen, because I put a lot of money in it. I don’t know if I should uninstall it or keep it.

  17. Mark Gabon says:

    Good game for lockdown period…developer hoping you can resolve the connection issue. i have a good wifi provider, but when i am on the game other players like are going yellow and hard to lock on.

  18. Ddy Ddy says:

    I love this game… Hope update your settings just more can’t adjust just more… I just hate went your helicopter so difficult to run from other players…. And just do change time we play… Make low lvl fight low… Not make beginner fighting with Kendall lvl like that… It’s not fair…

  19. allterminate grassy says:

    hangs all the time in all devices i tried. phone heats up while playing this game. need improvement. graphics are good but not performance.

  20. Jaddan Marco says:

    Great game and fantastic graphics, I wish if it had cockpit view. Missing cockpit view option. Anyway I am new to this game, first time to play it. So far I have not encounter any problem with the game. So I give it 4 stars rating

  21. Uraven gaming says:

    Not so bad. But good for time pass cause it has same maps as modern air plane and pacific warships. Its kinda boring playing in the same maps, looks like we are playing pacific warships game but controlling the air craft. Pls bring some changes atleast the maps should of different locations. Overall ur games are good i have been playing for long time.

  22. MIKE JONES says:

    Great likeness to flying the real deal ..tho i hate when games train u on a great craft then start u on tbe worst one ..come on guys if u got a good game make your $ with great & better missions ..these get old fast.. Thanx

  23. Triger says:

    It’s a fun game helicopters are very slow and the missiles are overpowered because the flares don’t work so there’s no point spending time upgrading them and money abrading them other than that it’s a good game I still think there should be there should be level tide arenas level 1 people play with level 5 people high levels play with high levels I said the same one on the plane game made by you

  24. William Guest says:

    Just typical arcade like helicopter game just like all the rest with nicer graphics. Sloppy controls and not realistic. No pov from the pilot seat. So just a shooter game – deleted

  25. Devin Wittmann says:

    Hands down one of the most awesome games of i have played in a long time although the game would be even greater if it more maps of citys and other terrians extra missions to not only more rewards butt all so a better chance to test or skill’s and abilities as better players

  26. wayne ramsden says:

    So far the game is good,the graphics are great. The game is easy to control and there’s lots of different features to use. The game play itself good could improve slightly although it passes the time.

  27. RUDRA Gaming YT says:

    This game is really bad coz of few points: 1. Controls are really bad especially gyro. 2. Nothing new in this game except helicopters. 3. No new skins, missiles and guns. 4. Also this game doesn’t include LCH (LIGHT COMBAT HELICOPTER) made by INDIA. 5. Also Netheir Astra Mk1 air to air missile.

  28. Joan Historillo says:

    When I first downloaded this game, I was pinned against SUPERIOR HELICOPTERS FROM A HIGHER LEVEL, this game REALLY NEEDS to fix its matchmaking, if you just started your at a disadvantage, cause apparently the game thinks your a level 3 player and pins you against helicopters that are SUPERIOR THAN YOUR MI-8, I recommend the devs to fix the matchmaking, the devs also need to fix the matchmaking in the fighter jet game they made.

  29. Alex Sebastian says:

    There should be more that needs to be done for graphics and gameplay but this is the best chopper combat simulator for android withcmultiplayer mode (online)and offline missions, purchase black hawk recently because its affordable why not a modern warships game with offline and online mode because cube software doesn’t got an offline mode on modern warship game just like your submarine game

  30. Lucky Emma says:

    Em.. its nice though but it could have been better if it has an offline module. Cos one cant have data always so there should be an offline state for it

  31. Ahmed Kathrada says:

    90 seconds in the game and there a 9.59 Minutes wait to upgrade my chopper to level 1 Pros: seems very hard to Crash land 2. Wonderful Stero music effects 3. CONs: EXTRA WAIT TIMES for NOT PAYING

  32. POP EYE says:

    Whole Maps,Graphics,Animations,Sounds,Lobby, and Hangar is same like Modern Warplanes… its just like copy paste…no changes… you guys no need to copy same game and graphic from same company.Thanks

  33. Paulaj Jeanes says:

    I think it’s a great game with great graphics but the matchmaking is poor and team death match ends up on deathmatch so I’m using my starting helicopter up against a player with a premium helicopter level 20 plus it’s just going to be easy pickings for that player not much of a challenge for him you’re brother game the jet one that’s way better it’s a deathmatch with 10 plus players equally matched which is great and fun I’ll stick with that one.

  34. Leigh Hellard says:

    Leauges are not fixed. I’m stuck in leaugue 4/5 gold and aint recieved any bonuses from the league. Have contacted admin and still no reply or any attempt to fix the issues. Other players are also experiencing this!

  35. Laurn Bedingfield says:

    Good graphics and definately fun. I havent signed up for premium so it could be even better with different terrain etc.. Still fun and challenging tho.

  36. franz andre gatchalian says:

    Everytime that I play this game after the battle ended my screen just goes to have a coded style text and I have to restart the game its so frustrating to do it everytime. Are you serious in matching low level players and high level players even if I hit them with my missile it does 0 dmg tyou matchmaking suck to play I would rather play it in custom even if I dont earn anything.

  37. John russel M. Balagulan says:

    The game is pretty good and cool but I will only give 4 stars cause there is only 3 locations.but can you add a city or warzone on land cause in the picture there are helicopters fighting in the city it would be nice and cool.

  38. Tony Williams says:

    Won’t download at all. When I restart, it goes to a black screen. It looks like it might be a cool game to play someday. If and when you fix all the bugs and glitches!!!

  39. Meso G says:

    This game has gone so far down hill it’s not worth keeping. It constantly says there’s a problem with the internet, however every other game, video, or music app works fine. I used to like this game but it’s complet trash now. Full of hackers and glitches so bad you just can’t even play it fair any more. I’m deleting it today after 5 years I’m done. Onlinepug out..

  40. Christian D Knode says:

    Well last couple months it stopped and kept saying try again constantly! I Uninstalled and recently reinstalled and it started again no network try again! Wifi Is excellent ! Uninstalling again for good !

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