Lumberwhack: Defend the Wild Apk Download New*


Team up fierce animals and defend the forest against vicious tree-cutters!
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July 7, 2022
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Lumberwhack: Defend the Wild Apk Download New*

In this loose action-packed protection recreation you lend a hand Koko Kornelius, the mad and courageous monkey to shield his place of origin from depraved lumberjacks! Uncover, set unfastened, improve, and evolve your minions to without equal animal military!

Lumberwhack: Protect the Wild Apk Obtain New*

OVER 380 DIFFICULT RANGES! Select your individual trail via this reputedly unending survivor protection sport in a quest to change into the king of the hill! This addictive sport will stay you entertained for hours on finish with thrilling gameplay and over Two hundred distinctive ranges! If that’s no longer sufficient – live to tell the tale the Unending Woodland!

Lumberwhack: Protect the Wild Apk Obtain New* liberate

COMMAND AN ORDINARY ANIMAL MILITARY! Uncover and improve the Smashback Gorilla, Punchbag Panda, Backattack Alligator, Kickaroo kangaroo, Rock n’ Roar Lion, Swiftpaw Tiger, Snowtail Leopard and plenty of extra distinctive animals on this wild wooded area zootopia. All with there personal particular skills and elite abilities!

Lumberwhack: Shield the Wild Apk Obtain New* mod apk

A STROLL WITHIN THE PARK? IT’S A STRUGGLE ON THIS PARK! Fight chainsawers, gunslingers, fierce rangers and massive awl wielding lumberjacks! This exhilarating story isn’t a stroll within the park – every enemy items you with a brand new danger and a problem to triumph over! Will you win the struggle?

Lumberwhack: Protect the Wild Apk Obtain New* apk mod

UNFASTENED BONUS PIECES! Obtain a number of things from finishing Achievements all through your jungle journey. Acquire Day by day Bonus awards that will help you revenge your animal minions. And reap the rewards from the loose Level Bonus as you beat each and every difficult stage!

Lumberwhack: Protect the Wild Apk Obtain New* apk mod 2022

– Without equal technique and action-defense sport wrapped into one wild package deal!
– Compete with your pals by way of Google Play Leaderboards!
– Get without equal time rating at the unending Survival Mode!
– Acquire over 60 achievements as you advance throughout the sport! Are you able to gather all of them?
– A zootopia of colourful graphic and a laugh animations!
– Journey via various nature, from thick wooded area, tropical Madagascar, swamp, mountain vary, and freezing ice age.
– Shield the woodland kingdom together with your robust animal minions!
– Use Koko, the monkey king of the jungle, to swing identical to Tarzan or combat the evil lumberjacks and rangers in shut struggle at the flooring!
– Report your individual gameplay video with Everyplay and proportion it with your folks!


40 comments on "Lumberwhack: Defend the Wild Apk Download New*"

  1. Ffanci Dallan says:

    Good, but too much difficulty to pass some levels. And the survival mode is rubbish, too much of enemies at the begin of the battle. It suppose to be from Wave 1, 2,3 upward

  2. Winward Deryck says:

    UPDATED. I like the game but you shud try to update game every month or 3 months or every few weeks. Please add bear,different type of deer that heals more. Just to let you know some level are hard and surviving for 20 minutes is to hard. Please decrease it to 15 minutes. Make acorns 2x or 3x easyer if you haven’t done that.

  3. Liza Natashka says:

    This games fun your a blue tidied monkey that just murderers everyone. This game is a game who only like animals would make this game, and it’s TRUE that we are cutting down trees it’s bad for ourselves. This is why I give this gam 5/5.

  4. Kodie Edelmarr says:

    alot of stuff is exspensive. acorns are kinda hard to get. the prices for some stuff is to much. i would like it if u added somthing that can give u alot of stuff. other then that the game is really good 5 stars for that and 3 stars for how exspensive everything is.

  5. Mikia Fannie says:

    Hope daily bonus can refresh every month so player could collect the reward even they are bizy beside adding new animal or skill dev should consider in endgame player sure have lot of LEAF left for nothing to use so we need something like spining bonus or whatever to waste up our LEAF so we can keep grind …overall it a GOOD game !!

