Into the Dead Mod Apk New 2022*


In a world overrun with the Dead, you have survived… but for how long?
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November 23, 2022
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Into the Dead Mod Apk New 2022*

In an international overrun with the Lifeless, you could have survived… however for a way lengthy?

Into the Lifeless Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod 2022

Into the Lifeless throws you into the ugly global of the zombie apocalypse the place there are not any 2d possibilities. Do what it’s important to in an effort to keep alive, stay shifting as rapid as you’ll be able to, and offer protection to your self in any way essential. When the Useless are emerging, run!

Into the Lifeless Mod Apk New 2022* mod apk

• Intense gameplay with surprising visuals & sound depicting a grim zombie apocalypse
• Liberate an arsenal of robust guns and perks that can assist you keep alive
• Missions and minigoals supply consistent demanding situations to triumph over
• Capsules supported
• Problem your mates to overcome your prime rankings • Ongoing updates to ship new modes, options, and content material

Into the Lifeless Mod Apk New 2022* apk

We like to listen to from our gamers!

Into the Useless Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod

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Into the Lifeless Mod Apk New 2022* release

Into the Useless calls for the next permissions to save lots of participant development:

Into the Useless Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod new

Garage: alter or delete the contents of your USB garage Storage: learn the contents of your USB storage


40 comments on "Into the Dead Mod Apk New 2022*"

  1. Lionel Trever says:

    Into the Dead is a fun running game where you dodge or kill zombies to survive (main part of the game). It’s annoying that you have to buy the upgrade version of your weapon, but they let you try them out once a day or as many times as you want in Trial of the Dead within a distance of kilometers or an amount of zombies you kill. It’s a great game! Also, it’s easy to get all achievements. It just takes about a month if you play every day ro get them all.

  2. Otha Eastre says:

    First, I want to say that the game is fun for a while, but does get boring because nothing really changes to spice up the gameplay. The controls are average for a mobile game. The missions can get boring after a while. They are the same thing over and over again like, “run this much” or “kill this many zombies” and finally “jump over the things.” The graphics of the game are bland, no color except red and yellow. Over all, this game is average, nothing great but, nothing bad.

  3. Carolyne Chill says:

    Immersive and Addictive. Into the Dead features endless possible playtime, with increasing challenges the longer you stay alive. With the simplest of objectives: survive as long as you can, you’ll be faced with intense scenarios that require split-second decisions which will either grant you a few more meters or lead you to your death. Easy to pick up, difficult to master. Requires quick eye-hand coordination and hours of gameplay experience. I’ve never faced zombies in an endless runner before.

  4. Boston Alissa says:

    Decent play style concept, but the controls are the absolute worst. No matter which control option you choose the character is extremely sluggish and runs like he’s drunk. He can basically only run in a straight line. You should be able to actually turn the character to dodge through narrow gaps. Also, they make the character seem almost completely helpless. I mean, really? Give the character some balls! You’ve got A LOT of stuff to fix. Graphics are good though. #sad, i love zombies.

  5. Townsend Welsa says:

    I’m verry sorry I didn’t like the app. The controlls never showed an option for onscreen controlls, just cotroller controlls. Besides that, the graphics were amazing and the sound quality was splendid. Also there is barely any ads! If the game could be fixed, this would be one of the best zombie games ever. Until then, I will have to keep my eye on the game for any updates. Thank you!

  6. Stiles Lin says:

    This is a must-have mobile game. It might even be the best survival game in the Google Play Store. Even though Into the Dead’s graphics aren’t topnotch, the gameplay definitely makes up for it… and the creators and developers made an intuitive way to play the game. It’s also really easy to get the hang of it, but I guess it gets repetitive after awhile.

  7. Daisuke Deathscythe says:

    The app is great, but I have problems on how to change my controls, as it’s defaulted to use a controller and I just want to play without one. I can play, since I have a controller but it really confusing how to change controls, like I have spent a few minutes on how to change my controls but no luck. And also, sometimes the zombies would get glitchy sometimes, like I was sure I was far enough to evade them but they would still caught me nonetheless. I will play a few runs just to make sure.

  8. Raymond Hensley says:

    I love this game. Challenging and helps eat up time. I like that you can change the controls so you get a different experience…aaand sometimes I go a bit too hard on the tilt in public hahaha the ads can be a bit exhausting though, not gonna lie. They’re sooo long and difficult to escape without clicking more than occasionally.

  9. The Cricket Animation Archive says:

    Definitely 5 stars. The grafics are amazing and the option of controls are useful and easy to use. This game is also good for not giving you that many ads which means the game play isn’t ruined by stupid free mobile games popping up on the screen. I don’t have any problems with this game and it couldn’t get any better. I definitely recommend this. You should play it.

