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May 16, 2020
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FPS.io (Fast-Play Shooter) Premium Apk

New characters! DDOTTY, SLEEPGROUND and COA from well-liked online game streamer, SANDBOX PALS were added!

FPS.io (Fast-Play Shooter) Top rate Apk apk

Play Heroes possessed with distinctive talents on this limitless international community struggle!
Pixel taste persona’s struggle

FPS.io (Fast-Play Shooter) Top class Apk mod apk

Revel in the number of guns and limitless battles!
Defeat warring parties to turn out to be the champion of the limitless battles for every season.

FPS.io (Fast-Play Shooter) Top rate Apk apk mod

Options ● Compete with avid gamers international in real-time
● Enjoy the most productive controls of cellular shooters
● Battle in opposition to motion figures with distinctive skills ● Carry out strategic power-ups with revel in got in battles
● Problem the champion and develop into the highest in seasonal scores!
● Play new heroes with particular abilities added each season
● Improve and make the motion figures extra robust

FPS.io (Fast-Play Shooter) Top rate Apk apk mod 2022

Play now! Nice for many who like FPS, however are uninterested in fight royale video games.

FPS.io (Fast-Play Shooter) Top class Apk apk mod new

Fb : https://www.fb.com/PlayNANOO Respectable Neighborhood : https://forum.playnanoo.com/fps Reinforce : https://forum.playnanoo.com/fps/help

FPS.io (Fast-Play Shooter) Top class Apk

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40 comments on "FPS.io (Fast-Play Shooter) Premium Apk"

  1. Thomkins Maximillian says:

    It’s a good game. I think you should great did of the lock on premium characters (but you can only obtain the figures by killing other premium characters), then lower the price on the season pass to 5.99. And add more maps. Or different game modes. It’s a good idea, but it’s lacking in content.

  2. Du Ead says:

    The game is a dumpster fire. The only fun class was the one with the shotgun plus this game ain’t even a fps. Fps stands for first person shooter. I did not even get any kills from any other class than one and you have limeted lives so unless you max out your mommys credit card you cannot respawn after those lives are up. This would be a better domputer game because at least i would be able to shoot people rather than taking a single step then dying.

  3. Gabe Welch says:

    This is trash. Let’s give a summary of my experience. Load it up, I choose Alex the engineer because I thought he was cool, so far, im really excited to play, I load up the game, I start learning pretty fast, guy kills me, okay, I’ll just respawn, nope, can’t respawn with your equipped character, infact, if you do want to have the freedom of infinite respawns on any character you wanna choose from, you need to give them money! Overall this is a kid’s cash grab game just like the others. Nobody respects kid’s entertainment anymore, they only care about cash.

  4. Katherina Botulf says:

    This is a fantastic game. it is beautifully simplistic and a great time waster, but for people that maybe struggle to get WiFi could there possibly be and offline aspect to this already brilliant game. I hope you take this into consideration. Yours sincerely Mini

  5. Arthurr Meldon says:

    Holy microtransactions this game wants you to buy a season pass in order to keep responing. Along with pushing ads down your throat and the pat to win model of the game. You litterly have to pay to unlock the full game. There no way around it.

  6. Farold Katherine says:

    I like how this game can be competitive and casual at the same time. The controls and game mechanics are easy to use and the controls are smoothly done. Please release more characters for more variety 🙂 thanks devs!

  7. James Lexie says:

    Everything was great and I’m sure that this would be a great game!..if not for the controls, whenever I tried to look around it would just spasm and it would make it hard to go anywhere so I never got to really enjoy the game to it’s full potential.

  8. Ar Val says:

    Great game overall it’s smooth no lag (for me anyways) and all the characters are pretty balanced none op none really bad controls are good but I think you should be able to move where you want the buttons to be and adjust the sensitivity (my favorite character so far is Alex I do the best with her)

  9. Brandalynn Hevean says:

    Great game, but I have 1 suggestion. You should make an offline mode, because In car trips up mountains and such, there is absolutely no internet connection. If you do this, the thanks!

  10. Scotti Jearlene says:

    Alright, now this is a great game and easy to sink some time into, easily worth 4 stars, but it lacks something. I don’t know what it is, it just feels like it’s lacking something. I’m not trying to be ironic or trying to say its terrible or whatever, bc it just feels lacking. Also one other thing, this is a third person shooter, meaning your camera angle I’d s little bit behind you so you can see the back of your head. A first person shooter is when you can see from how you see in real life. So that’s another thing that’s misleading. But other than those 2 things, the game is fine.

  11. Wayne Caius says:

    Respawns have been lowered to an unplayable amount with recent update. Will return to 5 stars if a reasonable amount of respawns will be reinstated. (below is my review before the update) Absolutely marvelous. Everything: from the map design to skillsets of various character types to level progression.. Etc is very well done. One can see, feel and experience the hard and meticulous work that must’ve went into the making of this game. What I like even more is that players that purchase special characters, upgrades are NOT OP, whilst still getting a bang for their buck, which is very rarely seen in mobile shooters. My only recommendation is for more maps to be added. But aside from that, this is, hands down, the best shooter I’ve encountered.