  6. Waldo Chann says:

    I like the evolve of the animals, the deer is kinda usless, only heals but doesn’t fight, i like the lion and the tiger, the crocodile is usfull, they just go behind without the hunters knowing

  7. Lindley Trudy says:

    FUN! EXITING! This game is pretty addicting and mesmerizing for me. You would start as a cute monkey and explore new wild animals to fight for you. Good graphics! 😁😁😁

  8. FREAMEG'S dance 'n gami'n says:

    Game is great but the levels no cause it constantly lies saying these are the only enemies there then later surprise lumberjacks that weren’t supposed to be on that level

  9. Rocco's microwave says:

    I love playing these game but man is it hard. I don’t mind the challenge but it is hard. One problem is the daily rewards is I don’t get them any more. Is it because I got them all? But still a fun game. Can’t wait to see more.

  10. Random facts for random people says:

    It is a fun way to express that cutting to much forest hurts the ecosystem and the animals within it! It is a great game for all ages and can be used in a teaching manor for kids!

  11. toma trade says:

    This game is like Plants Vs Zombies…. But there are some problem. The man is too hard and there are only 11 animals…

  12. Queenie Queenieee says:

    It’s good but I don’t feel like playing it because uh there’s alot of levels and I suggest adding more animals, it just gets more boring if you have unlocked all the animals because there’s alooot more stages and you get no stuff so yeah that’s not good. It’s challenging but I don’t recommend installing the game it just gets boring overtime

  13. Anis Amira A'dnan says:

    This game is very easy at first but it be hard later.although its hard,i love this game.but one think you should fixing.when I go to gift,it say watch video to get the gift.but when i open the get dark then it so long loading.Maybe its 5-7 minute to wait i watched the shopee.of coure shopee video is so the problem begin,when it end i dont get any i tried one more but it say”no more video available”i am so angry about this😡😡😡so please fix it🙏🙏

  14. Natasa Vrbetić says:

    It won’t let me unlock a stage as I supposedly have to save 2 more trees on the map, but I have passed all the levels on the map so far with all 3 trees saved. Other than the game not letting me play any more, it’s fun.

  15. Taylor Ling says:

    Best game ever! All of the animals and skills are 100 maybe even1000 percent useful the only problem is that explosive jack and that chainsaw dude are almost impossible to deafeat.

  16. Daniel Lopez says:

    I have played the game before and loved it. Now I install it and it slowed down my whe phone. I uninstalled 2 apps and got rid of my cached stuff. It still makes my phone super slow and I can’t play it.

  17. NoTomLarry says:

    Game would have been perfect game if there is no crash in Daily bonus after watching the ads. The food generation is too slow to summon animals that require high numbers of bananas. Force to watch ads after level completion, no good.

  18. My Account says:

    A slightly different take on PvZ. Game is ok but plays far too fast you can barely set up a proper defense each level before getting overwhelmed. Also acorns you earn don’t seem to be added if you restart the level. This is poor as it costs a ton to upgrade skills.

  19. Win Matthew Ybanez says:

    This game is fun but I’d like to add in this game is to add a Beaver (not a skill) a animal that can fight and its elite skill is that whenever you hire 1 beaver there is a chance that you can get 2 or more beavers also try making the Beaver move faster but with low healt

  20. Emmanuel gaming says:

    What I have a good experience with it but the ends and you could just use airplane mode it’s not like this game and has a multiplayer mode so don’t be dumb like some other commenters that rated the game badly just because they don’t know how to activate airplane mode

  21. Bishnupriya Saha says:

    I need a new version of this game that their will be 2 animals 1)Flyer Pelican 2)Horner Elephant the special thing is that Flyer Pelican can fly and hit with their beak 2 times and the Horner Elephant is that he can hit with his horn and some times he took 1 lumber jacks with the help of his trunk and then throw down violently I will be very thankful to you if you solve my problem

  22. Sweden626 says:

    I was enjoying myself but then it randomly started an add after every game. Regardless if you pres “dubbel” or “accept/continue”…. So why give the option “no I’m fine with what i get, i don’t need to dubbel it” when i have to watch an add regardless. 🤨🤷‍♂️

  23. Prantik Majumdar says:

    Lovely game!! I’d really want to see more animals in the roster, like the BEAR!! And there could be so many more! Hope you add some in an update!

