Marvel Contest of Champions Premium Apk


Collect and assemble a team of Avengers heroes and villains to win epic battles!
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December 2, 2022
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Marvel Contest of Champions Premium Apk

Prepare for epic versus-fighting motion along with your favourite Wonder Tremendous Heroes & Tremendous Villains within the final cosmic showdown! Spider-Man, Iron Guy, Wolverine & extra watch for your summons to struggle! Collect a staff & start your quest to develop into without equal Wonder Champion!

Surprise Contest of Champions Top rate Apk

Captain The united states vs. Iron Guy! Hulk vs. Wolverine! Spider-Man vs. Deadpool! The best battles in Surprise historical past are to your palms! The grasping Elder of the Universe referred to as The Collector has summoned you to a brawl of epic proportions towards a line-up of vile villains together with Thanos, Kang the Conqueror, and plenty of extra! Enjoy without equal free-to-play preventing recreation to your cell device…Marvel Contest of Champions!

Surprise Contest of Champions Top rate Apk apk mod new

• Group up with your folks and different Summoners to construct the most powerful Alliance
• Strategize together with your alliance, lend a hand them stay their Champions within the battle • Struggle to the highest in Alliance Occasions and tackle Alliance Quest Collection in combination in specifically designed quest maps to earn unique Alliance rewards
• Check your Alliance’s mettle through scuffling with it out with Alliances from all over the world in Alliance Wars!

Surprise Contest of Champions Top rate Apk mod apk

• Bring together a mighty crew of heroes and villains (opting for Champions akin to: Iron Guy, Hulk, Wolverine, Typhoon, Star-Lord, Gamora, Spider-Man, Deadpool, Magneto and Iciness Soldier)
• Embark on quests to defeat Kang and Thanos and face the problem of a mysterious new tremendous tough cosmic competitor, in the end to forestall the whole destruction of The Surprise Universe
• Toughen your team’s offense and protection with a couple of Mastery timber

Surprise Contest of Champions Top class Apk free up

• Gather, degree up, and arrange your groups of heroes and villains correctly to obtain synergy bonuses primarily based upon workforce association and relationships taken from the pages of Wonder Comics
• Pairing up Black Panther and Typhoon or Cyclops and Wolverine for bonuses, or creating a crew of Guardians of the Galaxy for a staff association bonus
• The extra robust the Champion, the simpler their stats, talents and particular strikes can be • New Champions are being added to The Competition at all times!

Surprise Contest of Champions Top rate Apk apk

• Adventure thru a thrilling storyline in vintage Wonder storytelling style • Combat it out with an enormous array of heroes and villains in iconic places spanning the Surprise Universe equivalent to: Avengers Tower, Oscorp, The Kyln, Wakanda, The Savage Land, Asgard, the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, and extra!
• Discover dynamic quest maps and have interaction in a hearty dose of action-packed combating using controls advanced in particular for the cellular platform

Surprise Contest of Champions Top rate Apk apk mod

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Wonder Contest of Champions Top class Apk apk mod 2022

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40 comments on "Marvel Contest of Champions Premium Apk"

  1. Chuck Perry says:

    It’s a pretty good game i have enjoyed it for some time. I don’t like the fact that if you want to get certain characters you pretty much have to pay for them. Otherwise you just get a lot of low powered ones and just end up losing most of the time. Also wanted to mention that since the latest update the app keeps crashing even when not playing at the time hope this gets fixed soon. Almost forgot I’m playing on a Samsung Note 8 running software version 8.0.0 hope that helps to fix the bug causing the crash.

  2. Tammi Evald says:

    I’ve only just downloaded this game and have been playing for an hour, but nothing loads and it’s super frustrating. The pictures don’t load, so when you’re doing quests or unlocking crystals, it’s just an empty box, so you have no idea what it is you’re unlocking or who you’re fighting until the last second. Also, there are white squares everywhere because the actual UI components won’t load either. It’s a bit ridiculous and makes me not want to play. Making sure things load properly really should be top priority. That aside, gameplay seems decent at best so far.

