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Survive on epic arena! Become a true warrior in online axe battle royale!
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July 5, 2022
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Are you the actual struggle royale video games grasp? Guess you won’t closing a minute and continue to exist within the on-line awl struggle royale! Sign up for the fight enviornment and throw your awl to defeat different gamers and stage up! Brawl with your folks and develop into the king of multiplayer struggle royale io video games! Apk Obtain New* apk mod 2022 is a cellular combat royale multiplayer recreation the place you toss & throw axes to be the closing participant status. Defeat all of the mini warriors at the io battlelands until the time runs out! Take into accout, the winner takes all of it! Apk Obtain New* mod apk

Arrows, swords, magic… Fail to remember about them! All you want to win the net io video games are awl throwing abilities and pinpoint accuracy. Display everyone who’s the Awl Grasp! Apk Obtain New*

Improve your hero to liberate wonderful skins, fight axes and new abilities. Turn out to be a real warrior and win io struggle royale like a professional! Apk Obtain New* free up

Why you’ll spend hours taking part in this brawl sport: Apk Obtain New* apk

– Fight with actual avid gamers – 40+ weapon sorts – 20+ distinctive warriors
– Play with buddies on-line
– Offline sport mode
– Tremendous simple controls
– 2-minute battles
– Plenty of recreation maps Apk Obtain New* apk mod new

If you’re keen on io video games and struggle royale video games, you’ll no doubt love Compete with combatants all over the global to grow to be the highest participant of the io global! Play onerous and win combat video games to end up you’re the awl grasp! Apk Obtain New* apk mod

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Sharpen your awl and defeat your enemies in fight royale io sport! Sign up for hundreds of thousands of avid gamers throwing axes to turn who’s the king of combating video games! Obtain & play AXES .io free of charge and feature a number of amusing!


40 comments on " Apk Download New*"

  1. Gerica Piers says:

    This game is AMAZINGLY FUN. The controls are very responsive and intuitive. The game mechanics are fun to explore. My only real issue is that even in online mode, many of the players seem to be bots/AI opponents.There doesn’t seem to be any variation between a lot of the players, which leads me to believe so. A few questions: 1. Have you considered adding some sort of powerups to the game? 2. Will there be new weapon mechanics? (Triple throw, faster fly speed etc..)

  2. Maye Royce says:

    A great mobile game! I can see it going places once it introduces more gamemodes, like infection, or other ways to compete against others. I’d rate it higher, but advertisements have ruined the experience for me, (there’s too many). I already click on x2 for ads a lot! I shouldn’t have to wait a mandatory 30 seconds to hop in a new game that I may die in within the first second. Otherwise, it’s a delightful passtime! I hope to see more gamemodes, weapon variety, and less ads in the future!

  3. Diann Kailee says:

    The game is surprisingly really fun. The mechanics are so easy to use and fun to play around with. The ads are fine on the part where you need em if you wanna boost your reward however I don’t like it when an ad shows up after every few games, it’s annoying. We already have ads to boost our rewards and that to me is enough. Either way great game. Also add more game modes as it will give variety and diversity to the game please.

  4. Darold Chalsea says:

    Awesome game. Only thing is once you level your abilities to a certain point a glitch of some sort happens and there will be one character sliding around face down and will hunt you relentlessly. Dont think this is actually online as it seems everything is a bot if some sort. Other than that. Awesome time killer! Would get 5 stars if it wasn’t for the glitch and the weapons going through walls.

  5. Benoic Kaela says:

    The rating would be 5 if the AI’s system was fixed. I usually play in offline mode and it’s fun but once you get to lvl 10+ the AIs spawn with perks that make them one shot you even when you have 1000+ health. Not to mention the bug I keep seeing where I kill someone, I dont get the exp for the kill, and now the person I killed is sliding around still launches weapons and cannot be attacked. You really do need to look at some of the AI mechanics and change them to something balanced not OP.

  6. Marleene Witt says:

    The game is fun to play. Problem is that if you do very well on a game they will send indestructible bots after you. Their toons will fly around the screen, yes fly around in a prone position and will take zero damage. If you reach above 35k health it will convert your health to a minus sign and 1 hit 1 kill which is unacceptable. If that wasn’t enough at times they will take my toon off the game and I can see the fighting going on but I’m not there. I have screenshots and video.

