DEAD CITY: Zombie Premium Apk


Enjoy shooting zombies & be the last one survival in the best zombie game!
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March 24, 2021
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DEAD CITY: Zombie Premium Apk

A new Zombie Capturing recreation of VNG is now to be had!

USELESS TOWN: Zombie Top class Apk apk mod new

Zombies can be extra crowded and perilous! When the lifeless emerging, don’t run! Take hold of your weapons, cling cause and not free up!

LIFELESS TOWN: Zombie Top rate Apk apk

Useless Town is a FPS zombie capturing sport the place you simply stand nonetheless protecting your submit in opposition to hordes of zombies right through the town to carry peace again to humanity. This Zombie recreation is offline sport, so you’ll be able to play anytime & anyplace you wish to have.

USELESS TOWN: Zombie Top rate Apk mod apk

The Zombie Apocalypse has simply begun! An endemic is spreading, and persons are beginning to mutate into some roughly the lifeless. You’re the closing one status and your project on this zombie sport is kill the zombie outbreak and forestall the tip of the arena. You’re going to want technique and precision to forestall the attack on this zombie shooter recreation. Stay your finger at the cause, live on and shoot to each and every residing lifeless!

LIFELESS TOWN: Zombie Top class Apk apk mod

Now not best you wish to have to shoot zombies along with your fatal cause, but additionally it’s a must to have the option to get the most productive gun in zombie video games.

LIFELESS TOWN: Zombie Top rate Apk

You’re going to revel in:
● Zombie killing spree at the side of loopy headshot frenzies.
● The enjoyment of having new weapons and upgrading them.
● The urge to damage file of your personal and survivors all over the world ● Offline sport – simple to play

USELESS TOWN: Zombie Top class Apk free up

Move in the course of the corners of the town, seek for weapons and leftover pieces. Watch out with puts with guns, that’s the place probably the most difficult-to-kill zombies are living. Useless Town is terribly easy zombie capturing recreation, shoot zombies temporarily, don’t allow them to come and assault you.

LIFELESS TOWN: Zombie Top rate Apk apk mod 2022

Live to tell the tale in a submit apocalypse barren region killing zombies and preventing the lifeless emerging. Shoot into the useless, forestall the unkilled invasion and save humanity within the thrilling FPS zombie video games! Take your weapons and hearth guns, purpose to each strolling useless and kill zombies as a lone survivor to forestall the tip of the sector.
Obtain zombie video games at no cost, play offline, experience taking pictures zombies and be the ultimate one survival within the addictive zombie recreation offline in 2020!


40 comments on "DEAD CITY: Zombie Premium Apk"

  1. Shary Mykaela says:

    gameplay is great. controls are nice, easy and accurate. the map is something else too, somewhat interactive and one of the best executed ive seen in a zombie game. while some wont like it, i find the portrait mode and autoshoot perfect for casual play. its just unfortunate that the stamina doesnt seem to regenerate when you exit the game. i played and consumed all, then exited the game. when i came back at least 4 hrs later, it was still at 0. really hope they fix that.

  2. Verl Antoine says:

    All you did was make the game worse the aim is harder, no creativity, guns are weaker. You changed the map but the places are exactly the same as dead Target. Dead Target is way better

  3. Destinee Gwyn says:

    The game play is good but there are only a small set of locations available and no plus maximum levels you can take your weapons to which would be good.

  4. Maybell Gillot says:

    Pretty basic shooter but you guys did it well I would like to see maybe some customizations to the weapons to increase certain stats instead of a standard upgrade but all weapons are currently maxed thanks for the game

  5. Enigma Alchemist says:

    A weird copy of Dead Target but somehow I like it even though you can’t move around.Missions can be repeated unlike the original.Runs much smoother and environments are dark and misty more apocalyptic than than original.Can you add some props.Weird but cool.

  6. Quang Nguyen says:

    I like the simple control and the vertical orientation that enable me to play with a single hand. The vibration feedback when you shoot and when you headkill a zombie also is the best I have ever experienced amongst zombie shooters.

  7. Mcbeezee says:

    Can’t progress after a certain point. You get more powerful guns, you upgrade them, only to find out, you can no longer kill zombies you easily killed before with less powerful guns. Uninstalled.

