Blackmoor 2: Action Platformer Mod Apk New 2022*


Battle Solo or Co-Op with Friends! Fists, Swords and Magic. Finish the Quest.
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June 3, 2022
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Blackmoor 2: Action Platformer Mod Apk New 2022*

Coming Quickly: Blackmoor 2 shall be freeing 6 new villains, a distinct level and 30 FPS mode round December Tenth 2022 – keep tuned.

Blackmoor 2: Motion Platformer Mod Apk New 2022* apk

BLACKMOOR 2 is a certainly one of a sort arcade platformer with style defining fight and a mixture of unfashionable vintage and trendy gaming. Contains cooperative multiplayer!

Blackmoor 2: Motion Platformer Mod Apk New 2022* mod apk

TALE mode with twists and turns, 13 heroes, enemies and managers stuffed with personality.

Blackmoor 2: Motion Platformer Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod 2022

CONSTRUCT with our user-generated dungeon builder. Construct your personal demanding situations and proportion them very easily. It’s a sandbox for creativity.

Blackmoor 2: Motion Platformer Mod Apk New 2022* unencumber

MULTIPLAYER co-op in actual time, struggle at the side of as much as Four avid gamers on-line.

Blackmoor 2: Motion Platformer Mod Apk New 2022*

PVP problem different avid gamers OR problem a chain of CPU opponents.

Blackmoor 2: Motion Platformer Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod

Helps Google Play Video games (Cloud saving).

Blackmoor 2: Motion Platformer Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod new

There are a couple of in-apps to be had however we permit the entire recreation to be playable and unlocked via gameplay. Please believe the Top class Improve if you want to toughen our recreation building.
Necessities An web connection is needed for Multiplayer and Dungeon mode. Four hundred MB of space for storing.
Suggestions 1.Five GB RAM.
Android Eight.0+


40 comments on "Blackmoor 2: Action Platformer Mod Apk New 2022*"

  1. Earnest Bartlet says:

    The game has alot of features and options, there seems to be a locked area still in development to the far right of the story map, I hope it continues. It is worth getting premium for the different heroes, gold and continue hearts and a pet. I have yet to discover really legendary or epic loot, it would be great to see more loot and items to buy in the item shop. The game has great potential, but it feels like it still has a way to go to reach it.

  2. Jacqulyne Alexandrya says:

    The game itself is pretty good, I enjoyed what little I played of it. What I have an issue with are the options for the controls. I’m very used to having a static movement pad, so I can tap the direction I wanna go instead of dragging it around every time. Becauze of this I wasn’t able to play much of the game, and I’d definitely be down to play a whole lot more of it if the option was there. I think the movement pad and the other buttons switching places for left handed people sounds good too.

  3. Stepania Didacus says:

    The game is fun. It’s fun to play, the controls could be worse, and overall it’s fair but challenging like a game should be. But, I have a number of criticisms. The game will just tank every now and then with the frame rate, which really is a problem when your fighting a boss, and there are WAAAY too many ads. Every 3 seconds I’m getting one, so maybe just tune it down a little.

  4. Collby Shirlene says:

    Very well thought out gameplay. However there are a few bugs. One includes ghost respawning speed for April and sometimes falling through a certain area of a level. Multiplayer is very fun especially with friends. If it could be more smoother that would be great. Overall super fun game and very addictive

  5. Eddie Carruth says:

    I love this game, it is a little hard but I like a challenge. The only problem I have is with Lrrr. The boss just decides he doesn’t wanna fight anymore and disappears, and the spikes that fall down you can block them, but the block’s knockback makes you fall into the lava unless you’re in a corner. Because of the boss disappearing, I can’t finish the fight.

  6. 6 to Midnight says:

    Fun game. Unlike some other side scrollers the mechanics are fluid the upgrades are important and the best em up style isn’t over done or button mashing boringness. Ads are not over done and serve as a tool to get further in the game like a reward rather than a punishment. I wish the walking was a little faster paced and the music becomes repetitive but that’s just being nitpicky. It’s well worth your time and does stand alone in most categories amongst other free offline app games

  7. Kevin Niemira says:

    Ok. It is rough, occasionally glitchy…. But, it is free and fully playable. It’s tough to rate high, because there are some really buggy problems…. It’s impossible to rate low – because it is a fun, side scrolling 2d action platform fighter. Everything is available through free play. Online coop, multiple modes, a dozen or so unique characters with individual skills. The developers are honest, not greedy – there are never necessary (or even overly incentived) ads. Definitely try it. FTP FTW

  8. Sheldon Jones says:

    This is a fun game, but it loses a lot because of poor controls and game physics. The controls are slow and buggy. Up becomes down, and attack becomes special move. Also, some characters are just cheapshotted by the enemies. It’s so inconsistent, which makes the game unfair. Sometimes your attacks land and other times the enemies are untouchable. Still a fun game, but I’m not giving stars for frustration.