  3. Mayda Tal says:

    There’s a ton of variety for whatever type of gamer you are. A quick VERSUS match or full quests in story or events. Champions have unique abilities true to each individual’s character from the comic. A few aren’t great, however, there’s a ton that are near perfection. The only downside for me are the tier 4 class catalysts are super ham-strung throughout the game and it can take well over a month to collect the fragments just to get 1, when you need 3-5 at a time to level up a champ, and that’s all you’re waiting on. But if you’re no stranger to grinding, definately check it out.

  4. Dilania Carolyne says:

    I like this game, the champs, and gameplay for the most part. It ‘s a great game when you first start, but gradually shifts mid to late game to a chore to play. One positive is the continuous content updates. Unfortunately, this has also been a negative to the game also. Updates often include gameplay-killing bugs, which are fixed at a slow pace or not at all. Another negative, alot of endgame content can be impossible to complete simply because you don’t have the specific Champs needed(it is exactly like playing the lottery) there are still champs i have not gotten that have been available since the start of this game. This lead to me actually leaving the game for awhile, just got tired of chasing champs just to try to complete game content. Now i have a totally different outlook on this game, i do the content i can and the ones i can’t i ignore. When it gets to the point that i actually can’t progress because of this, i will stop playing again. Rating for me 3/5.

  5. Harlan Liesl says:

    What do I think…. I think the game developers constantly turn a blind eye to all the BS that goes on with the mass amount of cheaters in the community. I believe there’s a number of characters that need to be reworked and re-animated, especially the older ones like the three copies of Deadpool, the two completely awful Magneto’s, and all of the old school female Fighters that have the exact same boring fighting style. There’s a lack of imagination and research that’s been going into certain Champions signature special abilities, special attacks, heavy attacks, and fighting styles and abilities in general. This game is fun but when the game crashes and has major problems every update, and your alliance keeps getting screwed over after the slap on the wrist Kabam cheating bans by getting pitted against overpowered alliances that we have no chance of beating. War is completely broken and I feel the game is stealing my money anymorewhen I know I’m a good fighter and have the skills to compete at a high level and inexplicably during random fights I no longer have the ability to block or evade or intercept, the next thing I know my entire team gets wrecked. Why I’m still pulling one two and three star Champions I do not know but I think it’s BS but I paid for something and I spin a crystal and I end up with a 2-star champion way more often than not. I could go on forever but I have to get back to work.

  6. Andrenetta Barbary says:

    Been playing through… Was pretty cool until I ran into a few glitches that made me want to delete the app immediately, such as playing the quests I have had to restart the same quest at least 5 times because every time I hit a milestone where I can collect a gem and do so it kicks me back to the beginning. When I was basically at least half way through… As far as me leaving this as a review instead of on a support page…. I think its a waste of my time to create an account to basically tell you what is wrong with your game

  7. Alura Abadine says:

    It’s a fun game with excellent graphics and decent gameplay. The biggest issues with the game are that you can’t get the characters you want unless you’re lucky enough to randomly get them. There is no way to purchase or earn a character that you get to choose. The other glaring problem with MCoC is that many times you will be absolutely dominating a fight in Player Vs Player mode and your opponent will be cheap and use the full red meeter to beat you even though they should undoubtedly lose.

  8. Edgardo Marlina says:

    Horrible game, designed only to take all of your time with little reward. Been playing every single day for 5 months and still haven’t beat the game story mode. For a free game it sure is expensive, bought several packs to help my hero’s level and get stronger but it is all chance when you buy the crystal packs and you could end up with nothing good. Total waste of money and time. If you’re into torture and working for pennies with a slight chance of getting something you might need, go ahead….

  9. Hale Sunny says:

    It’s a very fun game. It’s like Mortal Kombat but not nearly as brutal and you get to have fun with your favorite Marvel characters, of which they add new all the time. Right now they’re adding the Fantastic Four. Some champions aren’t as good as others although they should be and some are worth nothing at all which is sad. The crystal system is also tough, I almost never get the things I want so never, ever, ever by the featured crystals unless you’re swimming in cash. Have fun!