  7. Mardel Tasman says:

    Almost a five star! This game is plain and simple but super addictive. Been playing for days now. No problem with ads and all. But the only thing that pisses me off is when an AI would show up out of nowhere near you and has fully upgraded weapon size, weapon speed, can shoot through the walls. Making it near imposible to survive beside them. Maybe it would be better if you set the skill set of the AI depending on the character that you’re playing so the game would be well balanced. 😊

  8. Delene Presley says:

    Great game, absolutely amazing, i just feel the developers have many missed opportunities at maybe ranked play, more high end weapons, new skill ups. there’s also a “bug” where the wall penetration doesnt do anything when comboed with rebound walls, feels like a useless skill up, i hope i hear more from the developers because this could be a much bigger game than what it is now.

  9. Andreye Colver says:

    The game is cool, a lot of fun. It would be great that every character have their own ability and power. Also, multiplayer with friends is nessesary like sign in option so you can play from other device and se your best score. When you win prize from daily request, you should exclude winning new character when you have them all. The second level (third mission) is extremly hard. I liked more previous version but new maps are nesseserly.

  10. Kailyn Delavan says:

    The newest update took a lot away from the game. Before it was possible to play against real people. Now its completely bots no online at all. Deathmatch was removed, and the difficulty spike by the third level is insane. Almost impossible to do. The game still can be fun, but definitely not the same way it was before. They also ramped up the ads. I don’t mind ads if the game is worth it, but this might not be worth the ad time.

  11. Rolfe Daylon says:

    I’m leaving a 2 star review over a particular disappointment. The game is great, I use it often when I have some free time to kill during commutes and casually at home. They’ve made some great updates, adding new content and game modes to change things up. It all stays pretty interesting for me. My problem, and the reason for my 2 star rating, is over their “No Ads” purchase option, since the game remains riddled with ads for perks and rewards, otherwise fall behind. Not so cool. 🙁

  12. Piers Mikalene says:

    SUGGESTION IN HERE: amazing game and i love how its actually hard and it takes a lot of practice to beat the third arena but once u beat the game, there’s nothing else to do. My suggestion is to add an endless mode into the game and never stop giving us powerups, but just change the bots to make them a little harder as you level up.

  13. Gregg Devyn says:

    The gameplay is pretty fun. However, it is 100% bots with adaptive difficulty that pretty much cheats. For example, was at level 80, with my projectiles flying all over the screen. The next level bot was 8. My life bar at 25k. I figured I was going to hold it for a while to see how high of a score I could get to until I got bored . . . . Welp a random axe came flying from no where and ended that dream. Now, the bots have adjusted to the level and it’s super hard. Now its just repetitive.

  14. Jonalyn Bartholomeo says:

    It’s a fun game except when indestructible floating characters appear. The only action at that point is to quit the map and go to a different one. Their appearance seems to be more frequent than when I started playing. Can someone explain to me the reasoning behind such an occurrence? It really ruins the game.

  15. Jennalyn Enit says:

    The pace of play is suitably fast, restarting after dying is USUALLY fast depending on which ad pops up…some take a moment to let you click. You only HAVE to sit through ads you choose for optional upgrades or respawns, etc… the balance of sitting through ads and the benefit they provide are very well judged. Really, this is a great example of how ad-supported content SHOULD be done!

  16. Garman Kristiane says:

    This is one of the best mobile games I’ve ever played, game play is very fun!! No glitches, reward system works really well and you feel like you can advance quickly, graphics are good and appealing to the eyes. Equipment perks and upgrades are well thought out as well as hero perks. And not an insane amount of ads (most of them are optional for extra perks during the match – double rewards at the end) the perfect amount lol. Overall 5 star game for sure!!

  17. Ringo Brandis says:

    Very fun and and addictive, the only problem I have is that after beating the last arena, there arent any other fight options. If there was a Death Match, or Ranked Games w/custom mops that would be amazing. Other than that, the graphics are amazing, gameplay, and controls. And cosmetics are amazing too.

  18. Hervie Erna says:

    I must say the game is great. Get it! Buuuut there is one small glitch that happens once in a while where I can’t kill my enemy. We just end up super close while I should he hitting him but he looks like he’s flat on his belly yet sliding around and my projectile goes strait through him. Anyway I like the game as long as I can find a way to get around the ads

  19. Irwin Ambelaine says:

    I started playing this game yesterday and enjoyed it more than many other games I’ve tried in a while. The problem is that an update rolled out last night that has now made the game unplayable for me. The progression system was changed and I wasn’t granted the new perks that come with the levels I had already gained. Thanks to this, I start every game with 100 health while everyone else starts a few hundred health and weapons that kill me instantly. Sucks to see this fun game ruined.

