Helicopter Save The Girl Premium Apk


Go on, get your machine gun and spray‘em bullets down the maniacs!
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ABI Global Publishing
April 25, 2022
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Helicopter Save The Girl Premium Apk

Can you shoot rapid sufficient to avoid wasting your lady from the maniacs?

Helicopter Save The Lady Top rate Apk apk mod 2022

– Rescue The Lady – Giants Hunter
– Break out The Matrix
– Save The Craftsman

Helicopter Save The Lady Top class Apk apk

★ Your quest is inconspicuous…rescue the woman by means of killing the entire lunatics! Soar at the helicopter and take down any enemies getting on the subject of the woman. Don’t give them any probability and be sure to shoot briefly.

Helicopter Save The Woman Top class Apk liberate

★ Stay your eyes peeled and your center of attention prime. Don’t prevent taking pictures until she arrives safely on this simple to play all-action recreation the place most effective the quickest and the deadliest will prevail.

Helicopter Save The Woman Top class Apk apk mod new

★ Use explosives and different in-game gadgets to take out as many unhealthy guys as you’ll.

Helicopter Save The Woman Top class Apk

★ There’s a complete thrilling vary of enemies to ruin, and a few of them even shoot again.

Helicopter Save The Lady Top rate Apk apk mod

★ Whole ranges to improve your weapons, scope, outfits, and helicopters, and advance throughout the districts of the town to succeed in superior boss ranges with additional rewards. Check out pistols, shotguns, attack rifles, SMGs, Sniper, Grenade, or even rocket launchers to seek out the weapon that is helping you set an finish to the chase.

Helicopter Save The Lady Top class Apk mod apk

– Action-packed gameplay
– Large collections of weapons, scope and helicopters
– Never-ending difficult ranges – Superb graphics and sound results – Simple Controls
– Army Drone


40 comments on "Helicopter Save The Girl Premium Apk"

  1. Enrico Dumlao says:

    i love this bad boy game why because its going to be good and the game is actually going are action and guys and money and more game here so try this bad boy game guys please lol😎😎😎👻👻👻😈😈😈🔥🔥🔥✨✨✨💯💯💯💦💦💦💤💤💤💙💙💙🤤🤤🤤🤬🤬🤬🥰🥰🥰😁😁😁😅😅😅🫡🫡🫡

  2. Ezekiel Buenaventura says:

    I love poly graphics games

  3. PixelCarHarvey! Car guy! says:

    I would give it a five but they neeeeeed! To stop it for when you move the camera it shoots it’s so annoying and same with the ads those need to calm down. But apart from that the games amazing.

  4. tabassum khan says:

    Nice game But why only the same girl + more girls or boys to save

  5. Zhian Cristoff Maralit says:

    I hate the slow motion please fix it 🤔

  6. Faridoon Ashk says:

    It would be better With auto shoot

  7. Ronald Johnson says:

    Love these games I hope more of these come out

  8. vikas sable says:

    This super amazing that I can’t believe thanks for making!!

  9. Kenyon Wood says:

    This game is real simaluar to another game and I am at level 1446, fun game though.

  10. MR WILD says:

    Wow this is amazing! Plz add a p90 and minigun and scar h

  11. Jaxson Jaquith says:

    My first review was took down but I’m a little happier that they took away the naked boys and yeah.

  12. SrCrazyBr says:

    Very good, super good animations

  13. Reynald & Reymar Quintana says:

    This game is good the poly graphics is so beautiful however the game is getting a bit boring i hope they add some gun like machine gun. 4/5

  14. Ezekiel Zeus Narvaez says:

    Wow thats cool and hard to do and i like it so thank you.

  15. rylan and lachlan says:

    It keeps freezing when i play and when i move the screen it shoots the gun and there are to many ads in it this gam sucks!!

  16. Michele Mariotti says:

    Too many adds, literally unplayable. Shame.

  17. Diosinny Almanzar says:

    The game is good and i like it it is the best but the person that said it lagging so much because their phone is trash and i dont lagg and this game is a five star

  18. Jon Ferguson says:

    This game is awesome and lots of fun. I highly recommend this game for stress free relief.

  19. Ethan Van horn says:

    Game is good only reason for 5 stars is because with the naked guy you can see his um #### and I think it’s a unique feature for a game off of Google Play

  20. Teerawat Khumbopn says:

    Smooth Game Good Game And So Cool Game

  21. Pochollo Rey Basilio says:

    This game sucks when you move the screen it shoots then it shows you a black screen its cheating then ads they gotta remove this game its so trash

  22. Brett Sidney says:

    The game is good but there is one problem… there is a guy in basically every level which you can see his p3n1$ when you get killed by him when your up close, you can see it. So that part makes it much *teen* related but it has teen humor.

  23. mohd nazri mohamad zaki says:

    Not gonna Lie,Good game and Theres only some ads that randomly show up Best game.

  24. Rhama Adhistya says:

    I like the game it’s so good, but i don’t like the shooting system, like why the gun it’s shooting when i touch the screen?, I hope the developer make the shooting system just shoot when the gun is aiming at the enemy, and add a reload mecanism so it’s look more good, and mybe change the model of the girl or enemy because the model look so 🤮, and the ragdoll, wth is that ragdoll, overall it’s good game, i just want dev give a big update

  25. Nick Allen says:

    Game is stuck on LAPD helicopter also not able to collect gold I’m stuck at 184 and I should have at least x100. Also add more levels please. Update 4/24 still have the same issues. Update 4/25 same issues.i think they gave up on this game.5/9/22

  26. Azka Maulana Kaysan says:

    Good game, so fun and so many guns and scope, this is a good game

  27. Marie Lawson says:

    This is a very fun game but the reason I chose 4 stars is because when you look around you also shoot the gun please make it so you can hold a button and I will change my rating to 5 stars👍

  28. E says:

    Too easy since enemies are too slow and your only saving a girl. 0/10

  29. Alex says:

    This game is too simple for me to enjoy

  30. Zach Cameron Dakay says:

    too much ads

  31. rebecca duncan says:

    the helicopter save the girl need more goons and it is more of head bad guy like bat men and others helicopters and some guns too

  32. David Bulfoni says:

    I’m in Australia and can’t use the google pay to purchase items and 1the is mediocre

  33. Allan Blair says:

    It looked like a cool game that I could smash daily, if only I could have actually played it! 👎👎👎👎👎

  34. Alex WavingSloth says:

    Ads appear mid game, wouldn’t recommend

  35. Mayme Edwards says:

    It’s a lot of fun and challenging.

  36. Lewys Evans says:

    Like the intesety level

  37. LATIN LEGENDS says:

    That is good is great

  38. gwd says:

    Love this game

  39. Bruce Isaacson says:

    No updates, nothing works correctly. Don’t waste your time!

  40. Antonio Manalo says:

    I downloaded this game twice already I’ve only reach 50 levels cause I have to wait for the next levels for how long I don’t know because after a month of waiting I lost interest in the game and I uninstaled it. Could have been a nice game if they only have hundreds or more levels. 👍🏻✌️

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