BombSquad Mod Apk New 2022*


Blow up your friends in mini-games from capture-the-flag to hockey!
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Eric Froemling
November 3, 2022
4.4 And Up
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BombSquad Mod Apk New 2022*

Blow up your pals in mini-games starting from capture-the-flag to hockey! That includes Eight participant local/networked multiplayer, gratuitous explosions, complex ragdoll face-plant physics, pirates, ninjas, barbarians, insane cooks, and extra.

BombSquad Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod

BombSquad helps contact displays in addition to a lot of controllers so all of your buddies can get in at the motion. You’ll be able to even use telephones and capsules as controllers by the use of the unfastened ‘BombSquad Far off’ app.

BombSquad Mod Apk New 2022* mod apk

Bombs away!

BombSquad Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod 2022

Android TELEVISION customers: a appropriate gamepad is needed to play (or a phone/tablet working the ‘BombSquad Faraway’ app)


40 comments on "BombSquad Mod Apk New 2022*"

  1. Randi Aethelred says:

    I absolutely love this game!!! Good gameplay, challenging, and a great online multiplayer! I do have one suggestion though, you need to add this game to the Nintendo Switch! Just think, it can be mobile and at home, have great multiplayer modes exclusive to that platform, and have easier controls than the mobile! This game is great and I can’t wait what to see in the future

  2. Adler Christos says:

    This game is magnificent. Very. Though, I do have a small complaint. You could make the running technique more easier to perform, as I find it quite hard to run, jump, and then hit my enemies. It gets annoying after awhile. Overall, it’s still a great game, though you should improve on the issus I’ve stated above. Good job!

  3. Kyle says:

    Beautiful art and amazing idea! I have one issue though: it’s a bit hard to control on mobile. I have tested different settings but it is still difficult. Also, I should be able to use custom characters even when I’m not hosting the game. Otherwise, I love the idea of a fighting game with clay figures! My favorite map is the capture the flag where you get to fly around. 😉

  4. Kenshi Kenshi says:

    I love this game but, I have some issues. The interruption to get BombSquad Pro is annoying and you’re forced to wait 30 seconds for it to go away, as if you’re forcing users to buy it, even if they’re broke. Another thing I really hate is Online Multiplayer. It’s unplayable, everytime I want to move my character, it takes a while for it to move and I end up losing making it almost impossible to play. Also, please remove the slow motion gamemode. It’s boring, it’s not epic and it takes too long.


    The game is good. But there are a lot of bugs in the controls, the connectivity like finding friends in local network, changing the character name or looks. These things are irritating. Also there are ads, for which I really don’t want to spend and buy the pro version, when there is a lot of bugs. I ask the developers to please improve these, I really like this game a lot!

  6. Chris71 says:

    The game is fun, challenging, and great. I could play with other people and fight to the death. But, problem is the BombSquad Pro nag screen, every time I get the nag screen, the timer is set 1 second longer than last time, no limits. Now I get a nag screen for 30 seconds. I would appreciate it if you set a limit for the nag time. Overall, great game.

  7. Omsubhra Singha says:

    The game has a nice concept. It’s free to play. Have Solo, LAN Multiplayer, and Online Multiplayer modes, many levels and games. But the problem is that it freezes and the actions are delayed actually. The gameplay is smooth on Offline Solo mode. But once we turn the multiplayer mode ON, the gameplay becomes choppy. This must be fixed. This is a game I’ve been hearing since my childhood.

  8. Jose Dimas Martinez says:

    Fun and chaotic action game. Play multiplayer to get (as I just mentioned) chaos in BombSquad. And if you don’t have friends, join a server! (Though you might come across better players that insta-kill you) So you don’t need friends to play. One thing is probably the sprinting on mobile, you have less steering meaning you could fall of the map if you don’t time the steering while sprinting. Other than that, good game. (P.S there are ads but not frequently so yeah, just letting you know) 👁👄👁👍


    This game is very good. But I don’t give one star because of controls and network problems the controls are difficult to operate for me and I am having network lag problem in game.

  10. Anonymouse says:

    This game is extremely well designed. There’s a good amount of violence. It’s gruesome in a cute way. The only improvement the game needs is to add more female characters as there is a limited amount of two. I’ve never tried any other online play type of thing other than the FFA and FFA teams so I’m not sure but there’s no way to make tickets other than watching ads or signing up each day. Even if you won a whole tournament I don’t think you earn tickets. Other than that good game.DoRecommend👍

  11. Keylon Turner says:

    Ok, so technically, it feels like a 10 dollar xbox 360 game from like 2011(Cause it is). BUT, that being said, it’s still a very fun game and a great time killer. Also, unlike most games ported to mobile, instead of having hard to use controls making the game unplayable, the weird controls actually add to it because how goofy the physics already are 4/5

  12. Ni Made W. says:

    This game is very challenging and fun! I almost played this everyday, but Im so mad at the server, idk if it’s from my country or the game, when I was play via public party use wifi from other, and I connect them sometimes it’s lagging and the server is very 👎🏻 please can you fix this problem? Thank you..

  13. Darydarsfar says:

    This game is absolutly awesome! I not only like its variety of characters, but also its soundtrack. It uses classical music instead of like, some rock and roll or something. Its game modes are super fun. I personally like using that skeleton guy.