  10. Geralene Deandra says:

    Had it for a couple of years and it just got to the point where lots of money was needed to play or even get through one fight. Fun and free for awhile but be warned it’s not 100% free if you want to continue to upgrade and earn any characters that are decent. I actually posted a review about a year ago talking about how awesome this game was. Not so much anymore. The game also became glitchy during gameplay to the point where it was greatly impacting the outcome of my fights.

  11. Carlose Chonda says:

    The actual matches in the game are great and compared to other mobile fighting games its really outstanding. However, the problem comes from the load times and especially the menu navigation load times. It shouldn’t take me longer to navigate the menu and wait out these dumb load times than it takes for me to complete a quest. Not the full exploration of a quest or the whole story just one small part of a quest is mainly waiting out load times. Navigating your menu and opening crystals take forever. No point in grinding or spending money on a game when you can’t even fix the most mundane parts of it. Whoever had the dumb idea of animating all the rocks in the background floating toward the menu and applying about 30 timers at once to everything should have been fired. I barely pay attention to these things when the game menus were somewhat navigational now it just reminds me I should just be doing something else. The worst part is these are not hard fixes. Just get rid of all these damn floating rocks and the multitudes of timers. Also why is the champion upgrade menu so hard to navigate. Just do it like the info menu why do I have to exit out each time?

  12. Nimbus Merle says:

    Overall, it’s an alright game. Graphics look good, plenty of characters, and progress is decent. I’m a casual player, so I don’t worry about in game purchases and trying to be the top player. My chief complaint is over the app’s performance: loads slow, way too many load screens, and most recently, major graphic glitches and multiple shut downs. These days I play mostly to earn points for Marvel Insider rewards, but if I can’t even keep the game running, it’s just a waste of space on my tablet

  13. Jacolby Ronni says:

    Broken. The game has so much lag it is extremely difficult to play. In the middle of combos it will freeze and your champ will stop attacking. It prevents you from dodging back. Opponents ignore your block, or your block is delayed. Opponents appear to teleport across the screen. It takes a long time to move between screens. Even longer just to open a crystal. All while a message appears at the bottom of the screen telling you to check “your” connection. As if it’s your issue, not them.

  14. Nanette Aundra says:

    This game is okay. I’ve been playing it on and off for a few years and I gotta say, it’s gotten boring. The intense grinding, the low drop rate on 4-star characters and higher, the difficult progression system (unless you use real money), and the monotonous gameplay have rendered this game a completely dull and time-wasting experience. I think you all need to start fresh with a brand new game with better graphics, gameplay, and progression system. I suggest using “Forged to Fight” as reference.

  15. Filbuk Kelsie says:

    This is probably one of the best fighting games available for mobile devices. The gameplay is perfectly optimized for phones, The quests are addictive, and multiplayer is super fun, not to mention a large roster. My only problems are that the quests have a steep difficulty curve (some have most enemies way higher than what you have) and that the A.I does an obnoxious amount of blocking, making it harder than it should be. I also wish I could easily play offline, but overall, it’s a great game.

  16. Leeanne Benjenna says:

    MCOC is similar to Street Fighter. The differences are that you can level up and there’s a variety of characters to play since every month there are new characters and a quest for Story Mode. There are a lot of backdrops, like it’s a very long game and time consuming, you’re better off paying for champions to advance faster, and some content and fun characters are just disappointing. But overall, it’s a great game to play. I’ve played over a year and only half way the Story Mode.

  17. Winston Edvard says:

    Always changing terms of service. Only fixing bugs when its convinient for there own self interest. Constantly adding new content before fixing bugs in existing content. Constant bait and switch tactics that should be illegal. Ive played this game for 4 and a half years. Why? Because i love marvel characters, and ive made some great friends along the way. If you’re thinking about downloading this game, don’t. Its a trap, dont fall for it. Its time for me to delete it.

  18. Ceci Jilliane says:

    used to be a great game. the sheer amount of glitching and the number of times the app crashes mid-gameplay makes it Almost impossible to play at this point. in the span of two to three hours of gameplay, the app may freeze and crash as many as ten times or more. in-game rewards are rarely commensurate to the level of difficulty, and as much money as players (myself included) have spent on this thing, it’s very frustrating at times that it’s as glitchy and finicky as it is.