  12. Lissa Hale says:

    Great game love the idea bbehind it. Very enjoyable to play, the only issue i have is the amount of lives you get while playing. With a game like this you should be able to respawn frequently without having a cap on how many times you can.

  13. Joia Leland says:

    Too many bots, there’s maybe 4 actually people including yourself. The crown is a dead give away to where you are when your are in the lead so makes half the characters useless to use to get far. Half of the players that are ranked high have either glitched the game, cheated, or farmed bots. Try sniping with Eve, as soon as you start bots seem to instantly know where you are. Get the crown and then players and boys instantly know where your at. Need more maps, gets boring people camping in the same spots over and over again.

  14. Grand Griffyn says:

    im rating this a 2 because of three things 1. everyone should have unlimited respawns seriously the only way to have unlimited respawns is by buying the vip pass most people cant get that in the world.2.you need an event or some way for us to be able to earn gems!.3 ya need new maps ! but aside from that everything else is great!

  15. Callie Worton says:

    It’s a good free FPS with decent controls. Definitely a replayable title to keep on your mobile device. Would like to see more fun creative crazy “easy to earn” custom skins though. Even a “Create/ customize your own skin” feature would be nice. hint, hint –> 🤡👽🤖💀👹👶🙉 <-- hint, hint 🤪

  16. Warton Sharyl says:

    I was playing this game for quite a while now, I had a lot of fun… Until you added in the respawn wings… It’s much more frustrating now completely losing all level progress unless you watch an ad or pay $9 a month. I would appreciate it very much if you would just go back to the old 5 respawns per game (you don’t have to remove the VIP subscription though.)

  17. Easter Franklin says:

    The game is fun and a great time killer but I do have some suggestions 1. There shouldn’t be a subscription that lets you get all those juicy stuff. It’s a bit unfair to be honest 2. We shouldn’t be forced to play with autofire. It be great if we had the option to play with a fire button 3. The character with the homing shots needs to be nerfed. Does a lot of damage. That’s all I have to say and hope you consider my Ideas and actually give a reply and not a reply from a bot

  18. Harlowe Evera says:

    its a pretty great game but the abilities are not balance nor fair because the man that has a bazooka that has high jump is very powerful but can block the top parts of the map in team because he can just camp there and his pretty hard to kill since he can jump around to kill people. So please at least block some top parts of the map to avoid camp on above areas of the map so the balance everyone wants will happen and the game will be much better.

  19. Caractacus Hervie says:

    the game has a lot of bugs! it is a cute game but it has lots of server issues!!! i had perfect connection on the internet but it kept kicking me out of the game! I do not recommend it!

  20. Radbyrne Alton says:

    Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Around a year ago, I left this game an incredibly positive review, because i thoroughly enjoyed it. However, not long after that, a patch dropped in that shook the core of the game forever and for THE WORST by locking replayability behind a pay wall. I left the game and unfortunately too, left my review up. Recently, i saw the game and my review and decided before changing it “You know maybe they changed” But nothing has changed dear reader. Avoid this game. Shame

  21. Rea Marullus says:

    A very good game,has lot of characters with different special powers and the best thing is that they are improving it and adding new characters and game modes.I would bave given it 5 stars if there would have been some way to send some msg to friend to request them to come to play at a certain time and some way to make room

  22. Evert Crystelle says:

    Hello, Developer I’ve been playing this game for a while and yes im happy about this game. But, i think what’s missing from this game is the individual characters. Yukio : Her tracking attack is soo bad and even level 1 enemy can kill Yukio lvl 10 easily. And when she’s close to enemy, her attack is going UP ?????? WTh? I suggest you to nerf her damage and rework her ability and her attack. Poor those guys who bought this character. Please I’m begging you to fix her

  23. Avia Donathan says:

    This game is good timekiller in my opinion, basically P2W but I still like it, the devs usually throw away some gems time to time, and ranking up gives you good rewards, multiple characters to choose from but you will overuse one of them(believe me). Can be glitchy and the controls(hud) ain’t customizable but running it on 60 fps is smooth af, must download atleast to try.

  24. Dustan Annett says:

    This game is just awful. I try to share my open ID but it wont lemme. I tried going to “HELP” but there was nothing saying about your ID or how to play with friends. Absolutely awful. Please put more things about your ID and friends in “HELP”. Please fix this!!!!!! And they said they fixed some bugs,yeah right😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡. I’m also trying to log in but it keeps kicking me out. It’s like it’s still in beta!!!

  25. Waymon Rosemary says:

    OK, I’m removing one star because I can’t seem to find an option to turn autofire off. I’m removing another star because to remove ads, I have to enter a subscription. Seriously, it’s the first time I’ve seen something like that. Anyway, those two and rather massive annoyances aside, there’s a decent 3rd person PvP shooter to be found here. There’s a decent variety of characters to choose from, but it’s a bit grindy to unlock new o es and three of them are locked behind a purchase.

