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Alien Zone Plus is an ARPG shooter.
4/5 Votes: 53,916
Hummingbird Mobile Games
January 3, 2021
4.4 And Up
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Alien Zone Plus Apk Download New*

[Game Intro] House station below invasion, town at the verge of plague, even the entire global, is transferring in opposition to devastation. You’re the Savior!

Alien Zone Plus Apk Obtain New* apk mod new

[Exquisite 3-D Graphics]
Real-time gentle, shadow, lambency and intensity impact… Help you revel in a 3D next-gen console recreation on cell platforms.
22completely other levels, i.e. 22 unique scenes Guarantees a breath of clean air each and every minute within the sport
Romantic park, perilous manufacturing unit, trap-filled energy station, besieged lab…
Are you in a position to spark off?

Alien Zone Plus Apk Obtain New* apk

[Extremely Thrilling Battles]
Are you uninterested with combating in opposition to just one or a number of monsters at a time? Right here’s your likelihood to brush away an enemy swarm All kinds of traps that make your each transfer stuffed with suspense It’s important to wreck via waves of monsters and develop into the actual Savior!

Alien Zone Plus Apk Obtain New* apk mod

[Perfect Aggregate of ARPG and Shooter Games]
Is it an ARPG? No, this is a shooter sport
Is it a shooter sport? It’s an APRG with personality ranges, apparatus, perks and treasure hunt methods.

Alien Zone Plus Apk Obtain New*

[Unique Recreation Systems]
* Persona Stage:
Characters will stage up by way of defeating monsters and finishing quests.
* Perks Device:
Characters are endowed with more than one perks and will experience other gameplays.
* Random Apparatus Machine: On this method you’ll make a selection your individual sport mode consistent with your desire.
* Random Monsters: Other monsters will randomly display up somewhere else, spices up your gameplay
* Bundle Machine: You are going to get more than a few lend a hand and unbelievable programs at a particular stage, occasions and phases.


40 comments on "Alien Zone Plus Apk Download New*"

  1. Albern Zane says:

    The best shooter in playstore!wow I finish all levels!it’s very challenging..and the graphics are awesome!and the important is it run smoothly even in low end device!thank U Devs for making this game!hope many games to come that even in low end device it run smoothly so many of my friends can U guys!thanks and God bless..and plz can U make a zombie like this?plz..and it run in smoothly..thanks again!

  2. Carri Janie says:

    Game isn’t horrible, better than what I thought it would be. An adjustable camera would have been nice, the graphics are too detailed for them to be set so far back. I give it higher marks because it doesn’t pretend to be something it’s not. It’s a mindless shooter, reminding me of Alien Breed, and that’s not a bad thing. Definitely worth a shot.

  3. Shellie Allissa says:

    This would be So much more fun if your point of view was optional. You’re basically preventing 2/3rds of the people into this type of thing, from sticking with it, soly cuz you force us on overworld view while 3rd person and 1st person wouldnt be much of a stretch at all. Having all 3 would get more people to play it, i dont get why you still dont realize that. Paying for every little thing is outplayed as hell too.

  4. Carolan Breneon says:

    Nice sci-fi shooter, reminding of Action-RPG in a good way. Lots of pay to play, but one can solve several levels with the free version and without buying anything for real money! Some hot-chics along, often assaulted by mobs and gangs of alien mutants. 😉 Good game, but low on story, and few character stats (variety).

  5. Chris Diosto says:

    The graphics was good for me… Though the character was not that realistic to his/her movement… Much better if you (dev) improve it to your next update of this game… It’s my first time to play this game and hopefully see more of it’s improvement in the future gaming… Over all, i already like this game so far 👌😁

  6. Rovelyn Pagas says:

    This is my first time playing this and I already loved the game. It has a good gameplay and graphics. But i hope you to improve the viewpoint because sometimes i can’t see well where’s the enemies and golds and even the way and doors. Maybe it’s good if you’re going to put a viewpoint control. If you do that then it’s perfect and i will change the star rate to 5. 😊😊😊

  7. Mark R Chisholm says:

    This was a good game exciting but the graphics are too can’t find a word for it but it’s got a glitch in it too because the areas that a person need to walk there are buildings in their area but I can walk through the buildings to get to the enemies but it’s not enough heavy duty weapons to defeat them need more powerful weapons

  8. Siamak P says:

    The game is nice but few issue The controller sometimes stock and you can’t move The level up crystal are useless, they shoupd let you upgrade items for free but you cant use them, the only option apears for upgrade is spending money Lots of good items and upgrades need genetic tube which you can not get them in game at all and have to buy them with real money, so basically its a pay to play game

  9. Hin Socia says:

    It’s cool, but it would have been if it had team from all over the world when online and with Autobots during offline. But overall it’s good. If it is done that way then I may think of giving this game a five star rating. You got that? & Best of luck…..