  14. Mark Lambert says:

    What a little gem of a game. Love it. Some of the best controller support I’ve seen too. Worth paying for the add free unlock too to support the dev. Ads aren’t too intrusive though so it’s all good.

  15. James Thurbon says:

    The best game ever mostly because of the usual BOOOM!! BOOOOM!!! And if you were giving the choice to play…. PLAY IT it’s amazing in every way, the trick shots you can do are great! So please play it!!! But I have a few complaints can there be less ads and can you skip the purchases instantly instead of waiting about 15 seconds

  16. Khaoula LAHLALI says:

    I’ve downloaded this game yesterday when my boyfriend looked up for something that we can play together. It’s fun so far. The music is amusing and kinda funny. I like it.

  17. Kamran Ahmed says:

    Bismillah, Assalamualaikum everyone,this game is very well made despite of its released date which is quite old, it is a pretty good game and funny too😅 but you need practice to play more accurately due to its controls.

  18. Nelesh Mazumder says:

    It’s a fun time playing this game. But team you should give for maps and type of matches in game

  19. Sreeramaraju Raju says:

    It is awesome and u need to add new maps, abilities, characters, buttons,and co ops

  20. Golam Rasul says:

    It’s rare I give review for a app. But this time I have to because this game just wow. Graphics , charecters, concept, sound all just more than better. Everybody loves it in my office after watching playing it.

  21. vanhitz green dela cerna says:

    The game is fun and it’s funny But you need to fix the bug and glitches it makes the game unplayable and I will give you 5 stars if you fix it So please fix it so the game we’ll be fun. Edit: yay finally it got fix ! Thank u so much ❤️

  22. Peanut Butter says:

    Can you please add a fox character to the game I really like the game it’s so fun and do not remove slow motion I’m still learning tricks and it’s not boring but please don’t remove it cause players need to play slow motion to learn tricks even me

  23. alex soares says:

    I love the fact that this game is so hard and even makes me feel really annoyed, but at the same time it’s so goofy and so funny that i can’t hold my laugh even when i want to rage. 10/10, one of the best local games in Playstore since 2015.. when i used to play with my 11yo friends.

  24. BHOOMI THAKUR says:

    My experience of this game is amezing 😛 . I play this game with my friends always. Thank you for the making amezing game like this (Thank you so much) Please open costom map for local players 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  25. Cecile Dela Cruz says:

    This is the best game ive played yet.There are diffirent characters(YOU NEED TO PAY!!)and diffirent kinds of worlds.Whats more crazy is you can play with your friends! .Now download it now to play it with me 🙂 (name:Nygell) -Nygell

  26. Manju Sharma says:

    Best Game i ever played. I love it’s Graphics and controls I am playing from 5 months and i become a Pro player of this game. It is easy and excellent game. All things are excellent.👍🏻

  27. good boi says:

    Graphics? Check Fun gameplay? Check Explosions? Check Nostalgia? Check This is one of the best games for mobile

  28. Sthembiso Mbelekani says:

    How can this game be bad like so many servers there ragdoll physics here are amazing but many other players find new combos which makes them a bit unbeatable which is annoying but is amazing

  29. Kavyansh Lachhwani says:

    Best entertaining game ever. I love the skins. Good creativity, good maps, hard levels. Thanks Eric Froemling for this game 😎😀🔥🔥.

  30. Zenitsu says:

    This game is best bomb game available for Android!!! I love playing Bomb Squad!!! This game is very difficult, but it is good and fun for hardcore games lover! This game’s graphics are best and has so many controls!! I have no complains from this game and there is no other game will be like this one!!! I have truly fantastic experience!!! Thanks to developers for such an amazing and amazing game available for Android and iOS devices!!!

  31. Azooz Bakri says:

    I really loved this game and hopefully people are still playing it. And I was a big fan of this game well this game made me memories and I played this to 2015 to 2019 and to 2021_ 2022 Keep it up 🙂😁

  32. Unbeatable GOD9 says:

    Good game, like the concept but u gotta fix the lagging. And the characters are very expensive not liking that.

  33. Omar Samir says:

    The game is intense so much to do i would recommend and better with friends but its its not available in the app store or the huawei app gallary

  34. Steepen Raj says:

    I love the graphics and the sounds’ please don’t put purchase lock for customize Playlist

  35. Brett Reid says:

    Room selection constantly refreshes causing mis-selections too frequently. Half the modes are in slow-motion which is just unenjoyable.

  36. 39 Somil Verma says:

    Best bomb game ever played, some much entertaining and best for time pass and Graphics are also good….

  37. Vivek Rathor says:

    Best android game i ever played but need some new stages and weapons.

  38. Prem Pillay says:

    The game is very good, but a little problem is that i know bomb jump but i can’t do it

  39. Zaki Khan says:

    I ve give this game 5 stars but my problem is when the update 1.7.13 released there are many errors when i join a public server it shows me connection failed and not only me also my family shows that why this is happening connection failed is showing me in every server . when i watch ads to claim free tickets i claim tickets then the cool down starts for 1h after that when i watch ads i claim reward but i didn’t received it it is showing an error occured please try again later plz fix this error

  40. Zahra Ali says:

    I absolutely admire this game! Amazing graphics and don’t even get me started on the clay figures. I love the idea and you should most definitely download the game, plus it’s free!

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