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Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is a hardcore Gothic side-scrolling ARPG.
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June 21, 2021
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Bloodstained:RotN Premium Apk

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Evening – New DLC “Personality Pack: Cold” and “Boss Revenge Mode” coming! The epic combat is ready to begin!

Bloodstained:RotN Top class Apk apk mod new

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night time is the whole recreation enjoy, a Gothic, exploration-focused side-scrolling motion RPG by way of Koji Igarashi, packing the entire very best options you’ve come to understand and love from the Metroidvania style right into a unmarried, content-packed recreation.

Bloodstained:RotN Top class Apk apk

Play as Miriam, an orphan scarred by means of an alchemist’s curse that slowly crystallizes her frame. Struggle thru a demon-infested fortress and defeat its grasp to save lots of your self, and all of humanity!

Bloodstained:RotN Top class Apk

·Challenge over One hundred twenty Minions and executives and take their skills.
·Customize your fight taste with 107 guns, 23 abilities, and a large number of combinations.
·Sprawling and complicated 2Nd side-scrolling map. Discover and liberate routes and limitations to find surprises.
·Numerous type pieces for numerous appearances and buffs.


40 comments on "Bloodstained:RotN Premium Apk"

  1. David Fahrner says:

    I love Bloodstained on pc port, but on android seems lackluster. The controls are the same yet the menu is not ready to use controller and I can’t seem to navigate through the UI and menus. Quality in terms is expected to be lesser in an android port, but the stutters happen quite often (I’m using a Huawei p20 pro), I will not request the refund because I belive in the team, but this needs to be fixed for a better rate. Thank you.

  2. Alex Schouppe says:

    Played til the first save point to test basic stuff, game runs visually a little slow but gameplay wise absolutely fine (HTC U12+) there are a couple of minor translation issues and a Bluetooth controller does work but only in game not in the menus and there are no settings to turn off the on screen buttons. Can’t wait to play this game on a new platform the pc version is fantastic. Some definite improvements could be made but not too shabby. Don’t know what microtransactions there are, worried.

  3. Mike Roelf says:

    Great game, 2nd time purchasing so I could play it on my phone. My only gripe so far is that the on-screen controls still show when using my Bluetooth controller, obstructing some of the screen unnecessarily. Also when in menus/inventory the controller doesn’t work, forcing you to use the touchscreen. Not a huge deal but just a couple things I’d like to see fixed before I really start back up playing this game again.

  4. Mike Allen says:

    Playing this on a Pixel 5 and running it with the graphics options set to epic…It runs pretty well; as other people have mentioned, there are some minor issues…Definitely needs an optimization patch, removing onscreen UI when using a controller, etc., but overall it runs better than I was expecting…Five stars once these minor issues are ironed out…

  5. Setsuna Borcelo says:

    Finally, I don’t need to buy a Switch to play this game but sadly I somehow regret buying this game this early. No option for 60FPS, load times when switching rooms are long, lags pretty often even though I’m using a high-end phone, controller support only for in-game and not for menus, and no option to turn off on-screen buttons. I only got to the second save point, will play again once all of the above stuff I mentioned are fixed.

  6. Augustus Logan says:

    Just like with the Castlevania entries on the GBA and DS, this game allows you to backtrack and find new areas once you attain more abilities. Straddling the line between linear and open world, there is a natural progression amongst the puzzle solving and shard collecting. It’s great to see the spirit of modern-day Castlevania games living on, albeit under a different title.

  7. Gabriel Constancio says:

    Is it just me having this problem: When I use Thrashing Tentacle…umm…there’s no Tentacle(s)… rendering the move useless. I’ve seen footage of the move and there are definitely tentacles coming out of the sigil. Not for me though. Not a deal breaker…but disappointing. As far as everything else…meh…read the other reviews. We all agree this game needs an update STAT. The game is still playable and I’m enjoying it. But for 10.00 bucks I expect something better than “playable”.

  8. Valdis Batņa (Хост232) says:

    With the new update it runs better. Still has room for improvenent. In terms of options add seperate graphics and resolution options, i dont care as much for details as for resolution, but on higher settings my phone doesnt handle everything too well. I still experience some freezes pretty often, usually for a split second, besides freezing fps has been pretty much fixed, at least for me. Load times between doors are still really long tho idk if that can even be fixed.

