Bacon Escape Premium Apk


Fast paced adventure game with challenging levels and lots of carts & animals
4/5 Votes: 13,001
Illusion Labs
March 22, 2022
4.4 And Up
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Bacon Escape Premium Apk

This little piggy went to marketplace, this little piggy stayed house, this little piggy ESCAPED JAIL AND RAN FOR HIS EXISTENCE!
It’s time to convey house the william maxwell aitken.

Publisher 1st baron verulam Get away Top rate Apk apk

Fleeing your sinister jailors, Baron verulam Break out is your quest to become independent from from captivity and sign up for your animal pals. However be certain you’re now not guiding your piggy out of the frying pan and into the fire…

Viscount st. albans Get away Top class Apk

1st baron beaverbrook Break out takes you on an immersive and fast moving journey as you attempt to get away jail and succeed in the promised Happyplace. Pursued by means of your evil captors of their zeppelin, you’ll zoom via shocking 3D mountains, deserts, towns and extra in a race to your existence. Dodging stumbling blocks and making new buddies such because the hot-dog supplier pig and the disco sheep, Bacon Break out will entertain each new and skilled avid gamers.

Publisher 1st baron verulam Get away Top rate Apk release

– Simple to be informed one-touch controls, merely faucet the display screen to vary the educate tracks!
– Release over 30 other characters to play as, each and every with their very own distinctive character and customized car
– Journey via farmland, mountains, oceans and extra in over 24 exciting ranges

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Regardless of which persona you select, it’s your job to steer your personality to protection and keep away from being hauled again to jail. On the finish of each and every degree, you’ll have an opportunity to birthday party with your folks on the Happyplace – however don’t get too relaxed, your captors are by no means some distance at the back of.

1st baron verulam Break out Top rate Apk mod apk

You’ll have unending amusing exploring wonderful landscapes, finishing superior demanding situations, and rising victorious as your whole pals cheer you on. Easy to play however difficult to grasp, the entire circle of relatives will probably be addicted to Sir francis bacon Get away.

Bacon Break out Top class Apk apk mod

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Baron verulam Get away Top class Apk apk mod new

This sport is loose to play nevertheless it gives in-app-purchases. You might disable in-app-purchasing the use of your device’s settings.
Obtain now and save your baron verulam!


40 comments on "Bacon Escape Premium Apk"

  1. Adalbeorht Tiffaney says:

    Way too many ads!!!! Every second an ad plays really kills the vibe of the game. Other than that I would have given it a 5 start. Remove all the ads!!

  2. Grayce Chelly says:

    This is just dumb like I didn’t even get to play it lagged for 30minutes before I could get in and it still didn’t work so you should fix it because a lot of the reviews are bad and a lot like mine

  3. Marleigh Osman says:

    Fun Game.Good graphics. There are way too many ads if you want to start where you started or get apples.

  4. Karia Christoforus says:

    The control buttons was up side down (ex. The start button) for me I’d try it more but can’t play.

  5. Coti Lillian says:

    Great game. Great graphics. I just hope it was easier to get apples than just acquiring it through the game itself. Like maybe buy it throught the coins.

  6. Damarcus Neddy says:

    This game is absolutely brilliant. Love playing it and a great way to pass time haha, although slightly addictive. Excellent game

  7. Cedra Dantina says:

    I love the game but the download ing. It took me 3 HOURS. To download make it faster so not fair and. I’m still. Downloading.. un stalling

  8. Jaynie Blyde says:

    I love this game. It has lagged here and there but it’s still a fun game. My only complaints are that there are no more levels and that I can’t get the final apple on level 19!

  9. Scotti Cheston says:

    Needs more levels. Only 40 levels and once I got to level 40, it started glitching and stuff.

  10. Jilliane Rangley says:

    Tons of fun, but ONLY 40 LEVELS! I completed game within a week, at least there are challenges to extend gameplay. Nice that there aren’t ads every time you die. PLEASE ADD MORE LEVELS!

  11. Darlena Esthefani says:

    I am the type to get bored of games easily, and I played this one to the end. They need more levels!

  12. Joda Sammantha says:

    It sucks you can’t play it it’s in slow motion. I tried re-downloading it and still the same not good don’t waste your time with it.

  13. Raedanoran Cadie says:

    Can’t get past title screen. Freezes when I get to the play button.

  14. Athony Ambelaine says:

    this game is o fun and addicting but now every time I go on it it will skip like crazy the only reason I gave it a five star is cause it’s so fun but I can’t really play it any more witch really suckscause I l9ve or loved (ed) this game.

  15. Boda Marshall says:

    I found this game slow, laggy and time consuming. it took me around ten minutes to get from the prison to the first level of which it was moving slow and glitching back and forth. this is sad as I had the game before and realy enjoyed it. it is impossible to play as it is delayed by tones. this has to be the game and not the Wi-Fi as I have tried in 3 different broadband and routers and got the same result . very disappointing.