  19. Carlynn Daisie says:

    The mechanics of the control makes the game a joy to play. It is simple but yet intriquit because of how it plays with different champion abilities. Alot of unique champions that it feels like a new experience with every fight. The negative is that content is recycled. For new event quests, it feels like one is playing the same game over and over. The alliance war gameplay is supposed to reward players for commitment. But it takes too long and rewards are not worth it.

  20. Maston Averyl says:

    a great game with simple controls, outstanding graphics, and a roster that any comic fan would dream of. In addition to the story and versus levels, there are other levels/chapters that are constantly being refreshed, always giving gamers a reason to come back. Apparently there’s a system in place where the more you play and advance, the more rewards you get, and the quality of the rewards improves. But know this. The game requires patience, dedication, and at times, money. Like life itself lol

  21. Tanith Stepania says:

    It’s a fighting game. Graphics are good, it’s a marvel game and there’s a million characters to collect. Problem is good luck getting any of your favorites. Even when you spend money it’s all luck based and the odds of getting the one you want are very slim unless buying a specific package centered around that character. There’s also only a limited amount of combos for each one and the store mode got very monotonous.

  22. Satish kumar says:

    The game starts on really good note with all the marvel champions and easy quests. it gradually becomes tougher where you need higher PI champions. The only way to progress will be spending money or spending hours on doing repetitive fights. Don’t even get me started on the AW . I think it’s time to move on to a better game which doesn’t require you to spend 100s of dollars.

  23. Reese March says:

    I love this game so much, it has some real technique to it and I almost never get stuck on the controls. I just wish there was a game mode where the points are equal for each player. No matter how good you are at parrying, the game is much more difficult when your enemy does triple your damage just because iron man>cyclops. A competitive 1v1 mode would be super cool.

  24. Ethan Jones says:

    Everything to me is great, the only thing that I have a problem with is the the arenas, everytime I get a streak of 5 or higher it becomes nearly impossible to win. Also, everytime after the arena battles the game slows down dramatically and you have to restart it to get the game running normally again. There are a few Marvel characters or champions that they’re missing, but they can be added later or eventually………but other than the lagging and the arenas, the game is great.

  25. b1uexberry says:

    The game is great, and although it’s a little repetitive, I still enjoy the content and mechanics. I have been having a few issues. At times, I’ll claim or build a crystal (such as the premium crystal) and as I to open it, the game force closes and never gives me a champion or the crystal back. And after doing about 6 or 7 fights, it will start decreasing my frames until the game force closes. It saves my progress for story mode, but not for arenas. I’ll gladly give 5 stars if these are fixed.

  26. dont no dont care says:

    It requires too much space to play it, sometimes you get lucky with characters you want but it’s very rare, if they solve the space problem I think I’d like the game more because in order for me to play it I have 2 erase a lot of videos and pictures. So just fix the space requirement problem and I’ll be happy. Also, getting catalysts is hard at times, which makes very hard to rank up a champion you want.

  27. Cj Towns says:

    Playing this game is infuriating. I’ve played for 5 years, on and off, and it was never this garbage. It takes forever to get the necessary materials to upgrade your champions. Standard game mechanics just don’t work half the time when you’re fighting so you die, and need to restart. The game constantly lags during the worst times, disrupting the entire flow you had. The game needs fixing ASAP because it’s starting to get less and less fun.

  28. Mary S says:

    Very fun, engaging game. At some points it starts getting sluggish but picks up pace again. Occasional bugs, runs mostly fine. It isn’t pay-to-win, but it is difficult. A large personal annoyance is that when I download it, it makes it seem as though it’s 3 times the data it actually takes up, forcing you to delete tons of your other apps. Then, once installed, it only takes up a gigabyte. Happens every update. Get it if you want, I don’t care. But fix that KABAM, please.

  29. Kevin L says:

    Very addicting game. Well developed and maintained. Ton of constant updates and story quests. Massive catalog of characters to collect & use. Major problem is customer service. Trust me, you will run into issues in the game eventually. Recently I had an issue and was going back and forth for almost 2 months and finally they just sent me a message saying that the issue “is now resolved”. After 2 months & a ton of info given, they couldn’t verify me and closed my ticket, without resolving it.

