Heroics Epic Legend of Archero Mod Apk


Upgrade your hero and explore epic dungeons in this fantasy RPG action game!
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DVS Games
November 8, 2022
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Heroics Epic Legend of Archero Mod Apk

Collect mythical guns, degree up your hero, select new talents, and rip via legions of monsters!

Heroics Epic Legend of Archero Mod Apk free up

Run, shoot, discover, and turn into more potent. Hordes of monsters and lots of loot are looking forward to you.

Heroics Epic Legend of Archero Mod Apk apk mod

Make a selection a dangerous weapon You’ve over 50 tough guns, throwing equipment, or even historical magical artifacts at your disposal. The entirety will turn out to be useful. What do you select to grow to be invincible?

Heroics Epic Legend of Archero Mod Apk apk

• Number one weapon — we should not have crossbows, bows or arrows, however we have now pistols, blunderbuss, muskets, rifles, mortars, and carbines, which spoil from afar
• Melee weapon — all method are honest right here, and the arsenal is appropriate: golf equipment, swords, axes, hammers, or even whips
• Throwing weapon — use it to strike the enemy whilst reloading the principle weapon: knives, boomerangs, darts, discs, and grenades
• Magic weapon — the most efficient resolution when issues get worrying: staves, spell scrolls, and crystals of significant energy

Heroics Epic Legend of Archero Mod Apk apk mod new

Make a selection cast apparatus To find and equip armor from one set for distinctive advantages.

Heroics Epic Legend of Archero Mod Apk apk mod 2022

• Offer protection to your head — use the whole lot from hats and caps to helmets, mask, or even goggles
• Make stronger your chest — take a look at on what you prefer, right here a blouse, there a cuirass, or no less than take this nice cloak
• Take your fingers from your wallet — they gained’t freeze anymore with the ones gloves, gauntlets, and even bracers
• Stay your ft heat — take a couple of shoes, greaves, or leggings

Heroics Epic Legend of Archero Mod Apk mod apk

Make a choice a competent puppy Your devoted preventing buddies are looking ahead to you. They’ll at all times quilt your again on the proper second. Select one who fits your play taste!

Heroics Epic Legend of Archero Mod Apk

Discover a large number of places Combat via historic forests, icy wastelands, defiled swamps, and sinister castles on your quest to avoid wasting the arena. Over one thousand dungeons are ready so that you can remedy their thriller.

Dip in an exhilarating tale Develop into a Hero! Or weigh down your enemies left and proper. The selection is yours!
Experience nice graphics Preventing evil hasn’t ever been so interesting.

Play your means Heroics is the most productive loose epic journey motion RPG about growing and leveling up a personality. This amusing level-passing sport can also be performed each on-line and offline.

Heroics is a singular myth sport with a big collection of further guns, distinctive enemies and managers, superb graphics, and an exhilarating storyline. You’re going to like Heroics for those who revel in roleplaying dungeon runners or archer themed video games.


40 comments on "Heroics Epic Legend of Archero Mod Apk"

  1. Radosław Kwiatkowski says:

    Great graphics, a lot of different items which change visually your character, pets and skills. Definitely the best ‘archero’ type game, but…for some unknown reasons when u play, sometimes monsters don’t take any damage for few seconds and it happens almost on every map…It’s really really annoying. Anyone have the same problem? (S10+ here)

  2. Belontiga Joker says:

    Some things are done well, others aren’t. The game has a good feature where you can unlock better rewards by watching an ad quota, something more games should have yet for some reason don’t, but most everything else falls flat. Weakest of everything is the gameplay, due primarily to the enemies. For example, the bees have too large of a damage radius for their cross-map multi-attack, the crow’s attacks have a deceptively large hitbox, and each match quickly becomes an unavoidable bullet-hell.

  3. Jesse Hoffer says:

    An extremely fun game, map design could use some work. As a lot of times the hardest enemy seems like the terrain. My main gripe though is you cannot see ailments applied to your player. You can see it when applied to the enemies, so why not your playable character? That is my main reason for 4 not 5 stars. Overall fun game and anyone should give it a try.