  10. r nort says:

    Been playing this app for years. Fun and engaging, with a multitude of gamemodes, weapon choices, etc. Ads aren’t an issue for me here, as there aren’t a whole lot. Additionally, you have the option to watch one ad to multiplt your reward (in-game coins) which can be used to buy power-ups. Gameplay is addiciting, game runs smooth and has superb graphics for a mobile game.

  11. thomas Bales says:

    NOT RUN OF THE MILL!!! so I like that the most! The steering is a little vague, as is the generalized crosshair (guess where youre about to shoot) for whatever weapon your using. But the weapons are awesome, the graphics are well done, the companion is awesome, the way you can hear the zombies being ripped apart as you pass him running against an insane herd of undead obstacles. Cool with me! I love going out with my manstopper and killing some brain eaters while I simultaniously kill time! 4*

  12. Michael Meyerhofer says:

    Great game but there are SO MANY ADS! I’d gladly buy a full version to remove them but that isn’t an option, meaning you get a 30-45 second ad after every few games, and anither 30-45 second ad if you want to unlock the perks for a round. That often adds up to over a minute of ads for (sometimes) only 30 seconds or a minute of gameplay.

  13. Agastya Sharma says:

    A very good game, very good graphics and all. The only problems would be that it sometimes and I mean extremely rarely shows inappropriate ads, it also finishes quickly at around lvl 30 and after that it has just no meaning or anything to play for anymore the missions become very very easy, you should also remove the price to skip missions since that makes it much easier to finish. Not exactly free to play either it has a lot of actual expensive stuff in it. Its overall ok.

  14. G Knighton says:

    This is actually not what I was expecting. It’s a running game like Subway surfers, but you are avoiding Zombies and other obstacles. I assume its endless, but honestly, it was too easy, and got repetitive, HOWEVER, I really like the fact that it did something new, and was unique, not just another half-assed Zombie game. I really like the graphics and layout of the menu and everything, so overall, not bad, was a bit refreshing, so, yea, give it a try I suppose.

  15. Rishiraj Sarkar says:

    This game is by no means the epitome of mobile gaming. It’s more of a time passer. It’s repetitive and simple and the gameplay is pretty linear. That being said, it’s a really great time passer. The weapons and are diverse and fun to use. The pets are useful. The gameplay is balanced and the gamemodes require you to apply different strategies. The only problem with the game are the microtransactions, which disallow you from having a better and more diverse arsenal. Other than that, great game.

  16. Josh Clark says:

    I love the game, I always have and always will, I even watch an ad every level to support the staff so we get more like this and ITD2! Problem is that I haven’t played in a while, and before my break, the touch controls always worked great, but now, some months later and they don’t. It almost never turns, OR it fires incorrectly when I should turn, I die much sooner than I should. Some update changed and it doesn’t work right anymore. I still love the game so don’t get me wrong but I’m annoyed.

  17. Kara Viloria says:

    This game is really good, it has different kinds of controls that you can choose. And I like that, since other games just makes you use one kind of control, and you still need to learn to get used to it, but this one has many. Aside from that, the animation or effects are also really really good and kinda realistic. Recommended to download.

  18. Matthew Hooton says:

    10x better than the second game, which is time locked behind the BS energy system and has more MTX in your face. However, they seem to have locked it to the worst control scheme since I first played 5+ years ago to try and make people play the second. On these controls your movement will frequently lock up as the game seems to only be able to handle one input at a time. 5 stars if I could still change controls. Makes no sense to remove it other than money motivation.

  19. Joaquin Dracula says:

    Love it… eversince i first got a hold of it, ages ago. Keep up the good work. One thing though, some armaments like those with the telescopic gun sight are blocking the sight of the right field of view. You could hardly see the obstacles (zombies, tree’s) on the right side of the screen due to the telescopic gunsight. The grenade explosion could be enhanced further though, to give it a more realistic booming explosion, and other armaments included. Thanks and Godbless😊😊😊

  20. Grendall XFrostier says:

    Love the game yeah it’s the same thing over and over but if u have even one other person and u challenge em it’s endless fun plus it has modes events challenges and quests so you have a goal and have to do things a certain amount of times to give u direction. I use tilt, the tapping zones an joy stick are a bit broken and the tap zone kinda sucks. But tilt works great and u can tilt a little or a lot and control how much plus make faster manuvers

  21. First name Last name says:

    Endless running, along with action,adventure with a little spice of horror in it. Heh, amazing combination. I’ve had this game in the past, and recently redownloaded it, i love how they made a really good game even better. It runs smooth, there a lot of content, and diffrent controls for everyone favroite way to move. – but i would consider making it a way to use a controller or gamepad in the game? Otherwise reccomend for people into this kinda “racking up level and sets” kind of thing.