  30. Calvin Kenneweg says:

    Gameplay is great when it works. I love the gameplay and the experience of getting to play supers of the Marvel Universe. The controls are intuitive, but sometimes they just fail. Too many times I find myself in a fight against an opponent 3x my CP when I can’t afford to make a mistake, and then the controls just stop working or are delayed in a game where seconds matter. This needs to be fixed because the higher you get the more fights like this that players rely on to acquire needed rewards.

  31. Jason Acosta says:

    Update after several years of playing. It’s a fun game yes! But it’s very annoying that the game pauses while in battle, the screen pauses as you’re navigating throughout the map and also while going through your crystal vault or champions. I’d give it a 2 out of 5 stars but the story line is fun to read so thus the 3 out of 5.

  32. Mark Dahl says:

    I don’t know what happened, but after about 2 weeks ago, the game has become unplayable about 25% of the time. The controls have gone completely sluggish it’s a miracle if I can get a simple mlllm to land. God help me if I try to attach a special to it. Something is definitely wrong with the interface. Playing on a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.

  33. C0000 00DY says:

    The game play is nice. But sometimes the screen freezes, and it can ruin a whole chapter where you have put a lot of potions and revives into. Also. I wish there were more to the mechanics. Like jump or hold heavy and slide forward and hold heavy and slide back or something. It’s difficult to really put your finger on buffs because of how long it takes to utilize them. More often then not peop r just gonna press the screen instead of learn the buffs. There should be better training..

  34. David Smart says:

    Game is completely broken for over a year. Controls do whatever they want. In a game with twitch muscle memory and split second timing, the controls matter. They are often unresponsive. Dex will often end up as a parry or a punch in the face. You have to hit the special button several times to get it to fire Used to be sooo good. They don’t have the staff anymore to fix it and update it so they just keep adding broken content

  35. Deep Thought says:

    The latest update of the game has so many bugs, lagging, and dropped inputs! In a fighting game where timing is everything you might think they would make gameplay a priority, but you would be wrong! It has only been getting worse. The “compisation” they send out (and have been for months now) is nowhere near enough to cover for the loss of resorces and units you MUST use to play this game.

  36. Amanda Fatta says:

    The new battlegrounds mode is incredibly reliant on good internet, my internet isn’t good or bad, it’s somewhere in between, and about every 3 out of 4 matches in battlegrounds I’ll be stuck in its loading screen watching the timer tick down until I lose, please make it to where when you don’t even get to fight, you don’t lose points. It’s incredibly annoying and an absolute waste of resources

  37. Hatim Piplodwala says:

    Came back to the game after 3 years and I really like some of the things that have been added to the game. It’s so much better than when I left it. Variety of champs and quests is really fun but collector is a pain. The crystals are the only thing that’s disappointing as they still give you nothing good but other than that, it’s a great game. Also seems like it’s more friendly for new players now as story is easier to progress through.

  38. Sir Vincerd says:

    The game is getting better with each update. With the recent updates. I have found getting 6*s easier to get, especially with battlegrounds and the new incursions out. My only problem with the game is the random freeze during a match. Please fix, because it can really mess me up when doing harder content in the game.

  39. Garret Corn says:

    Phenomenal game, been playing for almost 5 years, and every time I get a new phone, this is the first game I reinstall. It’s somewhat easy to learn, and takes a while to learn what all the characters can do Stat wise, and great to play when your not busy. They’re always adding people (usually 2 or 3 a month). Not a pay to play game unless your really bad at learning to save resources. 5 out of 5 stars.

  40. pablo Junes says:

    I’ve been playing since 2017. Good game. Last two years have been plagued with bugs, glitches and some kind of unsatisfactory Administrative change. You know new bosses who think they know better than people running everything. This new relic and other additions are making the game very complicated to learn. I wouldn’t advise this game to new players. At this point it’s a trap of having to spend money to progress. I’m giving it 4stars but because of all the changes it’s more 3 stars.

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