  8. Karl Telemak says:

    Similar to the game Dead Target, only had it a day-ago but seems to be an addictive time killer, very enjoyable. Need to play it a bit more b4 i can summerize conclusively. I’le still give the 5 stars i hope it rightly deserves though. 👍 So far. Give it a try. Can always uninstall it if ain’t for you.

  9. Peter Mwangi says:

    This is game is owsome.. I would have given it a ten star if it was possible. I have the most powerful gun and it’s quite fun using it because it can kil more than 20 zombies at a time though some zombies are more powerful than the gun

  10. Roscislaw Pietrowski says:

    Game made to take out all your real money. In the game you have huge amout of cash, but you cannot spend it for new guns as first you’ll need to clear first stage in the city to get further and unlock new – better guns. Zombies on the way are getting well stronger and there are lot of them so you just cant get through without buying staff for real money. Spending more time on watching videos to get some “free” gold which you can spend on granates or med-kit. Uninstalled. Not worth it.

  11. Erwin De Luca says:

    Game is pretty cool, and a little bit addictive. As far as I got in the game, you are stationary in every level shooting all the zombies as they come. Headshots award you with the most points, and if you don’t get touched (Untouchable), clear all zombies and reach the minimum of cash, you get 3 (Max) skulls for the level. Those skulls allow you to buy guns in-game, unless you want to use your own cash to upgrade quickly. This game engages strategy as all zombies come from different directions.

  12. Nelson Ang says:

    Graphics can be improved somehow and the thing bugging me the most is that the zombies can suddenly appear very very close to you. But overall this game impressed me! Good job!

  13. daniel ingram says:

    It’s addictive for sure. Reminds me of the first game from them put out few years ago. But updated nicely. Enjoyable definitely a good time killer and keeps interest even through repetitiveness. Good make

  14. Doc says:

    I have gotten 3 skulls on every level and reset the game 4 times and done the same every time. Tell me how is it possible to get 460 skulls for the tesla gun without spending actual money? $49.99 is too much for any weapon on any game. That becomes pay to win and that sucks no matter how good the game is. I would have given 5 stars if not for that.

  15. Carlos Quintanilla says:

    Not sure if i can replay passed missions, it’ll be great if the game would!!! Please developers let us have to replay passed missions, other than that, this game is awesome!

  16. Richard Capello says:

    Something else…I’ve noticed that if you get a certain amount of skulls you can buy a weapon…but…when you reach that amount the number of skulls disappear…hmmmm…soooo…continued with the game got the most powerful weapon. I threw 8 grenades and emptied 3 clips into that fat guy that throws up on you…couldn’t kill him. The game was fun…time to move on

  17. James Pietersz says:

    I just finished playing 2 levels and i really love this game, it reminds me of Silent Hill for iOS i used to play when i was a child. This game is great, but please add control settings and make us able to walk freely. It’s boring to just stand and shoot zombies to finish each level. I’m waiting for the update!

  18. Mr. Unknown says:

    I liked this game alot but there would be some changes I would want if it ever get an update. 1. More cities added (upto 5 atleast). 2. New locations(maps) to play in. 3. More guns should be added (10 atleast). 4. Reload buttun, so that you could reload the guns at anytime you want. 5. A new place like habour and lab should be added, where you can make money. 6. Achievements should be added through which you can earn rewards in gold. I completed all the levels and there is nothing else to do.

  19. Rasjah Chiles says:

    I don’t mind the ads. If you do then this might not be the game for you. Nice graphics and if you playing often you can afford to upgrade your weapons without spending real money. But if you do spend money, you can get some sick guns and save the city. Keep up the good work guys!

  20. Bowhunter “Archer” says:

    Only just started playing havent quite finished the first city but so far 5 stars, graphics playability, and probly the most fun I’ve had playing a zombie shooter. It’s a great game! And yeah it’s as fun as hell😁🤟☠️

  21. Hateious says:

    Been playing this a week or so now and have enjoyed so far, Wiped 1st city out so its time for a review. Some more things I would like to see more guns, different map lay outs and a sort of endless mode we can farm money for if they was to add more guns. Now why have I given 5 stars? Because your not forced to watch adds, there is no forced payments that give you something you can’t already get just by playing. All in all a good mobile game and a nice time waster, I’d be willing to support devs.