  26. Bram Zachary says:

    Super fun, super addicting. A very simple fun game. Everything is fun but if you don’t have VIP pass it can be annoying as you can’t play the game without wings( which you get a limited amount of),which respawns you in the game. Otherwise you have to join a new server.

  27. Denham Genny says:

    *DON NOT INSTALL* I really dont recommend anyone to download this game its just that the company wants to get a hold on you money its pay to win in many areas, they want like 23~50 USD for a even a small thing in game(like respawns cost 1wing for which you have to buy premium membership,whereas other games give free spawns). Ads always kicks in after every match.

  28. Dealbeorht Craddock says:

    Super addictive. The game gives you infinite experiences. I think it can be improved by giving more guns and adding features of revives , bigger maps and more life or shield

  29. Hattie Ellyce says:

    I had many problems with the game. For one, it’s false advertising. What do you think of when you hear “FPS”? First person shooter, right? Well no. It’s “fast play shooter”. What does that even mean? it’s third person! The gameplay is not fast at all. The game has input lagging and has slippery controls. These are the fatal flaws. You’re always sliding all over the place, And It’s as mind numbing as you can get. the most fun thing you can do is to slide around like a jackass. wouldn’t reccomend.

  30. Jafir Mahogany says:

    Actually awful, I enjoy the combat system but everything is pay to play, with the io mode in the title you have to buy “respawn wings” or else you only have 1 life through the round, and some characters are grossly unballanced such as ddoter who has some tnt that 1 shots everyone while affecting through walls and barriers while have a huge blast area, it makes the game unplayable.

  31. Mirela Kuran says:

    I would’ve put it at a 5 star if it wasn’t for one MAJOR problem. The excessive usage of bots. No matter the mode, if there isn’t enough players to fill a server, bots take the empty spaces. This is especially bad when you realize that bots have a gimmick; they either aimbot you or they do nothing. For Team Mode it’s even worse. I’d rather wait 20 minutes to get a full team of real people than get 1 other player then the rest bots that do nothing 9/10 times.

  32. Benjamin Lee (Lee) says:

    I honestly think the game is super neat! It’s fun, simple, and, fast! It’s a quick FPS game to play when you have a small amount of time. I would suggest a first person mode, a red outline on enemies, and to reduce ads just by a little. The menu is already full of stuff trying to get you to accidentally buy something so when you get an ad you don’t feel like you’re playing a freemium game, more like a cashgrab. Also, please remove the vibration or give us an option to.

  33. Dolan Enriquez says:

    It’s fun but still has bugs or there are overpowered characters Astra is ridiculously overpowered at level ten and from what I’ve seen can be abused to just move around the map and just shoot at people an do a lot of damage pls nerf there is a bug when using po-31 where the shield when thrown bounces off the target and there is too much bots I keep losing trophies because of the Astra exploit just shredding through my teammates it’s unfair how I get stuck with bots but the enemy team has humans

  34. Rexie Mendoza says:

    It’s a great .io game don’t get me wrong! Reason why I rated 1★ is because there is an AD after EVERY SINGLE GAME and if you don’t want said ADs, you’ll have to pay. Not once! But monthly! YES! MONTHLY! What game asks players to pay to remove ADs every 30 days for a shooter game where every round doesnt last longer than 5 minutes?! THIS ONE!

  35. GamingStupidity On YouTube says:

    This game is amazing! But there are a few problems. No.1 after EVERY match you have to watch an ad. No.2 you should go against players on your skill and not having OP characters that you don’t have. If that is fixed it would be a 5 star.

  36. Adam Miller says:

    Great. Simple. Fun. Exactly what I was looking for. There’s a lot of serious FPS games trying to pretend to be full console games or PC games but this is just perfect for mobile. The rounds are quick, fast paced, the graphics are fun with high contrast and makes visibility solid. Yes the ads are annoying but the developers have bills to pay so either deal with it or pay for the subscription. Great game. Big fan.

  37. Glamir Urtulbatszi says:

    The ads weren’t a bother to me.I really love playing this simple, cute sandbox fps game. I had fun playing it, and its perfect for my low-end android phone. The matches are a bit short though (sometimes matches are only 30 secs-1 min long) But the game is approved 🙂

  38. meburningslime says:

    It’s a really great game, but needs some extreme balance fixes. For example, often times I’ve gotten 19 kills (you need 20 to win) without any help from my bot teammates and lose, and I get the same punishments and I do if I had 0 kills.

  39. Justin Carlock says:

    Nest idea. Your controls are the worst I have even used. Can hardly move without the camera snapping around. Changed sensitivity setting to the lowest and still a problem

  40. Anthony Santoyo says:

    Only reason i stopped playing was because i got a new phone and forgot. Still the best game I’ve ever played. Short matches long matches. It’s all the same. I kill you

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