  9. thomas bishop says:

    Love this game, especially the variety of music and AMAZING back story. Super easy controls and the graphics are 10/10. My only complaint is that you never actually end up fighting the main boss. I dont know if this is because they are going to make a version 3 or update the game but they do have a very very cool ending to the game though that made me very sad in a good way and made me wish that there was more. (So yeah not really a complaint)

  10. adrian smith says:

    This is a great title with awsome mechanics. Hack n slash check, full fighting mode check. Lots of characters, no forced ads I can’t think of a reason not to try this game. Great job to devs, thank you, install this game now.

  11. Clement Sioco says:

    The game is great, but some players in online just won’t move, it glitch us out of the map and under the ice map, pls add a ban option for the host of multiplayer

  12. bbs bzbos says:

    I kinda almost finished the game but I’m still having fun I know it’s a little boring but I still want to support it its kinda the best game on my phone I play it when the internet goes away and if I have internet I play it but it’s now boring when u almost to the end like I never die in it I have a legendary shield and a sword and I have all the characters but there not max level yet. Amazing game and a five star on it

  13. Ankit Minz says:

    Super simple controls, awesome story, simple as well as challenging gameplay with coop options over lan or internet. It also has an awesome catalogue of all units which opens up as you progress. I would give 10 stars out of 5, if I could.

  14. Richy Pacheco says:

    Am really getting pissed (┛ಠДಠ)┛彡┻━┻ with the ads omg like why we have to watch ads just to get the daily reward cause when I click on the ad it doesn’t load so I have to wait even more days to click on the ad to work by it still doesn’t

  15. Terrence Daniel Biado says:

    I found this game to be good and exciting but i noticed a bug when i use the villain burgov it cant use check point plus it cant even climb the ladder where the skeletons ride in port siege Creator pls im asking you to patch this problem thats all anyway i cant wait for newer updates in this game

  16. Damian Barham says:

    Honestly a pretty fun game! And one that u can play for hours since there’s so many. Characters ans achievements to unlock

  17. fungi freddy says:

    Great game. Sequal could use some changes in the controls departement otherwise it is a Great improvement from the last game. Best mobile game period.

  18. Harsh Gaur says:

    This game is very smartly made. There are some levels that while playing you will feel that there is a bug in this game but it is not a bug. Some mistakes have been made intentionally in this game. You will lose again and again because of those bugs and mistakes. And if you lose, you will have to see an ad to start the game back from the same place. Developer should focus on quality not on money.

  19. Barry Mcockner says:

    Was great until I beat kwok man too much and ever since my game is just bogged out slow mo on pvp. Please be a good sport and fix me back to normal. Then you def get 5 Starz Also I think the point system should go because it takes away challenge since people run when you join or they to low to gain any points if u win. You can only lose points

  20. alameen nasir says:

    Wonderfully done, this is one of the best mobile games I’ve ever played, bravo. A slight titbib, larr is glitching, halfway through the fight he will just disappear. Oh and the return button in endless mode causes the enemies to glitch out. Apart from these flawless experience.

  21. Modesta Abaraviciene says:

    Everything is fine until you encounter lrrr. When you try to fight him he always directly spawns towards you and you get hit a million times. And there is a bug where once he breaths ice and never returns. That’s the reason you can’t beat the game

  22. Youcef Chemes el-eddine says:

    the joystick sometimes doesn’t work right, i suggest u replace it with buttons(left right up down) or u just fix it , otherwise its a 10/10 mobile game

  23. LGGOWTHAM says:

    Games is good pretty alright and storyline amazing and new updates and new things to see it’s really amazing but the gamemodes “PvP mode” and “Multiplayer mode” first let’s start with PvP its good but it doesn’t get updates anymore same old characters and same old beating the tour so update PvP more and for multiplayer it’s good but needs improvement first there are WAY too many bugs and glitches and add A chat system to multiplayer so the players can co-operate and have fun , thank you

  24. EZ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ says:

    No control customization, joystick is too big, hitboxes are horrible, and everytime you hit someone it pushes you back for no reason. Too based in PvE which makes PvP very bad.