  9. Vorence Shoshi says:

    This game is great on pc however my experience with mobile has been extremely shot from my perspective. Wierd frame stuttering, terrible ui and extreme difficulty using weapon special moves. Until they add an option to fix the movement controls and change button positioning and size. This game won’t pass 3 stars for me and definitely if it keeps frame stuttering on me.

  10. Tabernacle Jones says:

    Great game. Seems to be locked at 30 fps unfortunately. As I didn’t experience any dips yet I own a s20 ultra which is much faster than a Nintendo switch , which this game is also released on. Graphics and audio are both great. Controls are great as well. Worth 10 bucks if you have a capable device. If you have anything less than a SD865 SoC tho I wouldn’t bother as itll run poorly. **they added a 60 fps mode. But unfortunately it seems to run at 60 fps until my phone gets too hot about 10min

  11. Marco Giron says:

    Great way to play the game. Graphics are not too bad. Currently playing on a razer phone 2. Controller supports needs to have better options. As well there are moments frame rates hiccup. As of now, I’m hoping in the future this can be fixed. It will make the game overall a must buy. If you like having a portable alternative to the switch version.

  12. Andrew Pickard says:

    Having played and beaten the game on PC already, this is a decently impressive port. What it desperately needs is more control options, as Im using a PS4 controller and it still requires that some functions use the touchscreen. Complete integration of controller support and getting ridding of the touch prompts would make it a much fuller experince. Over all, worth it if you have a controller and high end phone/tablet. For refrence, I’m playing on a Galaxy Tab S7, runs near perfect max settings.

  13. Matteo Parri says:

    I love castlevania sotn, and I have played more metroidvanias I care to admit. So trust me when I say this is not a good one. This is a bad port. The game is ridden with bad technical issues like framerate skips, input delay, and other nuisances like dialogues not showing, even on a flagship phone. What’s worse is that even tho the performance is bad, the game not pretty to look at either, as the models, lighting, scenery, all look bad. Stay away.

  14. Jessica McCain says:

    I really enjoy the game itself, first played on ps4. Playing on a Galaxy S10 currently and having controller issues. Connects to Xbox one controller fine through wire, with some lag issues… Is there a reason it won’t work with Bluetooth ps4 controller?? It connects to my phone easily just won’t respond in game. Would help with overheating issues, as well as being able to charge and play at the same time.

  15. Matt says:

    Great game, port doesn’t perform the best on Pixel 3 XL, stutters during map movement/cutscenes. Could be optimized better. Can’t use USB controllers to navigate main menu, the touch screen controls also don’t disappear when it’s plugged in via USB or bluetooth, but this is otherwise a solid game if you have a more recent phone. I also have this game on Switch and PC.

  16. Sean says:

    Runs much better than at launch since they added a 60 FPS mode instead of 30 only. Runs great on my note 20 Ultra Snapdragon model (as it should). My one complaint, controller support. They still have half baked controller support. Mainly the issue is you can’t do anything in the menus with a controller, yet gameplay is fine. Why not just let the controller work with the menus as well? my experience playing with a Xbone controller via Bluetooth. Dead Cells dose it right.

  17. Shaun Young says:

    Absolutely fantastic game, with a pretty great (graphical) port to Mobile. I have no problems running it at 60FPS on Epic graphic quality on my Google Pixel 4a; there are no frame skips or delays. The single reason l am giving Bloodstained: RotN a three-year review, is the on-screen controls. They’re absolutely atrocious, making the game unplayable without a connected controller. The 8bitdo SN30 Pro is by far the greatest Android capable controller, and a must have for any mobile gamer.

  18. Michael Morrisson says:

    Great game with sub-par controller support. It plays just fine, but you must use the touch screen to use the menus. Not usually a big deal, but with all the rpg elements, you are doing it a LOT, and it’s a pain. Worse though, the on screen controls can’t be removed. I was able to move them out of the way, but when it gives you a tip to do something, it won’t recognize the action as completed by the controller so the tips just stay/keep reappearing and won’t go away; extremely distracting.