  24. eric traspaderme says:

    Kinda awesome game but some level are impossible to win but still an awesome games:) Can you guys add the following? Alies Elephant Eagle Hippopotamus Racoon Cow and chicken makes extra food Enemy Bulldozer Helicopter Dumb truck(full of lumberjacks) Truck that splashes poison I hope you guys add more of these thank you and Godbless:)

  25. Oleg Solomonik says:

    Probably would be a good game but right after I started it says new version available and send me back to play store. If you skip it and start playing it, it got stuck pointing to the the top right corner and neither tapping nor tapping and holding does nothing

  26. Chiru 2.0 says:

    I really love this game so much its like my favorite game when i was a child but i dont like this game no more becuase there are no new updates pls add new animals and new stages and also new enemy’s too

  27. Nheil Francis Tablante says:

    It’s very fun and challenging but the problem is it’s almost impossible to get acorns for buying animals plus the only way to get alot of acorns is with real money so I hope they fix it like buy acorns with leafs

  28. Okello Otieno says:

    I love the game but can u add fox ,and more animals piz and for people who say when we finish download it and go to the starting you just prees play and the game is good it’s about the earth 🌍 thank u

  29. Deva sai kumar Bheesetti says:

    Stupid game can’t link the progress to any account & not able to close ads when they’re over. In the beginning it used to be good but now it has so many bugs.

  30. Rudyard Gaceta says:

    Really great game, everything is great but it is extremely cashy, acorns are abundantly used, I mean skills need around 300 minimum to unlock and slots need double that, but getting them to match those needs cash, lots of will get stuck somewhere if you dont spend. Thanks for the greatly innovative game, really loved it though

  31. Taseen Alim says:

    This game is rly rly good! Although I think u should make the slot system a bit more better like 1300acorns to buy a skill slot is just a pain I think u should make it 850 or smth And animal slot 800 plz bcoz animals r the main point of the game u know And also let us pls start 3 skils because having 2 skills makes its a bit hard like the fast coconuts and Ape stuff like bamboo sticks and that’s it I can’t put an extra one so pls add a 3 slot and make the 4th one purchasable with acorns goodgame

  32. andrew says:

    I used to play this game in 2017 and I decided to give it a look after 5 years. Nothing really changed except now there’s an advertisement after every level. Please decrease the advertisements after levels ( example one ad in 3-5 levels or so ) Good game anyway

  33. Yuan Maximus Santos says:

    we need more games like this,spawning troops and you have your own character that you play as,I only kniw two still,This game and samurai vs. zombies

  34. Lütfi Üstündağ says:

    Ads between stages. Perfect way to ruin a good game. Good job!

  35. Damien M. Esmerio says:

    The game is good but I wish that there were more animals

  36. Caleb Conklin says:

    I like this game its very amusing and fun.But the game breaks constantly.

  37. Rahmah Sohaib says:

    I love tower defence games and this is a tower defence game the animals look really good quality.Its just a really good game overall.

  38. Josephine Regado says:

    I rate it 3 stars because I don’t know if there is a max level in campaign if you see this please answer back to me please.

  39. Isaiah James Aquino says:

    Really fun and very good game i like the animals and very fun playing it was really hard to do some levels some i almost lost and some were easy also some were almost killed my tree i was panicking but it was fun i won i got 3 trees and i got the deer it heals and attacks my enemys its really nice to have it👌😎👍

  40. Krystelle Gutierrez says:

    I love this game and i have an idea let’s add a new animal I’m thinking a bighorn it’s ability is smashing the lumberwhacks it can be found in the side on top of the snake

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