  22. Luke Sayer says:

    I did uninstall this game, but that was for storage issues, this game is great. I tried the second one, but still came back to this, I prefer the graphics and endless run. Occasionally, at least once a play session the game just gives me unlimited ammo/gas. Not that I’m complaining, sometimes it’s nice to just put the chainsaw down and chew threw hundreds of zombies. And if I ever wanted limited ammo I could just restart the game. So in terms of bugs, I kinda like this one. Either way, good job

  23. Derek E says:

    Been playing since it came out. Just more and more ads over the years. I would gladly pay a small fee to remove ads permanently. Sometimes when I watch ads for free stuff, I don’t get the free stuff….and some ads don’t have timers anymore, so I just wait….and wait….and wait….sometimes I just give up and play something else.

  24. Phil Flores says:

    strangely addictive. the options available to control chracter through the levels is very unique. and adds replay ability to the game. they are many things it lacks. however, it so worth spending a few hours and a few bucks. i think its time to download part 2.

  25. Sachiko Shinozaki says:

    Played this game since I was a kid. Never really changed. Although now that I look at it. It should have more weapons. More of a goal you know? It’s a great game both graphic and gameplay wise. Does take more of a powerful device to run it. But its because of how the grapics are set. And they look beautiful. Great Game overall!

  26. multihacker 3695 says:

    Great game, one thing though!! The starter pack is a rip off, the crossbow costs $1, the grenade launcher costs $3, the cartel twin upgrade costs $5, total that’s $9 but the starter pack containing JUST these 3 is $10, a full $1 more than the 3 items seperated

  27. Matthew Walters says:

    I’d give it 5 stars if it wasn’t for one complaint. You can’t restore you’re progress if you reinstall the app. You can restore your purchases for the guns you can buy which are reasonably priced. That is the only bad point with this game otherwise it’s a great time killer

  28. Zsolt Simó says:

    The latest update is so cool! The new graphics is amazing and the chainsaw isn’t buggy!

  29. Michel Fares says:

    After the new update, my phone start lagging because of the graphics.

  30. Charles Abi ader says:

    I previously had a review and I reviewed it like 5 stars. But after the. Latest update and visual feature changes my potato phone started lagging. I rly hope you the dev read this. Can you make in ge settings lowers graphics for people like me cuz I’m a big fan and I have been playing for a while now

  31. James Ellenberger says:

    I have been enjoying into the dead 1 and I recommend it and into the dead 2. But I’m very happy with this version. I highly recommend is a game Iook forward to playing everyday.

  32. Karl Michael says:

    The updated version was incredible… It kept me wanting to play even more! The church, the smoke arising in the forest and from the crates, crows and the colored zombies once they captured you. A CAMP FIRE or BONFIRE would be a great add on to the next update on FLASHLIGHT or any mode, roaming rabbits and a bear would be terrific! WW2 zombie pack should be purchaseable, American football be place in FB instead! God bless you all!

  33. Sahid Mada says:

    Moving to the left and right , Repeat until you got a gun then shoot those great looking zombie . save your in game money for some gun which not much compare to paid one, or using real money and slaughter those zombie like a maniac rambo . aaaand thats it .

  34. Kevin Meehan says:

    This is a great game. I’ve been playing many hours and I’m still enjoying it. There’s a lot of fresh content, challenges every day. Cool weapons, gnarly zombies, what’s not to like!? And… the ads are optional! Other Developers take note: if you force me to watch ads, I’ll stop playing your game. If like these guys you give me a choice and reward me, I’ll watch ads!!

  35. Jackie Perez says:

    Great game and I like how you can get the WW2 2 pack for free.

  36. Rome Secody says:

    This game is amazing with all the details. I love how you can have your own dog with you or a new starting point I just downloaded it yesterday and I automatically fell in love with it! So far the best game I downloaded by far.

  37. Kaden Roughton says:

    This game is great just I don’t like the ads and in app purchases but you gotta make money

  38. Navid Nooraein says:

    Latest update has Fabolous graphics! But some glitches of course… Some guns such as machine gun just cover all the screen which we can’t even see the zombies!

  39. Zach Holguin says:

    Classic and fun! That’s all I can say, all around a great game!

  40. Duraivelu Duraivelu says:

    Super nice game graphics is very nice and fast download into the dead 2

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