  25. postpone. says:

    Probably one of, if not the best RPG I’ve ever played on mobile! The only real gripe I have with the game are the graphics, but you get used to it over time. The gameplay is smooth, the replayability factor of this game is off the charts, and the online and versus is really fun. Overall great game, definitely would recommend.

  26. Joel Lawrence says:

    I Love this Game! Each character has a backstory and the world building is amazing. It’s like a Marvel Movie but much better. I Love how Maximus and Blackmoore are in the same Universe. We get to see Mr. Bison and other characters from Maximus in Blackmoore 2 and April’s story explains how Maximus 1 took place. Really amazing!!!!! If I’m correct the timeline would be : Blackmoore Blackmoore 2 Then Mr. Bison invades in Maximus And then Maximus 2 takes place Love the gameplay and graphics!

  27. Max Anderson says:

    Brilliant little platformer, would highly recommend, not a add wall game, challenging yet completely doable with or without ptp. Good amount of game modes and charictor options keep the game alive through various stories, would like a second chapter if there is one to come I’ll definitely be there for it! Thanks a bunch

  28. Modesta s says:

    This is just straight up horrible. The game is unfair, the bosses and enemys hit you too much and certain levels, the worst one being midieval football. Two knights proceed to kick the ball really fast not giving enough time to push the ball back, and theres 2 meanwhile you only get yourself. You have a bunch of useful items to use in the process and they kick the ball high and they somehow know where its landing. This is one of the most unfair games in the entire playstore.

  29. Josh R says:

    I’m digging this new Street Fighter mode, this is very much in my realm. If that was a standalone game, I’d buy it, so long as there’s a CPU vs CPU mode.

  30. Liam De Almeida says:

    Don’t recommend, this game is broken. Missions are far too hard, characters are balanced pathetically and the bosses in the game are just cheap. It would be preferable if it wasn’t as hard but I can deal with the difficulty, it’s the cheap AI and uninspired move sets that ruin the game. It’s all so people can pay for continues or watch a billion ads. And the developers have a response for everything. Tell me, you guys have played your own game? How well do you do against Lrrr on Dark mode?

  31. Jovy Acol says:

    this is a great game! 10/10! plus i have some new ideas when bolo punches add some trails at the punch and put some trails too to saberwuuf and pls add a base defend its my fav mode and pls add some hero’s and villains ty! 😁👍❤️

  32. DefinitelyNot Aletski says:

    This Is The Most If Not One Of The Best Games Out there in the play store this is not just any slashing boring game this one of the game that made history keep making one of these games thanks for making us these type of games FourFats.

  33. Joia Josephs says:

    Mostly fun game. May feel a tad like enemies get random iframes, and they do. (Seriously, that frog dudes like 60% iframes, and why am i vulnerable when throwing a bomb, but they have i-frames when placing them?) Also belly of the floaters is bugged. Nothing happens after all yellow orbs are grabbed. Really want that to get fixxed so i can beat it. Also tip for medieval football stay near ur goal, knock ball away & kill 1 enemy, then leave ball near ur goal and kill the other. They dont respawn.

  34. Anthony Gussoni 2 says:

    Another sequel would be overkill,this game just needs adjustments,bug and ping fixes. the only bad things about the game is how it can get repetitive when you need to level up characters or farm coins,but it’s very good overall,has many different characters,weapons,great lore,and way better graphics AND gameplay than it’s prequel,has a good and simple art style,sadly,some levels are way too hard and some bosses(like ridik bo)get WAY TOO MUCH iframes


    It’s ok to play but sometimes the servers are not stable…. please fix the servers….. overall the game quite good & fun to play friends..👍

  36. mindoza says:

    I’m rating this game 1/5 because it’s impossible to move the character, I almost ended up bleeding my fingers trying to move the character. This game seems very interesting and cool but how would I know? Even tho I maxed my speed first, I can barely even move while jumping and it’s really annoying

  37. Lucas Rose says:

    Fun game, but there is a glitch were using two different characters there equipment keeps spawning in there inventory, giving infinite money and breaking the character

  38. Manuel Condez says:

    The quest maybe hard But this is so fun because Of Hardness and Gameplay also The graphics are good Even my 1gb ram phone can handle it but the coins When i kill a high level boss it lags super but pls make them combined so no more lag

  39. Jose Catahan says:

    Hi, I’m having trouble trying to buy premium upgrade but when I click continue all I see is a blank grey screen with the circle loading thing is there anything I can do to fix this? Thanks. Also please add more levels thanks again.

  40. Derek Franceschini says:

    Had lots of fun playing. Restarting the game for each character gets a bit old, but ultimately it does help with replayability.

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