  16. Grayson Ar says:

    used to work great, now though it just shows a plain yellow screen and makes sound of it working behind.

  17. Demarius Marlon says:

    omg this game is soooooooooooo fun i love it soooooooooo much but i heard theyre is only 40 levevs????? i hope not well i still love this i give it a 5 and it is part 2 i lookit up part 1 but nothing came up but still 5

  18. Jilian Cassandra says:

    it keeps me awake for days it os so fun I love it but o heard by my sister that there is only 40 levels but it will still be fun

  19. Kerstie Elainia says:

    It’s actually fun! And my cousins really enjoy this app!, only 1 disadvantage is that it only has 40 levels!… I think you should add more levels😊😊😊

  20. Laurena Dudley says:

    got through 1st 2 levels in about a minute and 30 seconds by tapping screen maybe 4 or 5 times. The ONLY control is tapping. Deleted game so not sure if it gets more challenging, but game is maybe for a 5 or 6 year old.

  21. Jerelyn Blythe says:

    Amazing game with wonderful graphics.The gameplay is amazing too.Deserves 5 stars, nothing less than that.

  22. Wenda Camella says:

    I think this is a great game. Only reason why I gave it 3 stars is because it doesn’t have many levels as I thought it did. Plus u can’t get apples very easily

  23. Geordie Francie says:

    What a disgusting game it is, it has not given even single chance, and another negative point of this stupid game is that when we lose or die, we have to restart from the beginning. At least this game should have given two chances, the game should be continued from the place of death, not from beginning. Too many slow motion in it. Overall, this game seems fun but it is not, infact it is difficult. Such a disappointment. Guys, i recommend you all, not to install this game. Thank you🤮

  24. Courtenay Domicio says:

    Was so laggy…was like watching puctures flash never even made it to first level…too bad was really looking forward to trying the game…i am a patient person waiting longer than i should for things to load but this is horrible.

  25. Nikson Jennay says:

    I wanted to rate it 5* But I did not.Because I have finished all the levels long ago but developers didnot add new levels When they will add new levels, I will give 5*

  26. Envirse (Jonah) says:

    Listen, this is not an easy game. This is hard and annoying. It will make you extremely mad. If you get mad easily don’t download this. If you press one thing wrong you are dead. If you can take hard game I can’t recommend it more. Although once you complete the only thing left to do is replay the levels and there is only 45 at the moment. So play if you want.

  27. Dexter Ong says:

    This game is good but sometimes the obstcles are impossible to pass i get stuck at level 10 and still dunno how to get pass it

  28. Ava Softwater says:

    I found out about this game a while back like in 2015, I think. I started to play it and instantly was hooked. I have found this game to be perfect when your bored and need a time burner! I would highly recommend this game!!!💙💙💙

  29. Janaki P says:

    The game is really nice 😊👍 .But the only mistake is it has only 45 or less levels it was nice if it had some more levels….🤓

  30. Kunal Jhingan says:

    I completed all the levels. Looking forward new levels to unlock. Loved the game so much. This takes a toll on ypu when youre stuck on a level and cant pass it. And when you finally clear it there’s an another one. Totally worth 5/5 rating.

  31. Antonio Micheloni says:

    Brilliant and cute. Challenging but it’s a plus. Ideal for quick moments of fun.

  32. brenda christie aring says:

    It’s a good game but everytime I wanna play the second time my screen won’t load the game it’s just black…please fix this

  33. deepti kanukurthy says:

    A pretty good game! It took inspiration from supermeatboy (i guess) but yeah, its awesome! The only problem is the graphics. It kinda glitches because of it so i hope you fix it! But still im happy with this! Thanks!

  34. Marc Carey says:

    Very fun, very hard. No extra nonsense, loads right up and gets to it. What is bad is you cant have music without the sound effects.

  35. anvesh mahadeva says:

    Completed all levels. Please add more levels and more characters. Waiting for the update.

  36. Kimberly Hansen says:

    It won’t start it shows black hand scan hear game but don’t see a hthi g

  37. Matthew. Jacob c sarmiento says:

    I like the game thought it’s sometimes hard because it’s fast and it keeps getting harder and harder that’s all

  38. Laura Aqui says:

    Brilliant game so much fun, great 3d graphics, with lots of changing environments and its a challenging platform game, I love it, very engaging, at all levels, slow sometimes but also can be very fast paced. Really enjoyable, I’m now stuck on level 8. One of the best games ever on the play store, and it’s a free offline game no need for wifi how great is that.

  39. Z SEA OF AZOV says:


  40. Pavithra Pavi 12 G says:

    This game is good and excellent illusion work and the characters artificial are tooo good and it should be update and i want more levels in this game

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