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Snake Thinking is one of the most exciting arcade games ever made. It seems that almost ten years ago, anyone could easily play this game on a handheld electronic game device. Or even with older model phones, this game is also one of the default applications. Its popularity was unquestioned at the time. Later, when boom gaming devices have made one of the most exciting improvements.

SayGames has released a new product that uses that mechanism but never mentioned that gameplay in its introduction. Players must experience it to fully understand its game. Train taxi Established in a modern and congested city where people are living and working. They use public transport as a tool to support their lives, making the most of this advanced technology. You will play the role of hardworking, hardworking and brainy driver. The daily task of this driver is to choose a smart route to catch all his passengers in that train.

Collect all the people to complete a level

Train Taxi uses full 3D graphics with fully designed illustrations, much like the same style. This means that you control the train, it will be built in the most elaborate and quickest way possible, so that players can always follow every small movement. But beyond that point, everything around will be cut. Passengers are like stickmen. The scene is also not very diverse, only small adaptations to make a difference. In general, the colors are quite good, which is also considered auspicious.

Train taxi is like an improvement of snake. Initially, the player will control the head of a small train, not a single train back. After that, you will swipe across the screen to go to the top. In fact, the map only arranges rails in both vertical and horizontal directions, so you can only swipe in those two directions. When you pass through the passenger, you will automatically take them to the train, and the carts will automatically join. The more passengers they receive, the longer the train. You will have to move around the map until all the passengers are waiting for you. At the end of the game, it's time to catch everyone on your train.

On the other hand, this game is a puzzle. Players not only perform a simple task of taking on all other deeds, but now what they need to do to prevent accidents. The only danger in front of you is your tail. The train receiving many passengers meant that it would get longer and longer. If you move the wrong way, you will crash into your stern and lose. "Train Taxi" does not require you to leave early to receive the bonus, nor the time limit. The only thing is to receive guests and complete the level safely. However, the roads will see attractive bonuses. You have to be careful with them, there is no need to hurry too much; Sometimes it's a trap for you to trap your head in that tail.

MOD info

  • A lot of coins.
  • Ad free unlock.

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