  4. Si says:

    i first played this model of game-style with Archero. if you, like me, really enjoyed that game (level-based, random powerups, halt to fire, etc), you’re going to love Heroics even more. the game has a plot, cutscenes, and even little quality-of-life flavors like your hero checking out his new gear when equipped. it’s a major improvement on a classic favorite. you can’t afford to miss Heroics- and the price is right, too.

  5. Dolan Wolfe-Callanta says:

    Developers deleted my review, so I will elaborate… The game itself is fun! But that fun is limited, as the ads are aggressive, by sometimes locking you into them and you’re unable to leave the ad, which means you have to close the game and lose progress. The no-ad purchases are greedy and TIME LIMITED. I’d happily pay a one time small purchase for no ads, but that should not have a time limit to it.

  6. Chris Scott says:

    The concept to fbthe game is good, but you have to face that this is just copied from other games. The reason this gets a 2 star is that the programming of the game is flawed. Enemies that you temporarily turn to friendly still damage you and don’t damage the enemy. You just cannot damage them. Other buffs you gain also simply do not work. The one where you gain health after taking damage based on the number of enemies you kill never triggers. The game is riddled with lots of minor issues.

  7. Dušan Petrović says:

    Ultimately unplayable. Crashes every minute after the the tutorial, but it lets you watch ads until last second, then crashes again and again. You enter the chapter, and EVERY arena u r in for 3 secs and defeat enemies, asks for a new load screen, and, hence, new crash occurs. Worst 12 hours i spent on a game ever. Avoid at all costs, u will save nerves, time, and if not moron, money. Also, 1.5gb for a game that needs loading after every 2D screen u kill 3 enemies in?

  8. Derrick S says:

    I play a lot of these games and this one just makes me say “ok, I see what you did there.” the characters speed is just slightly to slow that you get hit by things you probably should be able to avoid. the enemies bullet speed is just slightly to fast and you’ll get hit. You can’t always tell when the enemy bullets will hit a wall or go over. it’s things that makes me think they did it on purpose so you die and speed money on power ups. Which I understand they are a business and want to make money. it feels scummy tho. it’s hard to describe but in a lot of other games, when you get hit or die, you feel like it was a fair death. in this game, I just die and don’t quite know why. That can all be forgiven because I like a challenging game and I don’t mind spending money, my biggest complaint is the amount of ads there are. for an example. you can watch 6 ads to get the 6 main resources for upgrades. they don’t give you enough during the missions. it feels like playing 3 missions gives you as much at 1 ad. then they have “epic” chest that you can watch 6 ads and unlock 1 chest. even if you get a good item, you’ll have to watch more ads to get the gold to craft it. but you’re in luck, you can buy a pass for no ads.. for a week or 2 weeks or 1 month. no options for a 1 time buy. The ads are also difficult to close out of. sometimes they play for 1 min and no x will appears for another 10 -15 seconds. if you click anywhere on the screen it will take you to the google page. when you go back to the game, the x still wont show up sometimes. A few times I was unable to exit the ads and had to close out my game and I didn’t get credit for watching. You’ll spend more time watching ads than playing the game.

  9. Rob Cerasuolo says:

    This game is identical to several others in terms of gameplay. Basically, you go in one direction, from room to room, avoiding shots, trying to gain temporary level-up abilities. It’s fine as it is, but the linearity and repetitive nature made me lose interest quickly, just like with the other games it’s similar to.

  10. Aron Graham says:

    I really like it, so far. A perchase for no ads is very very helpful give you lots of free stuff and it’s not expensive. But if you want you can watch lots of ads instead to get the same items. Ive played just one day and it’s my top three favorite game. I hope 🤞 it stays that way. Update: I’ve been playing two weeks now. I still really like this game. I have confirmed that it is far better to remove the adds and support the developers with inexpensive purchases, free is a lot of ads to watch

  11. edgarloike says:

    Gameplay and graphics are good, but there isnt much content right now. I’ve cleared all thats available, within a few days, without paying anything. Adverts are optional, but resource generation versus upgrade requirements, pushed me to watch a lot.