  20. Debbie Kendall says:

    Pretty good game. Can’t tell if you’re vsing real people or not though. The only time i really die is when a person will spawn right next to me and catch me off guard. A lot of ads, but that’s the price you pay for a free game nowadays. I also came across a bug where a player was glitched through the floor on one of the Frosts maps. They did it in the centre of the map so when the ring closed they didn’t die to the poison outside the circle. I had no choice but to die and play again.

  21. Ryker Aleisha says:

    The game is fun but there are several things that hold it down. First, the bots have perfect instant accuracy, when they go to shoot no matter how far they don’t take any time to aim and shoot perfect. Second, you spawn into games and most of the time get instantly get one shot killed. Anybody with triple shot (way too often)? Any of their shots will ohko you, no exceptions. You also HAVE to play offline, otherwise you get an ad after every death, including the ones where you instantly died.

  22. Franklin Lynde says:

    Used to be a really fun game, with progressing a relatively easy and straight forward process. But with the new update, you lost a lot of what you earned, and the equipment system is randomized. Also, it’s now pay to win, instead of skill based. I faced someone with 5000 (three zeros), while I had 272 hp… Totally ruined the feel and fairness of the game.

  23. Elly Jaguar says:

    Very enjoyable game – for a few hours I’ve had my fun with it, but personally I find it too easy. I’ve unlocked everything in no time and bet chapter 5 without any problems. Even without trainer nor revival several times. Ffa – until death would be great. [Edit] I’ve Been experiencing a big bug 2 times, where a player’s model was stuck to the ground (facing down) still normally able to attack and move, but impossible to damage them. Which results in guaranteed death for your run.

  24. Hilton Adkins says:

    Okay, I’ve been playing this game for a while now and I get the idea of how it works. The battling system is very easy to learn. It is very fun to fight real players and it does involve strategy, especially when you select weapon and armor builds. Skins are easy to obtain so you feel like you’re putting yourself in the game so to speak. I even uninstalled the game intentionally and reinstalled it and all of my progress was saved. This is a good game to get if you like PvP shooter games 🙂

  25. Abbigail Bardoul says:

    The game itself is fun and has got potential, but many things need improvement. All good until you get to gold league, where you get stuck with bots and people with ten times your HP, triple throws, rebound projectiles…impossible to last more than a few seconds, followed by 30 seconds ads when you die. Getting items at a reasonable pace requires paying. Again, some adjusting and it could improve greatly. I paid for the add-free version of I’m still getting ads in-between games??!!

  26. Amhar Eowyn says:

    Pretty cool app. It gives you keys for chests and it has pretty cute animations. I still don’t know if the players are from the REAL world or just bots. Plus if you die, sometimes it will give you an option to pay 0.99 just for a revive. I think they should remove that feature. Apart from that the game is pretty awesome! Edit: sometimes when you kill someone it gives you 3 options to make you kill easier. I think that’s cool

  27. Drayson Wenzlick says:

    It’s a pretty fun game. Theres 3 “divisions,” the player can play through. After that, there isnt anything to keep players. Also, there seemed to be too many ads for my liking. Sometimes when you spawn in, you’ll die almost instantly. That could happen maybe three times at most and maybe an ad or two would play. Overall, it’s a pretty fun game, and, if you’re lucky, you can get overpowered within 2 in-match levels (enemy penetration + wall penetration)

  28. MOTEEF says:

    The game is fun at first, but quickly goes downhill from Silver League. The first world in Silver could be assumed as a challenge, but there is no explanation that could justify giving the bots thousands of health points, when the player doesn’t scale to that yet. Not only that, but there’s nothing you can do. No way to grind, no other modes where you can easily get upgrades, far be it even! All in all, it was fun while it lasted, but the difficulty becomes ludicrous very quickly. Please fix!