  19. Naail River says:

    The game looks better than the Switch port…and that’s a shame on the team that made that port, but this is a really solid port for Mobile. My only (and biggest) gripe is the horrible Controller support. They really need to implement better integration with BT Controllers. The problem is that despite detecting a controller, on-screen controls remain and actually are expected to be used for menu interaction which defeats the purpose of having a controller. Fix that please!

  20. S L says:

    The performance has been tuned up a bit, but what this game needs more than anything is significantly better controller support. As it is now you can’t even advance past the start screen with a (in my case ps4) controller. There’s no way to open the menu in game without touching the screen. The most annoying thing to me is the button layout can’t be changed and is just weird atm. The jump button should be on X not O. Attack should be on square not X. Everything should be rebindable

  21. Panos M says:

    Always up for a full console port on mobile. The quality is here and it plays well but it can benefit from a bit more optimization in regards to framerate and slowdowns. The graphics look great to me on epic settings. The music and the art is beautiful. The touch controls are good although they could be better. It’s definitely a good game overall and worth the price. There are two extra characters you can use, one after finishing the game and the other right at the start to enhance replayability

  22. Mana says:

    60 fps with medium settings on an S21. The only thing I don’t like is the fact that you have to tap every button. It makes aerial combat a little difficult, because you stop gaining height as soon as you let go of jump. There is an assist option that always maxes out your jumps, but it disables short hops. An option that enables inputs simply by sliding over the buttons would be nice. It’s still a good port though. I like having real console/PC experiences on mobile, and this is a good one.

  23. Bryan Nishimoto says:

    I was excited for this game, but it suffers from terrible mobile controls. Jumping in this game is extremely difficult and frustrating. Executing attacks mid-air is like playing a slot machine, it’s random luck if you’ll hit or miss. In a game that asks the player to perform platforming, this is inexcusable. This game should be skill based, but given the controls it’s hopelessly flawed. I hope the developers can improve the controls to make this playable.

  24. Lance Chen says:

    I like the game, but it’s quite buggy. Switching the shortcuts will crash the game from time to time. The control is quite bad, and you can’t hope to beat the game with it (Try doing invert several times). Thankfully there is controller support, but often you can’t jump anymore after opening a chest with the touch control (and I can’t figure out how to interact with the chest with controller).

  25. Yoshi King says:

    awesome game just like Castlevania except with better graphics I would have gave five stars but the controls need a little work. actually everything is perfect but the jump button does not jump all the time. what I mean by that is when I hold it to jump to the highest jump it just doesn’t do it all the time. other than that awesome game keep it up now let me get back to it LOL

  26. Ben Nelson says:

    Love the game! Need 100% controller support! Let me say, I have Bloodstained rotn on my pc, switch and ps4. I love the game and want to support the dev team for a sequel. I bought this to get my fix while I was on an extended car trip. The in-game, external controller support is great! But the menu system requires the user to use the touch screen to navigate. This lack of support doesn’t make sense to me and made it tedious to play with my ps4 controller and mounted tablet.

  27. Theodore Steele says:

    It’s a good and fun game, but controller support is complete garbage, and even touch screen is kind of bad. There needs to be some way to determine how high you jump cause touch screen doesn’t register light touches well. I keep dying to the spinning floor and ceiling traps cause even with the lightest, quickest touch, she jumps to max height almost every time. And the lag is pretty bad which is saying something cause I don’t lag with many games including Elder Scrolls Blades. Please fix game.

  28. Hex Omega says:

    Net Ease. Hey, this is a game that has received a lot of praise. It was developed by fans of the Castlevania series and has a pretty decent following. However, the game is sitting at a 3.8 star review because of serious issues. Especially controller support wise. For instance, why can you enter the character menu with L2, yet not be able to navigate it from there on without using your touchscreen? Please, do the game developers and loyal fans an honor and update this. Thank you.