  10. Daniel Seta says:

    Actually this aps worth 5 stars. Good graphic, music and handling. But then I found bug here. My daily give is looks like never end. I start openy daily give from my gold is 30K until my gold is 200K, the give are still there. I lost my comfort to play this game because it’s made made lagging to my game. Please fix it, so I can give my 5 stars again for this game. I think the animation of recieving item and gold also made the game lagging.

  11. Teddy_Bee_ says:

    Havent played it for more than 10 minutes and i found 2 major things wrong… 1st, cant turn music or sound off at all, and i play while listening to podcasts on my phone as well… 2nd on first level i could keep selling the turrets you start with and once i lost it, i kept getting a new one, so i just had unlimited credit and bought ALL the best stuff and upgraded it as far as i could without capsules… In the starship i didnt get the turret back when i sold it, but i uninstall after 1st…

  12. Ra' Zak says:

    This game is awesome, not only is it offline but has beautiful graphics as well as being a storage-friendly game. It has a mix of starship troopers, Resident Evil and Doom sort of vibe which is cool. Additionally, it is a game with easy controls and mechanics not to mention an RPG shooter game which is kinda rare. Anyways it’s great 🙂 LOVE IT, LOVE IT, GOTTA PLAY IT!!

  13. jan perena says:

    This is the coolest app I’ve ever played the graphics are good the concept are good and the controls are good I wish you could add more levels but over all it’s a good app. Hope you’ll make more apps like this

  14. Shantel (Shamorxx) says:

    AMAZING! The game was very good especially the graphics. The fact that it was offline made it better! However, I kinda hoped that there was some challenges or missions that we could do but still great game!

  15. Game Experimentor says:

    Nice game. The graphics are quite good regarding the size of the game. No online save is available. And there is a bug that allows one to sell 1 Turret infinitely from the equipment menu in any mission. I got 70k from there, not fun. Note: Last Tried: 30/1/21.

  16. jahara자하라 says:

    one of the best offline games i’ve ever downloaded! The graphics, the animation and the sounds are all pretty good, and it doesnt cost me much of my storage which is absolutely worth it

  17. zulkarnaini haruna says:

    Good graphics and control. Is just that when you go further you must buy their items if you really want to pass the hard levels. Is quite really hard to defeat the the aliens at such levels.

  18. Ronn Mach says:

    Superb graphics/environs and challenging. I like the auto-aim tech and playing a powerful heroine 🙂 Incredibly I have finished the entire game in free mode – never buying any thing with real money. Fair play – (no hacks/cheats needed)

  19. Ayie Ignacio says:

    Very nice. And challenging game. HAHA fun. Hard other mission nice characters and nice graphics Very nice. And powerful aliens. HAHAHAHA the other alien i cannot defeat ther are so pwerful. Mostly i like the using gun. Ther a so fast to shoot but honestly the other nothing have an damage. But! You can upgrade in your items. Or bag. I love the texture to. Keep hard working to make this better. Thank you again DOWNLOAD KNOW!!!❤❤❤❤

  20. Lucretia Tapologo Mokene says:

    Alien Zone Raid is the best. The problem with Alien Zone Plus is the cameras. You totally dont know how to control them. When i walk through the door i dont see whats in front of me, until the zombies are already attacking me. Most of the time i just shoot of something i dont even see. Sometimes the gun sound goes mute.

  21. Nice Corn says:

    I really love this game. Download now! Heres the reasons why: 1. It runs smoothly even on low end devices 2. Its so thrilling, you’ll never get bored of playing it 3. It has different aliens to encounter, and in some levels, there are some “bots”that will help you kill the aliens. 4. The game gives enough credits/game money to buy some items that will help you defeat aliens! 5. It has very nice graphics! Thank you so much Developers for making this awesome game! Its just what i wanted!

  22. scott west says:

    Very cool game graphics r nice no lag very clean like how u don’t have to pay to get loads of extras just plenty of grind but that’s fine at the mo. It’s a shame that there’s no muti-play with friends option but hay can’t have it all so thanks for game BANG ON.

  23. Major Kaboom says:

    loving the game….. but …Today I updated the game and the online reward is now gone and bosses have an invisible portion to health bars. This means when the game shows you have killed them you infact have not. The removal of the online rewards is upsetting and says the devs want the money we spend but have no need to entice us to play daily as there is no incentive to do so. The boss health issue is a must fix with the loss of online rewards. With the pay for keys system the game is p2p now

  24. Sanjana Tiwari says:

    Alien Zone Plus is an ARPG shooter. [Game Intro] Space station under invasion, city on the verge of plague, even the whole world, is moving towards devastation. You are the Savior! [Exquisite 3D Graphics] Real-time light, shadow, lambency and depth effect… Enable you to experience a 3D next-gen console game on mobile platforms. 22completely different stages, i.e. 22 distinctive scenes Ensures a breath of fresh air every minute . it is very good game 👌👌👌👌👌

  25. Don'tMindMe :v says:

    Maan!!..this game is addicting and satisfying ,i would recommended this and the graphics is on another level like those end checkpoint is soo cool .But there are 2 things i dont like ,FIRST: there are only 22 levels ,and SECOND: there are bug that i cant enter the store constantly and pissed me off ,but overall 5/5 ,soo good too tho.