  12. Lefteris Mplanas says:

    I find this better than Archero. Having said that. The main campaign is too short and repeating floors in trials is not pleasant. Also trials that are timed should not have enemies with shields or ones that dissappear in them. They take time and not skill to counter, if you exclude spesific tactics. Tactics that you’d need to prepare for except trials are randomised so you don’t know what strategy you’ll need. The most recent update was a very nice one but didn’t add any chapters/maps

  13. Xevan Yap says:

    Horrible level design especially floors crowded with tall walls, combined with enemies with lobbing projectiles with insane AoE and melee mobs will essentially doom your run. Many choices for weapons, but the only practical ones are the lobbing ones thanks to poor level design. The trials, they’re just there to look as if you will get something out of them but the reward is bare minimal even at floor 40. It’s almost as if they are pushing you to click the watch ads button way too hard.

  14. trent jackson says:

    I started the game, got thru the first little tutorial and best the big tree at the end but then when it was loading for the next part it just froze and when I tapped the screen it closed itself so I tried to restart the game. That didn’t work. I tried to restart my phone that didn’t work either. Just kept closing while loading resources. Sad because I really wanted to play this game.

  15. Mihai Moise says:

    Nice game. As a note, when the player throws the weapon there is no need for a pop up as a reminder…it blocks the view of incoming projectiles and ruins the game a bit…if you have to have it, place it in one of the bottom corners for example; and also, 3 ads for a chest is a bit too much. Best of luck!

  16. corey Deane says:

    One of the worst cash grabs I’ve ever played. Each game costs 1 key and you only get 3 keys lol! Each upgrade is random, and the good upgrades you will get literally once every 10 games lol! Some of the maps they intentionally make impossible to win on. The levels scale up ridiculously fast from easy to impossible in only one level. It’s a joke how impossible they make it so you have to pay. If they would have made it playable, I’d have paid for it…

  17. Brendan Jarmin says:

    Great game very fun way more fun than the Archero and Zombero the controls could use a little work it seems like sometimes my hero just stop in his tracks and my hero ends up taking damage or maybe it’s just me but it seems random with no clear cause. I was also wondering why you only get to level up to 10 and then no more level ups after that I think you should be able to level up your hero further in the trials at least if not in the main quest

  18. Ray Matthew Bellen says:

    Played for a week. PROS: Has unique game mechanic of having more weapons to equip, immersive story intro (would be great if story is added for every chapter), & balanced ads to rewards ratio (don’t change for this is already perfect). CONS: Heavy grind for so much materials to upgrade, & somewhat dead community (no discord or other social media & a lot of open guild with no active players). Overall it’s fun & refreshing to play but it’s somehow felt empty with no other players to interact with.

  19. god of death says:

    I got to the Zone peaceful fields and almost immediately at the gate I got injured from literally nothing I even almost had my run ruined by standing near the entrance of the gate with one enemy in the entire floor left and I got hit twice for 30 damage each when there was nothing coming at me there was nothing on the ground and there was legit nothing in any portion of the corner or map where I was standing but I magically almost lost because of just taking random damage

  20. Terry Wilke says:

    Well thought out gameplay and advancement, upgrade drops are frequent and useful. Keep this up and don’t change something that works. Thank you devs.

  21. Monan Llever says:

    Could’ve been nice if it doesn’t push you early on to make purchases: Energy cost is 5 and you have a total of 20 eneegy only. Meaning you get to play 4 times only if you don’t top up. Attacks are slow and have very low damage. Upgrading sucks. Even trying to get a free chest sucks since it asks you to watch 3 ads. Free chest = common items. Basically, only the first few mins were enjoyable and had to uninstall it

  22. Jason Mefferd says:

    Basically Fable but not as much fun yet. Hand out gold with an eye dropper and enemies are amazingly accurate even at the beginning levels while you do minimal damage. Not sure if i will continue with it yet.