  22. ghost says:

    It’s a good game not so stupid hard and it’s not pay for play you can actually get the guns through hard work and it’s got a Resident Evil feel wish more like this and there’s not ads all over the screen so you can’t see the game

  23. James Bennett says:

    So after three days the game is fun and easy control use. My complaint would be to upgrade weapons can be expensive from what I e seen, there doesn’t seem to be an award system in place where milestones can be reached for they awards of supplies, containing grenades, health packages. Also the developers need to introduce sunny days or environments not entirely enshrouded in most.

  24. Ayo Ola says:

    Biggest game scam i have ever witnessed. Saved the needed 2m to buy the grenade launcher, only for me to make purchase and have my money taken without getting the gun. Wish i could rate the game with NEGATIVE STARS. If you know it’s outdated, pls take it down and stop wasting our time. Thanks

  25. Michael Ikpe says:

    So I played the game yeah, till I got the biggest gun of them all (the mgl-140), coz the game’s kinda addictive, I then updated it to max level. The only issue now is, I still can’t get past certain levels, coz the impact on the toughest zombies still seem the same as before the gun update , coz they still won’t die completely. What then is the use of the gun update if I still can’t get past certain levels even with the biggest gun there is 🤨! Other than that everything else is on point!

  26. Joseph Umezugha says:

    This game is good but it is a complete copy cat it copied everything from dead target and dead target came out first when I mean everything I mean everything including the theme songs the game is just a complete rip offer

  27. Joe B says:

    Stupid game. It won’t complete a session without quitting. I see you still have programming issues just like your other game that’s similar. Your teams are lousy programmers. You should be banned from making such bad games that have no integrity. Go back to school and learn to do it right. Better yet, give it up and leave it to the pros.

  28. Karikari Rexford says:

    As far as gaming is concerned this can be classified as the best of all zombie games I’ve ever played and its very cool, addictive and fantastic. I’ve really enjoyed this game. I wish I could play it all the days of my life

  29. Jason Mcloud says:

    Love the game but here lately everytime I start to play the game it kicks me out so it went from five star to three until it is fixed guess it’s time to uninstall the game said I had to register my device so I’m going to guess the game is not supported by Google play store would not give one star if it was possible

  30. Smoking Bear says:

    I finally finished this game, getting all 3 skulls for almost every level except a few areas on the very last zone in the second city WITHOUT ANY REAL MONEY. This game is fun to play, and it does challenge your marksmanship to a certain degree. Sadly, this game does trap you with microtransaction and expensive upgrades. Tip: Save gold for nades. For the last zone in the second city, you NEED to have grenades for a few levels, and you need to have a max-upgraded MG to even pass. 4/5

  31. ABIGAIL MUASYA says:

    The game is grate,something i have never seen.Great graphics.The guns are perfect.Everything about the game is mind blowing.

  32. Rudy Z. says:

    After moving up to a certain level , it’s extremely hard to win a mission. That’s unless spend some money to buy weapons..too many ads, and too often.

  33. Richard Castillo says:

    Awesome game, great rewards and graphics. Easy controls, lots of fun.

  34. daniel joubert says:

    Great finally a game that delivers easy controls great graphics not too easy but not impossible stages. Best game in its category played many before but this one beats them hands down. Keep it up thank you guys

  35. Rosita Jackson says:

    I wish there was a kick away option or a machete option for when the zombies are up close. But other than that i really enjoy the different challenges and the options to replay for better rewards. Im hooked.

  36. Ekene Ughanze says:

    Wow, this is the best game i’ve played on a portrait…the automatic shooting is all i ever wanted, i love this game so i’m giving it all the stars

  37. Carl Dennis Howard Roberts says:

    From uninstalling it I’m now having trouble getting rid of what’s called a package instalment so how am I supposed to get rid of that because it doesn’t seem to want to do it and that really does disappoint me if not the game in itself all in all

  38. Malise Moore says:

    Great game, but it says that I have ads available to watch for items, but it won’t let me watch the ads.

  39. pseudo David says:

    Fun shooter! I had not played one where it autofires. Found it very engaging. Not many ads. Only trouble is the free items for watching ads aren’t working. Clicked on them and never got any to go except 1/medpack. But I have only been playing for about an hour. It gets challenging when there are multiple perspectives with small/fast enemies. Hard to see sometimes. Great gane for free. The autofire can be disabled

  40. Michael Tanksley says:

    Dead City zombies is the funnest game I ever played everybody I want you to have the experience of playing dead City zombies it is a very fun game you would never put it down

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