  26. Jack “Jack Sparrow” says:

    I’m very critical of most mobile games, but this is great game. You shoot a swarm of aliens in real time, the graphics are outstanding; there’s even details in the levels like holographic Coca-Cola ads. The controls are great and mechanics are just right, and you can reload. The only constructive criticism I have is that the character walks a bit unnaturally, she floats a little and moves a bit slowly. Other than that; fantastic job devs! 👍

  27. Uideo Depot says:

    Why does this game doesn’t run on an emulator on the computer? I installed it on MuMu player, and it installed perfectly. But that’s all it does because it doesn’t open. When I try to launch it, it opens then closes. The MuMu player is a tablet that runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow, and I can play Mobile Legends in it very well. Is there somebody who can help me solve this problem?

  28. saihara_ouma _kumoki says:

    This is actually good at first i was hesitant but when i tried playing it no problem at all,the graphics were good,the controls were also good, and you can play it offline…. Though i have some ideasto be added or want to be improved in this game..First, is that we can adjust the angles of when we move… Second, is that the monsters would also appear in the radar.. Whenever the monsters would come out of nowhere i would get surprised and i hate that part…. Third, is that we can run..

  29. Mhariellen Concio says:

    The graphic is nice overall and the way the character shoot is very smooth!! However I was a bit disappointed this is not a multiplayer since I would really love to play it with my friends

  30. Vanius Prime says:

    Has annoying glitches like being trapped in one fencing area (get rid of that stupid trap gimmick) and credits falling into non accessable areas and glowing healing thingies falling on you when not needed rather than being collectable and leveling up merely makes medkits and USELESS AND PAY2PLAY LEVEL UPS absurdly expensive, even at level 58 the shop sucks even pay2play items, it gangs up bosses randomly and they always drop useless equipment. And 2nd time around last boss is invincible: Dumb!

  31. Collins kalifwa says:

    The game is sure fun and interesting, monsters are really getting tough with each stage but I find an issue with the camera position there’s a lot of blind spots, hard to see what’s ahead most of the stages if not all

  32. James Peterson says:

    I love this game it takes me back to when i was a kid playing games like this one. Thank you for the game this game is sooo sick. You all did an out standing job on this game from the art work to the game play and the music. I am going to tell everyone i know about this game. To anyone & everyone who love’s a really good shooting game then look no more this is it. Just don’t miss out on it by not downloading it. Alien zone plus is in my top 5 shooting games a must have and a keeper. Thank you

  33. Christopher Ferrell says:

    Starts out okay but quickly decends into fake difficulty. Isometric view puts enemies out of sight so they can kill you, randomly generated enemies so the game drops a dozen mini bosses on top of you so they can kill you, maybe play the first few levels but don’t over invest in the game

  34. Josh Hunt says:

    I LOVE the Sell Junk button in the inventory. Many games need that. However… it needs features common to modern games. Automatic Pause when app is not active. Automatic Pause when in any menu, such as inventory.

  35. William Balsinger Jr says:

    I think the alien zones are the best out of the series. I personally dont like the timer type rush, basically either you are strong enough or not. I like the survival horror being able to survive the level at all.

  36. Tales Of Ladybug says:

    the game is cool itself just some problems: the first one is when i reach level 12 or 13 its harder to defeat all the monsters and thers alot of them : the sec one is i run out of medican kits i have to collect them from old level i passed. the third one is i can only choose one character and whenever i die i found myself out of these green things the fourth one is that that big monster always scares me that just one of it hard to kill the fivth one is you put alot of them what a wast of time

  37. Mary Watkins says:

    Quick healing only works for the first five levels and then it does work half the time after that. I cant purchase any items.

  38. Saransh Ek Aur Patra Patra says:

    I really love it so so much for the graphics of the game and a good one for timepass and anyway I really like this game you should also add a new type of gun and it is the greatest wargame ever think you for your wanderful game

  39. Uarmila Vlogs bhopal says:

    Good graphics and also good game control but have to improve the viewpoint because it’s difficult to see some other parts of game

  40. Colin Rico Campbell says:

    As long as it works in this reloaded phone it’s still great as ever. I would to have unlock other characters to play with too. But still great.

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