  23. Charles Ha says:

    Pretty disappointed with the recent changes. 3 adds for 1 treasure chest seems like a bit too much. Rework to dungeon has made it almost impossible to even clear one room – most monsters kill me in one shot

  24. Charles Jones says:

    It’s great lol the chicken had chick’s. I’m not to far yet the only thing is I would like to use my elite power when I want to. Good concept so far not sure what is next. I hope there’s different bad guys, and different sidekicks. Next level could be, under water, or dinosaurs.

  25. Sn00zzzer Slams Cannolis says:

    It’s a pretty good game, only problem is the controls. Sometimes I stop moving mid battle and I have to tap the screen again to move. Seems like a bug or a glitch.

  26. gfeger sfewtewg says:

    some of these reviews are written by actual braindeads, i finished the entire thing in a few days without spending a cent, there are a few broken builds and some passives that don’t work at all, primarily occult doesn’t proc when you take damage 20% of the time and sometimes when it does proc and you kill an enemy you still don’t heal which sometimes ruins a run, not enough levels of main story, finished entire game with lvl 50 equipment, max is like 70, bosses hp is bugged half the time

  27. alejandro prono says:

    Its a good game, its challenging but enjoyable. Problem is when trying to get daily log in bonus the game crashes and said bonus is lost.

  28. Jonbrandon Rancman says:

    Great game. I quite enjoy it; I would have given it 4 stars except for the fact that I lost all my progress and gear acquired long ago when I first played the game, a good deal of that gear had been bought. I launched it today and was taken back to the first chapter where I had to redo tutorial. All my gear, skill upgrades, and realm/world access was gone… I still had all my achievements from when I played before, but nothing more. Because of this I must give the game only 2 stars.

  29. Archfeld Serethai says:

    The game is fun, but I keep losing my abilities mid level. My bouncing shots are suddenly not. UPDT starting a level with no grace period is a guaranteed hit in many cases. The game needs a 3 second period before the level starts to give you a chance. Why does every claim take multiple[3] clicks and screens ? This is not a game but a vehicle to require purchases… too bad it had promise but poor implementation kills it…

  30. Xuyen Ho Nhu says:

    I’m stucked at level 30, waiting for update..then the update show up and no new contents, with a downgrade of ” Gold Rush ” and ” Dungeon” rewards to half??? What are you thinking???

  31. Apollo Basco says:

    why did you guys lessen the the number of gold and items that we can collect at the gold rush and endless dungeon right after the last update?! this was a decent game before but now you just made this game a pay to win!

  32. Fyre Hessler says:

    Story is interactive and fun to play. The detail and graphics are amazing

  33. G//ost says:

    I am so glad I stumbled on this game while searching for Rogue engines. This game is great on all aspects with upgrades different weapons magic armors. I can’t wait to see what comes next from this company

  34. TheStyluz says:

    It won’t let me buy anything, everytime I try I get a “transaction declined”. I have tried 3 separate credit cards. Ive tried Google play credits, and I’m using the right password.

  35. Amanda Baud says:

    High quality game. All around good job.

  36. Zebediah Miller says:

    In game purchasing not working and yes I’ve tried other games to see if it was a problem on my end but it’s not. Good game tho…

  37. Eric Boone says:

    Phenomenally designed. Challenging. No need to spend money. Only problem I have is they cap you out at 20 energy at a time when it costs 5 per campaign Chapter attempt and 10 for a Trials run. IF you’re lucky, 1/6 chance, you can get 5 or 10 energy back in a run. Other than that, it really is addicting with a full plethora of gear unlocked after each Chapter including both skills and unique gear.

  38. Jerry Vaughn says:

    Fun to play. Graphics are a little better than arch. Enjoying so far

  39. Carl Mason says:

    Fun and actually makes sense

  40. Alvin Roy Sano says:

    Game not worth watching all those ads

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