  29. Russell Van Sistine says:

    Edit: there is currently a glitch where the avatar lays on the ground and cannot be hit. No chance to win. Other wise a 3 star Fairly average game. I finished the entire “trophy road” in a few hours. The daily missions are fun but can be finished in 30 minutes. Once you’ve completed all that the rewards become very sparse and I have no reason to play except for once a day for a few minutes. This is not a pay to win. I have never paid a $ and easily finished everything. Need more reward goals.

  30. Cole Turnbull says:

    It would be great and all, but there are people who PURPOSELY stay on bronze league to farm lower level people. If you could make it so that there is a casual or ranked setting, I would appreciate it. And, on silver league, I CAN’T DO ANYTHING because of the one shotters. But those are the only problems I have with it. Overall, the game is awesome.

  31. Khaos Reaper says:

    Super addictive, runs smoothly, lots of fun, amazing gameplay, and lots of ads to watch, BUT they don’t force them. They offer a lot of benefits for watching a short video if you chose, there is no pop ups asking or anything and its very well designed. I love this game and have played it for awhile now.

  32. Douglass Kinchen says:

    I gave it a three because as fun is it id to play and it is fun, it lacks depth and i beat it in a week or so and not with a legendary character or armor. I think it needs more. Try adding new levels, dark mode where you can see so far in front of you. Limit abilities the harder level you go. I have more ideas but it is a waste of time and doubtful you’ll read it anyway.

  33. Cerius says:

    I miss the 2019 version, it was truly a simpler time. The homescreen looked way cleaner and there weren’t as many ads. Also, it’s really sad that you removed the Death match gamemode, it was way more fun that completing missions. Leveling up was easier back then too, and the game just felt smoother. The only thing that isn’t that bad is the new health system. Instead of getting hearts which indicate how many times can you get hit, you can now get hit a few times. Though the old game was better

  34. Jordan Page says:

    I love the game, but there are a lot of glitches and errors, my scores aren’t showing on the leader board and I’m almost making top 20, there’s tons of bots, some of my perks don’t work correctly (health regeneration is worst) and traps hit me walking by them at a good distance. Would give 5 stars if most of those were fixed. Also you can’t save your progress to move to another device, or add or play with friends. But regardless I still kick a$$ and am addicted to the game

  35. Nick Miller says:

    Honestly, I think people that are complaining about the difficulty of the game or that there are too many ads. Are the ones that would complain how difficult a skill based game like Call of Duty or Diablo is. This game is easy, you just have to pay attention to your surroundings and upgrade for abilities that actually help your reload speed, distance, and damage. Game is honestly easy if you just use your head a little.

  36. 3 Deanes says:

    Gameplay is super fun, but a number of.thimgs holding this game back. Number one I beat the game in like half a day and it only took so long because I had to watch a bunch of ads. Also why is there no custom upgrade system? Why can’t I assign passive abilities to the weapons or at least randomly change them maybe? lastly the heroes need some sort of special ability unique to them. The biggest problem is the lack of ability to customize builds. Not everything should be random.

  37. Bengylyn Cadungog says:

    Like the game and physics. Im a bit disappointed the game was too short. Ads favor me since its instantly skippable. And if you think its impossible, i managed to beat the game without spending. So all levels are doable. I recommend shaman as your hero of choice. As well as a weapon that can go through walls. 2 poison levels is good enough, a fast character, and skill is all you need to beat the game. I just want the devs to add more.

  38. Juanita Pate says:

    I’m giving this game 4 stars. The bronze league is perfect for beginners, but as soon as you get into the silver and gold leagues, everyone’s health jumps up to 1500+. They also are VERY overpowered with too many power ups and such. There are also WAY too many people in one game. There’s also a glitch when someone supposedly dies, but their health is above 0. But the character lays down and it’s impossible to kill them. Please, fix all these things. They make the game frustrating.

  39. Child Bride. says:

    It’s a great game, players are real, easy to win(at least for me) sure, there are some ads when you start, and finish a game. And some people might find it stressing.. it’s not😅 Maybe it is for some, but you can get used to winning by practicing, and you’ll forget about the ads completely. Truly recommend the game

  40. Ian Goakey says:

    Overall really fun, but when I believe I paid to remove ads I expected to not have ads between each stage just to heal or get another buff the same way does. Not only does it NOT do this, but sometimes the ad might go to a black screen causing you to have to force close the game losing any progress of that battle. The buffs of adding more directional throws I had expected even more additional when selecting them again, but instead I think it’s a 10% damage bonus to them. Needs updating.

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