  29. Kien Nguyen says:

    An extremely buggy, poorly optimized port with unresponsive touch controls. The controls are so bad that you can literally bang your fingers on the screen and it would not register multi touch during a fight. The game is also very prone to freezing and crashing. I can’t count how many times it crashed just switching from title screen to game or loading a save. Worst thing is that Netease will do nothing about this because they only put in the bare minimum for this port. Stay away.

  30. Ryan Coxxard says:

    Game breaking bug about a half hour in, maybe less. There is a drawbridge wlthat you lower by flipping a switch, but you can elect to pass under the drawbridge and continue going right. A few screens over there will be another exit to the right which the map indicates is a room transition, but when you try to go through it you hit an invisible wall. Waited a long time to play this game, and really want to get the full experience, even if it is gained by playing an inferior android port.

  31. Sebastián Navarrete says:

    Bloodstained is an excellent game, this mobile port is almost perfect and it runs decently on my phone. But it needs full gamepad support, as of this review touchscreen controls are still visible when you use a gamepad and menus can only be controlled using touchscreen. Also the game crashes if the gamepad gets disconnected. This version is still missing the classic mode update.

  32. Anastasia M says:

    A little laggy in highest level of graphics and lowest level of graphics. Better controller support would be nice. Also I would like to see better touch controllers so like when i press the jump button I can slide my finger to an attack button so i can attack in the air easily. instead of lifting my finger to press attack. Also missing some DLC and btw most of the DLC is free except for 1 for those that are thinking of buying this game. Also it crashes once and while so save often.

  33. Misericorde says:

    It’s a fantastic game and generally a great version off of the consoles and PC. However besides being short of DLCs, the controls suffer from being on a tablet, being floaty and somewhat unresponsive. This doesn’t matter for the OP Miriam who can eventually brute force her way by grinding but really makes things difficult for others, especially if you are using Bloodless who already has a high difficulty curve. Also remember to adjust your graphics which start at low as default.

  34. Jonathan Tee says:

    There is a major issue in this Split APK Installer(SAI) version of the game where you cannot access the lower half of the Castle through the Lab past the train stage and the caves underneath the castle. I don’t recommend playing this game until the bug is fixed because it will just stop your progress through the game. This is a known issue even from external forum sites so be warned. Uninstalled it and will reinstall again if a fix is issued. EDIT: Just buy the Steam version for PC. Nuf said.

  35. steven herrmann says:

    Great Game, also nice port on Android. But the controller support is awful. It works, but you can’t just turn off the on screen controls. You can move them in a corner and set transparency to 10% to make them almost invisible. You can play with controller, but menus have to be controlled with touch. The experience was so much better on PC with controller, but overall a great game for this price. 5 stars if they update the controller support.

  36. Peter Woolsey says:

    Edit: Game now crashes every time I use an equipment shortcut. It worked fine before and now, suddenly, I can’t use this feature. Will correct rating when fixed. Only gripe was that you couldn’t customise controls and now you’ve provided a great level of customisation. Thanks guys and can’t wait for the rest of the content 🙂

  37. Eric Rainey says:

    Great game bad controls. You sometimes get stuck in places. Jumping is horrible. And now I’m stuck on livre ex machina. The controls to slide the bookcase don’t work like the book tells you. So I’m stuck until I can get it to tilt. Pretty lame. A little work could make this game exceptional on phone port

  38. MrPSaun says:

    Good game but the port is a bit shoddy. Sometimes crashes when starting up, has inconsistent laggy loading between screens, and there are some graphical artifacts that look off. Music is phenomenal. Overall the game is playable, but there are better ways to play this game. I do like having it on the go though.

  39. Urthling Scum says:

    Please give us the Randomizer Mode! It’s been out in PC and other platforms for a long time now yet Mobile Version is left out. It’s the best feature I love, more than any other DLC. Please put it in the game! And pls fix the mobile port. The frame-drops’ making the game experience bad.

  40. Tidz G says:

    The game is great but the controls are F’ed up and it crashes often….I’ve been waiting for weeks from the developers to fix the bug to the room where i need to fight zangetsu, everytime i get into the room the game crashes… It’s a complete waste of money if you can’t finish the game… Please fix this problems then I’ll rate this game 5 stars

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